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  1. Here is the answer - human expirience does not include the reasons for anything in the existence, the same as the expiriences of any other organisms, with any other shapes of counsciousness, does not. Human counsciousness, and the other kinds of counsciousnesses, has evolved during the evolutin as a tool to survive. Asking your counsciousness for handing you a true nature of being is like to want your leg to do it. But leg is used for walking, and it could not do nothing more. Unless you want to deny evolution, you have to accept that enlightenment is overrated. It is a religious praction. Leo is making religion based on believes in suppernational order. Otherwise you can accept the believes in enlightenment. But if you do, do that consciously, for your own dignity. You better start think for yourself. You can still meditate, but it is way more clever to set your own goals for meditation and do not enter the mainstream. Enlightenment is mainstream, because it is so easy to accept the concept - not a lot of people have enough inteligence to understand what is going on.
  2. @Lorcan You definetly need to watch this video: Hope you like it
  3. This question is critical. Seriously, this is a great Idea to thing about. I would like to give you explenation that you are not going to like, because like all of the another people here on the forum, you are so close minded, that you can not alow yourself to think about enlightenment as it is somethink else, than supernatural matter. Enlightenment is not a supernatrual matter. It is physical state of being of your boady and mind. Enlightenment is fully adjustable in its essentials, as every other concept here on Earth. If you say that enlightenment is "merging of the consciousness with the infinity", than you made your ideal of it. This ideal can be changed. (For example, tomorrow Lio can drive crazy and say that the essence of enlightenment is becoming a strip dancer. Than all of the people here in community could, or could not accept his "strip dancing enlightenment propousal", and change, or not, the concept of enlightenment.) Now, sure it is way too heavier to make your counsciousness to behave as "the presence of infinity", than making it behave as what it would look alike to be strip dancing. Infinity is nothing really present in the nature. The same as number zero, it is pure concept of human mind. Nowhere in the universe is "number" zero, or "number" infinity manifested. Same it is not present nowhere in our counsciousness and it could not be found there. So we have to adjust our best quess what it looks alike in order to aproximate our ideal of enlightenment. Than we, naturaly, approach this ideal while meditating. So why is hard to mimic the expirience AFTER we done it before? It could be because our human counsciousness is a stream created by several dozens of factors, which could be hardly the same in the next meditation. The moods are not the same, the chemical balances in the boady are different, and so does other events in the game. When we include that it is not clear what enlightenment should be understand as, even though there could be some match in the community, than it is even harder to approach the goal that is not well defined. TL:DR - it is hard to replicate, that what you consider to be, "enlightened expirience" because the biological factors are different and because the ideal is not well defined and you do not understand what you are approaching - which is the ideal of enlightenment, which does not have its true form in nature, it is just a concept.
  4. Guys, you are playing hard core. "Vibration on a spectrum of reality", "presence-energy"... At the basic school we learn that we have 5 sences. Screw that. Not only that you can count a lot of other thinks as sences, like feeling of tempeture, or your bodily orientation, but your mind is just another sence. Meaning that your thoughts are the same sensory variations like touch or smell. So thoughts does not differ from another senses. If you want to explore the nature of your thoughts, feel what they want. They want to get of the tention of your daily stresses and fears. They want to be able of better complex thinking. So what you need is basicly to ask your self a more clever questions. B smart :-)
  5. Yes, you can meditate with open eyes. I do that often. I developed something that I call "Racing View", because the racers look at one point while seeing everything on the road. Practicly saying, be ready that in few minutes while your eyes are open, but not moving, the whole world will emerge into one gray area, which could be kind of uncomfortable. Your eyes are open, but you dont see much In the another matter, meditation with open eyes is good for mindfullness of your surroundings, but if you want to rather feel your boady, emotions and to watch your mind, it is better to have eyes closed. It is the matter of use. One is good for something else then the other, and you have to find out your preferences. Or! You can meditate with your eyes half closed and half open, which is kind a swag!
  6. The reality is unphantomable by human language, concepts and terms. If you are clever enough, you know, that either infinity is just a concept of human mind, so that all what Leo is saying about infinity being substance of reality is bullshit. If you want to find wisdom cheaply, it is better to watch The Simpsons rather than some senile sages on Youtube.
  7. Reality seems to be terribly made puzzle for solving with a naked humand mind. Lets rather play sudoku.
  8. Hello everybody, I have been gathering my lucid dreaming insides for you in last few months. Today I had another nice lucid dream and I think that my technique just started to work well, concluding so because of higher rate of lucid dreams in a particular time, (which is around three times a week right now). I heard that some of you tried to have lucid dreams for years without a success. Maybe you can find why here. Because I know that you already know a lot about lucid dreaming, I would like to avoid repeating basic stuff and highly popular facts. Here it is: What to do for induction of the lucid dream: 1. Know the shapes and dynamics of your dreams. In order to have lucid dream you need to know how your "daily" dreams look alike. What sources of influences are getting through your consciousness into the dream. Because your daily enviroment is in constant change, because the story of your live is different in every week, the content of dreams changes. You need to be able to imagine what your dreams might look alike tonight. While you are dreaming, you need to recognize that these things are exactly what you thought you will see in the dream - and when you know, you know that this is a dream. I recomend you to keep a dream jurnal, where you can write every morning the storyes and properties of the dream, and then study them at the evening. 2. You need to be able of long and consistent thinking. Atherwise, focus. When your mind cannot hold a thought for a time required to process it, and when you lose your mind all the time, than your thinking is nothing but vortex of nonsence. And this is going to naturaly project into the way of your dreaming. Your dreams will not be consistent of any shape and any dynamics. The events will be pushing themselves out of the way, which will arise into something completly resisting of a recognition. Thenafter, you will be nolonger able of lucid dreaming at all, nor of making sence of your dreams in your jurnal. I recomend you to train your mind in consistency. Read books, write articles, stories, meditate, train your focus. Also keep your jurnal nice written! Make long and nice sentences, try to find better ways of interpreting memories. Writing a dream jurnal is not a 5 minute matter! It can took a 20 minutes, and it must be done before you even leave the bed at the morning. The daily storyes in jurnal might have from 400 to 1000 words, (1000 in rare oportunities). 3. Notice that if you woked up, you are still in the dream. This is important. The first thing that strikes you most when you are lucid dreaming is fear of waking up. So what your mind is gonna do is that it will pretend to wake up, so you are gonna think that it is all gone and you will fall back to normal dreaming again. The best way to protect this is by assuming that each and every awakening is a false one, and that you are still in a dream. So when you wake up from lucid dream, you must realise, that this is not reality. You are still dreaming. So the the reality checks again. (Dont worry, when you really, and I mean REALLY, wake up, you are going to recognize it.) Contraditory factors: Obvious: Stress, alcohol, drugs. Messing with your thinking, making the dreams a "vortex of nonsence". More subtle: Sleep deprivation, sleeping too much, and irregular sleeping regime. You must have nice sleeping regime. Sleeping every day from x to y, without changing the numbers too much. You need to sleep enough, from 7-8 hours, and you must not sleep to much, nor too less. And you cannot think that sleeping is just an automatic process that happens by itself. It does not. You have to take care about your sleeping. (This is also important for your health and wellbeing.) Goals to accomplish: It is important to set good expectation for yourself, to set what you can achieve durring dreaming, and what is too much for you right now. Here are some my goals in chronological order. But you can set your own. 1. Learn to recognize a dream. 2. Learn to become lucid in the dream. 3. Learn to not fall back asleep while lucid dreaming. 4. Learn to manipulate the land of dreams. 5. Learn to rememer the actual date and day in week while you are dreaming - if it is monday 8. 21. 2017, or not, and place where you are dreaming - if your are at home or staing at hotel... Why to lucid dream? 1. I think that the most important benefit of lucid dreaming is the new sence of reality that you gain. It is realy impressive to se how does these dreams look alike. You know - dreams can be SO MUCH REAL. Dreams can sometime feel much more real than the reality we are living. Just a few of my first lucid dreams have completly changed my view on reality. Reality is nothing but a halucination based on approximation of surrounding events. And this sence is realy powerfull. 2. Good Hobby. A: "What did you do last night?" B: "Well, I a was sleeping, and you?" A: "I was lucid dreaming about flying high in the skyes!" For real, lucid dreams can be fun. But, yes, it is jus a hobby, so even if it might look like I am very serious about them, I am not. I could clearly say that lucid dreaming is not as important as having good fun at the real live with real friends. Every hobby must have its limits, even it is an impressive one. So that is it! Thank you very much for reading! In case of wider interest, I realy recomend you to read book Lucid dreaming from Stephen LaBerge! Google him. I am open to your questions and suggestions.
  9. @Sevi True! @Leo Gura Hey Leo, please take a look at this book: Thanks
  10. Hello everybody! I want to share with you this hilarious video about minimalism. I have just recently started being a minimalist. Today I was searching for an inspiratin about minimalism when I found this. I could clearly say, this gave me a mirror, nothing has to be overdone. I continue being minimalist, but a bit more sober one. There it is I recomned you to take a look around his channel. He could change point of view to lot of us. Sometimes we are to serious. Self-help junkies are a bit of laughable.
  11. I know this kind of experience. I had thouse when I was finishing my first ten months of meditation habbit. Now I meditate acordingly to chinese meducine. There are no more "angles of observation", now I experience connection with the body, which is very important. I have an advice for you - do your "observing angle" meditation if you find it usefull, but try to avoid disconnection with your body. That could really freak you out. It is nor good, nor healthy.
  12. Maybe you start to appreciate that contemplation doesnt have nothing to offer you How about you to start playing badminton instead?
  13. Well, I have really different oppinion Your consciousness is definetly connected to your body, and it is definetly created in your brain. Consciousness evolved durring the evolution like everything other. We humans are able to do different things with our consciousness than dogs are, which is because we are a lot different in our DNA. Do you know what consciousness really is? It is an evolurionary advatage. Like legs and arms, blood and sweat. Thinking that consciousness is something that magicaly appeard out of the blue in the body is silly. Did you ever go sleep? What is your consciousness doing durring early sleep? It is dissolvig into subconscuouss stream of tired toughts. Have you ever been drunk...? What is your consciousness doing while you have "a window"? And how is that drugs even effects our consciousness at all? These chemicals are messing with our brain and body. That is why consciousness is able to react chemicals in our body - because it is a bunch of chemicals and electric activity. There is no realy nothing at all magical about consciousness. It is all mater, all biological processes.
  14. @Dan Arnautu I think that you do not know how to relax. You know what is relaxation? It is the opposite from doing on purpose. Next time you go to meditation, try something different. Try to let go of everything. Try to fell what you need the most to do — and then let the neediness go out. Release everything needy. Say yourself „I am going to acomplish nothing“. And insist to that. You are going to acomplish nothing at all at the duration of this meditation. And than enjoy. I think that the biggest problem of yours could be sticking too much to your purpose. You feel too much small to acpomplish it. This creates feeling that reality is unfeasible. This is what you need to release. Try to not drive into extreme. Try to adjust your meditation to your feelings. When you feel bad, your meditation needs to change.
  15. @Chrissy j Oh, you look exactly like somebody who didnt saw Leos enlightement FAQ! Yes, it seems long, but it is helpfull!