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  1. It sound like you still care how people are judging you that you don’t have kids in your 30s. Honestly, it’s okay to have kids in your 40s. Honestly, having a kid and a wife can actually be stressing because you won’t have time to build your foundation. Have a family and kids won’t make you happy until you are really happy how your life is. Build your core foundation first then getting married and having kids is fine! But I mean it’s your life. Do what you like.
  2. This video is true. The only problem is that people have to go to work to pay their bills, take care their families, rent, etc. people don’t have the luxury to quit their job and spend time doing things that they love. But, I definitely agreed with life and work balance part.
  3. @Dylan Page isn’t basically going to college is so you can graduate and get a decent paying 9-5 job? So you’re already stuck having to work a 9-5 job to get out of the rat race. Your only option is starting a business man. I didn’t go to school but I was able to save up 10 grand by working a 9-5 job
  4. I work part time at Tim Hortons but have a side hustle on my amazon e-commerce business. I’ve been building my business for 2 years so far. The first year I failed but I’m starting to see progress and made 5k month in total sales
  5. We have no control over this.
  6. @Rohit Raj hey man@Hello from Russia brought up some good points. But, I see your into dancing. What kind of dancing are you into hip hop? Try making cool dance video and post it on platform that will get everyone watching your video. Edit your dancing videos all cool and shit and keep doing that consistently. Build up your followings because then you will find your niche audience and once you have a nice following. You can sell dance courses to your subscribers. For example: you can sell a course on how to be a hip hop dancers for $100. If you can get 10 people to buy your course you can make $1000 day!! We are just scratching the surface here....
  7. @Yahya the best time to save money is when you’re young 😂 maybe ask your parents for allowance for doing chores, babysit, clean the house, etc. there is a lot of ways to make money. When I was your age I was selling candies and electronics online and in school. I was making decent money as kid. You will find a way
  8. How about asking your parents or saving your own money to purchase the course yourself.
  9. Hey, bro I feel you on this. Honestly man, if you feel like you wanna go have a conversation with your bro. Go talk to him. Everybody want to feel that someone is interested in them. If you go be a kind and loving brother to your sibling they will see that and respect you. And might start engaging with you.
  10. @Miguel Oliveira ask yourself. What do you want from this girl? Do you want to be fuck buddies, your girlfriend, etc. know what you want and pursue the shit out of it. I also recommend reading “how to be the 3% man” by Corey Wayne. This book should be able to explain all of your problem and some steps to deal with those problems
  11. @Leo Gura Hey, Leo thank you so much man! I will exactly do that! But, how exactly do you deal with people not liking your video? I just seen one of my crush unfollow me because she didn’t like my video? And it makes me think that my video is bad?
  12. @Shadowraix You bring up some good points! Thank you!
  13. I think I found something I am interested. And that is making fun and funny videos. When I am creating a video and posting it on the internet or social media. Whenever, I post a video my mind start thinking about what people will think of my videos and I keep hearing thoughts in my head like “this video is so cringy delete it” and I would always end up deleting back in the past. but honestly think the video isn’t that bad. So I ignore my thought. And went ahead and kept the video. I started to see old friends unfollowing me on social media lol should I care? But how can I post a video without giving fuck what people think? Do people judge you for making videos? Thanks!
  14. @LaraGreenbridge thank you!!
  15. I am 22 years old and I still haven’t build my foundation yet. I still live at home with my parents. Lately, I’ve been depressed and regret so many bad decisions over the years to lead me where I am right now. My parents are so loving and always supporting me. But it hurts because deep down I feel that I had let them down. They work everyday just so they can put food on the table for me and my younger brothers. I don’t know what I would do if they were gone. How can I repay my parents for not being successful? Thanks!