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  1. Leo Gura PUA
    Leo Gura PUA
    First of all, you are far more needy than even you admit. Not just with online dates but offline dates too. When the opportunity for good sex presents itself, your mind will start craving it and clinging to it.
    Why are you so overthinking this? All you gotta know is: Do you want to have sex with that person? If yes, set up the fucking date and be interested in it, yet detached and non-needy.
    How do you become non-needy? By going on dozens of dates with dozens of people until it starts to feel normal.
    It also helps to have a decent amount of sex (with one person or many) so that you get your sexual hunger satisfied, at least somewhat. Most men are like starved dogs who haven't eaten in a month. Of course you will be needy for food in that situation.
    Look, the reality is, if you're just starting PUA you will be very needy for the first year or two. That's par for the course. Struggle through it and do the best you can. Try to contain your neediness when possible. As you see how your neediness turns off and loses you many hot girls, the pain of those losses will teach you to surrender your neediness more and more.

  2. Leo How did you escape wage slavery?
    Leo How did you escape wage slavery?
    You mentioned in your last video that you would never have to worry about money again. I'm currently trying to become financially independent and move up Maslow's basic needs in order for me to pursue self-actualization and spirituality more seriously (meditate all day if I choose, tripping etc).
    I watched your video on how to escape wage slavery but I was hoping you could give me some other key pointers on the path toward financial freedom?
    Thank you!