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  1. lol for me personally, 100mg would feel like a 12 hour LSD trip and I would probably have an ego death.
  2. My bad, if its from a dispensary then its real. By "they lie" I meant street drug dealers.
  3. Its hard to say because most cannabis edibles lie about the dosage. Like if its those trolly gummies with spray on THC that claim to be 50mg per dose, its complete BS. I remember the first time I had a real 25mg edible and I was high for like 8+ hours, and I had been a pretty regular weed smoker. In short, if its a real 100mg, then youll be high as a kite, but in my experience, they lie about dosage.
  4. I had this plan to be super productive today but then I woke up to myself pissing the bed. Like literally waking up whilst I was in the middle of pissing my sheets. Definitely the worst way to wake up and soured my whole morning. I dont know why but this happens like once or twice a year. I think it happens when I dont pee after jerking off. Anyways. Tomorrow will be better
  5. Started reading DotCom Secrets today. Also recorded a video I hate when I come back to florida and my body has to readjust to the heat. I literally got heat hives last night and am constantly itching whenever Im in the sun.
  6. ^^ Watched this documentary about life of Ingmar Bergman today. He was a prolific creator, wrote and directed over 50 movies + also directed stageplays. His films were always super personal and authentic because he used his real life as inspiration. All his films are about him in one way or another. I flew back to florida yesterday. Solid work this weekend, made about $500.
  7. Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, Alex Hormozi, Seth Godin, Eben Pagan
  8. Ive been doing quite a bit of practice recently and I can reach about 750-1000WPM/100-150 pages per hour with about 60-70% comprehension, though this is difficult to define. I recently read Walter Isaacsons 500+ page biography on Da Vinci in about 5 hours. I also had a pen to quickly mark stuff i thought was important and then folded the corner of the page so i could find it later. But yeah it does feel much more like work Yeah i definitely notice the fatigue, but I feel like its a brain workout of sorts. I honestly think it could be a trainable skill and that anyone could reach 1000WPM with above average comprehension and if you have crazy genetics, you could be someone like Harold Bloom and read 400+ pages per hour with 95% retention
  9. I like this guys youtube channel. Im back in New York for the weekend for a job. Should make solid money. I also have the rough draft for my final essay due on sunday. Im probably gonna have to ask for an extension cause im too busy this weekend. Finished Expert Secrets and read more of Dan Kennedy. I feel like I say every book I read is a 8+/10, but its true. After I read these, every piece of content that I consumed from alex hormozi, owen cook, hamza, and other youtube entrepreneurs got recontextualized and i could see the tactics and semi manipulative sales methods that they use in literally every video.
  10. ^^^ Very influential early film that introduced new editing techniques in 1920's ^^ Also watched this. Limited location movie. 8/10.
  11. This movie was pretty crazy. Its about social class and capitalism 8.5+/10. This movie won oscar for best picture in 2019 ^^^I also watched this one. Had some profound moments but ending spoiled it. 7ish/10. This movie won the oscar for best picture in 1957. I want to watch the best films and art ever made so I have grist for the inspiration mill when I embark on my career. I have a list of over 2000 books that I eventually want to read as well. Ive thought of setting aside one whole day every week and doing nothing but watch movies, not sure how practical it will be.
  12. How have the Life Purpose course and booklist been able to keep you afloat financially for close to a decade? It would seem that you would need to sell close to 1000 courses per year to be successful. Do you have other sources of income? Am I allowed to ask how many courses you have sold? Im asking cause I want to sell infoproducts and im wondering if one good product with good marketing can last for a decade+
  13. Yeah I usually am reading 3-5 books at a time. In terms of time per day, it fluxuates a lot. Ill have some weeks where I dont read at all, but this past week Ive been reading like 4+ hours a day. Ive also been working on speed reading A good way Ive found to get out of reading slumps is to read some really short books under like 100 pages just to get momentum. I also like to read books revolving around the same topic so it helps stick in my mind better. I recently read 4 books on developmental/evolutionary psychology and the books get signifigantly easier to read as your mental model of the information gets better.