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  1. This meeee everyone my fucking journal!!!!..
  2. Thank you everyone! Your responses really moved me. You are right. I've been secretly hating on them for years now.
  3. @intotheblack thanks bruh
  4. I'm jealous of my friends doing better than me. They have got jobs and doing good in life while I am still depressed and unable to do anything. What should I do..? I feel really terrible seeing instagram selfies of my friends daily. They are doing really better than me.
  5. Can anyone point me to video links where leo talked about age 30???? Please
  6. I agree with Leo. But College is fun u should go have a try
  7. @RawJudah life is short man... I'm nearing 30 soon as well. What a sucky life. I haven't figured out shit either.
  8. I would play it too if my PC wasnt so potato. RIP mate.
  9. @mandyjw thanks! this answer makes sense. I dont exercise alot. Yoga might help and the buckwheat cushion. Do u sit in half lotus position? And how many minutes do u meditate?
  10. Is it a pillow or some form of mat? Could you please recommend me some good material I could use? Something that could keep me in posture without hurting my knees or making my leg numb? And please dont say I don't need anything. I have a little bit of scoliosis so I need better equipment