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  1. My best friend is a hot woman, and she was beaten up on Friday because she rejected a guy. She woke up in the emergency room with a concussion and stitches in her scalp. The guy who did it got away, just like most guys who commit rape. "Simps" sure didn't help her... If some pretty girls really are toxic, maybe things like this might help explain?
  2. How is this better to say than for example that jews or black people are universally toxic? It's just as far from truth in my experience. I've been a bitter and hateful person in past, but I've never in my adulthood felt the need to shout at strangers in public. My advice would be to seek professional help.
  3. Sexual intimacy is under «Love and belonging», which is the third level. Sex in the lowest level doesn’t need to be with another person.
  4. Why give up before you’ve even given it a real shot?
  5. I live in Oslo. I think it's a pretty great city for daygame. I did way too much spam approaching in 2021 and 2022 though, so there were a couple of girls I approached several times, unfortunately. For several reasons I've actually decided to quit nightgame and make a comeback with daygame. It simply fits me so much better. In 2023 I had one single approach during daytime and I got a date with her. That's clearly something else than my results from nighttime! I'm not gonna spam approach like I used to, but approach one or two if I'm going out in Oslo. I also want to go more to the big cities in the near abroad, like Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen. There I can approach more without being too concerned about my reputation.
  6. Why not? If you don’t do everything in your power to maximize your chances, you can't really complain if you don’t get any results. To dress better is the easiest and most effective way to become more attractive. If I go out and my clothes aren’t 10/10, girls will be really annoyed if I approach them. It’s a totally different world to live in compared to when I’m dressed nice.
  7. How do you explain the strong tendency for the poorest countries to score lowest in the world when people there are asked how happy they feel, and the strong tendency for the richest countries to score highest in the world when people there are asked the same?
  8. I'm 29 years old and in a period of my life where almost all I think about and really want to do, is to date or hook up with girls. I've probably been out at night 100 times now, but I’ve never ever got a single result (like a date or sex). It doesn’t matter if I’m drinking or am sober, alone or with friends, not even when me and my friends go out to celebrate my birthday and I’m at the center of attention, it all leads to the same: No girls seem to find me attractive enough, and if some do, you can be sure that a girlfriend of hers will do everything in her power to ruin it! This leads to that time and again when I go out, I end up being very bitter and self-destructive. This affects my relationships in a very negative way. I actually get pretty good results with dating apps, so I guess my looks are pretty good. These apps are absolutely terrible for mental health though. In addition, the girls I match with are usually around my own age or older, so they are more serious and ready to settle down than I am. I’ve also actually had success with daygame, but I’ve discovered that Norway simply is a too small country for it and it’s too much against the cultural norms here. It puts my reputation in too much danger. So, should I go all in and try again and again until I get my first result, or should I just give up? PS: I have Asperger’s. My hearing ability is also pretty bad at places with loud music, which also for sure doesn’t make it easier. Neither that I don’t dance, even though I've spent a lot of time trying to learn to be comfortable with it, both drunk and sober.
  9. Sweden is the fourth happiest country in the world according to UN's happiness index of 2024. Norway is in seventh place, so Sweden isn't even the unhappiest country of Scandinavia. Is it really fair to call Sweden "destroyed"?
  10. The girls I’ve gone out with who seemed least attracted to me, have actually been the most autistic girls, most similar to myself. I have on the other hand had great suceess with some very extroverted and social girls. The two girls I’ve been most serious with have both been like this. For me it seems like girls really want someone who complements them.
  11. Who wants communism? I hate to admit it, but I think most people would consider me pretty woke, and I'm basically as little tempted by communism as by Nazism... Like me, pretty much all woke people are democratic. The only way to introduce a system that almost nobody wants is through authoritarian totalitarianism. That's why "communism & fascism are two sides of the same shitty coin."
  12. This was right after: I guess this is nothing compared to our neighbors Sweden and the rest of the world, but a shockingly dark start of the year for this peaceful place!
  13. Amazing interview. I really like the point they make when they talk about Andrew Tate, that there's so little focus on why so many follow him. It's just like with all the partner murders that have been going on here in Norway lately. There's basically only discussion about the need for better violence alarms for women and almost no discussion about why so many men are unable to deal with their emotions and end up killing their partners.
  14. The only way you can sound more stereotypically conservative here is if you also complain about them not staying off your lawn.
  15. You're making the same mistake as Jordan Peterson. The level of development of the woke movement is at SD stage green, not blue. Take the examples of woke that you get served through news, youtube etc. with a big grain of salt. They will give you the worst and most dramatic examples and this will brainwash you into believing that woke is much, much worse than it actually is.