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  1. I'm speechless... See you in eternity my friend ❤
  2. You want to write down the positives and the negatives and then contemplate for a longer period of time, whether it's better for you to stay or move out. Take time before doing big changes, because a mind has a tendency to find problems everywhere when under stress, especially from stuff that are close to us, like home. Have you talked to her about your disagreements? This television thing is a matter that should be honored by her part, as you are sharing the apartment. She should also be mature enough to respect your privacy, if you tell her that you need it. But those issues won't solve themselves, there must be clear communication. Maybe she doesn't care how you get along, in which case that's a big problem and should be considered as a big minus. But I don't believe that's the case, as it's also serving her to have you there paying half of the living expenses. Also, you've lived together for only a month. In general I would take several months before making such negative assumptions. Living with someone is a process that needs finetuning along the way. Be careful, you might take this as a bigger problem than it really is. I'd say as a rule of thumb: As long as the situation is serving you in a big picture, take longer time horizon to see how your views change and try finding a way to make it work. If you can't make it work no matter what you do, then change the situation. I have experience from living in a commune (me+2 others) for 2 years and I can say, there will be times when you REALLY want to move out and see it's the right decision, and later realize how stupid you were to think that way, and how stress and negative life circumstances clouded your judgement so that all the positives were hidden in the dark clouds.
  3. Once being familiar with the fundamental principles, then I would invest my energy into being active in life, trying different stuff and getting diversity into my experience of life. Some are lucky to find their purpose more easily while to others the process takes longer and more work. I'd say the key is to be patient and keep searching and not settling for mediocrity.
  4. Hmm yeah a bit, indeed.
  5. "If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place" - Eckhart Tolle.
  6. I've thought about that too to a point where the boundaries of that definition melt away. It's used so widely in mainstream society and can mean so many different things to different people. I personally once thought I'm depressed, until I later realized after done work on myself and pulled myself out of it, that to me ''depression'' in the end was just a label I used to justify myself to not be responsible for my own problems. Of course that is just how I see it was with myself, and my view is strongly powered by my own attitude and values. But it really was my attitude that helped me to get out of it. I don't feel I cured depression by defeating depression. I cured other problems and dysfunctions in my life, and the feeling of depression disappeared. Although even today I sometimes have same sort of ''negative'' feelings and emotions that remind me of those times, but I've learned to frame that stuff differently (mostly through spiritual work I think), so that it's not negative as it was before, instead there is more understanding and grace. If I had to give a short definition for depression, it would be something like: The more depth and complexity your psychological problems have, the more ''depressed'' you are.
  7. We are his kids
  8. For every 1 person who finds Leo interesting there would be 1000 people ridiculing and making memes of his teachings. Nice idea, but that would be like putting a pet dog in the middle of a wolf pack.
  9. Started listening the first one this morning. As with the one you made with Charlie, what I find especially interesting on top of the discussion is examining and observing how you answer and choose your words when questions are asked -- not to put you any pressure though I see how hard it is to give a quality answer. So many dynamics and meta points to consider. People expect an easy and simple answers and don't realize how much stuff interconnect and how sneaky an ego mind is, and so how necessary it is that a proper groundwork is done before diving deeper into details. It would be easy if you could just give the answers, and it would be much easier if you only had to communicate with Curt, but you need to frame the stuff in a way that a newbie can have a chance to digest the words in a correct way instead of creating ammunition out of them that their egos can use against you or to misinterpret and abuse the wisdom there. Like in a basic conversation about some conventional topic you can stay at a basic level where everybody ''knows'' what's going on and from time to time dive deeper into more nuanced area while being able to pull back to surface if necessary. With such topic you guys talk about, you are all the time in the deep end (from a novice and intermediate perspective), and considering that some people with no experience of such topics listen to those talks.. Damn, it's hard. Perhaps in 10 000 years we can have discussions where all the deep stuff you talk about is basic stuff. Or before that happens, maybe discussion in itself will be outdated and a form of communication that we will look back to like we now look at hieroglyphs. Who knows.
  10. So it's like there is different layers of reality, and peeling back the layers brings you closer to the core (Truth) like an onion? And video games is like a layer that's very far away from Truth? Any pointers? Perhaps the pursuit of Enlightenment and Life Purpose? I personally get the most satisfaction when I live knowing that my way of living is aligned with Truth. It doesn't mean I should be a monk or a yogi or meditate 24/7, but that I'm with understanding of my own psychology and basic understanding of life and human development doing the best I can do to live as consciously and lovingly as I can at the moment an so slowly moving towards something, that we could maybe call Truth. Can't say what's the best way of living to you, but I would advice you to be active in life, try different stuff, experience life, travel, have relationships, gain wisdom through good knowledge and personal development work and keep exploring the life you are given and you will find out what's the best way of living to you. Having a life purpose is a very strong and important aspect of that process I think, and if spirituality and pursuit of enlightenment comes during the process, then great, if not, then great, then it's not the right direction to you. Getting on track with life will make your path unravel. Also, the answers might not become totally visible and clear, you might need to listen to your intuition and find trust towards that. If you like to play video games, then do so, video games are not bad. It's the ramifications of doing nothing but playing video games that is destructive and will lead you to miss the juice of life. With video games maybe you need to contemplate whether you can create a healthy relationship with them or quit them altogether.
  11. That's very good news that you found out that factor! People make imprudent decisions when faced with too much life challenges at wrong timing. It's very important to acknowledge this and hold yourself until your situation is settled. Good work! You are not conscious enough right now to see this. Maybe this fog is only temporary as your mind is busy trying to settle you for less than you know you deserve. If you keep working on your mind and improving yourself, I bet you will see there is much better stuff for you to do. By the fact that you started this thread. You have hesitation, it's the wisdom within you that's sensing there's something wrong. If you didn't have that wisdom, you wouldn't question this matter. That's exactly why you should contemplate and trying to get back on track with your higher self to get to look at this situation from a higher plane. That's your ego talking right there. It's trying to use spiritual wisdom to justify it's needs. But it's totally fine, as long as you don't give it full control. This is a spiritual matter that requires direct experience to be understood and is really hard to be communicated properly with language. But we can say that reality is basically layered and as you develop and become more conscious and closer to Truth, you move upper the layers. You want to live from upper and upper layer, from which the plane of playing video games all day is pretty far down somewhere. From the absolute perspective it doesn't matter what you do with your life, but as long as you are a finite being, you can't justify anything with the absolute, because your human life is very finite and relative in practice and your practice is linked with your whole sense of reality and your sense of self -- if that makes any sense. That you need to figure out for yourself. does great work helping you with that.
  12. With stuff like art, dance and music you get to express yourself in infinitely creative ways that will inspire other to do the same. During that process you expose yourself to spiritual aspects of existence and so get much richer and deeper life. As a comp video gamer you inspire others to compete others and your expression is very strict and your limits have already been decided by the game developers. I do agree that there are exceptions and that this 1% is always ignored, but there is this exceptional 1% in pretty much everything and that cannot be counted in example when giving general life advice. However, even in those exceptional cases, there is that endless grind and most likely exposing to toxic gaming community and culture you need to go through to become good enough to even be able to get to those flow states. Is it really worth it? And no matter how much and how many flow states you experience, your impact is still pretty much zero, and that will haunt you and eat your soul over time. Video games are not bad. You can in example entertain people through Twitch with your personality or your high skills or whatever, but if you are really aiming high in life, you might want to reconsider. Deep satisfaction of existence lies beyond what the world of video games can offer.
  13. Exactly. This might not sound too bad or problematic right now, but it will as you become more conscious. And it's not only about not contributing to society but also about not contributing to yourself properly. Your willingness to have the green light to go all in with video games might be affecting your judgement and so silencing the inner voice of wisdom that tries to whisper in your ear. For that reason I want you to contemplate if there is any outer stuff happening in your life that is causing extra fear, discomfort, stress or pressure to you? Because it's especially when that's the case and you're not aware of it, when your mind tries to trick you into selling yourself short. Maybe you do love video games, but love tends to turn into hatred and misery if it's taken too far and not given the proper place in the name of balance in one's life.
  14. After you've grinded yourself to be the best Warzone player in the world and you've ended your hero's journey after 10 years and gently starting to move to next one, what have you gained, what will you have? You will have no impact, which will affect you on a deep level. You will also have very little useful skills developed you could use to fuel your next hero's calling. If you are doing personal development, you will sooner or later awaken to the shallowness of video games. You start seeing how it plays role in your life in a big picture. Especially competitive gaming -- which I assumed you're into -- is all about being selfish and gaining pleasure to yourself in expense of others. When you go deeper into yourself you might find that backfiring to you big time. Not to mention the toxic comp-gaming community, which will pretty likely condition you with very dysfunctional mindsets that will make your pursuit of happiness even harder.