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  1. You're gonna have your ass handed to you. You are alot stronger than you think. Go easy on yourself.
  2. @Max_V Give yourself space too. You want to go watch TV instead of inquire, that's ok. Keep progressing at your own pace and balance.
  3. @sarapr I went to high school with the rich kids. Of course there are the ones who are snobby, entitled, take everything for granted, but you can't judge a book by the cover. The ones who are like this will crash and burn without daddy's money, no doubt about. From my experience growing up kids like this usually spiral into drug addiction. But there are rich kids who are real, appreciative for what they have, and don't feel superior just because they're rich. These are the ones that you want to be friends with.
  4. @Max_V The character you've been playing won't go down without a fight. It doesn't want you to wake up from the dream, hence why you feel disinterest whenever you get close, it's going to try to steer you away. Mind is very very sneaky. Its a tug of war.
  5. @Max_V Life just goes on when you wake up, that's it. Nothing really changes. The mind will probably get uncomfortable at first, you become more at ease as time goes on, at least from my experience.
  6. @Buba You said that you don't want enlightenment yet here you're saying you feel incomplete, what do you want? The mediation is doing its thing, showing you what your not, and its no walk in the park. You have to go find yourself. Mediation will shine light on this. Are you living a life you want to live? You can enjoy life, marry, have kids, you can have all of that. Its all here right now.
  7. This is a good thing, keep it up. The thing with the dark night of the soul is your just gonna have to ride it out, it will eventually pass, whether its months or years, don't worry about it, it will pass. Be gentle and loving with yourself. If you don't want to mediate thats ok, don't mediate. Sitting out in nature can be a huge help, I suggest to do that if you can.
  8. @Shin No self.... bitch please. *Mediates/self inquiry...psychedelics....oh..........ohhhhhh he wasn't joking.
  9. Stumbled upon Leo's video "understanding awareness" one night and that's what started it all for me. Had always somewhat been a seeker my whole life without really knowing and the videos were just answering a shit ton of questions that I had.
  10. @Charlotte You just have to fucking do it lol, there is no other way. Get rid of it, don't listen to your minds cravings. You'll probably get irritated and moody when you take away nicotine from the body, at least I was. The first couple days will be rough but as time goes on you just start giving less of a shit about it. You have to really want to quit though or else you won't do it.
  11. I do think vaping is a better option than smoking, but either way inhaling any smoke/vape in your lungs is obviously not going to be good for you. I just kicked a very heavy vaping habit, I'm talking about blowing fucking clouds all day and night for the past couple years... not good. Yeah we don't know long term effects, we'll find out with the people who had been chain vaping for decades. The whole purpose of it is to get people off cigarettes and then to eventually drop the vape, but it took on a whole new trend. I got hooked on the fucking thing when I was 16 unfortunately. This whole vaping culture we have now is fucking stupid.
  12. Watch out for homeostasis, its a bitch.
  13. @Shin The body is walking around inside you.
  14. @Shin Can you see your own aura? Does your body sort of like glow now? I get what your're trying to say though. In a way everything is "alive" because its all consciousness.
  15. @Shin Start of the dark night of the soul possibly? Everything becomes uninteresting because the universe wants you to keep turning inwards. Have you had any major glimpses? You're waking up, no doubt in my mind based on what you're saying here. When I reached this point that's when my mind really started to kick and scream, its becoming exposed to what really is. When duality really starts to dissolve your kinda just like oh.......... oh ... shit.. wow.