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  1. I am very familiar with this feeling. The only solution I found was doing shadow work and lots of it, like 2 hours a day. Those emotional blocks need to be removed.
  2. From my experience, it's not very efficient trying to get specific questions answered. My mind seems to know which part of the shadow to dissolve next and following a different order doesn't feel right - kind of like trying to understand how a transistor works before learning about electricity. I believe understanding psychology is the type of thing that is intuitive - where once you solve a part of the shadow, it just clicks in your mind and seems obvious. But the work is much more emotional than logical in nature. Without doing this work, someone can logically tell you all of the answers and you can memorize them without really understanding them
  3. If they invade a NATO country like Poland or Lithuania, quite unlikely
  4. Is what I said considered doom and gloom? I'm not trying to fearmonger but please tell me if I'm too negative here... I'm not saying that society would collapse, nor would it get nearly as bad as WWII but that the next decade or two would be tough. Sri Lanka is just a taste of what's to come in some parts of the world. I agree, there's one going on now; and if people make too many mistakes there may be a bigger one. That being said, I haven't ruled it out as a possibility. Even if the everyone agrees not to invade Russia proper for example, a drawn out war may lead to them to be spread too thinly and not be able to handle domestic uprisings. A strong show of force can be seen as a solution (a tragic one of course). They would likely limit it to one small bomb on the battlefield hoping that the other side wouldn't retaliate forcefully and come to the negotiating table offering favorable terms. China could invade Taiwan and nuke American ships if they start losing because they may believe that their failure to seize Taiwan would lead to people losing faith in them, leading to their demise. These types of decisions would likely not be made until deep into a war when the leaders start panicking. These leaders are smart but care more about staying in power than the wellbeing of their people. So to them it'll be worth it to take these risks if they think they can come out on top as a result. Of course, this is highly speculative and depends on the psychology of the individual leaders. It's possible. Russia already has a weak economy and with their low birthrates it'll only get worse. Now that Europe is weaning off of their energy, they'll have to sell it to China who would obviously rip them off because they are the only ones willing to buy all of it. It wouldn't be so easy to pay their security forces. Rather than a big collapse, I believe Russia would just become a loose confederation with their outer regions falling into foreign spheres of influence. Things are a lot worse in China than what is reported in the news. There's a bank run going on now, I'm not sure why because they aren't so transparent about it. They are at risk of running out of food because of unusual amounts of flooding recently, as well as farms getting paved over to make buildings.. so now they are stockpiling a lot of food to avoid a famine. The real estate market is falling apart - this was an important way for local governments to raise funds, now they need to get bailed out or go bankrupt. The current government is anti private business and that's really hurting the economy, not to mention covid zero. They are spending a lot of money on the belt and road initiative; it really should be spent on domestic investments as most of the people are still poor. They are so good at suppressing the population that you likely wouldn't hear of anything until things are already in freefall. For now though, I think the communist party would maintain control albeit more brutally. They still have time to reform if they oust the chairman, which is possible given that a lot of people in the party don't like him and that he doesn't have complete power over everything. I don't think so either. Another authoritarian faction would rise up promising to make things better in most of these places
  5. Not a first strike but a desperate attempt to change the tides of a conventional war. Retaliation would likely not include nuking cities. Militaries would be much more interested in destroying military bases, nuke silos, ports and battalions in the field. What I'm saying is that it's possible for nuking population centers to remain taboo but not military targets. I'm not sure what you mean by 'happening on its own.' Economic collapse is one of these things that happen very often usually because of shortsighted policies or bad luck ie global supply chain shortages, inflation, climate change etc
  6. I live alone but sometimes my scheduled trip lines up with when I'm at home with my parents. Still do it, but sometimes when I go to the kitchen to grab water and run into my mom makes me feels self-conscious. She also starts acting weird trying to pretend like everything is normal. You need to be capable of spending the whole trip sitting and meditating. Easier on low doses. I suppose being at home would help prevent worse things like calling 911 I stay away from mushrooms because they get too twisted sometimes, preferring LSD. If you have access to that then I'll recommend that. That being said, mushrooms are still very good if you know your limits.
  7. He'll very much not want to be debunked because that'll mean that he'll have to start taking responsibility
  8. Authoritarian powers always fall apart pretty quick. Just think of all the peasant revolts, peoples' revolutions, king's jealous brother, losing wars, etc. I'd say many authoritarian governments will fall just to get replaced other ones Using low-yield nukes to wipe out a carrier fleet in international waters may be an 'acceptable' strategy for some.
  9. ^ yup Might work but you'll be miserable doing that and feel guilty after a while especially if you go into spirituality. Women are only attracted to that because the bar's set so low anyways Through proper shadow work you should be able to work out every bad emotion, and belief and reach a good level of emotional mastery. At that point you will realize that both the 'nice guy' and the 'toxic guy' are both not good options, and that you could transcend both
  10. Without suffering I would have unified relativity and quantum mechanics by now.
  11. Yes agreed. Your subconscious will keep self-sabotaging - you feeling disillusioned is one example of that happening right now. Willpower only works in the long term when you feel good about doing something. If you feel like shit willpower will only get you through a couple months max
  12. Dark energy? lol you don't have to be dark. Just grounded and comfortable. If you're scared, they can sense that and be 'nice' but not attracted
  13. Agreed! Another important factor to consider is that the world is mainly green and below. So, much of yellow politics would be about preventing them from doing stupid things. Yellow politics in a yellow society would be very different.
  14. I think it depends on the society and circumstance. National conservatism for example is interested in preserving national and cultural identity. When too many opposing identities exist within a single country, this oftentimes leads to political instability and at times collapse. That's because each group acts in it's own interest, for example the Tigray war in Ethiopia. Arguably, the US is multiethnic but not multicultural, where people identify as 'American,' which is a stabilizing factor. So a yellow thinker can recognize the benefit of maintaining homogeneity within a society and thus be conservative in that regard. They wouldn't be as interested in any specific traditional value though.
  15. I must disagree. The US will likely remain the global power for the next few centuries because: Healthy demographics Competitive 1: The best people from all around the world come to the US. Competitive 2: There's a strong culture of making money and being the best. This isn't great from the consciousness standpoint but a marvel in terms of geopolitics Strong national identity in most states. People these days are anti-nationalistic but that's very important for a multi-ethnic country to remain stable. Military: Not only does it spent the most but has adopted effective doctrines. Things are much more bleak for other contenders: China: The whole social contract is built upon the promise that the communist party will provide economic growth in exchange for freedom Rapid economic growth (double digit %/year) only works in low income countries, and China is middle income now. Demographics. An aging population is tough enough for Japan; for China with a GDP per capita of $10k USD this will be a catastrophe The CCP is stifling private companies. It's a well known fact that state-owned enterprises don't work nearly as well due mainly to corruption and inefficiency. The trust in the government is highly dependent on whether they can take Taiwan, an island fortress. Even if they do win, they'll lose at least a million troops and that's destabilizing. Poor military track record: In the most recent war they invaded Vietnam with a big numeric advantage and failed due to lack of coordination, poor training etc. Other stuff: government doesn't effectively collect taxes. Selling rights to land isn't working anymore since Evergrande China can and will likely become the world power, but not in this century Russia: Rapidly shrinking population. Furthermore, the population of the Slavs, the ruling elite, is shrinking while that of ethnic Muslims is increasing. This is bad news for them because the latter were previously conquered by Russians. Poor resource based economy and corrupt government It at least has a strong military.? Nope, can't even conquer Ukraine, should've been done within a month but they're still fighting over Donbas. Western Europe: Basically got traumatized by the world wars and lost their competitive edge. Not interested in becoming hegemons India: Currently corrupt and unable to get much done. Developing a solid democratic tradition that should propel it onto the global stage, albeit much later - after sorting out their internal issues.