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  1. Eye think she could have a point but eye also think it would be very difficult to do in everyday life as you would have to refer to yourself in the third person a lot and people may be off put
  2. Leos been practicing articulating thoughts in his videos for almost a decade so he's essentially close to mastered the skill. He also has the luxury to plan out exactly what hes going to say and what points hes going to make in a video so it seems like hes effortlessly talking about these complex topics. You dont see the hundreds and probably thousands of hours hes put into developing the skill, only the finished product. In terms of exercises, I like to sing in the car (helps you to project voice), and instead of just thinking in your head, Ill speak my thoughts aloud and try to have some sort of imaginary dialogue with myself. Also just generally reading more and being more informed on what your talking about
  3. I was kinda confused by the questions and felt they had multiple interpretations. Like one of the questions was like "Should humans strive to have the good life and desire abundance" and i put 4 or 5(agree), but i didnt know if by "the good life" they meant it in a Actualized, spiritual life or what a stage orange person would see as the good life, like big houses and lots of money. Also the one that was like "I see the world as an enchanted and magical place" and i put 5, but I knew that was probably a stage purple type answer, yet the world and existence is a mystery.
  4. You sound paranoid and neurotic. What rich enemies and why do you think they would purposely mess up your test results. How would that benefit them and why would they want to keep you in a poisoned state
  5. Two hour eating window is kinda extreme. Ive had a lot of success with an 8 hour window from 12:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm
  6. There are like a thousand variants of the flu and it mutates all throughout the year. This why people get yearly flu shots. I think that as more and more variants get discovered, people will just accept covid as a slightly more dangerous flu and get yearly covid shots along with flu shots to keep up with latest variants. Also obviously Im not a scientist or biologist, but it seems that every new variant of covid gets more infective, yet less lethal, so I doubt that a variant that has severe lethality to a large portion of the population would come from covid.
  7. Covid definitely changed things and how the world will operate in the future, but you definitely are being too pessimistic to say that life will never return to, or be "as good as" before the pandemic. I think in the coming year or 2, people will either fall into two groups. The IDGAF, its basically just a flu group, and the people who want to play out their victim fantasy and act like this illness will wipe out the planet.
  8. Lol i dont think one single man has the power to drop nukes at the drop of a hat. Any thought or plan of dropping a nuke somewhere would be painstakingly scrutinized and fought against by a whole bureaucracy of people. And only then if it was deemed absolutely necessary like they deemed back in the 1940's, would they drop it. I honestly doubt there will ever be another nuke dropped due to the very high likelihood of it just ending the world
  9. The pops do kind of feel pleasurable, like mini orgasms. I like to imagine they are beneficial
  10. Whenever I am deeply in meditation or on pyschedelics or even sometimes weed, I focus on the center of my brain around where I think my pineal gland would be. This seems to build up pressure and it feels like its a small balloon inflating in my brain and then after like 15-30 seconds of focusing i feel and hear a small pop and the tension is released. Has anyone else experienced this and does it mean anything?
  11. I compiled a playlist of most of the videos Leo has posted on his blog. Its long af tho
  12. Was the monks consciousness while he was burning equivalent to an LSD or other psychedelic trip or was he just completely detached from his body. Also could Leo do this lol?
  13. Yes i agree. Like when people will have near death experiences or go on psychedelic trips and claim they saw the buddha or Jesus and experienced Heaven or Hell and then they fall victim to self deception and take those subjective experiences and use them as proof that their ideology is correct.
  14. Im not sure if Leo has ever explicitly stated this or if he even knows, but what actually happens to our consciousness when we die? Is it determined based on your beliefs? Like if a Catholic person who lived a "good" life according to the Bible died, would they experience what they think heaven is like? Ive also heard something about the ability to transfer your consciousness into an "astral body" that you could travel the astral plane with. Any insights or advice would be appreciated!