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Reality is not consistent, it appears to be.

Now is not a product of a past, nor an indication of a future - now appears to be.

Stop and look acutely at what appears to be, it can never be located.

 You can not know where it is, and where it is going.

Choose where it is going, and it does.


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Do not underestimate what you can plan today,

nor the peace in doing so. 

Do not underestimate what you can achieve in a year, in five years, in ten years,

nor the passion in doing so. 

Do not underestimate what can be created in a lifetime,

nor the amazement in doing so. 

Do not underestimate what can be created together, over lifetimes,

nor the love in doing so. 


Do notice all that you create,

manifests & transpires,

in this very same, inexplicably,




Dream, imagine, feel. 


Do not underestimate now. 

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It’s possible that you are aware of a thought story, right now, about a past or future.

It’s likely then, that there are ‘characters’ in this thought story, about a past or future.

Of those characters, almost certainly, you seem to be - one.

More probable still -  the other is some one who ‘did you wrong’,

Or some one who you 'did wrong'.


As certain as you are reading these words, you are presently aware of sensations.

There is a great chance, the sensations you are aware of, 

seem to be the sensations of a ‘you’ 

- “ in ” -  

the thought story. 

But of course, there are no sensations found in a thought story. 

That, is a mirage - an illusion - an all too tempting enticement, to a smaller you -

truly, a fleeting and empty promise.  


Indeed, sensation never has, and never can, extend beyond this now moment.

Sensation is present, and carries within the True message -

 You are being. You are here. You are now. 


Sensation is never separate, 

never dreams of leaving,

never longs for there,

never needs for then. 


Now is the flow, now is the zone, now is the ‘entry point’, the 'stream', the truth in evolution,

the realized meeting place, the gifted homeostasis, a present for us all.


This, is ours, 

“it” is ours,


just as we are “it”,


We will never meet in a thought story.

Unification is here, where we already are,




Though we cherish & love our love stories, love is ever-present actuality,

all pervasive,


One can not create within a thought story, inherently perplexed & riddled,

fears, regrets, resentments  - hiding & seeking, 

silly games of one and ‘other’.


Thought stories are “about” - 

misimpression, misrepresentation - apparitions,

abstraction; diluting of the real.

Forever unrealized, eternally void of significance - of use -

painful echos; figments of dormant un-manifest imaginings.


A thought story will never compare to the real story, to your story,

and your story is well underway,



Now is the melting pot, the cauldron of limitations - persist nonetheless, 

in this unlimited culmination of our truest essence,



Only now can we create, improve upon our ways and worlds,

mindful in our true unification,



Only now is the potential for conscientiousness of consciousness.  

Keepers of peace, lovers of love, actualizers of desire,

creators of creation, knowers of knowing. 


Unveil humility,

accept your perfection,

so that you may in any way, in your way,

simply make this place,

and this life,

- better.


Rise from your suffrage, of your own repose.

You are the hero you’ve waited for.

Seek not your majesty;

bring forth your true magnificence.

Create without need, without reciprocity,

give freely within yourself,

your earnest encouragement to all beings. 


Truly, effortlessly, in absolute certainty,

you will come here again,

to an even yet better place,

this living expression of your loving & giving.  


Dream your dream, steadfast and true,

give all of your self, to the all that is you.

Scathed & fettered, beaten & bruised,

still yet, 

dig deeper, in the offering of you.

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When the record is broken, when the note is hit, 

when words take your breath away, and you - dissolves of “it”.

When you are found yet again, in all you’ve given and received,

pale in profundity, to the empty night’s dream.


 All that grows, is all that recedes, 

relentless and beautiful, your softly spoken trees.

Not a thing occurs, without awareness indeed, 

no song of no bird, no handfuls - no beans.

Who can say, “such wonders reside!”

In what past, what future, apart from this tide?

A sealed testimony; of dreams within a dream,

 no meeting you there, rather here - it would seem.

Who will attest, a validity in things - 

twists in delusion, and bends to extremes.

No beauty is without you; no sacrifice - no yin,

 you are the stage - and the performance within. 

The well travelled entertainer,

a show that never was, 

sing us and dance us -

just keep full our lungs.

The eagles and the sheep,

the ox and the cow, 

all within awareness,

this miracle of now.

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Take just a minute, right now, and write down what you want, and tape it to the wall. 


Start talking about what you want, and doing things you enjoy. Do things for yourself that you like, that feel good to you. Doing things that feel better to you, causes you to feel better. Recognize, acknowledge, know that better feeling. Your perspective will begin to change, and you’ll want things that you aren’t aware of yet. Write em down. Tape em to the wall. You’ll notice interests which you aren’t aware of yet, check them out. Keep in mind, you’ll be feeling better for having done things that you like, and your perspective will naturally be better. 

You’ll notice thoughts arise about what you want, and thoughts arise about it’s absence. Choose the thoughts about what you want. You are getting more of whichever end of that duality you’re thinking about. What you want arises from within you. It also arises in the physical sense, from within you. If you ‘get stuck’ with choosing a better thought, just choose a little bit better feeling thought that is true for you. As you do more of what you enjoy, and choose better thoughts, you’ll continue feeling better, and your perspective will really open up. You’ll be wanting things you had no idea you’d want, and you’ll feel better than you ever have. Fun, and exciting. 

People, things, opportunities, will come about in accordance with what you want. Continue choosing thoughts about what you want when these present themselves. They are what you asked for, nothing more, nothing less. They will come in ordinary everyday appearances. 

Sensation is guidance. Listen to it. If it doesn’t feel good, go back to choosing thoughts about what you want. You’ll easily learn not to be stubborn, because you’ll be loving how you’re feeling when you listen and align with sensations, and choosing thoughts about what you want. It is literally the good feeling you are aligning with. This good feeling lifts you up to perspectives you’ve not yet seen. I’m sorry to be the one who is breaking this to you, but, that’s what you’ll need to do. Stuff you like, that feels good to you. (Sorry for this)

What you want is going to come from what already is, so loosen up, relax, be flexible with things. Choose the thoughts about what you want, over thoughts about what already is. What is, is old news. The Source of you already knows everything you’ve ever wanted in your entire life, and is always giving it to you. Now that you’ve dialed up the emotional scale, you’ll start receiving it. You won’t be ‘getting in the way’. You’ll feel good, and you’ll allow it to come however it is, appreciating that it is coming, and feeling great.

You’ll learn to ‘zoom in & zoom out’. If you get off track, if things seem intense, think more general and simple; puppies, blue skies, humor, the universe is loving me, anything will do which gets you feeling better, reconnected. Take a minute to notice, each day, your paper on the wall. Remember the bigger picture you are wanting. Allow the feeling good of knowing it is coming, recognize feeling good actually equals feeling good, and feeling good naturally brings things you want and elevates your perspective, which leads to discovering more that you want.

At this point, you’re pretty dialed into some feelings that feel flat out exhilarating, unstoppable really, invincible. You’ll be used to connecting more often and more deeply with these great sensations, listening intently to the guidance with more sensitivity, appreciation, and gratitude for how great life feels. (Sorry again about that).  

You’re thinking about what you want, doing things you like, taking care of yourself, noticing some intriguing coincidences and profound opportunities coming around. This is what you want, coming to you, and you’re feeling so good, so deserving and worthy, so accepting, that you are willing to receive it. Which is great, because Source has been wanting you to have it. 

It becomes really clear that these sensations are your connection to Source, to The Universe, to Everything. And everything you want, comes from everything that already is. Like magic. As if it was made for this, as if you were designed for this experiencing. As if all the wants themselves came from everything that is already,  the very same everything which everything you want is coming from. You will be astonished. Agape. You will be so mesmerized by Source’s love and generosity, and ease of alignment at this point, that you will tell others about this, and they will say you’re nuts, and that they would have to know details, and that there must be more to it.

There isn’t though. There’s just choosing a better thought. 

You can do this, and you can only do this, now. In this present. 

“We come whirling out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust. The stars made a circle, and in the middle we dance.” Rumi


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He said, “you could have been anything”,

under his breath, to me. 

“From shackles to freedom - from this house to endless sea,

but you won’t breathe,


you won’t be”.


On a west side street, east of every thing, 

we sat on our feet and watched the people crawl and crawl,

until they all -

until they all just walked away.


He said “you don’t hear the shuffle, till you hear your own heart beat”.

I thought about this for a long time,

and I returned to his street.

I said “tell me more of freedom,

I wanna find my endless sea,

I’m so tired of thinkin -

I just wanna be me,

But now you -  

won’t speak”.



So I opened up my mind, and I listened to their feet,

I focused on the shuffle, and the clicks on concrete,

and then suddenly

I couldn’t hear a thing.



But this pulsating rhythm, this lifeblood of sort,

movin through my system with electrifying force,

and it swallowed me,

it breathed me in.



And now -

I can see,

and now -

I can breathe,

and now -

I can be. 

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Of graces & warblings , of swallows & snows,

of cardinals & blue jays, & fortunes untold.

Of yellow-bellied blackbirds, and finch with purple hearts,

watchful peregrine falcons; godwits of marbled arts. 


Of annas, allens, and lucifers; the hooded, the hermits, the horned,

the cacklings & the emperors; kingfishers & acorns. 

Of mockingbirds & merlins; the red-eyed & black-chinned,

of California thrashers; surfbirds, caves, & cliffs.


The greater & the lessor,

the common & the foul,

like birds of pray and beauty,

we too -

our songs of now. 



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You’re creating your reality, right now. 

From the perspective of creating your experience, you’d put how you feel, first. Any other way is unnatural to you. Perhaps thinking has been at the wheel for a while, and it has become normal for you to believe causing discord with how you feel, is “normal”. In accordance with your own feelings however - it is not “normal”. Maybe you’ve even been believing it’s normal to sacrifice how you feel, for what you think you should do, or worse, what someone else thinks you should do. This will never feel good, because you are creating the experience, of doing what does not feel good to you.

How you feel, is primary, and paramount.

How you feel is the key. 

Meditation, every morning. Trust that the benefits accumulate, and don’t have expectations - just find out for yourself. Let go. Keep returning focus to breathing, letting thoughts go. Thinking slows down, momentum slows down. Reactionary thinking slows down. Defensive mechanisms slow down. This all begins to be seen, with increasing clarity.  What feels good for you becomes clearer. Discover the inspiration is there waiting, and always has been. Take the time for you, first thing, every morning. Thoughts are like clouds, seeming to block the clarity. Meditation is non-doing, relaxing, letting go & allowing the wind to naturally clear the clouds.

Let go.

Let go.

Let go. 

You are an artist & artistry, a creator & creation, a painter - painting a painter’s experience. You are the painter, the paint, and the canvas. You’re choice of thought in alignment with feeling, creates the life you want. This mechanism can not be seen, as “it”, is you. You are intrinsically a creator. Your being, your existence - creates. You created the universe, you are creating the universe, you are creating your own experience of the universe. The universe, is guiding you, and bringing you everything you are allowing in. 

You are not separate from the universe, you are the universe. 

The universe is not separate from you, the universe is you. 

In proceeding with what doesn’t feel good to you, you create the discord with your sensations, which are guiding you - the universe, your source, the whole of you - guiding you to what you are wanting. Experience ‘disconnected’ from the whole of you, in ignore-ance of your sensations, does not feel good, and is referred to chronically, as fear. 

Proceeding on a path that does not feel good to you, does not feel good to you for good reason - it’s not what you want. Going against the grain, between feelings & perspective, trying to force them to jive when they just don’t, doesn’t work. You can ‘make it work’, you can wrestle & effort things into place - but at the expense of how you feel, and always with a thought story of a better future in mind. 

There is no ‘future’, there is only now. 

With daily meditation, and choosing the better feeling thought through out the day, the thought aligned with what you want in life, you’ll begin to feel the profound difference between ‘emotional effort’, and inspired action.

This will change any, and every, life. 

There’s only this moment, time is not passing. This moment, the universe ‘around you’, is entirely spontaneous & responsive to your feeling and the thoughts you choose. There’s no rush, no where to get to, no ‘better time’ - nothing worth putting ahead of you & your dream life.

It’s always, now.

All that appears to change, all that comes and goes, does so in your awareness, now. 

You have never experienced anything, outside of your awareness. 

All you have ever experienced, all there is to be experienced, is your own magical, ineffable, awareness. 

What you’re choosing to focus on brings more of that into your experience. When you focus with the whole of you, aligned with the guidance and intelligence of feelings, your reality begins to change in accordance with your desire. Reality is not separate already, and reaction & response, are beliefs of causation. You are the source of this moment, this universe, and everything in your life. If you believe you are reacting, that is a thought you have chosen, which does not feel good, and is not true. 

Let it go, and create - you’ll begin to see you have been the entire ‘time’.

Notice the simplicity of this, and that it could not be any other way. You chose online, this forum, this post, for a reason. You’re choosing to continue reading this right now, for a reason. That reason is known to you intuitively, not quite yet logically. Something isn’t fitting, isn’t adding up, and you’re looking to understand what that is, why that is, and what to do about it. 

 Get a large dry erase board, and write “what do I really want?”.

Start writing and putting up anything that comes to mind - anything that feels good to you - anything. This is your board, your life, your dream - no one else’s. In doing this, you are drawing upon yourself - bringing great feelings to the surface. You’re going to be amazed at how things come together, and more so - at the realization that they have always been coming together - perfectly - all along. You will recognize this, and naturally begin to think less, and allow more unfolding of what you want, in more trust, and a deeper willingness to let go. 

The mind seeing this, on the board, is entirely different than ‘in your head’. This leads to more ‘being in the now’, more realization - you are this ‘now’, where you are creating. This leads to more focus, more inspiration, more genuine enthusiasm, more synchronicity, better and better feelings, and better and better things unfolding. 

As you go through your days, feel the peace of meditation with you, further and further into the day, with every day you take that time just for you, first thing, to let go. You’ll realize deeper sensitivity within yourself, in awareness of thoughts in alignment, and thoughts in discord. You’ll see, in the most mysterious, miraculous ways, the power of choosing thoughts in alignment, creates your reality. 




You are doing this, 

right now. 

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There is only now. 


A one at a time, linear stream of thoughts, 

of which to pick; 

this, or that,

only and ever,



There is sensation, 

not in a past nor future, but now,

so you can pick the thought which feels good to you -

which creates.


There is perception, 

of the reality,

you are creating,

in the picking of,

all your this’s, which feel good, 

and are aligned, 

with you,



You are creating your reality - 


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You are the One, the enlightened know this, they know they are you. 


Meditate; into the Self.


Allow the mind to acquiesce; allow thought to secede.


 Allow control resignation.


See about this nothingness, meet yourself again.


Below the thinking, within the sensations, prior to ideas of you -

know thy self.





Vulgar? Obscene? Pushy? Irate? Hurried? Important? Demanding?


What is the true nature?


It is powerful beyond measure; innocent, subtle and kind.

It waits eternally for you; to return, to remember - to meet again.

It allows all things; it never asks for precedence.

It supports you in every endeavor; while assembling the next. 

It waits while you eat what it did not yield.

It waits while your foot is in your mouth.

It waits until your show is done; judging you not.

It waits for words to run their course.

It waits through your ‘problem’; it waits while you ‘solve’.

It waits.

It has nowhere more important to go.

It has nothing more important to do. 

It has no one more interesting to be.

It is for you; it gifts you freedom.

It is for you; selfless, it is your love. 

It is for you; and for you alone, it waits.

There is no other; it is you.


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This experience is subjective. 

Life, what will come in it, the quality of it, the happiness, the joy, what you do, what you appreciate, what you value, what you create,

- time itself,

are all subjective.

Essentially, what you make of it, is entirely up to you.


The context of your desires in life; of things, experiences, relationships, sites -  are derived within experience. 

The experience of life, of creating, of this-or-that-ing - of choice - is dualistic & whole; a co-creation. 

This experience therefore, contains all the corresponding counter parts of your desires entirely - every thing you could desire. 


You, are not separate, from experience. 

Indeed, all is one. 

Your sensations, are the sensations.

Your love, is the love. 

You are not separate from experience.

You are one with experience. 


You have never been there, only here. When you go there, still, you are here. 

Infinite has nowhere, no way, no reason, and no how - of going any where.

All that is, is brought to you, through you. 

You are the center of the universe, and you are the universe. 


In your own direct experience;

Never has a thing been observed - outside of awareness.

Never have you known a thing - outside of the knowing of perception.

Never have you known perception - outside of knowing. 

All That Is, is knowing. 



If you are reading this - you have been loved. No one survives without it. 

Indeed - You have been given the gift, and you have received it amply. You, are still alive.  

Just as you can read and understand this language, you can express, real-ize - this gift you were given. 

It is not possible that you can not, as you yourself are already an expression of this gift.

Every bit of you, to be precise. Infinite potentiality, eternal creation, relentless love.

All of you. 


The gift is true; unbendable, and unbreakable. It knows not adversity, doubt, resistance, nor fear. 

It knows no barrier, no opposition, no force nor effort, no demand nor expectation. 

The gift is magic - and you can be anything. The gift is foolproof and infallible. The gift is certain.

You were born a self evident unique expression,

free to express uniquely as you are,

and to discover this gift you were given as such. 


Never has the heart of any thing beat, outside of love.

No thing can survive outside of love, without love there is no thing. 

Love is the gift that gifts all things, and you are not separate. 


You are the now you are in.

You are the creation and creator of this moment. 

This is your moment,

mind-fully of it, 

and not a thing outside of it.


All experience, 

all life,

all context,

all comes and goes in you,


in your direct experience,

as this eternal moment. 

Care-fully, now. 



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Bliss of creation/creating/creator, requires no concept of “doing”; utilizes no past as catalyst.

Perfection (love) doesn’t plan, doesn’t conceptualize, doesn’t claim, teach, judge, correct, nor lord such ideals.

Love has not responsibility or accountability whatsoever, but rather, simply, divinely, inherently is, and is every One. 

Intrinsic right-to-be anything and everything, nothing and no thing -

is without need, without justification, explanation, rationalization, or validation. 

As such, you are.


“Reality” is precisely “the way it is” because it could not be any other way - because you are infinite infinity.  

The cleverness is astounding - elusive in it’s jaw dropping simplicity, proximity & localization.

There truly is no “how-mechanism”, 

Magic = Love = Consciousness = Bliss = You! 

The One. 


There is no voluntary thinking, no calculation involved, that is a human projection onto the source of human,

an echo of truth of the “facets” of your own ineffable, unfathomable, unthinkable thinking isness. 

What is “of” infinite, is exactly, painstakingly simply precisely - what, why, who, and how - of all “finite”. The All That Is does of course entirely resolve all that is, and needs not “do” a thing - all that is is resolved as all that is. “Resolve” itself is yet another notion, an echo, a projection - a yearning of creation.

There is physical, material, separation, subject and object, things, experience, me, you, us, them, we - because there are none of these. From the “position” of not-a-thing-at-all, unbreakable, un-tarnishable, immovable, un-shapable; the all that can be,

is the all that is. 

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Anxiety, depression, anger, unresolved;

in the sharing of your self, you create it all.


The world in which you're blaming, in truth it is your gift,

in such bittersweet romancing; a spirit can not lift.

This place which is the reason, is said to not exist,

then what is said of suffrage, what is it we resist?


Blankets of samsara, defile the one who's true,

the doing so convincing, this One can not be you.

But every river born, flows back into the sea,

currents are but stillness; all the you's but me. 


Projection & deflection, of course "I" would not make;

of love and truth profusely, "you" surely are a fake.

I find my home in breathing, you say there's more to lose;

and I can not surrender, beyond what I can choose.

"Here" in jest you tell me, can this true self be found,

but surely there's redemption, while I's all look around. 


Shed convention's reverence, nothing else will do,

mourn not of the severance, for it's illusion too.

Awaken the attunement;  intrinsic you create -

dreams born of your misery, contempt -

 and in your ache. 


You are a creator, there's little you can’t do,

profess the inner being; it is the best of you.

As you are of the silence, immovable; so tall, 

infinity is know, in what appeared so small.


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Seeing the hammer, found not yet a tool;

insight of nails - no longer the fool.

A first wall stands; a momentum for two;

creating as such; creation it is you.


Abundant in thought; rather one that or this,

insight of choice; resurrection of the bliss.

That which truly chooses, mysterious to you,

creating of this now; is just what you would do.


Empty is the claw; of which no thing to do,

no usage & no purpose, in a world that’s only screwed,

is that which is formless, unheard & unseen,

hides itself in builders, constructing of all things.


A blueprint for blueprints, considers the legend;

a mapper of all maps, therefore it is not destined.

To fathom in such toil, such struggle and such strife,

The insight of the choice,

is truly of this life.



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Ego, is a word carved in self ignorance, perpetuated a priori; a routine of nonsensical implication, which has never been directly experienced, by anyone, ever. When you formulate & articulate your desires, you manifest them into the world. You want intrinsically, without need of any tool, process or reason. You are inherently designed to do this - to further the expansion of creation, of all that is. 

Your ambition is a unique expression of the passion of the universe. When you experience, source experiences through you. When you create, that is God’s creation, creating with God. When you want, you summon, and you draw upon our infinite source, and come forward it does indeed - directly through you.

Take notice of the comforts & betterments you enjoy, appreciate those who came before you, wanting & creating, in the face of adversities unwished upon those who’ll follow. 

You are the composer of your exclusive, one-of-a-kindness, uniquely reflective of you, and your desires. You do this so intrinsically, so effortlessly, without need of a map or plan, without any effort at all - you want.

Simply by being, you are a courageous expression of infinity, what you want, you have activated within the universe, through you, for you, and for all that is.

You’ll want again, and again, and again, eternally. As you do, new - never before divulged perspectives, ideas, solutions, & inventions, entirely new elucidations, oscillate forward into being; an expansion of pure potentiality. 

The sharing of your uniqueness, the development of you; to the degree you liberate and do so - benefits and inspires all those around you, and in kind, and all those yet to come. 

So do not limit yourself, your dream, your life - agreeing upon an assumed duality, which has absolutely, never, existed.

You are worthy of wanting  - because you exist - and the universe is always ready to play. 

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Anxiety, depression, anger, unresolved;

in the sharing of your self, you create it all.


The world in which you're blaming, in truth it is your gift,

in such bittersweet romancing; a spirit can not lift.

This place which is the reason, is said to not exist,

then what is said of suffrage, what is it we resist?


Blankets of samsara, defile the one who's true,

the doing so convincing, this One can not be you.

But every river born, flows back into the sea,

currents are but stillness; all the you's but me. 


Projection & deflection, of course "I" would not make;

of love and truth profusely, "you" surely are a fake.

I find my home in breathing, you say there's more to lose;

and I can not surrender, beyond what I can choose.

"Here" in jest you tell me, can this true self be found,

but surely there's redemption, while I's all look around. 


Shed convention's reverence, nothing else will do,

mourn not of the severance, for it's illusion too.

awaken this attunement;  intrinsic you create -

even in your misery, contempt, and in your ache. 


You are a creator, there's little you can do,

profess the inner being; it is the best of you. 

You are of the silence, immovable and tall, 

infinity is known, in what appeared so small.


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Considering the size involved, was rather odd to see,

struck by wonder waiting, for a beetle to proceed.

Seeing my reflection, within this dogbane leaf,

translucent green elytra, a mesmerizing meme.


Reflecting on reflection, a dream within a dream, 

protected & deflected - thine I can not be thee.

Infinitesimal crystals, it’s mesmerizing shard,

the reason for his shell, had fell upon my heart.  


Emptiness unfrozen; untimeless crystalline;

space itself willed open, and never was a dream. 

Waiting on this beetle, couldn’t help but see,

flowing lucid wonder, untouched and pristine.


It could not get from here to there, without infinity,  

the omphalos in motion; inside eternity.

It’s wings set in perfection; it’s flight it’s reverie,

only in an everything, this any thing could be.



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