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  1. @Elham Yeah, maybe it was. I notice lately my energy is shifting more towards the masculine/yang side of things.
  2. @Leo Gura Could you recommend any books from your list or other resources that more relate to like severe depression n mental health and dealing with that? I've heard you say you don't really specialize in that, I guess I'm looking for another route for resources. Or maybe a better question is, would you even recommend reading or studying any of the books on your list, even the emotional mastery ones (i.e., they may help people with general emotional mastery but not severe mental health/trauma issues), for people with serious mental health issues? @Hello from Russia I think it's less about being lazy, as I do like studying this stuff. I think A) I get stingy about spending money, so I hesitate with that, and B) I think I maybe also subtly use studying these higher level things (maybe) as a distraction from the work I really need to be doing... I mean, in some ways maybe it's true, but studying this stuff might also help me and give me inspiration. Not too clear on that last one. C) I'm also trying to just be more strategic in buying and consuming resources. These are long books, and I just don't want to waste my time studying stuff that isn't most relevant to me right now (like big ol' mental health issues and relationship issues, etc. the basics). But that "Integral Life Practice" seems a bit more practical and up my alley though. Cheers.
  3. Can anyone give me first-hand comparisons and reviews of these two books? What's different about them? Which book is good/bad for understanding what subjects? Would you recommend a book in particular over another one? Pros/cons? Would you recommend reading one over the other, or any of them at all, if the person is still struggling with the basics? I think I'm looking for a book that doesn't focus too much on the spirituality side (though, I may be), but is sort of all-encompassing. I dunno... something that is like good fora lot of people. though, having said that, maybe spirituality is a thing I'm interested in pursuing and even making a living at. I hesitate to read too much detailed spirituality since I feel I still need to cover a lot of the basics (mental health, job/career/LP, relationships). I definitely have my share of suffering, and feel that the rest of my life isn't really "handled". So I hesitate to buy books that might not be what I need right now. On the other hand, I am kind of interested in this stuff, and probably could benefit from it. And spirituality might be somewhat of a career path for me... so I dunno. Cheers
  4. Maybe also some memoirs of monks' experiences ... wasn't there a book or accounts of monks in early history in Japan who started warring with each other? Leo talked about it....
  5. Hey. So I've been feeling/thinking that I probably want to work towards one day creating some sort of spiritual community. Does anyone have any good books, documentaries, videos, people or other resources which could give me insights into what it takes to build and sustain a healthy community, and all the traps involved as well. It could be anecdotes and experiences people have had (e.g., like if one of Osho's followers wrote a book about their experiences and lessons learned), or more analytical and knowledge-based books about creating communities. I'm more interested in spiritual communities in particular. Stories of people's attempts, successes, failures, lesson's, advice, and stories would be great! Cheers
  6. I mean, strong determination sitting and not budging for any discomfort is a method to increase meditation benefits I've heard... But also... "There are no rules. But, there are rules."
  7. @X_X Ya, I've heard of the idea that people take Stoicism to mean toxic suppression of emotions and just being unhealthily... well... "Stoic". Vs. a healthy inquiry into emotions and life and neither suppressing nor destructively expressing them.
  8. Cheers errybody! @Elham Yea, I actually bought a plant last year and as soon as I bought it and was carrying back to my place, I had this motherly sort of feeling towards it. I was a bit uncomfortable with that feeling, like maybe too much smothering or love or something. It felt a little weird or off... but I dunno. Maybe I'm just not comfortable with that part of me yet. The plant still lives though!
  9. ... corporatist shill you say?... no moral qualms about eroding Democracy if it's politically advantageous to do so you say?... ... I kinda get the sense that Bret Weinstein may be dipping his toe in the reactionary tent a bit. I don't really know lots about politics or his politics, but just from the little I've heard him speak and the circles he tends to swim in, I get a bit of a stage Green-Red-Blue (i.e., not Orange) resistance. But I dunno.
  10. @Jacob Morres ... I can't remember where I came across it. I think I was just scanning their website and saw it. The link is above. If you're interested in the sort of future global landscapes, meta-crisis, global human system phase shift, preparing sensemaking, etc., and the stuff the FutureThinkers seem to delve into, I think you might also like Jordan Hall, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Nora Bateson and a website/YT channel called Rebel Wisdom.
  11. Here's a page for a new movement called "Unity 2020". I have not researched it much at all, but from my initial scans of the page, the essence seems to be a new political system for the U.S. That system being nominating 2 people (perhaps one from either side of the political spectrum) to co-govern the states. At the start of the presidential period, a "coin toss" beings alternating turns of who has final say on issues which cannot be solved through consensus between the two leaders. ... Though I'd post it for resource and research purposes. Seemed interesting.
  12. Getting examples of the Cook-Greuter ego stages. Trying to differentiate more between them to see them more clearly, especially the Expert and Achiever stages (though, I've still not watched the part 2 or 3 videos of the series).