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  1. @Esoteric I agree with you, I am waiting for it. But yesterday I was working a lot, and was able to deal everything with for event I am hosting (online of course) everything was perfect and 1111 poped totally out of nowhere and it was so magical I felt like I am doing it right, so yeah, thank you for your message! It made me think about it ?
  2. @Recursoinominado Thank you for your thoughts. I will just continue do what I am doing and trust universe ?
  3. Hi for everyone who is reading it. Before I start I am sorry for grammar mistakes. So last week for the first time I had a no duality awakening. I was everything: couch, pillow, the man I love. By touching his hand I also felt like I am him and we are just one. The visuals ware so weird. In my mind I already had an idea what it is no duality but when I saw with my own eyes it was totally different. The love I felt for everything, the pure love, it was the best feeling in the world. I felt selfless I felt free and happy. That night was heavy raining and lightening with thunder and with all that feelings I felt from the outside I saw a clear huge light and thunder and it was like approval that its real, that what I feel is real. After few days the feeling settled, I didn’t think too much about it. But on Sunday I was laying down thinking about myself and I was able to remember the feeling that I am that couch on which I am laying. It hit me one more time, just this time it was less exciting. What is more exciting after this experience I started to see numbers 1111 and 0000 extremely often. I knew already about 1111 meaning (because I see it everyday), but today I read about 0000 and the meaning of it is: „can be a reminder that you are one with God, and you feel your creator's presence. It can also mean that a situation, event, issue, etc. has come full circle. Full circle means something has ended in the way it had begun. It can also mean something has begun and ended.“ Of course this is just an explanation but I definitely see it as my way too. But after I read it, I saw 1111 and got totally confused. I feel like my spirits are guiding me, I trust universe and its plan but these things made me think, what should I do next. Where I should guide myself. I am here to ask you guys, what you suggest to do, I will definitely meditate on this when I get back home, but maybe there is some literature I can read or some guidance, because I am lost a little. PS all these weird feelings started yesterday when I randomly decided it is time to read book; „Real Magic :Unlocking Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Create Everyday Miracles“ by Dean Radin PhD. Somehow I think universe guided me there and after reading meaning of 0000 it kind of confirmed to me that I am going to the right way. So if you have some advice or just thoughts to share I would be very thankful.
  4. @petar8p Thank you for your words. I am grieving already. Just my mood changes so fast. I am funny and doing stand up comedy at job, coming home and crying. Watching some TV shows and thinking. Doing something at home and seeing him. Its getting me tired. But after some good cry I feel better. Im now trying to find what can I do. What hobbies to find. And take care of my health and look. I lost some weight so Im making fun of myself at least that thing is good of this situation. Trying look beautiful for myself. And i guys writting me back really inspires me. I am so thankful for that. Because sometimes complete stranger advice or support words make a day birghter. Thank you so much for that ❤️?
  5. @ajasatya yes, that is really good at this point. Well now I wish this time would go fast and I can stand normal again. Love myself and move on..
  6. @ajasatya no, we dont.
  7. @Hello from Russia Hello from cold heart! Haha Joking. Well I get your point but at this situation last thing I think its other man, other relationships even it made my sex drive below zero. Well normal, not an easy situation to handle. Just u know with him I started my Spirituality path, we learnerd so much together. I feel lost and dont know what to do now. He always were sharing information, we together had those deep conversations and realizing we are One we are god. I had so many awekenings and he helped me a lot I helped him, we were learning from each other and helping. And now to see other man Being the One who can understand me deeply I just cant see.. So its Hard. But I will be fine by my own. I have an amazing family and friends they support me and maybe it will be my time to finally reach my personal goals. And grow as person, as carrier girl who wants make world a more happy and better place. Thank you for your message it means a lot ❤️?
  8. @Preety_India thank you for your time to write me this. I really apreciate it. Even though I am avoiding music for now, because I am sensitive person and lots of things can make me cry so I just dont wanna shower in my tears. Hehe well I still can make jokes, which is my biggest helper in this situation. My humor, I had it always and its with me still. I agree with you, that woman give more to others and forger herself and thats a lesson I will take. Care about myself more, care about my feelings and when you feel something is not right inside believe it and dont try to ignor it. Because now when I reflect everything there was a Red flags from the begging just I didnt see it. Well I didnt want to. And I really feel that u understand me, because from what you write I can imagine you had familiar situation. I am really thankful for writing me back. And supporting. Thats what I need now. Thank you again ❤️?
  9. @Preety_India Thank you dear. Im trying to let it go, just its Hard process. U think together u can go trough everything but when its really time to be strong together someone decides to leave. Well that is life I know. Now I am trying concentrate on myself. Possitive thinking, reflecting on myself. Of course neither I was perfect in this but I think its my time to think how to live alone again and be best version of myself. To seek my dreams and live a good life. I think Spirituality helps me to go trough it, just my decision was to have a family and want a loving man by my side. I dont know if I ever meet One but thats doesnt matter now. What matters is me. Thank you for your support. Sending love to you ❤️?
  10. Hey guys, I really need some insights of yours to go trough my life now.. So I am married (still) but my husband decided that he cant get along with me and want from life different things. So he left me. I didnt asked to stay, because it was already not the first time he was saying that he will leave me. I always asked him to stay, always tried to make our relationships work.. This time i wanted that he do it, he stand for us and work for our family. Well he didnt, he said I am too strong for him I deserve somwone better and etc. Well he in this spiritual path, biggest Leo follower and thats okay, I also started to do this practise. But its a long story to explain, but just main point we want different goals and he doesnt see his life with me. I get it. But well It destroyed my heart but its his choice. I am asking for advice how to continue my life without him even thought I wanted and how to keep strong and believe in love again. I am aware of it that everything is in our minds I have to let go, I know, just want to know what to do now, how to make it easier and less painfull and just fully let go and continue living life and enjoying it alone.. Because now its very very complicated.. Because I really really love him, I have never loved anyone else like this before and its so Hard to believe we not gonna be together anymore.. So now just need some advice because I know I need to move on.. Love you all ❤️?
  11. @ivankiss thank you for this post. I really needed it ? Sending love ❤️
  12. @SBB4746 your wishes is totally normal. Me too, I really Looking what can i do to change my work. Because working simple job with out creativity kills me inside. Take your time start to try different things and you will find something! I am on the same path, Looking and searcing. Wish you luck ❤️?
  13. U can! This man @inFlow is my husband. We are happily married, and he just shared that he feels gay and i am totally okay. Why, because he didnt supressed his emotions he accepted it and cherished. So he feels free and happy and I can say, he even wants me more. So its not that accepting you are gay, you dont feel atraction to woman, actually it can be totally opposite. So please let go the fear and accept it. Its amazing. And its not a fantasy or dream scenario I am writting but real life story. Wish you love and peace ❤️?
  14. @Neph that is the point. To play! Now when u know u are able to do everything You can use your power to make life a better game. Help yourself to grow, help others if you see a possibilitie. Create and deliver. Yes life is a game and the beauty of it is to play that game as your own and make the best of it. That when your time has come to go, you will smile and wait to leave your body because you have done everything the way you wanted, you had your lessons and can feel grratful for this game called life ❤️?
  15. @Aaron p I love this picture. It says more than words ❤️ Can I borrow it and use it? ❤️?