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  2. This is exactly how I felt after the shaman gave me a reading. I was thinking about destiny. This episode is so meaningful since many sages talk about humans being God's work of art and God an artist. Although I can't verify any of that LOL, it still gives some food for thought I love this show so much.
  3. The synchronicities have been showing me who I may end up being as if I don't work on deleting the roots of my self-hatred: very negative, quarrelsome and possibly even self destructive? Super humiliating. I was reading books and watching TV, and every single object of my attention had to deal with something like that - and I knew the message was for me. I read Shunyamurti's answer to my questions: "Of course his horns are imposing”—don’t be afraid of the ego, he’s not going to hurt you— “and he stomps around like a beast, yet he never damages people’s sprouts or grain.” In other words, the ego will not be able to reach what is good and real and true within you, so don’t worry about getting hurt by it, but don’t allow its apparent force and bestiality to overcome your right to self-mastery." "You have to go beyond the limit, but you have to go beyond the limit without defiling yourself along the way. Because if there is one self-defiling thought, that will make you believe you are unworthy of going beyond the limit. It’s a self-limiting way that the ego maintains its homeostasis, by short-circuiting the process of transcending itself." One great sage wrote that self condemnation is the most dangerous thing ever. I never understood that, but now it seems like everything negative is really stemming from that... So many questions.
  4. drop this story first. realize you are pure awareness and have always been it
  5. Check out Diana Cooper. She knows a lot about it
  6. @Zigzag Idiot hi, do you remember your first love? And do you agree that first love is the only true love one will ever experience ?
  7. You are so paranoid even I wouldn't have made such a narcissistic projection upon someone. And even if I have made, such as in the past, I still would have admitted my mistake and felt like the ugliest and stupidest person alive. And you don't even feel sorry? But I still relate to you and the pain of feeling that the world you live in doesn't see your beauty and divinity. Please delete what you have said to me. @Keyhole
  8. I hate this world. I thought you were one of those few conscious people in the forum, turns out you are not even on an authentic path at all.
  9. @Keyhole it hurts your pride to know that, huh? I think you will never admit to yourself that it was just you. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  10. I felt like my neighbor was talking behind my back. One day I got angry at her and it was extremely humiliating to find out that she wasn't talking about me at all. But I have felt like I knew the truth and she was lying to me. You don't want to admit that it was just you, isn't it? Well have some humility.
  11. Would you ever understand that it was just you the whole time? Why do you believe your mind ? I have been in a similar situation months ago. It feels so real. But in fact it's just your own self. You find yourself in the story.
  12. Yeah I shouldn't have asked you for advice.
  13. @Keyhole And if you think I'm one of those stupid trolls... I'm not. You can scroll through my posts and see that I posted the video of Shunyamurti trying to ask other people on their opinion. I was focusing on myself and my own work. I wanted to get over my laziness and addiction to the input of tremendous and ongoing jouissance. If you think that I have sent you this video because I had some ulterior motives, you are wrong. I thought that you could help me with my journey of building discipline.