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  1. Actually, humans are its own genus called Homo. There used to be multiple species of humans existing at once, but us Sapiens are the only surviving species. At one point there where nine species of humans existing on the planet at the same time. We humans tend to take for granted that we are the only living species of our genus. Humans are classed as Hominids though, the family that includes all the great apes, so it is correct that humans are primates. But humans are a different branch to the other brances that include Chimps and gorillas, on the bigger branch that are hominids. One thing that is interesting to point out is that humans are the only generalist species out of the surviving hominids. Every other species is habitat dependent and endangered as a result, no thanks to us. Perhaps these species of great apes survived the rise of humans while every other human species didn't because they weren't in direct competition due to being specialized to a certain kind of habitat not suitable for farming. But now that humans do more than just farm and are encroaching on their habitat finally, their specialist tendencies are making them susceptible to extinction. Humans have a long history of annihilating other species long before any advanced technology existed. Sorry, you spiked my interest in human taxonomy and ancient history and I couldn't resist.
  2. To get out of a rut you have to do something that is different. If you are feeling depressed, I'd recommend some physical activity. It could be starting to go for runs, swim or join a martial arts club. A physical activity that involves others like a martial art has the added benefit of stimulating you socially. I joined a Wing Tsun club during a depressive/suicidal phase in my life and it was the best decision I could've made at the time. I got more out of that than any self-help gimmicks. If you don't know what to do with yourself, I'd recommend you talk with a safe person about your goals and aspiration and your current situation. Talking to someone is in my experience a requirement to really get over a slump in one's life. It doesn't take more than a couple of things to make an impact on your life but it does require taking action. Avoid setting a high bar for yourself, or you risk demotivating yourself. Instead, you want to have a low-to-moderate high bar in terms of results. A Low standard for building momentum and a moderate standard for building on that momentum. A high standard with no momentum increases the risk for failure and remember, action taken with a low standard is more action than no action. A standard less than perfection allows you stay concistent, which is way more important than trying to be sexy. This is all to say to not be too hard on yourself. Lastly, on the topic of porn-consumption, I find it to be overstated in most cases personally. I also think it is a gimmick. People who care about their masterbation habits tend to be "losers" in the conventional sense. They tend to be poor financially and have little to no dating life. Most people I'd wager, given the success they want would rather spend time doing their hobbies or being with their families than watch excessive amounts of porn. People who still compulsively watch porn to the point where it damages their relationships even when they are succesfull you could say have a genuine problem. Most "no-fapers" are just bored in my opinion. No-fap is also a gimmick and therefore a waste of your time to focus on. Avoid gimmicks. Focus on actionable steps.
  3. I agree. It has sarcastic and passive-agressive energy. And that is besides the fact that he looking slightly to left (his right), a sign of being a liar.
  4. In my opinion, putting that sort of financial pressure between family members is asking for trouble. It seems like it already has strained your relationship with your dad. If parents offer money for your degree, it is better to go the whole way and just pay off the entire degree instead of these half-measures that lead to long-term complication. Ah well. It is best to pay of the loan. Like the previous posters have said, paying it off in a year or two is probably wise. That interest is mighty. I don't know what it is like in your country, but perhaps you are viable for interest delition or any other measures for low-income folks.
  5. The problem is not that prostitution is too undignified for centrum. It is the tourists who are undignifying the city the local population. They turn centrum into a big sad mall. Also, it is false to think of the proposed areas to move the prostitutes as "far away". Theses places are not outskirts and they are relatively fast and easy to get to. The prostitutes are being proposed to get moved because their presence hypes up Amsterdam to an untenable level for the area. The vast amounts of tourists that come to De Wallen aren't interested in buying sex (90% if not more). They are there to just "see it" in combination with the history and the architecture of the area. It is a tourist attraction. Centralizing the sex workers could help filter out the "chaff" who are there to just absent-mindedly look around, possibly help boost their income as well kill some of the hype of Amsterdam.
  6. TLDR: Central Amsterdam gets millions of tourists all year round, who all tend to congregate around a very small area. The local government wants to move the Red Light District and "centralize" Amsterdams prostitutes in a single mega brothel somewhere else in town. As a Dutchy who has lived in Amsterdam Centrum, over-tourism is a huge problem for the local population and the city's culture. The goverment has worked for years to combat it, for example they once renamed the beach in Haarlem to "Amsterdam Beach" to draw tourists away. Or another example, they banned ads that target young british men (lads). The problem is, like previously mentioned, most tourist emass around a very small part of town. De wallen, or the Red Light District, doesn't necessarilly gain from the tourism as the crowds tends to make potential customers self-conscious. The prostitutes are not there to be entertaining to tourist but to feed their kids and pay off their student loans. They could potentially gain a lot more from centralization. Edit: De Wallen especially suffers from being treated like a big playground by tourists. It is harder to form long-term relationships where the majority of people are by nature transient in the literal sense. Too many tourist is in of itself simply obnoxious to deal with it and it wears you down. You're constantly dealing oblivious people who struggle with basic traffick rules. Thoughts?
  7. Mad. Never said I hated them tf. I was a vegan once. Speaking of projection.
  8. I went to a vegan restaurant an everyone inside was grumpy and miserable Litteraly.
  9. Humans are clearly omnivores. There are no primates or past human species that where obligate carnivores or herbivores. It is a strength of our species. It means that there is more for us to eat and our physiology doesn't have to overly specialize, locking us out of being a generalist species. As to what is preferable, it depends on you. Some people prefer certain diets because of how it makes them feel, but I'd be sure to take dietary trends on the internet with a grain of salt. Social media rewards extremism and outrage, making certain attitudes more visible. You have to ask yourself if a proposed diet is being propogated because it is generally true or because how the influencer manages to sway the algorithm to their favor.
  10. The Youtuber in question was just looking for content for his drama channel. It is not hard to dismiss all of Actialized as a cult. Mostly only people within the Actualized niche genuinely care. Most who watched that video are just there for the entertainment
  11. I can relate to the feeling of needing money but hating work too well. I don't have much experience when it comes to career stuff but I've heard of a guy who wanted to make video games but didn't have short-term career prospects. He ended up becoming a night-shift plumber because of how it alligned with his personality and it afforded him lots of downtime which he used to make games on the job.
  12. Well said. That's the basic issue here. Its always funny to hear and read comments from people who get salty over people cheating not understanding how the system inzentivizes cheating to a certain degree.
  13. @Osaid What do you think about AI making cheating easier? Doesn't that undermine how the entire system functions? How so? what exactly needs to change, in your opinion?
  14. That's interesting. Not something I really have considered before.