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  1. I agree that to expect one to master all the basic human level areas and still dive deep into the deep end of the spiritual sphere is in itself an overkill. But a bit like @universe already sided, it’s a lot about your own perception. Perfect life doesn’t have to look specific. You make it yourself and you evaluate it by yourself. The skill that becomes central is your capacity to not give a fuck, to not take the metrics for good life from anywhere else but from whithin. It really is hard, but it becomes easier as you become more conscious and learn to make sense of everything - the meaningless and the meaningful aspect of life and your existance. That’s what the process of working on yourself is about. But I understand. It’s messy, hard and frustrating. A really small portion of the work we do on ourselves becomes concretely visible and sometimes it fools us. Hang in there my friend!
  2. Definitely! Although those moments tend to be rare. People are so often occupied with different survival shit that they are totally stuck on their heads and unable to surrender to the moment.
  3. Yeah, it’s amazing how much more enjoyable relationships can be when you can approach them more consciously. But sometimes it’s hard, especially if you are constantly forced to be social e.g. in your job.
  4. Living healthly in the meantime sounds like a good investment for those days.
  5. One interesting thing is that when you look at people who are interested in exploring their true essence and question reality, they have spent some real quiet time with their suffering. Instead of running away from it, they have sat down with it and contemplated the nature of it. The capacity of a person to confront one’s suffering, probably depends on many things; genes, life situation and environment being some to start with.
  6. I guess I'm kind of a hybrid by going through public schooling and playing smackdown vs. raw on a PS
  7. The face of the kid in the front row at 6:49. How the heck is this shit allowed for kids?
  8. It could be. Maybe I was just projecting my own behavior That's what happens when you let your primitive needs run your action. Don't be The Donkey. Be a man and you'll get The Princess, just like Shrek.
  9. Haha it's funny to observe people in public and notice how they secretly try to get a peek of an ass, especially when when they try to keep their gaze as long as possible. And the improvising they do after that to demonstrate that they were not watching the ass.
  10. It's interesting what abundance of options and possibilities do to a human mind and how that contrasts with action stemming from having only few options. Anyway, if I were you I would use all my free time diving into self-help to really work on myself so that I could find my true passion in life. You've heard it before but having sense of direction really is crucial and without that a man is most likely to be doomed.
  11. Then pick a self-help book that feels comfortable to you, like Think and Grow Rich. There’s plenty of value in there.
  12. My female friend was cutting my hair as usual as she suddenly noticed some new grey hair. I panicked first, but then she said that I will become a cool silver fox soon and this future self-image came to my mind: So I calmed down.
  13. About a month back I was walking on a market square towards home. It was pretty late so it was very quiet and peaceful. Suddenly a group of scout girls (around age of 6-8) ran to me wanting to sell me a fucking advent calendar. As a cheap but kind boy scout myself I didn't want to turn them down too cold, so I said ''I would love to buy one, but I don't have any cash, sorry'' (I assumed they don't have a method for electronic transaction, as they were so young). They said ''don't worry, we have plenty of payment options!'' after which they gave a signal to an adult far away, who then came to me with a fucking payment terminal. I ended up paying 15 euros for a stupid silly advent calendar, just because I was too kind and naive. So I was played like a bitch and it really got to me. That really reminded me of how sneaky people are to get your money. After that I've decided to be cold and concise everytime someone approaches me with merchandise and I've applied that to other intercourses as well, and haven't been fooled ever since. You can be kind (and you ought to), but it's wise to filter every agenda through a shit filter first, just in case.
  14. As far as I remember 7 habits offered more practical tools on top of the mindset it promoted.
  15. Yeah it's blunt but it's also clear and succinct, which as a means to communicate might be something worth pursuing, no?