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  1. yup, I had a hunch about u miles away and I was right at the end lol, God bless....
  2. I can't tell if you are woman or man, if man and if that "online" is Grindr, it's really not you. but generally speaking LOTR meme's are almost 15-20 years old, and honestly not so much fun after zillions time, yes LOTR is perfect trilogy but outdated and not creative anymore. and I'm not that young anymore lol.
  3. I have such a fixation on movies, i must have been failed actor who killed himself!
  4. to clean his room BEFORE going live.
  5. you literally broke down completely after girl rejected you/broke up with you, i can't take you seriously what are writing here.
  6. here's a cake for you, I don't drive!
  7. your situation is actually cute and funny and you can be creative in a million ways, mine just stinks of "incest vibes" cause of big family I guess and traumas we went through together so my mind doesn't need one more lol.
  8. you are one of world leaders and you have a new plague on your hands, the same magnitude as in medevil times, of course you will panic and overkill it.
  9. just trolling and killing time and learning about cults
  10. if someone I like has the same name from my family (there 8 of us) it's instant switch off, everything is closed, shop is closed!
  11. you can't be yellow/construct aware and don't know how to talk to girls, all I see here is big talk on spiritual and psych subforums about God and infinity and shit show on sexuality and politics subforums from same users....math doesnt mathing here.....
  12. spiritual bypassing. you went from 100% rejection to unconditional love. big nope. there's a universe of emotions and states between that. and you are telling bunch of incels not to fall in love with a woman (indirectly).
  13. just what I "need", my first Ayahuascu ceremony and I get possessed, just my luck lol. sarcasm to max.
  14. it was a joke.