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  1. @Arkandeus Why wouldn't there be value in basking in fear and resistance? Until you are fully enlightened, Truth =/= Bliss. Until then, your ignorance is veiled from you by the very things you are refusing to experience. Feel free to follow your bliss. Ultimately, that will go full circle and you will seek to face resistance because that will make you experience bliss deeper and more often when you realize how not surrendering makes you suffer more, not less.
  2. Why are you always going with this theme of hate and darkness, @Dream? Even though spirituality isn't all butterflies and it's my ego's fault that I find this disturbing, why do you bathe in resistance? Infinite hate can't exist because hate implies resistance and resistance isn't indestructible - God is, Infinite Love is. @Ether Only when the shadow (or subconscious) gets triggered do subconscious thoughts affect you. Kind of a yes and no answer.
  3. You can't beat control by controlling. Flat out nonsense. Just curious, why do you want to control?
  4. Check out my post. You will get there with time and effort. Isolate yourself. Spend time alone. "Thinking" at it's finest is only being used for creating harmony in oneself.
  5. @brovakhiin Exactly what I wanted to say. Similar philosophy and attitude. Next thing will be living in the dark not eating for 60 days and electrocuting himself when he has a thought.
  6. You are asking to become God. This is what spirituality is all about. Surrender is the only spiritual practice. Tap into God's Infinite Intelligence. It will synthesise your needs and create the purpose you desire.
  7. Contemplation is "complete" if you embody and live the insight effortlessly.
  8. Everything looking spacious - it's one of the beautiful experiences you can have I was looking through a window once for 20 minutes 1 year ago and almost started crying - I marveled at my ability to see.
  9. @Ether Shut the fuck up and turn inward finally! If you were truly free from repressed emotions: you wouldn't post to get attention which you clearly did many times (you are repressing feeling like an outsider by seeking validation) you wouldn't assume others are projecting on you (which is clearly a coping mechanism of yours which by definition is a way to escape your emotions) you wouldn't have even made this post because the numbness wouldn't be a problem for you you wouldn't cling to people to get validation (I know multiple people who are "targets" of yours, including myself which I have no problem with) Feel like I am projecting on you? Do you feel attacked? If so, it just proves my point. Turn inward, look into shadow work and shamanic breathing. Try to get out of your comfort zone or trigger an emotion and sit with it. You will clearly see that we aren't just bullies trying to just make you angry. Even if we are truly self-deceived idiots you could only know by proving your claim by trying everything - if you wouldn't have a shadow, me electrocuting you for 24 hours wouldn't be a problem because you wouldn't crave your own well-being and survival.
  10. You must have mild suffering you aren't yet aware of. If you were in total resistancelessness, you would be in rapture, beauty, and bliss no matter what. This state seems to be not unconditional. Sink into it and discover what it truly is. Unconditional presence unveils Truth.
  11. 1 plus 1 is 1 minus 1 that's 2 quick maths
  12. Change nothing. Be more conscious while playing games. That's all. Everything else is resistance and this is exactly what this "addiction" is made out of.