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  1. Bro, if you focus on the present moment, nobody can mess with your mind. You literally have no negative thoughts. Just focus your ass off in meditation. Numbness is temporary, quit gradually. I quitted straight up and was anxious for 3 days.
  2. @Charlotte Im still in awe you eating a banana monkey
  3. Its not that they worry too much, its that their worry turns into dislike, that dislike into hate.
  4. Ooooh, you like it because you are on ADs? You leaving those? The numbness passes with time after quitting. Remastered\Redone version:
  5. Shit, I say some jokes when im with you but I always cant remember shit when im with other girls dam
  6. @8Ball Bro, she got a boyfriend lmao. Leave it. There are millions of single girls. Ooooor she may just said to push u away
  7. Ah ok, thanks anyways. Do you have anything favorite about the track? I love my flow in the second verse.
  8. @Nahm Give me advice in my thread . Nahm why are you hijacking this one?
  9. Is she a small bitch? I mean, small puppy? Hahahaha Oooooh, your avy is a monkey.
  10. Favorite video? Favorite technique? Favorite teaching?