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  1. @Leo Gura thanks but I would never say that i understand everything fully, thats why i ask questions to understand it.
  2. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura As far as i understand, Love understands and accepts everything whats happened, happening or will happen? Because all the things is love itself?
  3. @Consilience so beautiful.. Your words is what i have been unconciously looking for.. And universe gave me it. Right at the perfect time. Thank you 🙏
  4. @Scholar all the pain and suffering is an illusion. All the things that happen to us is for some reason. If we stay calm, understand the lesson we can go further even stronger. I always were the One who choose suffering, reacting and all these emotions were really killing me. But the more deep I look at the things, the more i realize that everything happen for some reason. Maybe to learn, to grow, to get stronger. When life hits you strong, i really recommend you to read and learn more about forgivness it really helps a lot to go trough the pain. It still will be Hard, but if you stay conscious you can handle it more easier when you keep reminding to yourself its just an illusion, all the pain will go away, i am strong and i can handle it. Its like mantra you telling yourself to keep you possitive. Good luck and i am also trying this at the moment. Its Hard, but it works. I listen metidation music, trying be more productive and concetrate on work, myself and never forget whatever happens, happens for reason. Keep strong 🙏
  5. @AlldayLoop i started a half year ago. It all started because my husband started listening Leo and always was updating me what he learn. I would say i was very negative in it, because it sounded crazy and not real. Then i wanted to support him and understand what he is saying so i started to learn about budism. Read few articles budhist books and time by time became closer to my husband because i started to understand. There was times that i was lost after few awekenings and thought that im going crazy so stoped thinking about it but not more then few weeks. Then again some weed session had a little awekening and after it i got back on track. Even started seeing psichoterapist, who really supported meditation and all the things i was into it. So i figured it out that only thing that keeping me from spiritual life is my relationships with parents. And when i started let it go i just fully got into it. Since then my life is only getting better, im more happy and relaxed. And im sure that spiritual awekening is the biggest improvement in my life. I am more confident, i am more motivated to do my job the best i can, couse i know nothing is imposible. So of course this path is not easy but its worth every up and down, because when you understand whats happening you are finally free. Ps sorry for mistakes, but i hope you will understand.
  6. @Rigel thats what I am trying to do today. Really thank you for helpfull insights. And thanks to everyone, today i feel much better.
  7. @Serotoninluv thank you! It made some things clear to me now. And i will definetely spend more time in nature.
  8. For me it was weed session, I just looked in the sky and saw all these stars and became so close it was first awekening. Next night me and my husband were sitting in fron of fire Looking at it, talking and again suddendly i became awake and said to him :hi, how are you, its good to meet you, because he was also awake. That whole night i felt so concious and strong nothing could took me from this amazing state. I was free, everything was perfect. I even felt a need to make a ritual, so i stand up near the fire few times took a breath let my inner guide to guide me thought it and the just before third breathing i suddendly moved just in front of fire and bow to it like saying thank you. After it I felt amazing and happy. So morning came and it started to feel crazy. We were going home, doing things we used to do and i didnt felt it anymore, not that strong. So i got sad, and confused. And this feeling is now with me. But i am sure i need good meditations, relax and go more deep in it, because what is seen, cant be unseen anymore.
  9. Yeah thats what Im trying to do, even its not that easy. I started to see a huge ego in people and it scares me a little
  10. Thanks, these words really supports. Whole day is going insane, and now only when I meditated a bit, its a little bit relief.
  11. Long story short. (sorry not a native english speaker, so sorry for possible mistakes) My husband been awekend long time already, and step by step I was going to it with him. Last weekend was the real magic to me. I finally understood who "I" am and it was perfect and beatiful. Seems like everything is perfect, life it is as it is. But.. Today i came to work and it started triggering me. I couldnt understand whats happening, i feel duality and nonduality at the same time. I talk with collegues, they talk, act as ussual, but i cant be "same" as i was before. Collegues complaining about some life issues, only i can say is-well thats how its supposed to be. Well nothing bad or good about it, as non of these exsists, but i feel so confused and even a little bit shoked because of what i understood. My question is, what to do, to dont feel insane and just be happy of my awekening and use it with good purposes and dont get lost. PS my husband helps me a lot and as i call him, my guru really is so supportive in this awekening road but it would be intersting to hear some other perspectives and maybe good advices. Thanks in advance