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  1. can't fall asleep after 5meo bad trip, it's been 4 days please help
    can't fall asleep after 5meo bad trip, it's been 4 days please help
    Godspeed man. If you can, notice well being is actual nowness, reality, here & now...and ‘well being’ or ‘baseline’ is only a thought about a past, and about feeling in a past. That’ll never lead to feeling better, because feeling is here now present, and you’re belief is that it is in a past.  You are making that comparison between actual well being now, and a thought of well being, being a past, and missing that one is the actual well being now and one is a thought about well being in a past. So you’d be believing you’re making a comparison, but you’re actually not. The “comparison” doesn’t feel good because there’s no truth or actuality to it. You keep labeling that feeling, rather than listening to it and understanding it. 
    Well being is the love which = now and = you. Each time you think it’s in a past...the very well being you’re talking about, which is present now, is ‘saying’ “uh, no sir. Right here loving you, literally being you”...and you might be misinterpreting that feeling, by continuing to believe your thought / perspective about a “past”...and a “you” in a “past”. 
    In any case, when you are ready to, and actually begin choosing perspectives, those which feel good to’ll inherently, by default, be ‘connecting with your source’, feeling well being now, and feeling better and better. You’ll see that how you’ve been feeling has to do with how you’ve been looking at what happened a year ago...not that it ‘left a mark’ and is the reason why. 
    Same thing with 5meo and your trip. That’s only, quite literally - a thought. It’s completely gone. It was a relative experience which came and went. However, you default to it as the reason you feel the way you feel - now. That is not the reason you don’t feel so great now. You’re arriving at a perspective which does not resonate with feeling - and you’re believing the perspective anyways. You don’t have to do that. You don’t have the relative experience of that trip now, you have thoughts about it now. So how you feel has nothing to do with that experience. It has only to do with the thoughts about it, right now. You’ll need to find your way to realizing this, and changing your perspective in alignment with now, with feeling. Feeling is not in a past or future, and therefore feeling better, or better feeling, are not in a past or future. The more you repeat, assert & insist that feeling better is in a past or future, the more you suffer. The more you let those beliefs & perspectives go, the better you feel - cause feeling = now. 
    Prior to that, and reinforced by that, are belief(s) about yourself which do not feel good & have never felt good. These beliefs and perspectives are never going to feel good or resonate with you. Notice, rather than understanding and recognizing this, you’re creating negative beliefs about yourself to compensate for your beliefs that you feel the way you do now, because of a trip and or events in your past. This is basic identifying with a past, identifying as a separate self in time. Most simply put - believing thoughts & suffering, instead of meditating daily. What is pertinent, is your perspective & attitude, & willingness to be open minded & let go of what doesn’t feel good to you. Noticing how things like complaining and then identifying yourself as a complainer doesn’t feel good. Change your perspective & outlook, by being on purpose with what you say, rather that just lazily ‘going with’ what doesn’t even feel good to you. Love ya man, Godspeed. Wishing you wonderful changes in what you’re creating.  

  2. A Simple Way to Raise Your Frequency and Vibration
    A Simple Way to Raise Your Frequency and Vibration
    After watching the video of Bentinho Massaro about the simple way to raise your frequency and vibration these are the thoughts I will be practising with, I put them here as inspiration. It's necessary that the feeling you have with these thoughts are uplifting and you believe it yourself. 
    The exercise is to do this ONE TIME, 2 hours, and thinking on each thought 10 seconds per minute. This should be life changing...  
    Please share your thoughts about this  

    Thoughts that feels really good/lifts you up and you are enjoying how it shapes/ feel/ color the experience in life:
    1) I am powerful
    2) I am unconditionally love
    3) I feel the space that contains the whole loving universe 
    4) I am infinite abondante
    5) I am amazing in what I do 
    6) I am amazing as how I am 
    7) I am free 
    8) I can choose my thoughts
    9) My thoughts create my life 
    10) I don't have any limits 
    11) I am the entire universe 
    12) I am taking full responsibility for my life
    13) I am an enlightened hero 
    14) I am light hearted 
    15) I am full of joy 
    16) I feel the unconditionally love connection between all living beings
    17) I encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in my life
    18) I encounter more and more synchronicities. 
    19) I experience the miraculous
    20) Enlightenment, joy, and peace is inside of me
    21) I am the creator 
    22) I am the light
    23) I am happy 
    24) I am strong 
    25) I am determined 
    26) I feel unconditional love 
    27) I am liberated 
    28) I am free from all attachments 
    29) I found the truth 
    30) I’m god 
    31) I am love 
    32) I am happiness 
    33) I am perfect
    34) I am Authentique
    35) I am consciousness 
    36) I am full of positive loving energy
    37) I am loved, loving and lovable
    38) I am the best version of myself
    39) I have the freedom & power to create the life I desire.
    40) My possibilities are endless
    41) I eat clean
    42) I am full of energy and vitality and my mind is calm and peaceful
    43) Every day I am getting healthier and stronger
    44) I honour my body by trusting the signals that it sends me
    45) I manifest perfect health by making smart choices
    46) I am grateful to be alive. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day
    47) Happiness is my birth right. I choose to be happy and I deserve to be happy
    48) Being happy comes easy to me. Happiness is my second nature
    49) Good things are happening
    50) I am deeply fulfilled by what I do
    51) I feel lots of space inside of me
    52) I only live in the present moment
    53) The entire universe is alive 
    54) I look at my thoughts as a pure witness
    55) I am the witness of my thoughts  
    56) I am the watcher of my thoughts  
    57) My thoughts start disappearing 
    58) My mind is utterly empty 
    59) I am an unconditioned, sane, really free human being
    60) I am getting out of the dream 
    61) I let go of everything I think I am 
    62) I let go of everything I think other people are 
    62) I am free and everything is clear, wholehearted and effortless
    63) I experience the intimacy with the entire universe 
    64) Everything is one 
    65) I disappear in the process of uniting with the raw content of the present moment. 
    66) I have never been more alive 
    67) I see through the facade of pretence
    68) I see the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true
    69) I gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness
    70) ... (50 to find  ) 
    “For one human being to seek enlightenment from another is like a grain of sand on the beach seeking enlightenment from another.” — Terence Mckenna

  3. The 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread
    The 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread
    @axwell Okay, so with using vinegar you DONT produce HCl!!! You can make a salt out of the freebase that is called acetate. The acetate can be used for the same purposes the HCl salt is good for: Snorting or plugging. 
    1. First of all you want to know how much HCl equivalent acetate you need. That goes like Freebase [g] x 1,167 = HCl equivalent mass [g]. So for instance if you want to plug 15mg of HCl and all you have is the freebase you use that equation above with a little algebra like: 15mg / 1,167 = 12,85mg. Which means you need ~13mg of freebase converted into a salt to produce "the same" effects as if you directly plug 15mg of HCl because the freebase molecules are not as heavy as the HCl ones.
    2. It doesnt matter at all that you dont produce HCl with this reaction for the equation to still be right. But: Of course the Acetate will be even heavier than the freebase and the HCl: Freebase x 1,167 = HCl and Freebase x 1,27 = Acetate. So dont be surprised that you might end up with almost 16,3mg of 5-Meo-DMT-Acetate when you just wanted to plug 15mg of HCl and even used 13mg of freebase. It is the same amount of molecules and hence equals the same dosage.
    3. You put the amount of the substance that you weighed out on a spoon and fill a needleless syringe with less than 1ml of vinegar (25% acetic acid; it is called "Essig Essenz" here in Germany and is used to clean pipes or old coins or whatever... Im sure you can buy it in every supermarket)
    4. Five to ten drops of vinegar should be enough. You have to drop them onto the substance on the spoon. The substance should solve in the same way as the HCl usually solves in water. If you have a clear and transparent solution, ideally all the freebase molecules have successfully reacted with the acid in the vinegar and now have formed 5-MeO-DMT-Acetate
    5. You dont have to worry that the excess acid might damage your butt because you just used 10 drops of it. And you dont really need to calculate the needed volume of acetic acid with any stochiometry. I mean you can but that is rather an issue if you want to snort it
    6. You clean the syringe you had just used the vinegar with. Now fill it with about 1ml of water which you can put onto the spoon with the 5-MeO-DMT-Acetate you just made. 
    7. Stir well and soak the whole solution up the syringe and it is ready for plugging.
    (8. I havent tried it personally, but you should also be able to let the excess water evaporate if you want to snort it. Then you should of course skip step 6 and use the vinegar very sparingly...)
    Hope this will help you