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  1. oh God, with all my heart i wish this is true but it simply isn't.
  2. i wanted to meet God, i got what i wanted.... for "normal" people i followed my heart or soul in past 10years and only that.....
  3. im a part of God, that's it, nothing more, nothing else, he's still "better" then me.
  4. im alive after 4 years, good enough for me.
  5. meditating on cute babies, it relax me so much, their eyes oh my gosh! also music.....
  6. start reading NDE (near death experinces) that's how i started is there something on other side is good question to start with
  7. this should be moved to serious emotional problems.....
  8. you are right, except my health issues, i dont have "problems" per se.....
  9. honestly: just to survive....