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  1. Yes, it seems like spiraling onto the brink of collective realization, the illusion keeps tightening. It's fighting for its made up life. We all have lost our minds through misperception - and that is okay. While we here and many others are starting to recognize that fact and are sobering up out of false beliefs, some of our brothers and sisters seem to have to sink deeper into illusion first. What else could we offer but love and understanding? ♥️ Amen 🙏🏼
  2. I'd recommend not forgetting your heart. Focusing on your heart instead of your breath can be an interesting experiment. Also listen to what feels good at the moment - do you need some focus because every thought is pulling your attention? Or are you safe, soft and present enough to let reality engulf you? Or are you curious to look at what this very experience is? Try to understand when the mind is attempting to distract you and why. Then see what technique is best to fully face whatever is there.
  3. 🙏🏻❤️ That's exactly what it feels like. It is "we" as the only we there is.
  4. Amazing! Don't stop melting 💎🙏🏼 The side scroller analogy is amazing, never realized that, but I had similar inner representations of this experience and your analogy is quite fitting. Always in the center = there is no center
  5. I have had the same experiential insight - all encompassing, omniscient knowledge. But as far as I understand/interpret that at the moment, ultimate infinite knowledge is not accessible from any position within infinity. So for infinity to explore itself, it creates itself. I like Christopher M Bache's insights into the future of humanity. He has seen what we "will" become down the line through collective awakening. I'm saying "will", because to me all future visions that Truth gives itself are only in the form of potential, and possibly tendencies of archetypal nature that make reality resonate in certain frequencies rather than others. So I feel like there is no certainty in specifics, because all possible specifics are held in infinity. "What will it be this round, no reply, a long reply, or will all experience stop any second now?" 😶
  6. "My Son, sorry but this is too much. Banned from heaven."
  7. Truth doesn't know what it will do. That's the nature of infinite mystery. It's an infinite unfoldment, and there is not even a time to look somewhere "in advance".
  8. I was skeptical, too, thinking that this is what humans have said at all times. But yeah, there is something actually taking place here, and it makes a lot of sense. The whole social circle that has evolved for me lately has been experiencing this independent of one another. It's truly like magic. I feel that only with this trust and surrender can we bring up the courageous love and strength we need to support everyone.
  9. As soon as the mind sees that it is misperceiving something and hurts itself, it automatically stops this action and comes into harmony. Either we have not really pierced into the heart of the misinterpretation or we are simply in the process of purifying the pattern. It's rarely a quick final release. But once it is truly seen, the days of the belief that took itself to be real are counted.
  10. Number 1 by far would be health - eat clean, eat rich, move a lot and sleep enough. I'm guilty of not moving enough at the moment and not sleeping enough every single day, but since my diet is on point, my brain is still on fire, so nutrition is absolute key. Some tips about that: - No gluten, no sugar, if possible all things organic - Lots of veggies, fruit, healthy fats, no grains - Consider ginkgo biloba, blackseed oil, ginseng to heal your brain from inflammation Next would be a dedicated lifestyle. Do you challenge yourself every day, are you proactively living your purpose? Psychological harmony and being free of addictions is key, too. Finally getting away from porn addiction freed up a lot of mental capacity for me personally. Speaking of which, of course meditation and healing work are THE killer tools to harmonize your mind and let the energy flow more freely. In the end, your cognition is a mirror of many parameters, and while your whole development greatly decides what capacities you have, weak links can hold you back as well.
  11. Glad to hear 🙏 In the end, direct experience and how we put that into loving action is all that counts
  12. Alright master Yes you are wrong. Do the meditation.
  13. That's so cool about the book, it's one lesson a day, sometimes literally just a few sentences. Of course, there is a huge part on top of the lessons, but you can just start with the lessons themselves, that's how most people I know have done it. The cumulative effect of reading and contemplating every day is amazingly deep I'm starting a new cycle on January 1st with a couple of friends so we can discuss in sync about the daily lesson, and I'm also gonna start a YouTube channel dedicated to offer a daily guided meditation on the lesson of the day. So if you feel like exchanging about the book, I think the group effort is the most powerful when reading material like this 🙏
  14. That might be true for you, that's about it. In another culture, you might have learned the signifier ullhabrrhathi and whenever you encounter the inifinite, THAT word comes to mind. It's arbitrary, it's just language. Don't get cocky. One of the best guided meditations I know: