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  1. I'm from Syria originally but I live in southern California now
  2. and who are you again? you seem full of yourself
  3. wow that was pretty deep
  4. I was meditating today in a kinda secluded place for the first time and I had this feeling of fear of 'nature" because I had a feeling that a spider or a snake could creep up on me. I couldn't meditate properly because I kept opening my eyes and looking around me after this experience I realized then I have a big fear of death.
  5. how can I forget about my cat and move on? I feel so attached to thinking how's she is doing now but I had to give her away and now I heard that she escaped I couldn't keep her with me because I moved on campus. I'm fucking crying because I miss my cat that felt like a daughter to me I'm not even sure how a 23 year old can cry over a cat but I did because she felt like she was part of my soul rule of thumb: never get a pet if you don't intend to keep them for life because it feels like part of your soul is going away if you give them up.
  6. Don't project your shit onto me
  7. Oh good for you. you need a medal?
  8. dude I sense that you are tripping? bad idea to use the internet if you are doing so
  9. WTF are you doing/saying? you call this a post?
  10. Are there any practical consequences on not being on this shallow app called instagram ? it seems like everyone I meet is trying to make me follow them on instagram. Even deeper, every organization, company, school, school club, business and institution wants me to follow them on there. Some people even print their instagram username on their cars in the US, like who gives a crap about that? Is this just the By-product of a stage orange society? Probably it's a distraction and I probably just answered my own question Thanks
  11. you write about psychedelics like that as if it is so fucking easy to acquire them Leo
  12. seems interesting but could be a distraction from the work
  13. I feel this reflects stage green vs stage orange ways of thinking in one video.
  14. waiting for the "locked for low quality"