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  1. I saw this on my feed and wanted to share. What is y’all thoughts on this? Is it fake? Can it be possible?
  2. I got a 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch. I used it for my commonplace books and it honestly feels great!
  3. Best Buy pays $15 hour???? What state are you in ?
  4. You're probably a cool guy. But, dude you seem little needy. That is one of the biggest turn off for a girl. If she doesn't text you back. She's probably busy and you should let her come to you in her own pace. Start creating a amazing lifestyle where you're busy and working on your life purpose. That will give you a sense of direction. And the girls, will automatelly come to you and respect you for that.
  5. You should see the red flag when he told you he isn't that into the relationship anymore. Your boyfriend sound sketchy. It's even possible this guy might cheat behind your back. He doesn't love you. The only reason he's keeping you because it could be either he's lonely or co dependent on you. which is a bad sign. good luck
  6. Texting is for setting up dates with girls. Not just texting for the sake of texting. The more you're texting this girl the more you are lowering her attraction level for you. You see, the more you keep texting her. You will start to appear needy in her eyes. And why she isn't texing you first. Probably because there is bunch other guys that is also texting her? Or maybe they aren't attracted to you? I recommend you read "how to be a 3% man" by Corey Wayne. It will give you the big picture.@assx95
  7. @Chumbimba I think you will be alright. It will take time from the deep healing. I won’t say it will fully go away but once the break up starts. Block her number, delete her on social media, and NEVER LOOK BACK. It’s gonna hurt like hell man but time will heal. Work on yourself and ask yourself what you learned from this relationship and how you will be different next time.
  8. It sound like you still care how people are judging you that you don’t have kids in your 30s. Honestly, it’s okay to have kids in your 40s. Honestly, having a kid and a wife can actually be stressing because you won’t have time to build your foundation. Have a family and kids won’t make you happy until you are really happy how your life is. Build your core foundation first then getting married and having kids is fine! But I mean it’s your life. Do what you like.
  9. @Dylan Page isn’t basically going to college is so you can graduate and get a decent paying 9-5 job? So you’re already stuck having to work a 9-5 job to get out of the rat race. Your only option is starting a business man. I didn’t go to school but I was able to save up 10 grand by working a 9-5 job
  10. I work part time at Tim Hortons but have a side hustle on my amazon e-commerce business. I’ve been building my business for 2 years so far. The first year I failed but I’m starting to see progress and made 5k month in total sales
  11. We have no control over this.
  12. @Rohit Raj hey man@Hello from Russia brought up some good points. But, I see your into dancing. What kind of dancing are you into hip hop? Try making cool dance video and post it on platform that will get everyone watching your video. Edit your dancing videos all cool and shit and keep doing that consistently. Build up your followings because then you will find your niche audience and once you have a nice following. You can sell dance courses to your subscribers. For example: you can sell a course on how to be a hip hop dancers for $100. If you can get 10 people to buy your course you can make $1000 day!! We are just scratching the surface here....
  13. @Yahya the best time to save money is when you’re young ? maybe ask your parents for allowance for doing chores, babysit, clean the house, etc. there is a lot of ways to make money. When I was your age I was selling candies and electronics online and in school. I was making decent money as kid. You will find a way
  14. How about asking your parents or saving your own money to purchase the course yourself.
  15. Hey, bro I feel you on this. Honestly man, if you feel like you wanna go have a conversation with your bro. Go talk to him. Everybody want to feel that someone is interested in them. If you go be a kind and loving brother to your sibling they will see that and respect you. And might start engaging with you.