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  1. Manual of Self Realization
    List Of Enlightenment Exercises
    The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra has 112 meditations. I would recommend Swami Lakshmanjoo’s book ‘The manual for self realisation’. Free pdf available on archive.org

  2. Documentaries High Consciousness
    A list of +300 documentaries of a wide range of topics
    I think this was shared somewhere in the forum way before, but I thought it would be fitting to repost it here, enjoy.

  3. Useful Threads
    How to remove the @user and quotes in posts on mobile [SOLVED]
    I didn't find a sub forum that fits this thread, so I posted in the most active one.
    Perhaps you want to bookmark this topic.
    All tricks worked on Chrome and Opera.
    1) @user(s):
    Very simple.
    You just need to type something in the previous line and next line, screenshot:

    Then you select the line above or below the @user(s).
    Then you take the selection to include the @user(s) and the other line (as shown in the screenshot).
    A simple backspace, or cut, and poof, gone!
    2) Quote(s):
    This one is kind of trickier, but still simple enough.
    Removing quotation(s) requires at least one empty line before the quotation(s). This trick cannot work on quotes that are at the very top of the post.
    Okay, so you quoted something and you want to remove it.
    You just need to insert a text and a photo in the line above the quotation(s).
    Then you select the text and include the photo and the quotation(s).
    So, it's something like this:

    A simple backspace, or cut, and poof, gone!
    3) For both:
    Insert an emoji before and after the @user or the quote, select them all, and remove.
    Or you can simply post your post and then hide it, no big deal ??