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  1. Does anyone know some good pickup lines I could use. Or a good way to think of new ones? I can never seem to think of one in the moment, but I also don't have the inspiration to make new ones myself.
  2. Someone help this guy I'm talking to him, he's having a really hard time. He needs more support from some good people.
  3. @Seraphim well I'm at 867 and I barely feel any peace, I know I'm not the doer but that doesn't seem to have much benefits. Eckhart tolle would beat me in the peace competition lol even though I'm higher than him. Maybe you need to be sensitive to the subtle benefits of the stages, and I'm not really sensitive but over stimulated by my environment and lifestyle which I don't really have my life together ATM.
  4. I must say I like to help people who are doing bad, and the idea of cutting them out seems really unspirtual to me. I mean if you take a very developed and wise enlightened sage, he's not going to be blocking toxic people, he's going to be helping them. On the other hand, I'm tired of my bad mood, lack of social life and dysfunctional narcissists interacting with me in my family. I want success, and that is a bit egotistical I guess. I'm also not sure who's really toxic and who I should let it slide for. I don't wanna be this egotistical person who doesn't talk to almost anyone because they are negative, and only talk to positive people, which seems to be the secret to success, but I guess ego is a part of that.
  5. In Ramaji's book "1000" It says he was in the 580's. If anyone's familiar with rasa, why do you think he was only in the 580's if he claimed to be enlightened and does any thing he said have any significance? There were also other people like Eckart tolle measured to be only at 673 or something similar to that, but they seem so wise and knowledgable and liberated. I'm starting to think maybe Ramaji's LOC map could be inaccurate. Here's a short version of the map.
  6. Insight: Feeling good: The 3 keys - 1# Meditation 2# diet 3# exercise When you master feeling good, everything in your life falls into place, good feeling is close to your true nature. Credits to: Nahm
  7. I ended up cancelling the RASA session, will wait another week for it because 1) I need to save money, can't be getting sessions every week 2) I'm going to wait for the rasa to fully integrate which takes two weeks. I feel I'm stabilized in the 900's now, it really feels close to home now. Going to go sign up for a school that will help me prepare for the high school certificate. I'm going to try to find ways to deepen my enlightenment, work on myself now as the rasa is working on me, I'm a pretty hardcore seeker and I believe I can make the RASA work faster on me when I do spiritual practices, despite Elias saying that's impossible.
  8. I've partially awakened due to RASA last time my loc was measured to be 867 . Yet my sister recently told me: "You don't even have the knowledge enlightened people have" And I think she's right. People who are more disciplined than me have cultivated wisdom along with their enlightenment by reading a lot of books and contemplation. Take Osho for example, didn't he read like 100,000 books? I'd like to know what are some good ways to cultivate this wisdom and the knowledge that enlightened people have as my sister said it, and what are some ways you can motivate yourself to do so. I'm reading a book ATM, but it might be the wrong book, idk. The present by Michael Smith.
  9. Wish I could like this. This is a good post should be pinned.
  10. So tomorrow I booked a RASA session, I think im in the 900's already and I can't wait two weeks because I think I'm progressing fast. This should get me to LOC 1000 if everything goes the way I'm expecting it to. I have a job interview in an hour for a company that sells something and is related to English. The job is about answering phone calls and questions online in English. I'm planning to work full time in the job now. I'm contemplating whether I should keep my current online friends or look for new ones because most of them are not really developed people and that rubs off on me, maybe, it might be harsh but it's true. Life is short and the people you hang out with is who you become in the end.
  11. There was this guy on this forum back in 2016 who was kind of angry at Leo and saying that the ancient teachings said that enlightenment is a result of the correct beliefs. Does anyone have some information about Vedanta? What are the beliefs that are supposedly that important, are they somewhere on the internet or are they only accessible from some guru. I'm reading a book about enlightenment that focuses on uploading spiritual thoughts to your mind, to change your mind into the spiritual mind. That kind of inspired me to find out more about this Vedanta deal.
  12. I'm noticing that I feel bad really often during the day, like minor issues such as boredom feel like they're really getting to me. I'm almost getting suicidal because of how bad I feel during the day. I think this might be related to the increased energy flowing through me due to kundalini and DNA activitation. Well, I don't know what I'm going to do about this, maybe I'm wrong and this is just how life is? I'm inspired by a guy I was talking to on Skype named Ethan who was from this forum, he was suicidal and had pure O OCD and he ended up in a psych hospital after a suicide attempt, he said he met someone and they both realised they were God and got other people to check out of the hospital. He stopped drinking alcohol after that and cut away his toxic friends. He wanted to take 5 meo dmt but he was on psych meds, He gave up on becoming enlightened and I haven't heard from him since. Supposedly he's taking like 30 pills worth of psych meds, I don't know how that's possible but yeah. That story isn't that good but it somehow inspires me to pursue enlightenment more.
  13. So my routine has been saved somehow, I'm going to take a shower in 10 minutes and then do 15 minutes of the DNA activation. Hurray..... I'm still gonna read the book might even finish it tonight.
  14. Seek. It's possible to pursue it and create your life as you go along. I recommand the book "the present" by Michael Smith.
  15. So I decided I'm not even going to do the dna activation , again today. Did 15 minutes in the morning only. Maybe it's for a reason. Sigh. I'm reading the present with religion atm, on page 270. Almost finished this book.