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  1. My impression is that reforms that benefit the the general populace tend to not be beneficial for just making money and make it much harder to generate massive wealth. Values matter here a lot. There is an argument to be made that top wealth needs to be taxed more because it is wider society that enables the generation of that wealth in the first place and by simply hoarding massive amounts of wealth, which is what tends to happen, it is more like a parasitical relationship (assuming you value wider society which companies arguably don't, they exist to make profit). With growing wealth inequality, there is a reason why "tax the rich" is a popular sentiment. It makes sense on an intuitive albeit shallow sense.
  2. Oh, I assumed you meant the just finding the opportunity to migrate instead of integrate specifically. Here's my perspective, do as the Romans. Don't expect strangers of a land you are settling in to to accept you wholesale with no effort on your part. That is not how humans work. Humans are bred to like people who are like them. So you have to integrate if you want the best experience, which means to act like them. Westerners are probably the most tolerant people when it comes to this on the planet (mileage may vary per country). Because there are cultures that are not accepting of foreigners regardless of how well you learn their customs and language. Like Japan. In Japan, once a foreigner always a foreigner. You will never be seen as Japanese unless you look Japanese at the bare minimum. Western countries in contrast will accept you generally if you integrate and especially in big cities.
  3. It seems like we're in a phase of less acceptance of migrants compared to before at the moment in general. It seems somewhat cyclical to me. But this applies more to populations than individuals in my opinion. If you have a valuable skill then they will be more likely accepting of you compared to not. You could leverage your connections to find work abroad and let the company you work for help lace you up. Migration is easier when you have someone who is a citizen helping you in my experience.
  4. I don't think the label of "left" or "right" is inherently problematic. It is more the way people use them to pigeonhole others in a binary way. The problem is that most people have a very shallow understanding of politics and just parrot concepts that their in-group espouses. Essentially, there is a lack of serious impartial discussion with the intent of understanding as opposed to debate brainrot. That requires a level of intellectual integrity that many people are not even aware of (or care about) so we end up with a low quality discussion that misses the forest for the trees. Most are too biased in my opinion, at least what you see on the internet. I know people who would be genuinely upset if I told them that I hold "right-wing opinions" because of how charged that word is in their minds. "Tribalism" is counter-intuitive to a grounded and holistic understanding of politics.
  5. Dunno. I'd speak to a dentist at this point besides just trying different products. Also, you probably shouldn't skip out on any of the steps just because it doesn't feel optimal. It is better to be a fluoride retard than fuck up your teeth.
  6. Do you use an electric toothbrush? Electric is superior to manual. Also, are you using mouthwash? You can get those fluoride free as well.
  7. TBH, sounds like you just got sand in your vagina. None of these interactions are a big deal. Like, what are you afraid of? If someone is annoying, you don't have to immediately escalate to shouting. Just letting them know calmly but firmly will make most people back down because most people want to do good with others. The fact you want to fight immediately says more about you.
  8. Bruh, the main reason why they are making a new GTA is because GTAV Online is drying up. All AAA are cash grab cringe.
  9. I have a relative who's nearing 70 and he's watching softcore porn on Instagram reels all the time.
  10. If you are thirsty, then go find a pond. Demographically align with places where there are more older people and socialize. If you want to try online dating then apparently Facebook is good for meeting older people. In my experience, older people are a bit more straightforward to socialize with if they have time for it. They play less games. Keep an eye out for tiger stripes and leopard print. These are the hallmarks of "cougars", older women hunting for young meat.
  11. I personally prefer the experience of physically flipping through pages and making my way from cover to cover. And the ensuing library shelf has its own benefits. Also better sleep hygiene. Switching to digital is a bigger investment in the short-term. Personally, I don't read a lot, so it is simpler for me to just buy the book.
  12. The only argument for high pricing I can see is that it makes the client take the information more seriously. People who aren't serious enough to spend a 100$ on self-help are weeded out. There is a lot of self-help out there that is more personality driven that target people who have money and are generally a bit older. High pricing alone can create the perception of good value and status. Your basically paying to be lead, which is the most expensive way of doing self-help. And arguably, if money is an issue your not the target audience. In contrast, Leo has hundreds of hours of free content but if you still absolutely must talk to him in person about your problems then yeah sure, a 100 dollars up front. In that case, you where exposed to free self-help content first and wanting an expensive coaching session is a want on your part.
  13. Pretty much this. Car-centric urban design and technology among other things erode the need to talk to people and by extension communities. We have more entertainment than ever and we can get all our base physical needs met via online services and never leave the house if we want to. We simple don't need each others like we used to.
  14. Control optimizes wanted outcomes and minimizes unwanted outcomes. The majority of human enterprise is driven either by the pursuit of pleasure and/or the avoidance of pain.