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  1. So basically kind of a miracle happened, I listened to the OCD subliminal , gave it another try and it got rid of all this bullshit, including the new and old regen, wow. My mind is still kind of imbalanced from the monsterous obsessive thought that I recently got, my subconcious is now working to get rid of that and it looks like it's succeeding because my anxiety got alot better.
  2. I somehow caused another simular problem WITHIN the same problem. I was listening to a bunch of subliminals and it seemed like it was helping but suddenly I felt as if something changed within my brain and had to reverse it. I'm fucked ! I'm going to fucking die. Told a friend about this and he said he's not gonna be talking to me anymore guess because I'm toxic or something. This is the end, I don't know what to do, I don't know how I'll survive this.
  3. So I got the soul retrieval and am slowly withdrawing from medication. Had an episode where I thought I was overcoming social anxiety but it wasn't real progress and now i'm more depressed than ever because I didn't overcome it and wasted weeks of time. God damn it. And I bought the soul retrieval I've had it like two weeks ago, I notice a little increase in motivation and hope I guess, but nothing major yet. Keep in mind the healer says it takes a few months to integrate the change. I'm as depressed as hell because of the anxiety, and the regen too. Feel disconnected from everyone because of it, this is a description I wrote for someone else that describes it perfectly: feels like there's a barrier between me and other people and im stranded on an island, alone. And only have a phone where I can send messages online once in a while but it only distracts me temporarily from my loneliness . I mean just why me? Anxiety and a depression/brain fog problem that causes low motivation so you can't even have the willpower to work on yourself. Wtf? God must be having a good laugh torturing me maybe, I know Osho said many people's lives are filled with jokes because god has a sense of humor, but it must be in a negative way for me
  4. it's free, and it utilizes the power of the subconcious mind to fight the coronavirus spread globally. People who's kundalini is awake , their thoughts are more powerful and more likely to manifest in reality aswell. I've been using subliminals for years from another website and they work 100% guarantee you and this guys subliminals are legit aswell.
  5. @DrewNows Yeah the energy healers that I've paid like over 1000$ are me so it's in my own hands lol. There's no way I'd be able to get to where I am today without that as the problem fucked my motivation and I can only meditate like 5 mins per week or little more on a good week. Was meditating for like 20 minutes every day before this crap. And after raising my frequency I got an awakening and discovered true prayer by which I get almost everything I pray for. My higher self told me this problem is not real it's just deeply embedded into my subconcious forcing me to believe in it which is somehow sustaining it in my reality. Just how tf do I solve that.
  6. @Anna1 the medication wasn't helping this problem anyways. I'm the same minus the pretty terrible withdraw symptoms . Also I started getting over my ocd and social anxiety a few days ago, for real. Think that has some thing to do with the awakening . But still no way to solve this problem except waiting until June 2021. My healer says a soul retrieval can help but it costs 444$ and my parents are about to stop sending me support money if I spend it all on energy healing again, but I'm thinking about getting it maybe it'll help me earn more money paradoxically if I get my motivation back.
  7. well I'm still living with this bullshit, been off all meds for 2 weeks now. Can't do any personal development barely besides working at my shitty job. Did a 15 minute guided meditation this morning, was supposed to do it again in the evening but I'm too lazy.
  8. Focus on healing your life as a whole instead of just overcoming social anxiety and then it's impossible that social anxiety will survive
  9. @Mongu9719 i don't know lol. Supposedly it can awaken the kundalini as a side effect over years as you practice it. But I don't think even kundalini leads to enlightenment on its own.
  10. Download the pdf and take a look at it, it's a pretty good . It says for satanists at the beginnings but don't mind that they just took techniques from yoga journal and combined them into one pdf file. But I'm wondering if this is not making my energy imbalanced or whatever , actually. Like sadhguru said in one of his videos he knew a boy who was standing on his head for like 15 mins and he became really angry and then had to be put on his proper energy balancing yogic systems. Wonder if that's happening to me too on a subtle level and will continue to , unless I learn proper yoga from sadhguru or some shit.
  11. Yea I actually got off them within 6 days. And it was only because of my awakening that I was able to, it's been like 5 days since my last dose and I doubt I'll get back on them. also my depression is actually like 5x better without the meds. The meds actually causes depression for me
  12. You can skip to 3:30 that's when the singing starts. Gonna listen to this on my first psychedelic trip in a few days