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  1. Raising the minimum wage is regulation, not taxation. I support that. Yeah unskilled immigration is a horrible idea. Easiest way to make unskilled locals' labor worth pennies. That's always been the case throughout history and would be for the foreseeable future. Urbanization and no religion are the main issues, but yes that contributes. No never nothing, always invested somewhere. We're talking about the economy here. You can't get those without a strong economy (except birthrate) So my point is if you have 500 million vs 50 billion, you would have the same lifestyle. By investing in industry, which they do, they better society. Taxing would make them do less of that. Tax won't solve these issues. If you do that, and you give money to people to buy homes, home prices go up and we're back to square one. Different zoning laws are needed here.
  2. My point is that he's worth 184 billion. Yes there is X amount of wealth. But how do you measure it? At the end of the day there's X amount of goods and services. Just because the wealthy can buy billions of it, they won't because they can only use so much individually. And what exactly do the poor pay for? They pay in terms of their labor and that could be compensated with livable wages rather than direct taxation. The US consistently has 25% of the world wealth. Things can only go downhill. But they're still American companies and the profits remain in the States. I'm saying these large firms would delist and move to foreign stock exchanges.
  3. On face value, it seems like a good idea to tax the rich but I'm starting to think that's not the case; except for consumption which they should be taxed the hell out of (+ high inheritance tax). When it comes to the uber rich, most of their wealth is locked up in investments and a very small proportion of it is spent buying stuff (yachts, private jets, etc). If Elon Must were to double his wealth, he probably wouldn't buy an extra jet but would invest it somewhere. Since investment, as long as it stays within the country, creates capital for new companies, and jobs, it's something that should be encouraged. If they were taxed heavily on profits from investments, the uber rich would only make bets with the highest margins and lowest risk at best. At worst, they would move their money elsewhere. This argument does not apply in countries where they get rich through corruption. Taxing the rich may seem appealing in the short term, given that citizens would receive more services. However, this could hurt the economy and lead to less wealth overall - leading to less taxes and a lower standard of living.
  4. I don't think the law should apply to him in this situation. That would cause a civil war overnight
  5. If things get that bad you could expect there to be a revolution where the ruling elite die off (think French Revolution) with a new constitution being written. Inequality is dangerous in that way
  6. It completely depends on who you are and how you act. If she thinks that she won't meet a better guy anytime soon she'll definitely be interested. A successful approach really depends on you personality but in general these worked for me: - Don't be nervous - Be reasonable - Be confident - Smile genuinely - Make an effort to connect - Be sane - Be happy - Don't try to impose your opinion on her - Don't be desperate - Have good things going on in your life - Banter / have fun These are things you just need to get an intuition for and can't fake for long. You could also go the bad guy approach but I can't say much given my lack of success there
  7. @Bobby_2021 While I'm not Leo, I'd say the decimation of American manufacturing jobs.. Which was catastrophic for the rust belt. This also reduces America's ability to wage total war. And don't forget China won't be as strong as it is now if it weren't for globalism
  8. obfuscation through technicalities
  9. And they pick and choose where to be morally outraged.. it seems they are extremely sensitive to lesser evils by the powerful, completely accommodating when it comes to greater evils by the weak, and are completely indifferent to the needs of the middle class.
  10. In civ 4 destroyers + other subs can see subs, so that might work
  11. A combination of physical barriers and stringent vehicle checks absolutely would approach that. I'm ok with the few that get through via submarine, that's manageable. 1) They would need to be very athletic. 2) They would also have to be willing to risk it. The ones who try and fail might get harmed. Others see this and would wonder if it's worth risking it themselves. Not about justice. But about securing the border. Please make the distinction between illegal migrants and immigrants. Also you should visit New York and see what it's like. I'm all for legal immigration and would like to see a complete stop to illegal migration
  12. Ok so with strong measures we can reduce illegal entries by 1/3. That's very good. Yeah, but what if we put barbed wire along the entire border. Or a wall? So if a parent is willing to risk their child dying at the border. What do you think they would do to survive if they made it into the States, and see that locals have it better than them (and aren't welcoming because migrants led to the degradation of their community)?
  13. It is very effective. Many migrants can't just fly in since they need a visa and to pay a flight. Physically blocking migrants would prevent some (not all) from entering. The risk of injury will deter more. You're making value statements: "I would rather migrants avoid injury than securing the border." So you're basically making a leftist argument and want open borders in practice.
  14. You can't make that argument when the dems in Washington decide to cut barbed wire that Texans put up. It might as well be an open border if it's that easy for a migrant to cross.
  15. For a girl to keep me around she'd need to: - Be psychologically healthy - Give me enough alone time (I'm an introvert) - Have similar enough beliefs / things in common - Not do anything stupid that would make me wary of being around her Otherwise I'll tell her we lack 'chemistry' and aren't compatible. Feels like basically the same reason why women keep men around