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  1. You'd be surprised that no one really cares. It is fine man, seriously, don't sweat it. Most of us have been there before.
  2. @REALNEGA Have a mystical experience, something mind shattering, that would probably be one of the best if not the only way to spark a real desire for truth.
  3. It's up to you whether or not you keep up with spiritual practices. You need your ego to live in this life so I'm not sure what you mean with this question. Your identity to the ego gets dropped, that's what will die.
  4. @Anton Rogachevski We see these bodies and not this unconditional love. It takes effort on the minds part to align with this, we become so hardwired against it.
  5. I wouldn't be so fixated on trying to find some solution when I'm sure you are fine. This is all fear based monkey mind gibberish. Don't do anything to drastic while in this confused state. Give yourself some time to recalibrate.
  6. You will adapt, it might take some time though. Try to relax.
  7. I would ask yourself what is positive in your life right now? What are you not appreciating in your life right now? Do you have people that care about you? Do you have a roof over your head every night? A bed to sleep in? We get so caught up in the negatives that we completely lose sight of what is good right now. As long as you keep your awareness there you will keep fueling that mindset, like pouring gasoline on a fire. Speaking from my own direct experience in dealing with my own darkness, in times like these often life is trying to teach you a lesson, big or subtle lessons, so remain present.
  8. @Mikael89 I agree, then I think it's about aligning yourself with your true authenticity so you can fully let go and be the witness of your life play out in unconditional love, joy, peace, abundance, and perfect harmony.
  9. @the_wanderer There are an infinite number of ways, whatever vibes with you then do that. Mediation, affirmations, journal, eat healthy, exercise, yoga, etc.
  10. Make healing your number one priority, nothing else matters but your well being. Stay strong and have faith.
  11. Yeah sometimes mediation isn't necessary when your dealing with these energies. I would say yoga would be more beneficial to help balance it out. Either way it doesn't care about what your ego thinks of it, it is just energy. I agree with @Tony 845 , just let it be. It's gonna do what it wants to do in you anyways, whether you agree with that or not. Also exercise is great if your not doing yoga. That's what I do when I'm feeling energetically over whelmed.
  12. @SoonHei Just smoke less next time and you should be good. Leafly is a good place to check out, very informative about all the strains.
  13. Do you know what strain you smoked? Sativa's are more of a head high which can cause your thoughts to race while indicas are more of a body high. If you live in place where weed is legal then you have the luxury to choose which one is more suitable for you, it will make a difference. Me personally I've always preferred hybrids, best of both worlds, leaning more on the sativa side.
  14. I've had this happen to me before but it has been awhile. But yeah, it just felt like I was free falling and I would wake up with my arms and legs spazzing out, only to realize I'm in my bed... Not falling haha. I'd be interested to see if someone had some sort of explanation for it.
  15. @Nahm I didn't know you were doing these transmissions, that's awesome. I don't give a shit what other minds have to say, this works. Just approach it without expectations and let the energy work on you. That "I" will be eliminated and you will be rooted directly back into source.