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  1. @LSD-Rumi Just saying thats way to often, would not recommend.
  2. Its best if used at a minimum I would say once a month if that. I haven't taken it for about three years now, but took it sometimes when I was using kratom daily. I never really cared for it, it just put me to sleep half of the time. You wouln't want to consume alcohol on it or you won't get out of bed for days after.
  3. @Leo Gura It’s the Wild West out here man.
  4. @Husseinisdoingfine As a texas resident, yes. I keep one in my car and one in my apartment. Everyone has one here.
  5. @something_else Agree with this unfortunately. People preach gun control and we are beyond that... it won't be enough. Guns would have to dissappear overnight for this to stop.
  6. @kray Honestly no one knows. We're fucked, this shit is not going to stop. We are absouletly fucked...
  7. Maybe or maybe not? Vendors post lab reports but how can you really know for sure? What's your reason for taking kratom anyways? Take it from someone who took it daily for two years, just go ahead and stop before it's to difficult. It will turn around and bite you eventually, slippery slope that you don't want to go down. I sell cars so I was taking it for work, but I started experiencing negative side effects into the second year and had to stop taking it.
  8. I've never had any problems coming down from mushrooms. The only thing with LSD is that it just lasts a long time, your over it and ready to go to bed but can't because you're still to stimulated. I could take two grams of mushrooms at 4pm and be in bed by 2-3am, not with LSD though.
  9. @Vadiminator I would try reaching out to a Psychic in your local area. Read their Yelp, google reviews, etc, it needs to be someone good. Someone who you can feel comfortable with and discuss what your going through. I formed a good connection with one in my area, she helped me get through some dark times, and I still go see her a couple times a year. Worth a shot, don’t lose faith.
  10. Oh absolutely, especially if a mind is already ripe and ready to be cracked open.
  11. Sounds like you had some sort of glimpse. This is how it is, it can come and go so quick, then your mind will be like wait... what was that? The mind wants to "understand", I think Leo had a blog post about that. I would just let that play out and don't become to attached with trying to understand what happened.
  12. I would guess no one could know as long as the body is alive and breathing, because when the body dies then it can’t come back and explain what happens. I think its different from a near death experience because you get to come back. People report having a out of body experience or some mystical experience, or even just some void but who really knows when the body is gone for good. If I had to take a guess, once the body dies your experience dissolves back into awareness as a completely blank state and depending on any spiritual work done during the lifetime, maybe awareness can stay aware of itself as the whole or become lost in a dream again.
  13. For me not much has changed, other than I have a better understanding of what reality is. Life just carries on, it doesn’t care whether you’re god realized or not. All it took was one mushroom trip and the realization has stuck with me since, and you also realize there is no beginning or end. What did I do first as god? Well I was always god, I was just aware of it. I got up the next morning and just went to work like an average human being.
  14. I feel you on this, for me this comes and goes. No your're not bullshitting yourself, just enjoy it when it happens. So next time this happens just be mindful of the ego mind, you might feel this way because it's unfamiliar and the mind might perceive it as threatening.