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  1. If you take shrooms, there is no "before sleep"
  2. that is someone criticising stage orange from a stage green perspective, not turquoise (Only because someone says the world is one, that does not mean that he is taking a turquoise perspective! That the world is one family, is a tipical green point of view) btw, kanye is nowhere near turquoise
  3. It could also be that these attitudes could be a red shadow, a red part of themselfes that they disdain. That could mean that they havent fully integrated red but they are identifying with blue and their gravity point is blue but they also have some red parts in themselfs that are unhealthy and that they hate.
  4. great, a lot of them make sense to me. But what is in some of your examples the difference between stage red behaviour and a blue shadow? For examlpe, or this example , seem to me, like this could go as red, rather than as a blue shadow
  5. @SamC I think this is indipendent of wicht stage you are, after blue of course. But at the moment for me it seems like a lot of stage green people are missing positive aspects of blue that are relateive important (including me in some areas) I dont think so, blue is like any other a nessecary step of consiousness, of course only if you want to go beyond blue. You can be in blue and have the previous stages integrated healthy, thats not a contratiction. It is not a sign for a shadow of the previous stages. (This conclusion is the consequence of my interpretation of shadow in spyral dynamics) You are Blue when you are mostly stuck and limited in blue. You are blue when you are incapable of going further than your limitations that are in blue (thats the same on any other stage). A blue shadow has someone whose gravity point is beyond blue and also his identification but he hasnt integrated yet everything in blue and misses some important aspects of blue like for example discipline ( think meaby of a lazy hippie that smokes everyday pot and chills everyday. I know, its of course a stereotype) That are of course my interpretations, if someone has a different view, please let us know
  6. Isnt the shadow more the things that you havent integrated? I think examples for a blue shadow are lazyness, poor work ethic, weak discipline. -> All the positive sides of blue that you havent yet integrated
  7. https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/074567-011-A/grosse-reden-dominique-de-villepin/ One of my favorite speeches (watch with subtitles)
  8. To know it and to really become conciouss of it, are to different things
  9. If you need to acsess paypal, you meaby can try it with a VPN, you can search for free trials that go 1 day or so. With a VPN you should be able to by-pass the Turkish ban
  10. Nice, this inspires me to do short meditation sessions during the day. Since now I only meditated in the morning and befor sleep.
  11. Thank you for your answer:) the book is bought
  12. Thank you very much for your input, definetly gonna try out this routine Also these who I feel I am? When you did this process with one trait, is it finnished? Or do you recommend doing it until I have the feeling, that I have integated the trait fully? ( for example, do this process with the angry part of me. is it enough once, or should I do it meaby once a month (for example), until I have the feeling that it is fully integrated?) Can you recommend Dark Side Of The Light Chasers ?
  13. If you haven't read any of his books yet, I would begin with this one: A brief history of everything