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  1. why such a big font?
  2. @diamondpenguin Hussein was honest with him self and said that he Will start from the bottom (Blue) again, respect that and dont mock him.
  3. yeah, can you elaborate a little bit more on this, suffering=healing.
  4. i have no psychadelic experience but in the future hoping to try ayahuasca
  5. this will sound so arrogant oh gosh, i know, but you start to "see" everyone as your "children" which you love so so much.
  6. nothing, i Already love him with all my Being.
  7. @Carl-Richard very nice description of Tier 2, thank you.
  8. i say it to lemons, grass, bees, rocks all the time lol
  9. uuuuuu i still have 12 years to reach my peak