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  1. recently moved to Duesseldorf, Germany
  2. thanks for creating this topic! i was hooked on Dr.Berg for a couple of weeks and that encouraged me to study keto, didn't last long though (cutting on sugar almost drove me insane lol). there's a bunch of positive comments under his videos, claiming that he's almost Jesus for some, who have cured their health disorders with his advice, that conventional medicine couldn't...
  3. @StudentOfLeove i would advise to look into Neville Goddard's teachings. this can give you a good perspective as to how control this dream...
  4. i once dreamt of a youtuber's father passing away. in my dream i was in his house and saw a big black coffin with a golden cross, in the corner. the next day that guy reported that his dad got better (he was ill at the time) and was like, phew it is just a dream. in a few days though he didn't make it this was completely random, because it was a random youtuber i used to watch from time to time, not sure why this event chose to appear in my dream...
  5. спасибо)
  6. pls share his name ?
  7. 26 is certainly not old. even Leo literally admitted that "26 is super young" in regards to a question mentioning the same age (i believe it was in the one of his YT comments). but even if you don't go to college, who do you plan to work as, in the meantime? also, is this possible for you to work and study at the same time? that would give you more confidence in my opinion.
  8. thanks a lot for the link ? i also heard of "shamanic tapping", is this even a valid term?
  9. ok i see. did you learn/ do you speak Dutch? the knowledge of English is outstanding in NL.
  10. @yolosmoothie @molosku can i dm you both when i'm back to NL? i'm supposed to be sent over there anyway, when the corona restrictions are dropped more or less.
  11. oh my gosh, i love The Netherlands. i lived in Haarlem for two weeks on work, one of the best experiences in my life ?