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  1. This definitely resonates with me at the moment. I've come to realize I lack a detailed vision for my life/future. I need to eliminate the wishy-washy fantasy clips my subconscious keeps playing and actually get some results going! Best of luck to you and to anyone else who relates to this common problem we all face
  2. I wrote these notes on my journal, and then typed it out on my computer. Entire process took about 3-4 hours
  3. Hey Leo I noticed as of today (Sep. 17) there has been a big delay with your upload & and it got me thinking... For starters, I just wanna say I hope you're doing okay, and if you're still breathing, I'd appreciate an answer to this personal question for all your followers. The day on which you experience true death, how soon would your followers know of this event? Do you have someone that would make the announcement for us, or would you leave us clueless until we find out ourselves? Seriously Leo, I hope you're doing fine. Also I wanna wish you the best with your journey! Take care dude
  4. Rest In Peace Leo, even though you're not even real ..
  5. Since you're not living in a first world country like America, it's going to be harder for you to make money online. However, it's STILL possible! Here's a gem I found for you while searching around Google. It's practical advice on how to make money online in the country you live in!
  6. Sounds like you're addicted to the social life. Face that emptiness you've been avoiding all your life and man up. No one can help you other than yourself.
  7. Lmao you think it's gross when you never had sex in the first place? You're like the people who say sushi is gross but never tried them.
  8. Growing your vocabulary and start bringing awareness into the emotion you're currently embodying (there's an emotion happening within you every minute of the day, excluding sleep) Most of us these days only feel (or think we feel ) like 10 basic emotions LOL
  9. I'd watch the lonilness video Leo posted recently. He really hits the nail in the head with this topic
  10. I once ordered through a generic site called modafinilcat or something (can't remember the exact name, it was like a year and a half ago) and to be honest they did work. The first time I used it I felt the effect of them right away, my mind was super focused on everything, my monkey mind was still chattering but what was cool about it is I was aware of it the whole time. I literally knew everything I was thinking about. Unfortunately, during that time of my life I wasn't a daily meditator so my monkey mind couldn't be calmed. But hey, awareness alone is curative right? I also expiremented modafinil with cannabis and I was so freaking aware of everything. It was like a super clear weed high, I got so many cool insights about life at that time, though they were probably amateur insights compared to insights you get with psychedelics (I could be wrong because I never tried psychedelics nor do I know how to get them ) but after a week I didn't seem to notice a difference. Not sure if my experience at first was a placebo or I just quickly developed a tolerance for them I quickly stopped using them (might have only bought them once) because my budget didn't allow me to repurchase at the time, and I just forgot about them after that. Hell, I forgot they even existed before stumbling across this thread
  11. You're contradicting yourself. You say it's not enlightment & yet say we don't know what happens after we die? For all we know death could cause an enlightment experience. Albeit a temporary one. If time is an illusion, hell, you could be enlightened with the milliseconds you have of life before going unconscious. I could be wrong, it's all just speculation anyways
  12. @Lord God Even if your tone sounds trolly, I agree. This forum feels like mental masturbation heaven. And I find it amusing how the only people who got offended are the ones who are on this website 24/7 (no offense, just getting my thoughts out there)
  13. This thing you call "you" is an illusion. Your name, your hobbies, what you believe is right/wrong, is all a load of horseshit. Even your damn name isn't your name, it's just a label given to you since birth. Same thing with your social security number and your ID number. & Speaking of ID's, I'd suggest you take a good look at your ID and/or Driver licenses. That piece of plastic with your picture & writing doesn't mean anything. Hell, the writing itself is just a bunch of bullshit. But feels so real doesn't it? Those lines and curves make up this thing we call language. Can you REALLY see past that shit? Or is it too difficult for you? To the hairless monkey reading these pixels through a lit screen, you need to wake up soon! The only thing you will ever know of reality is what you already have! Sight, touch, smell, sound, taste, thoughts. THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE. Stop overcomplicating everything Stop getting engrossed with so many fucking concepts and ideas Stop being unconsciously conscious I find it astounding that people get depressed, get suicidal, get fearful of life/death, get stressed over stupid shit, yada yada You might say, what's the solution? How do I overcome this thing we call ego? Well first of all, ego doesn't fucking exist. So if you're gonna try to stop the ego WITH your ego, you're going to have a really hard time. It'll be an Endless loop of going nowhere ! So what is it? It's pretty simple, and it's the simplest thing life can give us, and that is to JUST OBSERVE No matter what you do, you will be breathing. blood will be flowing within your body, the neurons on your brain will be working, your nerves will be firing throughout your body. Take a step back, breathe, and just fucking observe. That's life right there.
  14. If you have the luxury of flying on a private jet, go ahead. If it's a commercial aircraft, please don't