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  1. Why would I do that 🤔 my time is valuable
  2. I can't remember which one it was but I read this old sci-fi story where humans traded uranium for gold with aliens
  3. You're probably just sensing inflation and unemployment.. War only drives people nuts after it starts
  4. Modern urban spirituality is a bit ahead of the times, better luck if you were born 30 years later
  5. Learn from China!!
  6. I've had fairly similar experiences when I use LSD for years now and use it to grow faster. Thought I'd share a bit about it in case it might work for you too.. During my trips, I focus on how my mind works out these energies so that I could (crudely) replicate it when sober. This is just an expected extension of my "trip"; I sit down and work on those emotions as if I were on the acid and can process them around 0.5x as efficiently, with the rate decreasing as time goes by. It's emotionally tough yes but very effective. If the thoughts get too twisted, I focus on nothingness - that tends to untangle those energies over time. Either way like others have said the emotions do tend to settle down on their own so it's not something to be too worried about.
  7. ... according to Mr. Global Times.
  8. Asserting that China has never invaded another country is certainly misinformation. You also said that China doesn't suffer from crime and gang activity; that is also false. I suppose you can technically argue that China is a stable place to raise a family so I won't call that misinformation but I do certainly consider that to be misleading, personally. You certainly haven't demonstrated this as you've said nothing that is critical of the CCP but found countless criticisms of the US and the 'West'. You even made a positive statement on covid-zero but failed to make any critical statement such as people's rights being taken away and the loss of life. You criticized the US for "anti-democratically asserting its own superiority" on the world stage, yet you support the Chinese government, which doesn't even provide democratic freedoms to its own people. It is absolutely absurd how you even bring up the word 'democracy' in a positive light while supporting one of the least democratic countries on the planet. I'll finish here by saying that it is quite rich of you to go to a Western site to praise a system that doesn't even allow you to criticize the regime with harsh penalties such a jail time, and decry intolerance; while at the same time vehemently condemning that Western country because you know that you can get away with it due to free speech. Whether or not the mods ban you, the reason why I'm bringing this up in the first place is because I think it's important for members of this forum to be aware of bad actors like yourself and think critically as there is a lot of state sponsored propaganda going around social media these days.
  9. I'm not talking about justifications, just about whether that prior statement was factual. An invasion of a 'feudal society' due to 'asserting its claim to territory' is an invasion nonetheless. Also, why is half of your reply about the US, they have many other specifically focused topics on this forum. In the case of Vietnam, you do realize that this was after they overthrew the Khmer Rouge (who are responsible for the Cambodian genocide). You aren't making the CCP sound like the good guys for attacking Vietnam in 'retaliation' for this.
  10. well except the 1950 annexation of tibet, korean war, the 1962 sino-indian war (annexed Aksai Chin) and the 1979 sino-vietnamese war (where they lost and went home) You know @Jwayne, even though the 50 cent army is state endorsed, you're still breaking the law by going over the great firewall. Stop spreading misinformation. Please leave this forum.
  11. Classic Chinse propaganda.. Starting by getting permission to spread propaganda. Whataboutism + select anti-American strong words. Cherry-picking and omission of critical details. Kissinger worked for the Nixon administration and this was said during a speech in the early 70s . Also - making an individual represent the entire country Chinese rhetoric summed up in a sentence. Genocide denial. For everyone else reading this thread - here's a police leak containing the names of tens of thousands of detainees and their crimes: This is also another point made by tankies and propagandists which is not true. If you visit Xinjiang as a foreigner, you will be trailed by a random dude(s) and will be pushed away if you tried to visit a camp (you can find them with satellite images)
  12. Question for you @Jwayne. Do you believe than Taiwan is an integral part of China and that the Xinjiang genocide is just western propaganda?
  13. They could have in 2011. But Xi's been smart about it and didn't do anything too drastic to get the party to oust him; gradually weeding out all opposition (ie anti-corruption) and putting his buddies in the top positions in congress and the military. In China especially, it's about who you know, who would support you (same in the US but less), and the levers you could pull to destroy your opponents. There's definitely pros and cons to consolidating power in this way...
  14. Yeah because he systematically purged the other factions within the CCP that provided at least a bit of accountability. If you recall Hu Jintao getting escorted out of a meeting by guards last year and Li Keqiang getting sacked from the premier role. He's putting his allies in all of the top positions so no one can question him.
  15. If we're talking about sovereignty, I'd say that a lot of Russians believe that the Soviet Union is just another name for Russia and that they are regaining sovereignty of what they think belongs to them. Say, Texas became independent from the US after some depression and got international recognition, I'm not sure whether most Americans wouldn't want the same thing 30 years later. Of course, Texas doesn't have the same history / identity as Ukraine. By brainwashing and relocating Ukrainian children to non-Slavic regions (which is a war crime), they could dilute the local population (i.e. Chechnya, Tuva, etc), ultimately reducing the risk of secession in these regions - especially considering the low birthrate among ethnic Russians. It's important to remember that Russia is a highly centralized ethnostate that has exploited it's resource-rich peripheral regions for centuries and kept them poor. From a sovereignty/strategic standpoint it checks out - but I still hope they loose considering all of the suffering caused.