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  1. I’m gonna step out of this entire bubble and just say this I’ve been watching Leo since 2014 and I gotta say I miss his older stuff. Back then, he used to talk a lot about practical human phycology, about success, and having the best life you can have. I guess 2018 Leo would call this “stage orange” stuff- Or whatever the devil that rainbow chart says Lol I’m more practical with my life, I want to be more successful, financially independent, and of course have a peace of mind. I meditate just 10 minutes a day and it’s helped me a lot with my mind-game problems, but I just don’t see myself going any deeper than that. Maybe when I become an old man with a long white beard I can chase enlightened, but as for now, I’m just a young kid with dreams and ambitions Good luck to everyone with this thing called life, I’m out !
  2. To my knowledge, it’s “illegal” according to the author, not the forum. The reason I have the quotation marks around “illegal” is because some people always take that word way too seriously. There’s a phrase I like tosssing around every now and then, “bending the law” Look, if you need help on one page or two, I don’t think anyone is going to say anything. But if you start posting- I don’t know, more than a third of contents on the book, then yes, I think you’d get in trouble good luck with your journey, internet stranger !
  3. I mean I'd sure hope so. The video felt outdated for the past two years I humbly disagree, to me that's just another belief
  4. Glad it’s updated will you update the very outdated introduction video as well?
  5. Here’s some practical wisdom I can give you Today is the first day of the rest of your life You need to find balance with the things you want to do. And when you want to do it, you can do it! Understand that you’re in a game that everyone else is playing, yes that includes me. Don’t believe everything you see and read. Believe only in yourself!
  6. I had better progress with my life reading the books of Leo’s booklist than watching his $249 course (which I gotta be honest is ridiculously priced). Visually, you wont see any difference than what you see already see on YouTube, which is just a bald man in a black tee speaking in front of a camera. If you want my PERSONAL advice I’d to skip on the course. I understand Leo has to make some profit for his business. But the reality is, the material on that course is already almost 3 years old. It definitely needs a price cut.
  7. Sell stuff on eBay. Got no stuff? Go to your local flee market and flip items start a blog and get revenue from the ads (if your site gets enough traffic) invent a product start a drop shipping business Get off fantasy land
  8. You know it! But the fact that other dude said 700k people are rooting for him on this 30 day challenge made me lol
  9. Less than 1% of his subscribers actually watch his recent videos. So no, it’s not “700,000” people rooting him *face-palm*
  10. When you say your affirmations, you gotta say them with emotion!! With purpose! Don’t be like “uh....I am great...I am successful...” you won’t manifest, sorry you gotta be like “I AM GREAT! I AM SUCCESFUL! AHHHHHHHH! ROARRRRRRR!” Yes, that includes screaming and roaring LOL
  11. I have some noob-ish questions that regard AL-lad I have never done anything other than cannabis, and I would like to try phycdelics sooner than later. 1. Is it safe to (legally) buy Al-lad from the “big name” vendors? I hear 2 sides on their legality. Some say it’s legal and others say it can be considered an LSD by law enforcement 2. Is it a good first phyceldic to try?
  12. Here’s some “spiritual” bars I’ve written. Not my best but it’s something at least
  13. Some things I've noticed about him during this session He seems like a very grounded individual. Also very well spoken. He owned up to his mistakes Honesty seems dynamic He's definitely introverted Kinda Awkward/Weird Very calm and answers questions respectfully What's with the hate with this guy? Before watching him speak, I've always thought of him of just being another tech billionaire who only cares about success with his social media platform. But when he started speaking about the nuances of law, on shifting modern philosophy, and what Facebook actually is, I changed my mind about him. He seems like an okay dude to me. Not perfect, just okay. What do you guys think?
  14. Making money isn’t the goal This would turn to an over-glorified fan meet up Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall Leo saying not too long ago that his book is nowhere near done and that it might take years What’s up with almost every YouTuber selling “Merch”? The fact that Leo doesn’t plaster his logo on t-shirts to sell is what makes him genuine Leo is introverted, I doubt he’s ever going to advertise “selfies” as a selling point for his event Look......I’m not trying to bust your chops, but everything you said is the complete opposite of what this stuff is all about. In my personal opinion, and you’re free to disagree, the atmosphere should feel like a Ted event. You go in, be mature, sit, listen, and take notes. Not taking selfies, buying merch, getting coupons, etc.
  15. He is a very well spoken individual and has the discipline to stay calm during intense situations. It's the reason why so many people love the guy. As for the anti-depressenet topic, I was not surprised to hear this at all. For a guy that used to smoke, drink, and had to work on his health, I can see why his life turned out the way it did. I hope he finds inner peace as his life progresses and quit the medication.