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  1. Stay positive man. Hopefully, you will find a solution. Try starting a amazon business and pray it could be your way out.
  2. @Moonturnsthetides wow 11 years? I’ve been single after my break up with my ex girlfriend and we been dating for 2 years. Weird but I still think about her often. But, I believe time will heal but you have to do new things that make keep you in flow and happy in your life.
  3. You probably don’t have a strong vision of what you want to do with your life. I recommend visualizing and journaling.
  4. @JackieZ I tried balancing a job and my online business. It's not as easy as you think.
  5. How I built my infrusture for work and productivity. Investing a lot money on a good laptop (MacBook Pro) Putting a big magnetic white board in my room to write my ideas and creativity Having my vision board in front of me investing in cameras and video equipment's Purchasing good video editing apps Bluetooth speakers to listen to podcast and listen to music buying a lot of books from Leo’s books list this is the just a few of mine but I’ll be building more in the future.
  6. In a nut shell 6 ways to make people like you: 1.) be genuinely interested in other people. 2.) smile 3.) be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves. 4.) remember that a person’s name is to that person is the most sweetest and most important sound in any language 5.) talk in terms of other people interest 6.) make the other people feel important and do it sincerely This should make the conversation a lot easier. You’re welcome
  7. @CreamCat @flowboy Thank you guys for sharing your stories. It sounds like you guys were able to reconnect in a friendly way and finally be in good term with your ex. Would it be weird if I message her even though she has a boyfriend? I don’t want to go back to my ex or anything. But I’ve dealing with so much pain because I’ve never got to have closure with her when my relationship ended. When we broke up I just end it on a phone rather then in person. It was immature and weak. But I feel like this is only my way to stop thinking about her?
  8. It’s been 2 years since I broke up with my ex and in til this day I still can’t stop thinking about her. The reason I broke up with her was because of my dumb insecurity and how I was always treating her like shit. But she still always come back to me. Look backing now, I realized that wasn’t the real me and it was just a lower weaker self of me and I feel so bad and regret maybe breaking up with her. She was that type girl who was always there for you no matter what and I pushed her away. After watching Leo’s “Getting over ex video” he mentioned to never go back to your ex. It really hurts to know that I can’t ever go back to her. The worst part is I’ve never got to have closure with her before ending the relationship. I wish I could go back and just thank her for so many things she did for me and etc. but she now has a new boyfriend. Would it be weird for me to hit her up and tell her how I really feel and leave?
  9. @28 cm unbuffed I believe fear is might be what is stopping you. "Fear kills dreams" I understand how you are feeling. I almost feel the same way. Have you started visioning yet? Do know exactly know what you want out of life? What is holding you back?
  10. @TheSomeBody bro I was watching some rsdfree dude and he was just speaking the truth about how instragram is about to be the way to attract girls. It’s all about creating a interesting life and start doing those instragram stories and make it lit. She will start watching your stories and see your this cool ass dude. And that’s when messaging her will be a lot easier because you can just plan a date and she will at a high chance will say yes.
  11. @Leo Gura I never had a girl dumped me because of this. But, I did had a ex told me one time “You have no friends” and it hit me. we been together for 2 years. Because I always became available and spending so much time with her. I thought she like that. But when she told me that I felt like it’s kinda true. I guess I need to build a large circle with people and deceive myself looking like I am this fun and extrovert guy when I’m really introverted person btw. Just to attract the next girl?
  12. @ajasatya maybe.
  13. I've been dealing with this problem for awhile. But, how do you attract and date girls while your life is boring? To get a better picture of my life I work almost everyday 5 days week. And I normally, work an afternoon shift. so, I don't really have a social life outside of work. And when I'm not working. I sit at home all day and do stuff like meditating, reading books, personal development, watching Actualized.org. Also, I know I'm an attractive person and I normally can always get the girl to like me in the beginning but once they really start to know me. I feel like they will lose interest in me eventually, because they might think I have a boring life. It's not easy telling them things about like personal development and stuff because most people don't really understand these things. So, when I'm talking to a girl. The conversation would get stale and dry. Because I don't have anything interest to share about my life. The Real truth is, I just want to get laid and then just start focusing on my purpose. I just need a quick rebounds since, I haven't got laid since my last break up 2 years ago. Any tips? Thanks!
  14. @jivvie interesting scene . “Authentic memories” but, thanks for sharing this I remember when I was first taking the life purpose course the first time. I felt that I was forcing myself watching the videos and wasn’t able to fully grasp everything the first time. It’s been 6 to 7 months since I had taken on Leo life purpose course. But I am retaking it the second time right now and this time I am literally taking notes. I find it very useful if you are taking notes and reading it over every night. I will most likely take it the third time when I finish lmao just because it’s so good.
  15. @Hardkill what is it that you are going to school for? And do you love it? If not, you might just be wasting your time. This is a tough one but you’re not screwed yet. See as living with your parents too a advantage in your case and start saving money and working on your top strengths in whatever career you want to go for.