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  1. 3) Is there a spoon? a) Yes b) No c) Both d) We can't know
  2. @Pouya Spirituality is centered around being, not chasing. You do all do the doing to learn to flow with life.
  3. Question the questioning itself. Why are you doing this? Why do you want oneness? Are you running away from duality instead of embracing non-duality? Research paths which are more heart-centered rather than mind-centered if you haven't already.
  4. True Love is the lack of projection and disturbances. The egoic form of Love arises when you find Purity in something that doesn't challange your beliefs and resistance and that's exactly what the ego wants. Love = Consciousness = God
  5. Why did you quote me then and what is your critique of this post?
  6. @Solace What I was lacking is to connect non-duality with the concept of connection. Thank you so much, you described my experience with Love really well ♥
  7. This wasn't my true attempt to do so. What makes you qualified to ask this question over and over again though? Not hatin', just looking for an answer.
  8. @Solace Maybe this deserves it's own thread but what you think about Teal Swan's perspective then? She says that the belief that all that one needs is within is total bullshit and that staying connected to others - aka not being alone - is the number one desire of a human being. To her, this belief is the ego's attempt to stay empowered and independent while denying its own ability to provide everything for itself.
  9. @Gabriel Antonio A masochist in attached to feeling pain and resist not feeling it. To the experienced meditator, it doesn't matter whether they experience pain or not.
  10. @Strikr Assuming you don't control anything, you don't control whether you have the motivation to get up in the morning, you don't control your emotions nor your mind. You feeling a bit depressed is inevitable then, it's not your choice, there is nothing to do about it. It's a cosmic play. Btw, have you ever chose to fall in love? Have you ever chose to have a fear? Have you chose to read this? What makes you believe that you ever had control or that you never had it in the first place?
  11. Not knowing is true knowledge. And Simplicity / Essence = Truth / God which spirituality goes after.
  12. Also, try this if you feel that your traumas are being triggered: Meditation and working with the emotional body are also great tools. Also, research Byron Katie's Work (@How to be wise