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  1. How much have you read Orange kind of literature? I personally find myself expressing more healthy Orange traits when I have a book like that in a progress. That action comes much more naturally when I am working on something that's from the same plane, and reading a book is one example of that. There are some really good classic healthy Orange books with some Green vibes. Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is the most fundamental one I've read, because it kind of lays down a healthy foundation that kind of advocates Orange ends with Green means.
  2. I've suffered from this myself too so I can definitely relate. I work in highly competitive and capitalistic technical field doing different project management tasks and it requires me to partake in bureaucratic stuff like going to meetings and partaking in negotiations and dealing with people, and so I'm forces to get involved in lots of stage Red and Orange egoistic games. Most part of the sub-field I work in is really toxic and that toxicity can be seen in everything that this field represents. You see it happening with every party of the projects. Every party just plays the game as well as possible so they could win the other parties and work things in their favor without caring about what's most beneficial to the whole project or not to mention anything even further like environment. There is very little healthy co-operation going on. There is no room for defying the value base or the so called ''center of gravity'', otherwise you will get a quick kick to your ass and get replaced by another rat in the maze, who will also ether get corrupted and manipulated by the system or get kicked and replaced. I had to learn that the hard way too. About 3,5 years ago when I started working here I was just so confused when my Green ideas were ignored and mostly just pissed on. I've already faced several interventions with our executives where I've been close to burn bridges and get the hell out or been close to get fired in a heat of a debate. Today, with Yellow understanding I know how to cope with these circumstances, understanding development and the difference in values that come with it. Today I have absolutely zero confusion about anyone's or any systems behavior here. You can learn to cope with all that BS but it really requires you to zoom out and be flexible by understanding the system. @LastThursday described it well, it's usually just the value you offer to the company, and when you provide value, you will usually create more creative freedom to yourself, which might free you from some of the struggle. But again, offering value almost always requires you to learn towards the value paradigm of the company, but it can be done healthy and smart ways. After all, it all boils down to how much of personal integrity you are willing to sacrifice. Where you work at is on your responsibility and if you want to express your higher values more, you better get progressive and proactive about it. You might need to start developing new skills, which will allow you to find your niche and allow you more creative freedom. That's what a big chunk of Leo's teaching are about, to get you to put your career life in order so that you can have a healthy and functional so that you can be able to go for higher things in life. Leo's Life Purpose Course is a killer there. Also Leo's latest video ''The Social Matrix - How Society Is A Mass Hallucination'' gives some really deep perspective to your issue here. It's actually a golden nugget in that regard.
  3. Oh yeah, that's dope. It crazy to see how divided we are today as humanity, even though we have all this technology and tools we didn't have decades ago. I feel like we as humanity simply don't yet know how to properly manage this big of a civilization, and proper things will happen to even that out, and technology may play a big part in one of those things. Like a baby learning to walk, she has to fall 100's of times, maybe hit her head or even break some bones before she learns she can't do it the way she is trying to, and so starts tuning her technique and so starting to take first proper steps. I guess we need to learn the hard way. Blow up some nukes or create some revolutionary robots or whatever or maybe TikTok and other toxic platforms take over and form humans into a completely different species who will totally redirect the evolution of mankind and humanity
  4. Wow, that's unbelievably beautiful! And rare indeed! Thanks for sharing the clip.
  5. Why do you think you should integrate more Orange? Where does the idea of doing that arise from?
  6. Don't be too analytical about it. Visualize yourself as having attained all your goals. In your mind, become THE PERSON you want to become. Try to deeply feel into it.
  7. Oh, okay, so you have taken a deeper look at the model then. Well, with me even though I know Orange is not taking me to where I'm aiming towards, I've learned its importance in my life, especially because I still have Orange survival components in my life. I kind of need to keep a portion of that ''chasing cheese in a maze'' effect active, to have the correct balance to properly function in life and also for the sake of healthy development. At the same time that I'm pushing forwards, I see the need for that cheese getting thinner and thinner and I intuitively know it's going to vanish eventually, but I let it do so naturally. What kind of aspects your life or ''survival'' is made of? Do you have situations you are involved in that are mostly in Orange or lower domains? Like work, entertainment, friends, family, sports? If so, those will have an effect of keeping you down. It might not seem that way, but if you interact with those people or activities, they certainly have that sneaky effect and it shows itself sneakily in your psyche, when you're trying to evolve. You can do 2 things with them, you can either eliminate them (which might cause an ego backlash) or you can learn to find a place for them for the time being and with understanding and intelligence cope with them in a proper way, in a way they don't get a too big of an edge on you.
  8. The key is to just simply exhaust the MEME within you to really internally see its limitations. While you're at it, make sure you keep yourself open for the next MEME to awaken, but don't force it. We can't rush through stages too quickly, even if we understood the model perfectly. Development doesn't really care about conceptual understanding in this regard, it cares about direct experience. We can although use the conceptual understanding to choose the right action steps to fasten the process, but the stages really need to be experienced well enough and widely enough to be ready for the next stage. In theory there are specific life conditions that need to be in place to be ready for transformation. Unless those conditions are not in place, you are most likely to experience ''The GAMMA Trap'' which we can describe as your inner demons or shadows that will test your readiness to move forwards and they will kick you right back to where you came from, if you're not ready yet. When we learn about SD we tend to have this willingness to improve and move up the spiral as quickly as possible. I would suggest you to read the book. It really helps to understand the model better with all its nuance, and with more detailed understanding the change process becomes more natural.
  9. Wow! Someone please inject this man with a Spiral Wizard syringe.
  10. I would say it's great that you're interested in spirituality and would also encourage you to keep at it, but only to the extent you are comfortable with it. Maybe make it a hobby, just like the other language you're studying. It's crucial that you are prepared that you have huge limits with it, as you are young and in a process of putting your basic survival elements in place. Spiritual stuff can get overwhelming, and when that happens, it's important that you acknowledge your priorities -- school, money, independence, relationships, etc. -- and you release the pressure spirituality might put to you. I wouldn't yet be too concerned about any serious spiritual concepts, but e.g. meditation is a practice that can be highly practical in a conventional sense and also deeply spiritual, so it would be a good practice to start enhancing your skills at. You can now use the benefits to your performance at school and in other areas in life, and after 10 years when you might have more room for spirituality, you are already a badass zen wizard with a mind as calm as the sea to make amazing spiritual progress, if that's what you want
  11. What's your day to day life like? What kind of things and activities your days usually get filled with? What's your life situation? Do you have any dreams or passions? Any idealistic thoughts of what you would like to do or become? What do you think it would require to you feeling good?
  12. Go with that for now, if it suits you best, but I wouldn't plan my future too much within those frames. The problem is, if you do your self-improvement work effectively without falling for ideologies or other serious traps, you start gaining consciousness and waking up to the fact that you can't keep wasting 40 hrs/week to something shallow and meaningless. You are going to want to chase your dreams and passions that your higher-self has presented to you, and 6 hrs/day after 8 hrs of peeling potatoes is not gonna cut it. It's good to remember that e.g. bootstrapping a new business or taking action on your free time to chance career path can also be consider self-improvement, and I think it's really considerable, if you want to live a good life.
  13. Don't be sorry at all. Thanks for sharing that. You can get every one of those things you said you wanted, and even more. I know people who have been super depressed and struggling with serious mental disorders and been on brink of suicide who have worked themselves to have an amazingly rich life. I give you an advice you get from everyone: Go find a professional to talk to. I think you should take a break from and focus on working on your mental health. Problems can be fixed, some problems just require specific tools and help for them and finding those can take some time and effort, but you will succeed if you set up an intention! Also good to remember, that Leo's deepest episodes and teachings are really advanced and they tinker with you psyche in a way that it can lead to a place, it's not supposed to lead to. Trying to really grasp those deepest concepts he talks about requires really clean and mature mind, and even then, there is a high risk of misinterpretation.
  14. I understand why you're feeling this way and I'm sorry to hear that you've had to experience that, and even though you know what she said isn't true, it's still affecting you. I still want you to look at the truth once again, from a different angle. Imagine you were born in a healthy and loving family in a healthy society with all the healthy growing functions around you. Your parents kept telling you every day how beautiful you are, how much they love you, how lucky they are to have you. They kept supporting you with everything you authentically are and everything you authentically want out of life. Growing that life would've made it easy for you to create an amazing life, a life you are meant to live. Think about that Preety and also the Preety who grew in India. What's the difference between those two? It's conditioning that affects on the surface. Nothing else. Both Preety's are exactly the same from deep down. Not one is better or worse than the other. They are exactly the same. Now, what Preety_India has that Preety_HealthySociety has not? She has life experience, she has inner strength that she's been forced to dig from deep down of herself. She has emotional abundance and most of all, she has desire to grow. Those skills and attributes she has developed has come with some scars, but those scars can be fixed, and when they are fixed, the Indian Preety can become more that the one growing in the healthy society could. You have all the power in your hands and although you think you've been unlucky, actually you've been lucky. It's not easy, and lots of work is to be done, but I can tell you that It's the conditioning that has shaped your mind and situations and circumstances you've had to experience as growing up and other things that are still essential to your surroundings and society, which are clouding your thinking and makes life look a bit greyish to you, which it is not at all, like Preety_HealthySociety would assure you. Don't let it fool you. When the scars are fixed, you will see all the strength that came with them. Keep slaying the demons and never give up to them! The beauty from deep down will start shining more an more as you keep going and going and never giving up.
  15. That sounds good! Sessions don't need to be long, as long as the habit is consistent. Yeah, well I was doing some other practices as well and was really progressive with my action so can't say for sure how big of an effect it had, but there are tons of literature about the power of visualization and people have researched it to be a powerful tool in achieving whatever goal you have in life. Key is to be certain and precise of what it is you want to accomplish.