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  1. Enjoy. It's a masterpiece indeed.
  2. Some new ideas were proposed and Leo decided to give some of them a shot.
  3. Not possible
  4. This on above is gold. So beautiful and rich. To me that piece represents many different facets of life. Here's another beautiful piece by Paul de Senneville (''Chopin - Spring Waltz'' is just a pseudonym). Super gentle and warm. Pure gold. No words needed. Yeah, I know La Campanella is generally known as a show off piece as it's technically super hard to play, but I like it, it's super epic, bold and clever in many ways.
  5. I wouldn't go for that. Too much gray area in terms of law and responsibility that can backfire. I would stick to emphasizing the general principles of the process.
  6. Made me feel loved: All the funny stuff and activities we did together as a family My mom telling me she loves me and often singing me to sleep In the summers at out cottage, my dad waking me up early in the morning to pull up the fishing nets (just the two of us) Getting Christmas gifts. I loved toys as a little kid. Later I started loving video games. I genuinely loved games, but also they helped me to cope through periods when things at home didn't go so well. My mom buying me games I told I'd love to have made me feel loved My oldest sister caring for me and my younger sister when it was tough at home My foster mom reading me bed stories and petting my head till I fell asleep Spending time in nature, taking care of the farm and the animals with my foster mom My foster mom constantly telling me how proud of me she is. I could see it in her eyes how much she meant it. Also all the unconditional emotional support I got from her and the wisdom she shared with me. Even at her deathbed she kept encouraging me Made me feel unloved: All the instability at home, all the fighting and arguments between my parents that were occasionally directed to me too. Also all the ignorance that was connected to that My family not being particularly interested in my dreams and not really supporting my eagerness to thrive, or appreciating my results (especially in sports and school) Now that I can introspect and understand my childhood, even though I used to have resentment towards my family, I really can't hold stuff against them, especially my mother. Considering all the struggle she went through herself. She did great, and couldn't have done any better. Damn this brought up emotions. Have had to take distance from my family for years now and my dear foster mom died from cancer little over a year ago. Miss her a lot.
  7. A solid idea, to have a place for more relaxed socialisation with like-minded people, who are already into personal development and spirituality. I actually love the idea. But I don't know, shit talking and hardcore spirituality in the same forum, that's quite a contrast. Would it attract more new members who come here to just talk shit? Would it lead to more misinterpretation and confusion on the more serious sections? I guess it boils down to what sort of forum is this place to be, how hardcore of a place should this be? Is this place focused more towards socialisation or improvement. Can't have it all. Or could adding socialisation here lead to better personal improvement? Simple idea, but quite a big structural change in my opinion. However, seems like this forum could use some refreshment or change. Would be interesting to see how it turns to go.
  8. I took down the post for low quality and minor guideline violation. I gave the user constructive feedback for future posting.
  9. Start looking for some delicious sounding nutritious recipes and try them out. Tons of sources on the internet. Find some that sound nice and try them out. If you like it, you can add it to your library. After the first one you keep looking for another meal. Keep going with that process and soon you'll have plenty of great vegan meals to choose from to build your weekly meal plans.
  10. I ate a meal just like 30 minutes ago that's from the guy that @Michael569 recommended above. It was amazing and took less than an hour to make. It starts at 15:45 if you want to give it a try.
  11. Stuff some of them seem to be longing for, for example stuff you just listed. Sure they matter to some, but it doesn't mean it's what they yearn for the most.
  12. On the surface, anything. Fundamentally, Love. If the fundamental need is fulfilled, it will wave over all the surface shit.
  13. Yeah, hire a PT, or do your own research into the subject. There are tons of material. A friendly warning: If you don't have motivation to do your own research and start creating your own routine, then you probably don't have motivation to stick to aroutine that would get you the result you desire. In that case you are going to need that PT to regularly kick your ass. You need some David Goggins to get you into that beast mode
  14. I've had few cars. My previous one was 7000 euro Skoda. In paper it was a great deal, but I ended up wasting over 2k in repairing expenses over 1 year of using it... My ex boss used to have a couple of years old fancy Mercedes that kept having issues. So many times he called me to pick him up because his car was broken. Last summer I decided to turn some material into cash for my business, so I sold the Skoda and bought an -97 Audi A4 from auction for 800 euros, and that car has been the most reliable one that I've had with low fuel consumption and low taxes. I'm loving it and gonna drive it to the grave. If you want to save money with cars, then it's important to know a little bit about car mechanics and repair costs, so that you can hustle in used car market and spot the ones that has relatively best repair history. That will save you so much money in the long run if you are a regular car user. A car dealer can sell you a shiny 20k car that you will end up fixing for 5k in the next couple of years, if you don't know what to look for.
  15. Been there too. You have awakened to the shallowness of gym rat life, good. But next you need to overcome that concept. Gym rat shit is probably something you're just used to, but that doesn't mean it has to be that. Gym can be about whatever you want it be. There are people there who have diverse and different motives but you can't see that cause you are used to look through only one lens. Crucial is to be clear about your motives. Why are you doing it specifically? If it's health, then you come up with a strong conclusion that you want to go to the gym because you want to remain healthy, and that should motivate you if you want it enough. By contemplating that, you might also find out a sneaky lurking motive, that has something to do with the old life and your old motives that you want to get rid of.