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  1. @ivankiss thank you for this post. I really needed it 🙏 Sending love ❤️
  2. @SBB4746 your wishes is totally normal. Me too, I really Looking what can i do to change my work. Because working simple job with out creativity kills me inside. Take your time start to try different things and you will find something! I am on the same path, Looking and searcing. Wish you luck ❤️🙏
  3. U can! This man @inFlow is my husband. We are happily married, and he just shared that he feels gay and i am totally okay. Why, because he didnt supressed his emotions he accepted it and cherished. So he feels free and happy and I can say, he even wants me more. So its not that accepting you are gay, you dont feel atraction to woman, actually it can be totally opposite. So please let go the fear and accept it. Its amazing. And its not a fantasy or dream scenario I am writting but real life story. Wish you love and peace ❤️🙏
  4. @Neph that is the point. To play! Now when u know u are able to do everything You can use your power to make life a better game. Help yourself to grow, help others if you see a possibilitie. Create and deliver. Yes life is a game and the beauty of it is to play that game as your own and make the best of it. That when your time has come to go, you will smile and wait to leave your body because you have done everything the way you wanted, you had your lessons and can feel grratful for this game called life ❤️🙏
  5. @Aaron p I love this picture. It says more than words ❤️ Can I borrow it and use it? ❤️🙏
  6. Being gay its totally normal. They way he found out it and said it I were able accept that and understand deeply that i am 30% lesbian and 70% straight. And I love myself for that, i accept who i am. I feel more free and happy. And leting the fear out its the best feeling ever. Dont be afraid of it. Accept it and love it, and people around u, who really loves u will understand it. ❤️🙏
  7. @Vxvxen yes you were right! Communication is main key. Well now we talk very openly and share ideas ir insights. Its really working out so far. Thank you for sharing your thoughts i were thinking about it all the time and trying to change my behaviour of course still trying and sometimes i still get lost but always coming back on track. 🙏
  8. @LastThursday thank you for your insight. Took me a while to respond. So the update i started to search for my feminine side. Its harder then i thought. But it working out i think. I really apreciate your comments it gave me strenght to start change myself.
  9. @jerrypua concentrate on what you like not what other think. Because at the end of the day you will be with that girl, not your friends. And guys, less think about what other guy will think this is not what woman like about man.. If girls sees that you feel emberesed or something you giving her negative energy and believe me, she will love or like you less. So just listen to your heart and choose what you like. Curvy, skinny or wht. And it will work out Good luck 🙏
  10. @Elham do you want just orgasm or all the proceses? First of all you have to understand what is actually sexy for you, what turns you on and share it with your partner. You have to to discover yourself by what you feel not what you find on porn sites. Yes this can also be something you can use in your sexual life but you have to think about whats bringing you that sexy mood not concentrate on orgasm. It will come when you fully into that mood and you enjoy process that much that brings the orgasm when its time. Good luck
  11. I were thinking to wirte or not about it, but my inner guide made me ask you guys for some tips. (not a native english speaker, please forgive me for mistakes) I will try explain situation as best as possible. So i am married One year, we both going to spiritual path. I am happy to have him, we both build an amazing connection. This part is perfect. So i grow up more like man rather than woman. I got used to take care of myself, go trough the world with my head up. This experience gave me good and bad habbits. For example i am very manly, used to take care of a lot of things and ussually not understanding what my partner actually needs. Trying to change him, comment on his bahaviour and most of time looking for place to put him in bad mood. We had lots of fights, lots of drama because we both are sensitive. But mainly I were all the time thinking he has to make me happy. So until last week i still were thinking we are fine. But its not. I finnaly realized that i dont let my man be man. And i dont let myself be woman because of my past. Just few days ago he said he cant stand my anymore because of my bahaviour. Which i agree is unsustainable. So after his words i asked for the last time give me a chance to change it, because past few weeks were very intensive for my personal improving. I finally realized that actually i am the 'bad guy' in our relationships and when i will let go and just be in love with myself i will be able accept him the way he is. Yes seems like i understand what i have to do, even yesterday after weed session i encountered state where I understood whats happening and whats important for my in life : Gratfullness Happiness Emptiness Love There four things i felt in real non dual state. I was greatfull i am alive. I was happy i can learn my lesson, I were empty because its natural I felt love because its the reality. I felt it so strong i were full of joy tears, laughing and Being in present in totaly blisfull moment. I understood change its a must for myself and the world around me inclunding my husband So now when you more or less can get whats happening and what i am Looking for I want you to ask, what actions i have to take to make me feel woman again, how on daily basis keep these 4 esential things in my minds and how stop making my man feeling unloved but give him the best, because he is worth it as i am worth having happy and fully life. I hope you will understand my question and will have some insight for me. I will really apreciate everyone. Thank you in advance 🙏 Ps i started already take care of myself too. Gave me a girl night with bubble bath, book and vine and smiling. And i am very motivated to change my life for good to my and of course others.
  12. @DrewNows ohh thank you so much! You really brightened my day with thjs. I really needed it. Some inspiration and some boundaries to set. I have been working with myself long time, even been going to psychotherapist for few months to make my life better. Because i started be so unhappy, so sad, so dissapointed. At this particular moment i know i have make changes especially about perspectives to others. I used to be quite annoying to my husband, point out what he is doing wrong, always unhappy and waiting to teach him a lesson. And it got worse. Since i understand its not his problem, but actually Mine and if i wanna have stable life with myself, husband and all the world i have to let go my beliefs and accept life the way it is. But sometimes it scares the shit out of me, because of our dear friend ego. If you guys have more insights, please share i really came here for some help..
  13. @seeking_brilliance relaxed actions, especially when you get ofended (your ego) its Hard to take it easy. At this moment at my life, i really need this, and i think first rule of it is to dont react to anything but just listen and observe it. It minds, it creates crazy things. I am at oath right now, where I have to make a change because it destroys me, my personal life, my carrier path and my marriage. So i am seriously will observe more and wish for you too, who strugles at this. And also waiting for Any other advice i could take, to apply it in my life and make it the best.
  14. @Leo Gura thanks but I would never say that i understand everything fully, thats why i ask questions to understand it.