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  1. @snowyowl That's very good advice. I will say that crypto must be a percentage of your investments, don't invest everything in crypto. To have a diverse portfolio is the key... or that's what they say...
  2. All of those projects can be scams... this one has a lot of red flags, but a lot of signs that can be a real game changer. It seems like a meme but the underlying idea is similar to other respectable coins like Ampleforth, MakerDAO and other that are looking to decentralize the power of crypto and create a democracy of money. You have to do before investing your due diligence, I did it and the project if they do it is really great. Everything comes at a risk, even the dollar can go to zero... and a lot of scams have been done by banks, company... if we are afraid of risks we would never do anything. You only have to understand the risks and never invest more than you can afford to lose. I know that, that's why I am not in a hurry. This will take time to develop. It's not a make money fast scheme, right now the coin is losing value. But those who persevere will reap the rewards if all goes as planned. Let's see...
  3. I was waiting for that with Bitcoin, is doing a big correction right now. The problem is to know when is the correct time to buy. Not sure how much lower it can go... I was thinking to let it go to 40,000 and then buy... but it can continue going down, not sure what are the signals to look for, to know when it will go up again. :-)
  4. I agree with that... I am thinking about investing in Cardano, it looks really promising.
  5. I am buying Shiba Inu coin. Right now is at $0.00002024 It has a big marketcap, it is being added to new exchanges very often... I think it can be the next big thing. Let's see what happens. What do you think about Safemoon? It is extremely cheap too but I see it has almost not exchanges, not sure what will happen with that one.
  6. Yes, looks great... I didn't know you have a Facebook group. I see it is in your signature... Ok... I'll be there! :-)
  7. I always wanted to create some simple video game. I am investigating Godot Engine and it seems very interesting. Just curious to know if there are others who like doing video games as a hobby or as a way of living. And sharing experiences about game engines and such! :-)
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/mar/03/california-universal-basic-income-study I think this can be very good... I don't believe what people say that if you get an income, that would incentive people to get "free money" and don't work. This is a proof that it can help people to leave poverty and get real jobs. What do you think?
  9. I remember that you posted about it, but reading it once more feels more powerful. Probably is because now I can see things I didn't before... hehehe... Thanks Leo!
  10. Totally agree @DocWatts @aurum Excellent points! I agree is not going to solve everything but is a step in the right direction.
  11. @Leo Gura @mmKay That's why I use Mail Chimp
  12. The good thing is that it was done with studies and investigations, so we have interesting facts, like this: It is something that is proven to help the economy and the individuals. I thinks is a good thing.
  13. Thanks for sharing! I will look for his videos on youtube!
  14. I learn a lot about programming this week. I know now how to move a character in the screen, how to use gravity. I will post more things in the afternoon. I'm working right now.
  15. Thanks @Dumivid I will definitely check that Discord Server and thanks again for the advice about the game jams, I think I still need to learn a bit more before getting into one of those, but I will have them in mind. I found a page that lists a lot of those events. I didn't know there were those kind of events! Really cool... this is the page. Probably you already knew about it. http://www.indiegamejams.com
  16. @Preety_India Tough question hahaha... I think that healthy conservatism is going to be something more in the middle way. I mean not something that goes too much into the far right extremism. Conservatism is inherently more individualistic and not so much interested in society as a whole. They offer arguments that what they say it will help the economy and blah blah blah, but is not true. Is only to support their POV. Like the famous "trickle down economics". It doesn't happen that way. But that's how they mask their individualistic vision of the world to not appear so egotistical. With that said, I think that the only way that a conservatism can be more healthy is if it betrays a little bit its core beliefs. Like trying to create more free market laws, let the market work more "free" (free in the way they think is free) but try to compensate more workers, by raising salaries and things like that. Not sure if what I said makes sense, it's hard for me to think in any kind of "healthy" conservatism. IMO healthy conservatism is an oxymoron... hehehe.. the only way to become more healthy is to betray its core beliefs, that won't happen.... maybe I am wrong.
  17. @Willie I think they won't won this lawsuit, but let's see what happens! Buy pop corn!!! hahaha...
  18. Everything is about me, because there’s only ONE.
  19. Not knowing who you are is a mental health problem, so we are in the right forum. ?
  20. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2021/02/18/gamestop-gme-stock-market-shares-reddit-lawsuit-class-action-keith-gill-mass-mutual/4499882001/
  21. Yeah, the most important thing is doing it with LOVE... that's going to raise any vibrations I am planning to check some of the games mentioned here, about High Consciousness video games to get some ideas about that. Anything that helps to raise collective consciousness will be great !!
  22. @Dumivid I was checking your game in Steam and looks good! Nice that you are already publishing, that's great. And I see that you have a lot of game on itch.io So you have a lot of experience doing games. Nice! Thanks for your suggestions! I already subscribed to that youtube channel, looks good. I was just looking at the making of Celeste, that's a good game and it's a good resource that channel to know how to generate ideas for games, thanks a lot! @Leo Gura I will be installing Unity this weekend and I will try it definitely. Thanks for your recommendations! @Yahya @Hello from Russia @Superfluo I have the idea of placing some wisdom on those games, not sure if I will get to turquoise level hehehe but I will definitely will try to do a game like that... but first we need to learn to do games hehehe... thanks! @Chosendeer This is a great idea!!! I like it... but as you said when I mentioned Point and Click adventures, I think of it is a long term goal after we learn to develop some simple games. The problem with those Adventure games is that they need a lot of animation, and that's a lot of art work. I agree we have to try first with a simple game, and you were talking about Flappy Bird, Ok... I am now creating one clone of Flappy Bird to understand more about game programming... hehehe.. If you want I found some free classes at udemy that I think will help you to understand how games work. They also have Unity classes, not only Godot. But if you want to try with Godot first, here you have a good one about Godot fundamentals https://www.udemy.com/course/godot-101-game-engine-foundations/ I think the instructor is also an expert in Unity and other game engines, he has a website that has a lot of tutorials and they have an academy where they teach programming for games and for other kind of apps. https://godottutorials.pro/ I hope we can do that!!! I am working on the flappy bird clone! If you have any simple idea for a game, we can try that one! No problem!!! This is the tutorial, is also free in Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/course/flappy-bird-godot/ I will post more updates soon!!!