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  1. Bro you took 4 tabs of acid 4 hours ago, I wouldn't dive into a trip report yet, your still tripping lol.
  2. @AleksM Yeah for me its more about what you said last. I'm making this so much harder then it has to be, and I know this too.
  3. @AleksM Curious if you have any advice for point #2? Really struggling with that one, I feel bipolar now, like I'm about to just lock myself in a room for a month and just mediate it's that bad. I guess it's just part of the process... My monkey isn't happy right now.
  4. I'm 98% sure I'm having a kundalini awakening, I can relate to all of these.
  5. @Thorny_arms Wow that's pretty incredible.
  6. @egoless I would say yes there is such a thing of over using any psychedelics. Know what you can handle. You might have such a profound mindfuck paradigm busting trip that you would want to months to integrate the experience. When the mind gets fucked allow it to get back on its feet before it gets fucked again.
  7. If you haven't already, Leo put a post about the dangers of psychedelics on the insight blog, go check it out. My psychedelic use has defiantly effected my experience of smoking weed now, no doubt about. Whenever I'm stoned now it sort of reminds me of my LSD trips since I've used LSD the most in the past year. Vice versa, an individual who's had a breakthrough on 5 MEO DMT will most likely experience 5 MEO like affects if they smoke weed. Not being able to handle weed like you use to? Depends on the person really, for me personally I'm perfectly fine with it. I don't know if its possible for shrooms to cause brain damage, most certainly not if you know your using it in a responsible manner. What other effects should be expected? Well, if your using psychedelics for enlightenment work, you'll start trudging through unknown territory at some point and there's no telling what you'll find out there, just be aware.
  8. Experiencing more moments of peace is a good sign. Hang in there and keep on going, as far as I can tell you're doing fairly well actually.
  9. @cetus56 Maybe some day. I'm not sure what god wants out of me yet.
  10. So for a while now I usually see this small dot of white light while in a deep meditative state. Looks similar to this: I'm just curious to see what you guys have to say. Whenever I do see this light, its usually very brief, mainly because my mind just gets excited when I see it and it goes away. This light usually shows itself when I'm in a highly focused deep state, I do vipassana mediation. It's been a cycle of watching it come and go. Its sort of difficult to sit down and mediate without trying to seek this out now, the mind can't even help itself. It wants to know what the fuck it is, and how to get closer to it... lol.
  11. This insight is huge, people who haven't experienced it for real have no clue of the significance! Happy for you.
  12. @egolessYeah just do either mediation or inquiry like you normally would. Weed can be great for either, but if your a recreational user then you'll lose the spiritual power from it. I'd recommend to space it out, like only smoke once every two weeks or ideally once a month. If you can do that then your practices could go deep whenever you do smoke.
  13. @Joseph Maynor Have you seen the video on Leo's insight blog where those two people smoke salvia at the same time and all hell breaks loose? Bro be careful haha. Yeah the ego is an illusion, there is only being. It goes deeper though, don't get to excited because you're most likely still just scratching the surface here. Take your time to integrate this experience and maybe suggest some Lsd, al-lad, or mushrooms in the future?
  14. @Voyager Yeah I'm not sure if I even want to let my identity go. The unknown... Is very scary through the eyes of the ego haha. Acquired taste? Sounds about right.