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  1. I would be careful dogmatizing relationships that way. Just a single relationship can develop you way more than any of those books of yours.
  2. From health perspective, it's one of the most stupid things you can do. From social perspective, it has value. Although, that value (and more) can be generated through improving and developing yourself (without alcohol).
  3. They basically have two types of water bottles, PureVis and filtered. PureVis offers some UV light technology that cleans the water and the bottle in itself, removing up to 99,9% of harmful bacteria. The Filtered version is said to filter plenty of heavy metals. The bottle also comes with an insulation feature, to keep the water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. I remember watching an episode of shark tank few years ago, where this bottle was represented. The guy made a deal with two sharks and they've been expanding the business and increasing sales ever since, to a point of drawing my attention with their advertising. Does anyone have any experience with these bottles or something to say about its technology and capabilities? A useless gimmick or a legit and practical little product?
  4. I used to be bad at math in high school, but then there was a girl in my class I had a crush on, who was a straight A student and was always competing with others, especially in math. I decided to impress her and started putting effort into math and soon became an A student as well. I ended up dating her and after our little romance, my interest in math dropped down, which led me to have an epiphany that my grades were precisely proportional to my level of motivation. So I learned that I really wasn't bad at math, but I just had never had proper force motivating me before. Chances are that you are suffering from lack of motivaton, or the feeling of powerelessness. If it's the latter, then it's good to remember that in the end it's actually a really small area of math you need to handle in those tests; usually it's just statistics. It's a small area but challenging enough to require effort and input. It might seem overwhelming, but once you get on track, it starts making sense surprisingly much. If you can't put in the effort, then it might not be a bad idea to check your motives one more time. I know people who applied to psychology. One guy I know got in the secound time he applied, another one applied at least 4 times, not sure if he ever got in. What seperates those two people is the fact that the guy who got in worked his ass out and attended a math course that was designed for the test, whereas the other guy didn't. And guess what, the guy who got in was bad at math.
  5. Great tips on how to use it as a tool with creative work.
  6. Yeah, it's brutal what measures some people are forced to rely on to survive. Should make us 1st world country folks more humble and to appreciate the luck we had.
  7. Let the man blow off some steam for God’s sake! Nothing personal, still all personal
  8. You definitely need to have a serious conversation with her about this and start to change your home life to other direction. Sounds harsh, but in the end you should demand the free space, even if it costs you the relationship. With one of my ex I lived together with I had no problem with that. She respected my own time and would even kick my ass to get me more focused on my own shit, as I was bit of a pussy back then. Living together doesn't necessarily mean you need to give up your own time and space, but it very much depends on the boundaries which naturally form with some girls depending on their personality. I hope you two get this sorted out through talk and action!
  9. If it’s a completely new problem, then I would get my teeth checked. Some tooth infections have a tendency to slowly burst out in your mouth and it can be very unnoticeable.
  10. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida.
  11. Healthwise there apparently is nothing to worry about as long as it's 1-2 cups a day. It's about how it plays in your life and suits your lifestyle. Teachers, specifically spiritual teachers are biased in that way that they will guide you away from caffeine, because it's clearly not beneficial for your spiritual growth (IN GENERAL). Eventhough their advice is great, it's still up to you to use your own wisdom to make the best out of it. Caffeine isn't probably good for someone doing hours of hardcore spiritual practices every day, but that's not you is it? No matter if you are ''spiritual'' or you are constantly developing yourself or just doing any productive work, you are still propably part of modern society and part of its mechanics, where caffeine plays its role. Therefore it might not be a big deal and it might support your growth at the moment. Although, it indeed is stupid to let the quality of your day to be determined by some stupid bean, but we are stupid creatures doing stupid stuff
  12. How do you feel deep down? Big pointers can be found there.
  13. I used to love competitive gaming but the toxicity around the culture became untolerable during the years. I have also became aware of my reasons to play, which has greatly changed my attitude towards gaming as my values have evolved.
  14. Good old motivational speech once a year please It could have a tone of the current theme of