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  1. @Leo Gura I think I'm up for the challenge. Sometimes I like being overwhelmed and getting my reality fucked with lol. @Girzo Thanks that was very helpful. The afterglow sounds quite interesting. How does DPT it compare to 5-MeO-DMT? Was there any burning sensations when snorting it? Also what do you think about plugging it? For some reason, that got me even more interested. Since you're very experienced with it, how does it compare to 5-MeO-DMT in both intensity and insight? I find toad way too intense and short lived when smoked that all insights I get (although profound) are kinda lost and only a vague memory lasts. Then again maybe smoking it is not the best RoA. Speaking of which, what is your preferred RoA for DPT?
  2. Anyone here has experience with the psychedelic DPT? I read that it is almost as intense as DMT but unique in its vibes. Although I like DMT's intense energy, its short duration and distracting visuals makes it not so useful for consciousness work. How useful/effective is DPT for consciousness work?
  3. I've been having a devilish kind of insomnia where I would always wake up too early no matter what with a depressing headache and foggy mind, always waking up unrefreshed, feeling like shit and unable to go to sleep. I'm not normally depressed or anxious but I still feel like this might be a psychological problem at root. I've been struggling with this for a year, I tried everything, some temporarily barely fixed the issue but nothing really healed me back for good. So I decided to halt working with psychedelic to inquire about the Self and instead focus on fixing this irritating, ever frustrating issue by exploring it's root. For the record, I really tried everything. I eat healthy, take essential supplements, exercise, treat my body very well and so on, so I'm almost 100% certain that this is a psychological issue even though I don't feel depressed or anything. It might be something buried way deep that I managed to numb down over the years as my childhood was mostly filled with emotionally traumatizing, depressing, gloomy periods. What do you think are the best psychedelics for healing trauma and releasing emotional blockages? I think Salvia would be a great tool because from what I read, it's overwhelming and has this teaching and caring mother aspect to it.
  4. @outlandish @Hsinav @FractalFlux That was really helpful, thank you kindly everyone.
  5. Given that I love listening to those Alan Watts Chillstep Mixes especially before a trip, I made one myself.
  6. Chill mixes:
  7. How long have you been on the path? Was your path frustrating and confusing? How old were you when you became enlighted? How did it happen exactly? During self-inquiry? During a deep meditative state? Do you find yourself falling back into old habits of identifying with your old self? Or is that not possible anymore? Would you say authenticity was the most important factor for your awakening? If not, what was? Sorry if some questions are duplicates, and thank you kindly for doing this.
  8. Would absolutely attend if you come to Toronto. I hope your first tour is a success.
  9. @cle103 I say follow your heart/intuition no matter what people say.
  10. Why do you trip this infrequently? Unless you don't enjoy tripping, I find 2 weeks plenty of time to integrate the experience.
  11. @Sparkist If you didn't watch Leo's video on the subject that you should start from there. Other than that, Psychedelics are harmless and not physically addictive. You can definitely do them solo but start with a low dose to see how your body reacts.
  12. For Chillstep and Ambient music lovers. Alan Watts: Jim Carrey:
  13. I wouldn't say this was too radical of an experience, but it was surely a mystical one and worth sharing. It was so different from my previous trips . It was also so different from my last 480ug of LSD trip 2 months ago to the point where it felt like I took another substance altogether. I was planning to trip Saturday on mushrooms but I woke up with a mild headache so I decided to trip Sunday instead. Sunday, I woke up early in the morning with only 6 hrs of sleep so I had another mild headache. I decide again to not take mushrooms but because of the headache. I had nothing to do that day though and if I don’t trip Sunday, I won't be free to trip until at least next week which would be a shame because my last real trip was like 4 weeks ago. I wasn't sure whether or not LSD would be a good idea at that point, but because I was convinced I had a natural tolerance to LSD, I thought fuck it, might as well get rid of the remaining 3 tabs I had. 0-30min: I couldn't meditate well because of the headache so I just sat and listened to some Alan Watts. Nothing happened so far. 30-45min: This is the come-up, the headache became really poignant making me question the decision to trip, I felt so sleepy and nauseas, and I was forced to sit in the toilet from here. 45min-4.5hrs: This is where the magic happened: the peak lasted for about 4 hours. I clearly saw how much of joke life is. It was so fucking obvious I was laughing so hard, I don't know how the fuck I couldn't see this before. I kept laughing so loud for about 20 mins I couldn't even breath. All the worry and concern I had was out of the window as my ego slowly dissolved and it was crystal clear that the whole thing I called life was a sham. I got so connected to the present moment that I lost sense of time. It's hard to describe what was happening at the time but I suppose this is what is meant by just "Being". It was blissful. The headache was not an issue anymore. I can still feel it there when I remember it but it wasn't bothersome at all. I was directly aware that I had no control whatsoever over my body. It was moving by its own by the spontaneous forces of the universe. I literally lost all control over my body and it felt liberating beyond description. By the end of those 4 hours I started to think about my ego's problems in a totally objective way. I was thinking about them like they're not even mine, and I was having insights and solutions. For some reason, I thought that this heightened consciousness is going to be permanent because from my perspective while I was peaking, I thought how could it be any other way? I forgot how life is from an egoic perspective I thought there's no way I'm gonna be back seeing things any other way than this. I couldn't have been more wrong and I suffered for it the day after. 4.5hrs- :The rest of the trip was fun and smooth, I could feel my ego slowly getting back but I refused to pay any attention to it. I spent the rest of the trip chilling and thinking about some problems that were worrying me and by the end of the day, I was left with some wise insights and decisions to make. 16 hrs into the trip and I was still feeling the psychoanalytical effects of LSD bothering me. But I finally fell asleep and slept for a good 9-10hrs. The day after was the most depressing day I had in months. I was completely back in my ego self as though nothing happened yesterday. I felt a heavy sense of emptiness which converted into sadness. I didn't want to do anything that day including doing nothing which made me more frustrated because I had lots of shit to do that day (I'm aware that I should normally leave a day after a trip). Even when I tried playing video games or watch movies I couldn't. In the evening I cried out loud for a good 15 mins and that's when I finally started to overcome this temporary depression. By the next day the depression went away and I was back to normal. I know there's a lot more to experience and that I probably only scratched the surface but it took me by surprise because reading about this is one thing and directly experiencing it is a whole other thing. Insights: This experience showed me how beautiful this enlightenment thing is. I can't see anything more important and fulfilling than striving to raise the quality of one's own consciousness. My understanding of non-duality played a huge role in shaping my psychedelic experience. My previous trips on LSD were nothing like this. Never underestimate the power of psychedelics. LSD is a specifically great psychedelic for consciousness work. Our Lives are just piles of big and elaborate jokes; We should all stop taking them so seriously.
  14. The topic of boredom interest me too, because when it comes to other negative feelings, I learned to open up, feel them fully, and let them go. But boredom is another kind of negative feeling. It's kinda passive and sticky and I'm almost always not so sure how to deal with it. It's not like I get bored too often but I'd usually get myself distracted with a low consciousness activity to get rid of it.