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  1. I appreciate the extra videos, Leo. Uploading more than once (a week) is pretty rare from you. Just curious, are you going to go back to your weekly uploads after this blows over? I think we'd appreciate some sort of change or update to your youtube channel. If not, well that's okay too!
  2. Care to elaborate? I’ve always thought humans have a much more complex life than any other animal.
  3. I found a pretty insightful video online. From what I can tell, a couple stick a Go-Pro onto their female German Shepherd and leave it recording as they head out shopping. From the beginning, the dog seems to feel sad (temporarily) after the owners leave. She sits next to the door and waits until she decides to go head into the bedroom. Through the middle of the video is where things got interesting. The dog finds a spot to sit in and well, does absolutely nothing the entire time! Kinda odd, isn't it? This thing of just sitting and observing, that 99% of humans have a hard time doing, is done so effortlessly by a dog. Link to video:
  4. You can turn them back on in the notification settings
  5. Thank goodness the reputations are gone. This place felt like an early facebook with that damn like button. Other things I hope Leo considers Removal of post counter Removal of the personal text box thingy under each reply Removal of the personal profile page (or at least make it more private).
  6. Right now, the "reputation" notifications seem to be gone. This is progress. Now, if there's any way we remove the reputations themselves, that'd be even better progress.
  7. Honestly Leo, I’d say go for it! This is the type of growth your brand needs. Start small & test out the waters. If you ever become a huge success, I’ll be sure to visit! Just don’t forget about us when you become famous, wealthy, and important
  8. Thank you so much! I just re-edited my entire post and got a little more clear with my purpose! Maybe hip-hop will be part of that purpose, who knows. I hope to figure it out in this thread
  9. Little Biograph of Me I grew up in Detroit. The music I enjoyed listening to growing up was hip-hop and pop/moody-ish artists. It’s pretty much what I’ve been listening to since middle school and still to this day. I wasn’t the most popular kid back then, and I had a rough time with bullying/loneliness. Music is what connected to me the most. Currently, as of Dec 17, I’m in my early 20’s and I don’t go to college. I never really enjoyed public schools and just bullshited my way through it. Also I work minimum wage. Nowadays, I only work to pay my lease, bills, and my debts. Also, I don't spend my free time wisely. I do nothing but distract myself and theorize. After a year or so of doing this, I feel like I'm about to hit a brick wall. I need to step back, observe, and honestly question myself: "what the hell do I wanna be doing with my life?" My Purpose & Dilemma I’m not really sure why, but there’s something deep down telling me I should pursue music. More Specifically, music in the hip-hop category (which by the way as a business is doing very well these days). I feel this music thing will be my way out. That this music thing will be the thing that will change my entire life, that will bring me wealth, bring me fulfillment, and best of all, allow me to help others. I’m also very educated in hip-hop. I follow this category during my free times and I have a rough idea of how it works as a business. If I ever decide to do music, it will be released as an art. Not that mediocre, low conscious crap. Every time I question what my purpose is, or what I wanna be doing with my life, this music thing is always in the back of my mind. But is music my life purpose, or just a life goal? I want to become someone financially independent. Who is also a daily meditator, have friends I can learn from, and be a great “student” in this actualization work. I say student because that’s really what I am at the moment. A student who doesn’t care. And the only way I will ever pass this class is to pass the final test, attaining Truth. I guess I’ll be here a while because before I even take that test, I gotta improve on the quizzes first and maybe this “music thing” is just part of m my many quizzes. What do you guys think? I’d love any advice or input I can get! Thank you.
  10. I wish I can experience this without just intellectually understanding it. One day. One day indeed.
  11. Sorry! By everyone I meant the people who follow Leo and are invested in this self-actualized work. I'm pretty sure everyone (here) would like to be enlightened, no?
  12. Can someone explain this to me? Why isn't everyone already enlightened if enlightenment has "no prerequisites" ?
  13. Lol I don't know about that BUT I do wanna become a successful artist one day! Wish me luck Thank you
  14. Disclaimer: This thread is intended for individuals who are still in the beginning stages of this self-actualization work (like myself). Just sit for an hour a day doing absolutely nothing. Sit on your couch and just don't do anything. That's what your life is all about, breathing and observing. Everything else you do in life is bullshit, and the only reason you're continuing the bullshit is because that's the only thing YOU KNOW how to do. You guys see where I’m going with this? Basically, everything that ever happened in your life is 100% your responsibility since the day you developed a mature ego. So don't give me that early childhood/baby bullshit. What has to happen is you NEED to be aware of the bullshit you're doing in life. Instead of slaving away to it unconsciously. You need to DEEPLY appreciate life and develop a higher state of consciousness with your normal everyday activities. If you do this, you’ll start having thoughts like "hey, this shit I'm doing won't fucking matter because imma die anyways " “What am I doing here? What is everyone doing here?” “What’s the point of me doing this? I can literally drive away and never come back to this life” Again, do you see where I’m going with this? I’m by no means an expert with this stuff. I have a long way to go before I have a full understanding of reality and the higher level/abstract things Leo talks about. But you know what? I can intuitively see (years from now) where my life will go if I truly start to implement the practical things Leo & other teachers tell us to do. This isn’t rocket science, this is life at it’s fullest potential! Even in this thread, the thing I’m telling you to do (doing nothing) is at its simplest term- just a meditation technique. But do you see how this simple technique can go a long way if we start to implement them in our daily lives? Hope I helped any noobies like myself see the benefits of this wonderful work