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  1. @tsuki Whats the way out of this maze? Isnt it the map?
  2. @deci belle Yes, you did gave me all the information I wanted. You proved God existed, so well. Sike
  3. I dont know, I just read your post.
  4. Id have to search it for myself. But its a guide. A map is a guide to the exit of a maze.
  5. I see that nobody has the answers.
  6. Im not sure that you can ever know that.
  7. @QandC Fun Leo Videos
  8. You guys so say a lot of stuff with proving no evidence. *Chews imaginary popcorn* I could say: WE ARE LIVING IN THE MATRIX! And some of you could believe it but there is no evidence, is there?
  9. Contemplate why do you sabotage yourself. Is it because you think you dont deserve it? Because other people will hate you for it? That you will lose it? That something really bad will happen if you achieve it? Na na na na...
  10. Like: Why most successful people dont do self development or how to make women squirt?
  11. @abrakamowse Listen to this dude. He has a Jesus avatar
  12. I havent completly understood infinity, so, my knowledge is not that high. The way I see it. There is gravity, so even if you threw a chair in the air, it still would be in this world, because gravity is apart of this world. When the chair touches the ground, it is still apart of the world. But is it the world? I dont know.
  13. @abrakamowse "But who makes the separation between parts?" Sorry? "That's what happens in real life to most of us "human beings"" In different contexts, yes. We can believe we are successful people all our lives.