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  1. Countries like Germany, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Canada etc are doing trial runs of 4 day work weeks to see if they can mantain productivity while also giving employees more free time. Obviously in the grand scheme of things this would be beneficial to the whole of humanity since people would have more time to pursue higher things and not be bogged down in wage slavery. Despite over half of PBDs audience voting that they would be in favor of a 4 day work week, he still was against it and said that those countries who were using a 4 day work week are not innovative countries and that people would just use extra free time to engage in drugs and vices. He even listed Covid as his argument for people being depressed when having too much free time lol. Overall his argument was that since America made google, facebook, microsoft, apple with a 80+ hour a week grindset that means that we should continue to maximize the amount of employee exploitment and not entertain a 4 day work week. When do you guys think a 4 day work week will be standard in the USA? Will companies be able to be competitive with employees working a 4 day schedule? Will there have to be laws in place to pay overtime for people working 32+ hours? What corporate biases does PBD have that make him have such poor political takes?
  2. I saw this UFO last month and had no idea what it was. I have recently been doing a lot of LSD
  3. Lifechanging vids
  4. Very cool. Dont know if everyone was aware that these interviews exist
  5. Idk if this has been talked about before but I saw this linked and quoted on the rational wiki page of Leo. Do you guys thnk it was just a coincidence with the choice of words? I wonder if Joe Rogan or any other higher figures are aware of Leo and I feel like Owen Cook and Leo have met at least once
  6. Go to crowded city center and ask them in person. Alternatively, you could go college campuses, grocery stores, or malls
  7. Do aliens have sports? What skills and values do aliens fetishize or find meaningful?
  8. What would you say about people like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan,Lebron James, or Tom Brady? Is there anything to be said about these guys who not only are the top 0.01% of human genetics but also have the work ethic to fulfill that potential? Even though they may have crazy psychological issues, I think theres still lessons to be learned. Even Owen Cook talks about them when they go into "the flow state". I feel like Lebron James is the human that God would create to be the perfect basketball player. I agree that american football sucks tho. Basketball and "soccer" are the best. And Track and field Lebron James' Life purpose was basketball, he literally has "Chosen One" tattooed on his back. Could you imagine him working a normal ass job
  9. @something_else Yeah I guess this type of content just gets outweighed by the mass of Tier 1 content on the internet. One day we will reach a critical mass of outweighing it
  10. How would you know that an AI does or doesnt have a deep understanding of sciences limits? Could an AI be trained on a dataset of vids and then eventually be able to regurgitate the right answers to make it seem like they have a deep understanding? ^^ This video classified that the current level of AI as self determining/orange/ achiever stage of development
  11. Passive income is essentially a myth unless you have like $1million+ networth in assets that deliver a 5% ROI or already have a profitable business, skill, or service. You have to make the active income first, then the passive income can be lived on afterwards. Read 4 Hour Work week Leo's life purpose course and booklist is a good example of passive income earned through active income. He hasnt released a product in like 6 or 7 years and he still probably makes near 6 figures. But notice he still needs to do the work of making videos to keep relevent and have more people buy his courses and donate. If he stopped doing the active work, the passive income stream would eventually trickle down to near nothing
  12. Whats wrong with the pursuit of knowledge. If you never read a single book in your life, you would have no deep theoretical knowledge of anything really in the world. If you read 100,000+ books, you would probably reach a point of diminishing returns and have too much theory and no practice. I wanna read like 1000+ books in the next 10-20 years. The problem is actually finding good ones worth reading. Out of the 100 million+ books ever published, there are probably like 10,000 really good ones(Nonfiction). Then when you have read the top 0.001% of human knowledge, you will have serious advantage on 99.999% of humans. Read an hour a day and meditate an hour a day. Or at least 30 minutes for each. Also learn speed reading techniques to read at 800+ Wpm and be able to read 2 books a week while reading like less than an hour a day. ^^^ COol vid(Skip to 2:06) I usually go on binges where i read like 5-10 books in a month and then take a few weeks off
  13. You could try investing in one of these "squatty pottys." They make it so youre pooping in a more natural squatting position closer to how our ancestors would have done. Really opens up the sphincter. This phenomena also occurs to me and usually after 3 days of no pooping action, Ill just sit on the toilet for 30+ minutes just trying to relax and let the poo flow