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  1. @Leo Gura I think I'm up for the challenge. Sometimes I like being overwhelmed and getting my reality fucked with lol. @Girzo Thanks that was very helpful. The afterglow sounds quite interesting. How does DPT it compare to 5-MeO-DMT? Was there any burning sensations when snorting it? Also what do you think about plugging it? For some reason, that got me even more interested. Since you're very experienced with it, how does it compare to 5-MeO-DMT in both intensity and insight? I find toad way too intense and short lived when smoked that all insights I get (although profound) are kinda lost and only a vague memory lasts. Then again maybe smoking it is not the best RoA. Speaking of which, what is your preferred RoA for DPT?
  2. Anyone here has experience with the psychedelic DPT? I read that it is almost as intense as DMT but unique in its vibes. Although I like DMT's intense energy, its short duration and distracting visuals makes it not so useful for consciousness work. How useful/effective is DPT for consciousness work?
  3. I've been having a devilish kind of insomnia where I would always wake up too early no matter what with a depressing headache and foggy mind, always waking up unrefreshed, feeling like shit and unable to go to sleep. I'm not normally depressed or anxious but I still feel like this might be a psychological problem at root. I've been struggling with this for a year, I tried everything, some temporarily barely fixed the issue but nothing really healed me back for good. So I decided to halt working with psychedelic to inquire about the Self and instead focus on fixing this irritating, ever frustrating issue by exploring it's root. For the record, I really tried everything. I eat healthy, take essential supplements, exercise, treat my body very well and so on, so I'm almost 100% certain that this is a psychological issue even though I don't feel depressed or anything. It might be something buried way deep that I managed to numb down over the years as my childhood was mostly filled with emotionally traumatizing, depressing, gloomy periods. What do you think are the best psychedelics for healing trauma and releasing emotional blockages? I think Salvia would be a great tool because from what I read, it's overwhelming and has this teaching and caring mother aspect to it.
  4. @outlandish @Hsinav @FractalFlux That was really helpful, thank you kindly everyone.
  5. Given that I love listening to those Alan Watts Chillstep Mixes especially before a trip, I made one myself.
  6. If humans go extinct then that's what God ultimately planned for this reality, but I doubt that, from what we can tell humanity is getting more and more developed and less likely to destroy itself. You gotta trust that there's a higher intelligence at play here and whatever happens in this reality must have an ultimate greater purpose, otherwise why is it this way. I had an experience in the past where I became conscious of how everything is perfect just the way it is and that all of it has been God all along and that's how I learned to trust whatever is happening in this reality. There is no reason to resist the process.
  7. Because, in this reality, Conscioussness requires a self-aware organism to become conscious of itself. And that's how egos form, when an orgnism is aware of its existence.
  8. But why would you care about what happens after you body's physical death? You gotta understand that as an ego, you can only exist in that particular body and those particular circumstances. Any further egos who pop into being are (from a relative point of view) not you and will never feel like you. Once Mikael89 dies (whether through permanant enlightenment or "physical death") he's gone for good. Forever. So you don't have to worry about "being reborn as an ego over and over" because your ego will never be reborn outside of that body.
  9. I think from a big picture perspective that's exactly what God is trying to do in this reality. Leo is a perfect example of God making Itself (him and the rest of us egos) remember that he is God. In ancient times, The Buddha is God doing the same thing as what Leo is doing here by sharing all the insights and wisdom they get from the source. One of the biggest questions that I have about reality is why is it the way it is? The idea that Leo mentioned about reality is infinite in that every single possibility of how life can be is, didn't really click with me, because this reality right here, the way it is structured and arranged is so fucking damn creative if you stop and think about it. It is literally a divine work art. More than just a possibility from infinite possibilities, to say that is like saying this is pure randomness. When I contemplate this reality I feel like timeless and infinite intelligence went into making this beautiful creation. It's so detailed, intricate, complicated and works so perfectly with no single error. On the other hand, maybe God wanted to experience a long spectrum of different experiences that can only be experienced if he didn't know that he was God. And that's where egos come in. It seems unfair from a relative point of view, that some egos will go through hell on earth, but from an absolute perspective the only one that's suffering is God. Or maybe the suffering is absolutely necessary for the evolution of human consciousness to the point where every human consciousness in society is a self-realized God, living in absolute bliss and serenity. We can't know for sure how evolved human conscious will get though, so we obviously can't know what the big picture of this reality is. There's probably a lot of mind-blowing stuff that humans can become conscious of that we can never conceive of at this state. Evolution might be at its first stages as far as we can tell. I haven't become directly conscious of why God made this beautiful reality the way it is, but I speculate that every suffering ego is fundamentally necessary for God's self-realization through this time-bound, space-bound reality. To circle back to your -excellent- question, I think that once the body dies, its enlightened consciousness fades away. Simply because, as far as we can tell, in this reality, only living organisms are conscious. So, in that sense, God -in this reality- can only be conscious of itself through a living organism. This was mostly speculation so please take it with a grain of salt. Any thoughts on this?
  10. How long have you been on the path? Was your path frustrating and confusing? How old were you when you became enlighted? How did it happen exactly? During self-inquiry? During a deep meditative state? Do you find yourself falling back into old habits of identifying with your old self? Or is that not possible anymore? Would you say authenticity was the most important factor for your awakening? If not, what was? Sorry if some questions are duplicates, and thank you kindly for doing this.
  11. Would absolutely attend if you come to Toronto. I hope your first tour is a success.
  12. @cle103 I say follow your heart/intuition no matter what people say.
  13. Why do you trip this infrequently? Unless you don't enjoy tripping, I find 2 weeks plenty of time to integrate the experience.
  14. @Sparkist If you didn't watch Leo's video on the subject that you should start from there. Other than that, Psychedelics are harmless and not physically addictive. You can definitely do them solo but start with a low dose to see how your body reacts.