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  1. What is the reason you direct everyone to examine their identity lately, @Outer?
  2. Solid Green people are triggered here. I absolutely love it as a bundle of Orange, Green, and Yellow. (Avoid this tag of the greenest dude in existence) @Shin
  3. @DoubleYou said it more clearly than I would have. Go into Spirituality 101 so deeply you see it's limitations. Your aim should be to grasp the fact that nothing but facing yourself experientially, on a deep level. Try to practice the Do Nothing technique more. If you really want to take it to the next level, trigger an uncomfortable feeling/thought before you do the technique - it has helped me alot. If you desire, contemplate thoughts deeper.
  4. Distraction is anything that the ego uses to not encounter itself. It is truly a survival mechanism.
  5. @egoless Are you posting again? I thought you left the forum entirely.
  6. The only way to permanently get out of a feeling is to become conscious of and feel into that feeling as much as possible. Anything else is just running away from it. Instead of finding a way to escape from time drains - as it not real growth -, ask yourself these questions: Why am I procrastinating? Is procrastination inherent to Instagram itself? What is procrastination? BTW you can find PD / spiritual accounts on IG. If you have to find a middle ground, find these.
  7. Before anyone steals this one (sry for the passive-aggressive comment ):
  8. I am honored to have someone steal a meme from me. Thank you for helping me to achieve the highest state of awareness, you are truly a blessing. I love you and please throw more shit at me to make my ego trigger ❤️ @Caterpillar I absolutely love your memes
  9. This guy found a way to generate views
  10. Take the Light and Love of your Consciousness and enter into the Shadow / Unconsciousness / Ignorance with it. That's all there really is to it. Karma - as far as I know - is a sign and invitation for healing one's ego.
  11. The answer is Wu Wei. See my signature.
  12. These are fucking awesome Guess I am not the only one doing shitty things to Leo's face anymore
  13. He is fucking right. Enlightenment is the most (and least) egocentric to desire. I love this
  14. "If you see meme material, make a juicy meme out of it" - The Buddha Introducing Leo's Infinity Tai Chi dance move:
  15. That tip was a bit personal to me. I am not used to cold showers and hot ones numb me. I'll try to rephrase it, thank you. @Solace I really liked that comment. Thank you for being here with us ♥ Thank you all so far!