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  1. Don't know if guys have already seen it. If you have, this might be a new thought strain after learning about Spiral Dynamics https://youtu.be/J5aseBw4BmM
  2. @Leo Gura Why do you say there will hardly be people who reach to your stage of development, you'll never be able to communicate insights and you'll be the only one in the Universe to know? Coming from 'The Root Solution To People Pleasing & Loneliness'
  3. My psychiatrist told me if I continue smoking weed I'd be his lifetime member patient. Smoking weed further aggravated my depression. So a two-edged sword. Definately legalize but users must be over 25 (brain development peaks off)
  4. On anti-depressants for 2.4 years now, if I had he chance I wouldn't take those toxins ever again. I was prescribed Desvenlafaxine, Pramipexole Diydrochloride, Mirtazapine, Modafinil,etc. none really helped, they just got me feeling numbed and like a zombie. The cause could have been childhood issues, Engineering stress, Weed, my personality type,etc. What really helping me now is Yoga, Gym (both Cardio and Weights). I too started smoking and it's been a year now. Post a cigarette I feel low on energy and want to lie down. Avoid alcohol, it's a really shity the next day. Talk to me about how you're feeling.
  5. @The0Self Yes I read some papers about studies done on chronic depresives, acid works on the same 5-HT2A receptor as SNRI's and SSRI's target. I read about symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome. I will consult my doctor first and obviously discard his biases for not stopping anit-depressants.
  6. I am on SSRI's and a SNRI's for some 2.4 years now. They just don't do the work for me. Do you guys recommend taking 100ug tab of LSD now or should I wait until my doctor tappers of these anti-depressants?
  7. @Nobody_Here How has the depression taught you over TWO decades?! What symptoms are still sticking? I've been taking pills unwillingly for two years straight now and only recently my dosage has been tapered because of 2 people who helped me get back on course, the husband recommended me UI/UX Design, an illustrious career I could never imagine would give me so much pleasure and uplift me.
  8. 1.) What is the very first thought you become conscious of, when you wake up? Is it about the depression of the current civilization or the thrust to pull us out? 2.) When we break out from the cuccoon (childhood) to a free willed butterfly (adulthood), the zeal childlike enthusiasm sheds from us, any thoughts when/ at which moment in our transformation does it happen?
  9. @Nahm Which one did you try? Sidenote- It takes a couple of tries before you can get into hypnotic state.
  10. @Widdle Puppy Try out Michael Sealey's Youtube channel. He has some awesome hypnosis / guided meditation hour long tracks especially there's one to release subconscious blockages. Most of his work helped me. No risk trying.?
  11. When someone doesn't believe you've been doing the NoFap challenge
  12. @Space @herghly @mikeyy @Sage_Elias @Salvijus @Elisabeth Thanks!
  13. I've been following Leo's content for the last six months and I've been doing meditation but not consistently. I need your opinion on whether to do a Vipassana Retreat now or wait until later when I'm emotionally matured. Problems I have- Denying negative emotions, feelings since childhood because once i looked at a friend crying and complaining of how he felt and i thought to myself i don't want to be like this, so i shut myself off of all the emotions I could feel. I conjured up good emotions or thought patterns to mask the bitter emotions of the current reality and this cutting and shaping reality didn't really worked out for me in a good way. Low self-esteem- I've been comparing myself with people since adolescence, been thinking lowly of me and not taking care of my needs, desires and not caring about my fulfillment. Negative Thinking- I have thought patterns that don't allow me to enjoy the present( for eg. I live in India and we have poor people, infrastructure; basically everything opposite that you see in the States) Judging Myself and peolpe constantly Lately I've been feeling mechanical and robotic- not feeling my body also my body feels stiff and there's a sort of knot in my chest. I've been feeling detached from reality always hating myself for thinking the thoughts i think. Not thinking or contemplating my life and filling time with addictions Denying my true nature and always acting and thinking as though I am being looked at through judging lens of people. Being a people pleaser. Asking myself "What's the point anyways?" I've read posts here on the forum and people have said they feel intense emotions. Should I go on a retreat now or postpone it until later when I'm more emotionally developed? Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!