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  1. I'm sorry. That was not what I meant. What I meant is that your problem is not that feminists hate men (and therefore you). Your problem is that you hate feminists and it's causing you a lot of suffering. I was like this some years ago and it's the worst part of my life to think back on. It was truly hell. Luckily it didn't take too long for me to realize I was wrong and get over it.
  2. How are you going to inspire anyone here to follow you in this crusade against the "evil feminists" when you act like this towards people who are just trying to help you, with a trollface profile pic? Not a very smart way to go about it, is it?
  3. @mr_engineer I recommended you the book "Loving what is" last week. If you read that book and do the work, you will also realize that you actually have this man-hating stuff all backwards, which is pretty much always the case when we're angry and upset at someone and suffer because of it.
  4. I know, but feminists are very rarely man-haters. So rarely that it shouldn't bother you at all. That's what I finally realized. I've lived in a very feminist society all my life, but the closest things to "man-hate" I've ever witnessed have all been online, usually cherrypicked by American right-wingers. Just like right-wingers focus so ridiculously much on muslim terrorists, compared to the muslims who aren't terrorists, which are the vast majority.
  5. @mr_engineer It's so easy to get right-wing radicalized online these days. I've been just like you are now, but thankfully it didn't last long. Start getting very critical of how representative these man-hate horror examples of yours really are.
  6. @mr_engineer I can highly relate to how you feel. I strongly recommend the book «Loving what is» by Byron Katie. It’s on Leo’s book list. It’s probably the most helpful self-help book that I’ve ever read and it’s just what you need. Trust me!
  7. Or they have brought you to your knees again and again, but the love has never been reciprocated and instead you’ve just been treated as a creep by all women you’ve ever been truly interested in, and the love for women feels like a horrible curse.
  8. This is the main reason why it's almost impossible for me to get any results from nightgame. All girls go to clubs to dance, so I'm left with two options: Don't dance and don't get any girls, or be super awkward on the dancefloor and definitely don't get any girls. Alcohol almost doesn't help at all. No matter how drunk I get, I feel so awkward and out of place on the dancefloor that I've actually been laughed at by girls while dancing. That for sure didn't make my situation any better! Pretty crazy that something that's such a big part of human culture can become so unnatural to some...
  9. Girls get super offended by things I consider nothing, like for example being honest about being attracted to them primarily for their physical appearance, and treating them like a psychopathic animal is supposed to work? Makes absolutely no sense to me...
  10. I have to show interest, but I can't give compliments, I can't talk the way it feels natural to talk (which is logical talking), I have to worry about not offending them when I'm teasing (which has happened too many times in the past), I have to look away manually all the time to not have too much eye contact, and at the same time I'm supposed to always have something to say. Not to mention being authentic, which in the past has proven to be the most important principial for my parts. Dating has got to be the most advanced thing in the entire universe I really appreciate the help though!
  11. They will usually be very eager to talk about dry topics such as studies and interests, but if I for example flirtatiously tell them something I like about them, they will be like: "Thank you," and look uncomfortable. To get better at observing is probably a great advice. Eye contact is something I struggle with. The natural thing for me is to look her in the eyes all the time, but I keep hearing that too much eye contact is bad, so I have to look away manually all the time, which steals a lot of focus and probably comes off as a little weird... I think I'm above average funny, so that's probably not a problem, but I may be wrong...
  12. @Raze Thanks, man! I’m gonna watch them all.
  13. I rarely see anybody make threads about this, which kind of concerns me... It seems like the big problem for most people is to actually get dates. For me this is not a problem at all. For me, the big problem is succeeding at the dates I go on. It took me around 40 dates until I finally found a girl who liked me back. Things have been going better since then, but most of my dates still fail. Flirting is usually nearly impossible, since the girl usually doesn't flirt back at all and just seems to want to have a regular logical conversation. Is this normal? One thing I find very undercommunicated is the difference between how a man should act during a cold approach vs. on an actual date. My impression is that most of pickup advise goes out the window on dates. I have for example seen infield videos by Todd V (who seems to have a pretty high standing on this forum) where he's picking up girls and videos where he's being on dates, and he acts completely different.
  14. It makes total sense why it works on English-speaking girls. The real mystery is why it's almost as effective on adopted girls and foreigners who have lived in Norway all their lives and are highly integrated into Norwegian culture, but it doesn't seem to work on non-adopted or non-foreign girls at all. Probably around 400 approaches - not one single date.