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  1. Following the analogy Jailbreak refers to Apple devices which are closed source OS When you jailbreak it that means you have access to 'a lot more' than Apple previously intended What does this mean in terms of enlightenment when Leo says it And what is possible?
  2. This is one of the best trip reports I have read
  3. Is that purely because you are blind to to the consequences and dissociated from reality As in the consequences compound over time unbeknownst to you?
  4. @Yimpa i feel like that happens to me quite often but i think there's still deepr to go. last time i got fucking scared and wanted to go back to my ego dream
  5. @James123 What does it mean when people say U WILL DIE? I've done a lot of psychedelics and had breakthroughs but still not exactly sure what that phrase means
  6. you need to develop a skill that gets you paid well. 1-2 years should have been enough to acquire the piece of land.
  7. I completely agree with you. Still, I'm sure you would agree that Russian girl's are by far the hottest
  8. around 1:50 I believe it was... He ponders whether the voice of God is JUST himself
  9. eh but even with this viewpoint sure you would not have 100x your investment but would still have easily 2x 3x or even 4x since 2022
  10. You can really turn your life upside down with this shit
  11. watch that voice in your head also lower the bar you're just torturing yourself don't judge yourself but give yourself props for what you did right areas that you did poorly seen as 'opportunities for growth' and don't expect to make a 180 over night make few, manageable, and realistic changes
  12. I had this one for like a week Build quality is super solid believe it or not But I traded it in for a one plus 12 30 minute 0-100% charging 🤯
  13. I regret not using it for my entire duration in college (Vyvanse). Would be in a much better place financially currently. Of course, listen to your body , take breaks, and avoid abuse
  14. @nhoktinvt the narrative in your head is bad bro listen to the stories you're telling yourself