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  1. @datamonster Yeah I'm quite tall. Although my brother's the same height, and he doesn't suffer from it. @Leo Gura Thanks, I'll look into these things.
  2. Hey Leo, I was wondering if, in your quest to cure your stomach issues, you've stumbled upon a cure for chronically cold hands and feet? Cheers!
  3. Best solution that I've found for back pain:
  4. I have 2 thoughts on this. The short answer: Yes, because consumption is the largest part of the GDP. So if you reduce consumption, you would reduce the severity of the crisis. The long answer: It is not as simple as reducing consumption. If you try to purposefully reduce consumption, demand decreases, unemployment skyrockets, prices fall, and we're heading for something worse than the Great Depression. The problem is way deeper and more complex than just "consuming less". This brings up an interesting point. The economy is structured such that we have to maintain economic growth (and thus consumption) because the alternative is so much worse. But this may be getting beyond the scope of this discussion. Final thought: I don't know where you got the idea that socialistic economies consume less. They rely just as heavily on consumption for GDP as any other country.
  5. @Norbert Somogyi I've noticed this pattern, too (that certain types of girls are more attracted to me than others, not that they're dealing with trauma per se). I haven't found a super coherent explanation for this yet but it's an interesting pattern.
  6. One thing Leo said in his College video that really stuck with me is that realistically you will probably work as a wage slave for a while before striking out on your own. Which is not necessarily a bad thing: you will build useful skills, build a network, and see how business actually works in the real world, all of which is invaluable.
  7. @Axiomatic I'm in a similar situation man (junior year in economics and math). Also unsure about what to do after college. Hang in there!
  8. One way to see it is that Ne thinks outside of the box, while Ni thinks about the box itself. I definitely agree with this as an INTJ.
  9. I second that replacing wheat with legumes has been a game changer for me.
  10. Perhaps I didn't express myself clearly. I was more pointing to the idea that Yellow doesn't blindly support either capitalism or socialism, and is instead able to be extremely flexible in its worldview.
  11. Capitalism Purple: What is this thing called capitalism? Is it a plant? Does it have a spirit animal? Our ancestors did not speak of this thing called capitalism, and its spirit has never made itself known to us, so we cannot adopt capitalism. Red: Capitalism or no capitalism, I'm still gonna come out on top. As long as I get away with it, it's fair game. Capitalism is just survival of the fittest. So give me your money or I'll hit you over the head with a baseball bat. Blue: Capitalism is the one true economic system. God granted our culture with capitalism, and now it is our duty to bring it to other uncivilized cultures. And, if all else fails, we can impose a capitalist system on them show them how great it is, because God demands that we civilize other cultures in order to save them from the devil. Orange: WHOOO CAPITALISM!!! [Parks Lamborghini] What could be better? Look how much wealth it's created. The US won the Cold War, so it's obviously the best system. Besides, the economics behind it is simple: markets in equilibrium. Supply and demand. Boom. The best thing for society is for everyone to follow their own self-interest, because society is nothing more than a bunch of individuals running around. Don't encroach on my right to earn millions of dollars! If people are poor, it's because the don't have any work ethic. [Takes off in Lamborghini] Green: Capitalism is the root of all global evil. Just look at what it has done: wars, poverty, inequality, corruption, child labor, global warming... How can we have a well-functioning society if there is a huge disparity in wealth and access to basic resources? We need a socialist democracy now! If you need me, I'll be at Occupy Wall Street. Save the whales! Yellow: Capitalism is good to some extent. It serves an evolutionary need in society to get most people's needs met and allows for exchange on massive scales. It's not bad per se, just unhealthy if left unchecked. What is required is a delicate balance of capitalistic and socialistic policies. Also, our economic theories need to be totally revamped to take into consideration inequality, irrationality, psychology, climate change, chaos theory, and complexity theory. The goal of the economy should be to allow people to move up the Spiral and develop to the highest levels of their potential, not to maximize wealth. Turquoise: On the scale of the universe, reality is in perfect harmony. All the limits of our current way of thinking will soon become apparent to us as we advance towards love and truth. In the meantime, each of us on an individual level should seek to show up in the world with consciousness and love in order to bring humanity and the world into the next phase of evolution.
  12. I doubt it causes scoliosis, but it may indeed cause back pain. Not only that, but it can also cause tight hip flexors and puts your neck at an awkward angle angle for at least 8 hours a day. If you can train yourself to sleep on your back, that's the best.
  13. Watch Leo's video on introspection. Introspecting (the way Leo teaches it) has helped me grow tremendously in the emotional realm.