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  1. Time is a great mystery. To understand "The present moment" I think you have to distinguish between physical time and psychological time. At any point in spacetime, subjective experience always lags slightly behind physical time. According to the theory of relativity time at one point in space can lag behind time at another point. Two events that occurs in sequence from point A can happen in the reverse order observed from point B. Some share the view @QandC describes, where all of spacetime is just one single block, and nothing really happens "after" something else. In this view all of space and time from the big bang to infinity (or big crunsh/big rip) excist "simultanious" (in lack of a better word") as one multidimential entity. In psychological time anything appearing in your stream of counciousness in a way happens in "The present moment". Your brain needs a few miliseconds to process sensory data. This means there is a lag between something happening and the mental representation of it. The world is never experienced as it is "NOW", it is experiences as it was a few miliseconds ago.
  2. The EdX course on the science of happiness, from UC Berkley is the only truely life changing course I have taken. For me it had the perfect mix of academic studies from fields like psychology, biology, neuroscience etc. and practical activities documented to increase happiness.
  3. Sorry for my first post. I now feel like it was way too sceptical. It actualy does seem interesting. Im just really put off by anything that seems to promise too much. I will check out the method.
  4. Are there any specific statements made in the series you believe were lies? And btw netflix is not government owned. It is a publicly traded company with a bunsh of institutional and private investors.
  5. Advertising your method as a miracle cure for any ailment that will "turn your life into a paradise" is rediculous bs. Any rational person can see that. Has there been any studies on the effectiveness of this method, or is it arguments for it purely anecdotal? The way you advertise it makes me wonder if you are its originator or otherwise have something personaly to gain. Our time is limited and valuable. There are several powerful methods that have been advocated by sages for millenia and have scientifically documented effects (through rigorous double blind placebo studies). These include mindfulness, loving kindness, prayer and yoga. What reason do we have to chose your particular method?
  6. Krishna is a literary charachter. Shu was talking about actual living teachers/leaders. Many spiritual leaders claim enlightenment. It is impossible for anyone else to say for sure if this is self engrisement or legitimate. @okulele dalai lama has actualy claimed not to be enlightened. He probably have a far more traditional notion of the term "enlightenment" than most members of this forum tho, who seems to label any mystical experience as "enlightenment", as a way to stroke their own spiritual egos.
  7. This is a disappointing response, Leo. I kinda agree that Source_Mystic's rhetoric, including use of the word 'obsession' was uncalled for, and perhaps even a projection. However, your response was cowardly! This video was clearly based on faulty/insufficient research. You could have acknowledged your mistake, and correct it. Instead you choose to protect your own ego by ridiculing the weakest part of his post (the word 'obsession'). That's an obvious ad hominem attack meant to protect you from having to face the real point hes making, and admit and deal with your own error. Any serious seeker of truth should be grateful for having a mistaken view pointed out like this. Source_Mystic offered you an opportunity to correct a misconception. Every time that happens that's another step towards truth. The mature way to handle this would be to admit your research for this video was flawed, and thank Source_Mystic for pointing it out. Then do some serious research into possible negative side effects of the practice, ideally contact medical professionals to get their viewpoint. Then edit the video, to avoid spreading misinformation. That is, potentially dangerous misinformation
  8. nofap is mostly just bro science. It is true that watching porn can have some negative mental effects, but masturbating is in itself harmless. If you do a search on "nofap + research" you will find that medical profesionals and researchers mostly dismiss the claims made by the nofap community.
  9. As long as it dosnt become a compulsion, masturbation is healthy. It lowers cortisole levels, wich helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  10. Dissociation/depersonalization is often called the evil twin of enlightenment. In more traditional Buddhist terminology you could call it the near enemy of liberation. It is a risk that anyone on this path should take very seriously, and a topic that is much discussed on the buddhist forums I frequent. If you want to learn more about this just do a quick google search for "depersonalization + enlighenment".
  11. Sometimes it sucks, but you really have to just embrace your struggle. There is simply no good alternatives to it. And remember that the core of this path is not blind acceptance of some mental model/thoughsystem or practice of the correct techiques. Rather it's an uncompromising persuit of truth, wherever it may lead you. If you have been meditating for a long time and see no improvements, it might be time to ask yourself whether or not meditation is likely to be an effective tool for dealing with your particular issues. To keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result becomes unwise after a while. For many of us meditation can become the hammer that makes every problem seem like a nail, but remember: it is not a magic pill that can solve any problem. It might be an idea to ask yourself what alternative strategies you might follow. If you are not currently seeing a therapist, finding one that specializes in anger management sounds like a good idea. Aditionally you should ask yourself why you assume spiral dynamics to be a useful model. Is it possible that you accept it simply becourse you like it, and want it to be true? Is viewing yourself as "stuck in stage red" in any way useful for you? When evaluating a model like this I think a good rule of thumb is to check whether it is supported by academics or healthcare professionals, or is it mostly pushed by people who want to sell you something? If so, that should be a red flag. Not necesarily sufficient reason to dismiss the model, but enough of a red flag to make you question it.
  12. I think wisdom has to do with ones ability to navigate the messy complexities of real life with all it's twists and contradictions. It is about sound judgement and discernment. “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.”
  13. Buddha, Socrates, Ghandi etc had enemies. It seems like anyone who challange the socialy accepted ideas and values of his culture will get hated on.
  14. Being an experienced meditator does not free you from old age, sickness and death.
  15. This is a very serious time investment. We are talking 700+ houres of meditation and yoga over a year. If possible for you, I think it would be more beneficial to spend something like 400h of this time investment in one single bulk, going for a one month silent retreat. Then devide the remaining 300 houres over the rest of the year, meditating/doing yoga 45-60 min a day. Most people will see more progress from a one month retreat than from increasing their daily meditation/yoga practice from 1 to 2 houres pr day.