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  1. You don't know the lottery numbers because you wanted yourself not to know the numbers. If you wanted to know the numbers you would know them. It's that simple. Sounds weird, but you can get directly conscious of that and when you do, all you can do is laugh. And then you laugh even more because you just realized that you wanted yourself to know that fact about the lottery numbers and burst into laughter for that, and so on... everything that happens makes sense, you see you designed it all. You designed yourself to be right there where you are right now reading this comment.
  2. Try using your personality traits into your advantage more and more by doing more things where INTP's strengths shine. Chances are that you might develop a taste for those traits that you think are the cause of your loneliness. It's good to remember that you have abilities that other people wish they had and by cultivating those abilities properly great things will happen. It's of course important to contemplate that feeling of loneliness, to get to the root of it. Maybe it's not about friends, maybe it's something else. If it really is the lack of friends that's making you sad, then you simply need to push yourself more into social situations and make new friends, like universe said, start doing things that other like-minded people who are willing to socialize do. Anyway, it sounds like that loneliness is moving you towards more honest and authentic lifestyle. So trust the process, it might all be part of the plan.
  3. Thanks! that was helpful. I will check some of those apps. I quickly checked the Anki app he talked about in the beginning of the video and I think I might be able to use that with my routine to come.
  4. Can't do that. If I kept my attention on spotting words I can't directly translate, my reading speed would slow down A LOT and I couldn't get into flow. Normally if there is an unknown word in the middle of a sentence -- especially a word I've read before somewhere -- the context is usually strong enough for me to understand what was being said. And if I didn't, then my mind would alert and I'd need to check the translation right away. It's exactly the frequency of this checking process I want to minimize by learning more vocabulary -- when it comes to reading books.
  5. The Book of Not Knowing by Peter Ralston was a game changer for a 21 year old me who was into basic self-help and was becoming more and more curious about spirituality. Ralston is a lot like Leo, he goes straight into business and awakens the curiosity of his students/readers to make them go deeper by themselves through contemplation and direct experience. Just what I needed at the time.
  6. @SamC Will definitely check those out. Thanks!
  7. Hey all! So, I'm interested in starting a consistent habit of learning English vocabulary for the sake of being able to fluently read English books with more unconventional vocabulary and expressing myself more diversely, and would like to hear some ideas for effective learning. I know I could learn a lot and fast if I invested like an hour into learning every day, but I don't have time and interest to do so. I'm aiming far ahead by looking for a method with 5-15 min investment per day and let consistency do its magic. About 2 years ago I tried some methods such as: Tried underscoring words from books and writing the words on a post it note 1 word per note with the translation on the other side. Did classic memorization by flipping the notes, flipping 5 words a day for 5 minutes. Did that Mon-Fri and on Sat I put all 25 words on the table and flipped them until I got em all right. Sunday would go by arranging new notes for the next week. I did that for like 200-300 words until I decided to take all the old notes and pull out words randomly, which took me to the realization that I don't remember shit. I remembered less than 50% of the words, which isn't effective enough. And I didn't feel I really remembered them, I had to dig them from the deep end of my memory, they didn't come out naturally like I would've wanted to. This method just seemed to be too dull and ineffective. I feel like I need to titillate my brain more with the word by approaching this with a whole different strategy to learn the words properly. Tried some phone applications. They were nice, because I could do the work while taking my morning shit and they also had pronunciation feature with every word, which shortened my learning curve nicely. There was just one big error with every app I tried. In example they give you a round with 20 words where you need to fill in the letters to complete the word. The unfortunate part is that I already knew like 80% of the words asked so again I wasted so much time speed typing most of the words. So again, not effective enough. Tried I don't remember why I quit that, it must have been a bit stiff or something... (see the irony with my amazing memory). Tried checking dictionary every time an unknown word appeared while reading a book or watching a video or whatever. This method is shit, interrupts my attention too much. So any suggestions are warmly welcome. I'm sure there is some killer methods out there that I'm just dismissing. I'm willing to try all kind of methods until I find one that suits my stupid ass brain The point is to keep it quick and simple per day, maybe can work for it a little extra on one day a week or something like that, but consistency is the thing I'm after here.
  8. Maybe if that's something you really want and you can see yourself doing that for the next 10 years at least. Investigate how necessary the degree really is. A motivated person can create A LOT in 4 years and after all it's the value you provide that define your market value, but I also understand a degree gives benefits when competing and hustling in crowded market. And sure as hell it gives security, but if that security is needed, are you really ready to put in the shit load of work?
  9. I don't think so.
  10. Well, at that age you don't even need to think about psychedelics yet. As you are already wise enough to see for yourself, they would most likely be dangerous to you. Keep educating yourself and contemplating life and when you are 20 years old you will already be wiser than 99,9% of people. They might have some wisdom behind those words. It's important to keep both sides of the coin in your mind. Drugs might not be the way, especially for you. You keep up your progressive attitude and you will become a superstar without any drugs Also, even society is a great creation and it helps us a lot, keep being careful with its conditioning. You will experience lot's of it and it will test you from many different angles. Keep thinking for yourself and educating yourself with non-ideological information sources such as
  11. It's amazing you are willing to work on that! There are ways to enhance that ability but for what I've noticed when dealing with people, it is very personal. Maybe a good life coach could help you with that. There are also some really important concepts about life that help you to make sense of this weird puzzle we call life. That's what Leo does, he teaches those concepts and shows how they all play together. So watching his videos certainly helps too. This is probably not practical for you, but for the pic picture; I've personally found psychedelics to be a killer with staying on track. Psychedelics have opened my mind a lot to some crazy amazing possibilities, and when life keeps testing me -- in example pulling me back to old non-productive habits -- I can quickly sense some deep wisdom on why I'm doing what I'm doing and also inspiration towards what I want to become. It's useful especially if you have a higher vision and are a bit hesitant about it because of social conditioning or whatever. I'm writing this assuming you haven't done psychedelics. I'm also not advocating or saying you should start. Maybe you never should or maybe it's still to come for you in the future. And if/when you will, make sure you've educated yourself enough. Leo also has great videos about doing them responsibly. Anyway, no matter how you improve yourself, you will always backslide. Just make sure you always get back up and work for the next backslide! Everyone backslides and your power is measured by your capability to get up and beat the shit out of life again and again and again.
  12. I see that all over this forum, but it's quite natural as there is no entrance evaluation on your state of consciousness or test for holistic thinking when signing up. I think lots of people here have heart-based opinions and points, but as the baseline here sometimes tends to be pretty low, it is much easier to rationalize the subject than it is to give valid holistic points based on wisdom. After all, folks here mostly want to chat and interact with others, so it's much easier to stay on rational plane than it is to twist your arguments with nuanced points which others will probably just piss on.
  13. Never tried Salvia but for what I've studied it's like other psychedelics such as LSD and shrooms hit you a little bit everywhere while Salvia hits you to your midriff with all its power and leaves other parts of you virtually untouched. I'm interested how much one's level of consciousness affects the experience with a powerful psychedelic such as Salvia. Could the most awake and conscious people of this day smoke Salvia and realize God, Love and Goodness or does this drug simply just have limitations in that regard? Could it even outrun you and strip you away from Consciousness if you were already awake and realizing God?
  14. I read it and I consider that one book to have big part in some crucial results in my life. Highly recommend it.
  15. Some say Leo is arrogant but this guy's -- or whatever alien he presents himself as -- vibes are next level. If I had to choose I would definitely listen to an arrogant bald man with no legs rather than an arrogant bald alien who keeps his hands like that for hours