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  1. Yeah its possible you got the salami death grip. It should be cured by a week of nofap.
  2. I probably watched this for like 2 hours a day from the ages of 0-3. I have scored in the 99th percentile of every standardized test ive taken. Is this a coincidence? What if in the future we made a baby be programmed with this + lectures + Vsauce videos? Did anybody else watch this and experience similar results?
  3. My favorite quote from my favorite movie: Tyler: "Hows that working out for you, ... being clever? Jack: "Great" Tyler: "Keep it up then, keep it right up" "Now a question of ettiquete, as I pass do I give you the ass or the crotch" Shows how if youre just living, trying to be a clever little mouse trying to get some cheese, its probably not gonna be worthwhile This is also a GOAT scene
  4. If they genuinely will be able to produce electric, self driving cars at 1/100th the price then sure, theyd be unstoppable.
  5. Lmao. Even he should be able to understand that Apple also has the freedom to not advertise on a failing platform that may promote racism, pornography, and hate speech. Hes gaslighting them at this point
  6. Can they sustain that? In 20 years, I feel theyre population problem will start getting really bad. Also with the zero covid policy, will civil unrest throw them off that trajectory? Also isnt there like an enormous real estate bubble in the chinese economy? I feel that the only thing the chinese can compete on is putting hundreds of millions of people in factories pumping out cheap shit 16 hours a day.
  7. I mean he owns crypto companies and genuinely works with the technology on a daily basis. Ive been following him for a couple years, and in my genuine opinion, I feel he offers good advice on a macro, holistic level, but I wont try and convince you any more on him lol. Brazil, Russia, India, China?!? What makes those countries so special, they are sucky ass places to live and even though im uninformed, they seem to not have incredible economies. What about any European countries?
  8. He didnt make his money in crypto lol, hes a legitimate entrepeneur. He started an SEO company in the early 2010's and a marketing agency in mid 2010's and started posting vids on yt a few years ago. Im pretty sure he just got into crypto in like 2019. WHat do you mean the dollar is done for. What would replace the US dollar. Dont say BTC
  9. lol i hope so too. Same here. I just dont know who would the dems would have run instead of Biden. Maybe Kamala Harris or Bernie, but i dont know if theyd be accepted by a wide majority of americans Its not over yet
  10. I agree, Ive actually been DCAing a couple hundred each month into Ethereum for the past 6 months. I believe in the tech of crypto, I just think the culture around it needs to change. Also I do agree that it would be so incredibly unlikely that BTC would go below $5000 and if it did drop below $10k, Id be slurping that dip, but dont have so much blind faith saying that it there is no possibility for BTC going to zero. Black swan events have happened before. Idk if u watched the video, hes not "some streamer" hes a decamillionaire who works in the crypto, tech, and software space(Just watch on 2x speed with captions). His essential points were that crypto has always been in a market of perfect conditions and money printing. Currently the macro economic market is pointing towards a huge recession and that the rainbow chart, stock to flow model is not likely to hold up when people cant pay their mortgage or afford food.
  11. @thisintegrated The definition of a bear market is a market in which prices are falling, encouraging selling. The general consensus of crypto right now is that its extremely risky and you can lose literally all of your money overnight. Also with coming recession, people are even less likely to invest in high risk assets with no inherent use cases like crypto. You are assuming this is the bottom. It can go to zero. I feel alex becker makes some good points in his video. Also i just think the public opinion of crypto right now is very poor. Were not gonna see what we saw in late 2020/early 2021 like 10-100x returns for a while. Maybe in like 2024 it will be a better outlook
  12. The whole crypto market is absolutely not bullish. Look at any top crypto and theyve suffered 30-80% losses in the past year. Some even 90-99% losees. Also the collapse of TerraLuna and more recently FTX has cast crypto into a very negative and scammy light. @integral That chart has held true, but notice how it starts in 2008ish era. Crypto has never had to endure a true economic recession. With this impending recession, BTC is gonna fall out of that rainbow stock to flow model. Id say BTC <10k by the end of the year.
  13. @Willie These are very old sources from when he wasnt even elected. From what Ive seen during his actual time in office, he has all intents to run again.
  14. You sound like you were paid to write this lol. Isnt this company also getting its ass sued off.
  15. @StormLight Yeah he is very wierd around children. I guess if the GOP chose to press him on this issue, the democrats would probably bring up Trumps past connections with Epstein We've already seen some of this in the midterm elections. Almost every republican whos main issue was the 2020 election results and had other crazy ideas about infringing on democracy lost their race.