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  1. Really well put @Tim R your thoughts on this matter are very well laid out here, and I completely agree.
  2. Lol totally. Not even that great technically. As someone pointed out above his perspective lines are all off-kilter. Very unimaginative stuff. He wasn't famous for forgiveness
  3. @Julian gabriel Yes I agree with you as well, you can definitely get in a fight with someone you love. Actually it's the person you're most likely to fight with! And that's where the work is.. not in finding love for Hitler.
  4. Spending energy on "loving" or enjoying Hitler is misaligned for 99% of us. Make sure you love your parents, that annoying guy at the office, your ex, the rival city's sports team, before you spend energy trying to appreciate a monster who sent 6 million jews to the industrial death facilities. If you claim you can love Hitler, but can still get in a fight with your own brother, that's a clue that something might be wrong. His paintings are way better than anything I could do, but if they were in a gallery or museum, without his name attached, they'd be unremarkable and quickly forgotten.
  5. I've received the old school AstraZeneca vaccine. I had a pretty strong immune reaction to the vaccine, just like a 24h flu with lots of aches and fever. No regrets at all, and that immune reaction was nothing outside of what can be expected, or what I was prepared for. I'm very happy to be close to the other side of this pandemic and looking forward to gathering and hugging people and stuff. A bit bummed that the AZ vaccine has been getting shunned, the blood clot risk is super rare, way less likely than getting a blood clot from covid by not vaccinating. But we're in the privileged position to be spoiled for choice with even better vaccines.
  6. Please raise your bar when posting to the High Consciousness Resources sub-forum @Eternal Unity. It's meant to be a place for highly curated, vetted, thoughtful content. It's not a place for posting the latest episode of so-and-so's video blog. For example, you could post a link to Teal Swan's youtube channel, if it hadn't already been done. You should not re-post each episode that she publishes in it's own thread. If you want to highlight as specific post of hers, please paste it into an existing Teal Swan thread (use the search to find it). You're expected to provide a thoughtful quick comment to explain why your post is relevant to the sub. Thank you.
  7. As someone very far outside of Iraq, this is a fascinating read. It's heartbreaking to see the condition in Iraq.
  8. I've had a similar experience, also on a very low dose of psychedelics. The way I interpret it is that it's not really a question of real vs. not-real, it's a subjective experience that is as substantial as something like love - so not really something you can grab onto and measure, but subjectively 100% real. For me it was a feeling of joyous light pouring from/into my chest. I believe the light was yellow for me as well. It felt like a bit opening experience, very yoga or something. It was very unexpected, not the sort of thing I was seeking at all. Actually the kind of thing I had read about before (of course) and just assumed that it least didn't apply to me, and possibly just people's fanciful delusions - you know how people can go on about their chakras and such, and sometimes it just sounds like they're really trying?. Lol then it happened to me..
  9. Have you watched that move @TheDao? Do you recommend it?
  10. Indeed. I checked out https://www.selectscience.net/industry-news/psychlight-sensor-to-enable-discovery-of-new-psychiatric-drugs/?artid=54608 to read more about it. Sounds like one of those tools that could really revolutionize the field. I think similar kinds of tools have been used a lot over the last decade within neuroscience? Neurons that flouresce when activated etc.
  11. The structure of AAZ-A-154 looks pretty interesting: It's like 6-MeO-almostDMT There must be thousands and thousands of variants on these molecules, how wonderful that the doors to this kind of research are opening up again.
  12. Why would discovery of new drugs that don't cause psychedelic effects "ruin" psychedelics? It's not like these discoveries will take away your acid. They're just looking for new drugs.
  13. DMT won't be safer than LSD. Combining psychedelics with Xanax *definitley* won't be safer. There's no obligation to consume psychedelics. They aren't for everyone. If you're dead-set on taking psychedelics again, keep your dose small like Leo mentioned. You could seek a supervised setting with a highly trusted psychedelic practitioner. This carries it's own risk, as entrusting another human with guiding you or supporting you on a trip carries a lot of responsibility and opens the door to misuse of trust. But there are legit guides etc out there who specialize in this, and who can help you.
  14. No not automatically, psychedelics aren't mechanical in that way. Although if you trip a bunch you probably can't help but make some changes. I don't want to make it seem like psychedelics are just self-help tools here, but there's definitely that element to them. Yes! I'd say Forestluv really nailed it there too! That's a great analogy.
  15. Psychedelics are nonspecific mind-amplifiers. An analogy could be that normally you have a sink to fill with the water of your experience, and taking a psychedelic enlarges it to a bathtub. After the trip you're back to having a sink, but you've had that experience of being a bathtub. So you have direct experience of what it's like to expand past the limits of being a sink. Before that it might have been really hard to imagine what that would even be. And then you might get the idea that maybe you can grow your sink, and you have a better grasp of which way to go, and what that might look like.
  16. I wonder if sub-buccally (between gums and cheek/lip) would have any hope of working? It would be less likely to get dissolved in saliva and swallowed than under the tongue. Surely less effective than nasal or boofal.
  17. He's a delightful storyteller. That was clearly not his first time dropping acid either eh? Amazing that he didn't have a lot of emotional trauma from that experience.
  18. Locked as this is a low quality/effort post. Meth is a dangerous and highly addictive drug that ruins people's lives. We don't encourage it here at all.
  19. I can't remember if I did or if I just understood what he was saying: Inhale, exhale.
  20. That was a great post. Very relatable - not that I've done an acid bender like that, but I feel I've touched down on the same cycle of experience on a smaller time scale a bunch of times with some heavy trips. I'm sure many of us here have as well. This even happens in the scale of the cycle of breath during meditation. When you slow down and settle in enough you can see it. At the end of the exhale sits annihilation, infinity, unconditioned being. The inhale brings maya, life, the multitude. I asked an accomplished zen teacher about this and he didn't have a direct answer as to why this is, but he asked me: What's the first thing you do when you're born? And what's the last thing you do when you die?
  21. Her book is very good (and fast) as well, and expands a lot on the topics of her TED talk
  22. One thing I didn't like about that movie was that all of the women in it were flat characters, they functioned essentially like furniture in the story. For a movie that was ostensibly about a woke family, it was completely male-centric. Like the old Dick and Jane books where Dick is always doing the thing as Jane watches from the sidelines.
  23. DPT is lab made, it does not occur in nature as far as we know. It is however, chemically quite close to DMT. It was discovered by following the variations that are possible on the DMT base molecule.