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  1. Keep growing! Keep meditating, keep reading, keep an open mind and let yourself evolve!
  2. What I do to overcome limiting beliefs is just to ask myself a few simple but powerful questions. How is this belief helping me? How is it making me feel? (This question will make you aware of your feelings) If it's making you feel bad then why would you wish to hold onto it? Surely it's just your ego trying to keep you where you are! Limiting beliefs are one of it's weapons and when you believe in them, it has an ace in the hole! Can I allow this belief to be as it is without wanting to get rid of it? Can I accept that it is just a thought? Trying to get rid of a belief by wanting it to be gone will just keep you going in circles. It's like pushing a person outside the front door and they just come round the backdoor and when you try and get rid of them, this same cycle happens over and over again. So allow that person (belief) to stay in the house. (in your mind) I guess my limiting belief is about whether the information i study is actually working but I shine the light onto this belief and logic dissolves it. I trust this can be of benefit to you
  3. Don't try to change your doubt because you will just get into an 'internal war'. Instead, become aware of it and ask yourself: "How is this doubt making me feel?" "Is it making me feel good or bad?" "Is it helping me or hurting me?" "How is me thinking that I will fail helping me in anyway attain the life I desire?" Nothing stands still. Everything in life either helps you or it hurts. There is no middle ground. As it's a doubt, then it is obviously making you feel bad and is not helping you in ANY way. Why would you want to hold onto something that dis-empowers you? It would be insanity wouldn't it? The truth is you don't but your insane ego does. Your ego gains strength and renews itself through you doubting things. As I'm sure you already know, the egos job is to keep you where you are in life. You growing scares the living hell out of it! "The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain". The secret to success is the removal of doubt. When I talk about removal of the doubt, you're not trying to fix, change or escape from it. You are merely shining a light on it and seeing that it holds no benefit to your life. The more light you shine on your doubts, the less chance your ego can keep you in the darkness. Also be okay with the doubt being there, don't try to escape from it because you will be investing in it. Whatever you fight, you strengthen, whatever you resist persists. When you no longer wish the negativity to be gone, you will transcend it. It will burn up in your state of allowance. I trust this will add some value here. If you would like me to clarify things some more, just leave a reply or send a message. Peace
  4. Honestly, do whatever feels right. I learnt from a book called 'The Slight Edge' to read just 10 pages of a self-help book every day. Reading 10 pages every day equates to 3650 pages a year and that's about 10 - 12 life changing books. Take your time when it comes to reading. Don't try and read too much at once. Remember this is just my opinion but whatever you do, keep it simple and consistent
  5. Wow! This guy has super discipline. What a true inspiration. I'm not sure if I have the devotion to work on a business 14 hours a day right now, but I guess I could get to that level. Thanks for sharing.
  6. @Steph1988 Such a great read! I'm glad it made an impact on you
  7. Here is an excerpt from Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill - Q) Why aren't children taught definiteness of Purpose in the public schools? A) For the reason that there is no definite plan or purpose behind any of the school curricula! Children are sent to school to make credits and to learn how to memorize, not to learn what they want from life. Q) I want to know two things about this system. First, what is the major weakness of the system? Second, how can this weakness be eliminated? A) To begin with, the public school system approaches the subject of education from the wrong angle. The school system endeavours to teach children to memorize facts, instead of teaching them how to use their own minds. Q) Is that all that is wrong with the system? A) No, that is only the beginning. Another major weakness of the school system is that it does not establish in the mind of children either importance of definiteness of purpose or make any attempt to teach youths how to be definite of anything. The major object of all schooling is to force the students to cram their memories with facts instead of teaching them how to organize and make practical use of facts. This cramming system centers the attention of students on the accumulation of 'credits' but overlooks the important question of how to use knowledge in the practical affairs of life. This system turns out graduates whose names are inscribed upon parchment certificates, but whose minds are empty of self-determination. What did you think of this guys? It was written in 1938 and it shows that Hill was very ahead of his time, I HIGHLY recommend you check out this book. It is mind blowing! Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill Peace
  8. It's beautiful that you are so passionate about this at the age of 15! WOW Talk about the power of the internet. I mean I'm 25 and obviously there was the internet when I was your age but it wasn't as evolved back then as it is now. I would of loved to had access to this wisdom back then! You have an amazing life ahead of you! All the best
  9. This is a fantastic answer! To go further here I would recommend checking out the book called 'One Small Step Can Change Your Life - The Kaizen Way' by Robert Maurer. It is a HUGE game changer!
  10. The only way to to stop a habit you don't want is to replace it with one you do want, one that actually serves you. Don't try to stop doing the negative habit, just focus instead on habits which empower you. Like @St Clair said, don't feel guilty if you find yourself submitting to the habit because chances are you will at first. Unless you try really hard and strain to keep the unwanted habit at bay. However this will come back to bite you in the backside later. There should be no stress or strain when replacing unwanted habits. Because you will just create more of the same. The tendency to think and act on the impulse will slowly die as you replace it with a positive habit. There are two amazing books I HIGHLY recommend in this area about habit building and building them the right way. One Small Step Can Change Your Life - The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer The Slight Edge - Turning Simple Disciplines Into massive happiness and Success by Jeff Olson Have a productive day!
  11. Avoid destructive competition. Constructive competition is fine!
  12. Yes I would if it was me but do what feels right. It's important that we feed our minds with information that benefits us. Ask yourself what benefit is there for me in listening to this? Is it empowering or disempowering? Whatever we focus on grows. Choose wisely.
  13. In my opinion, I honestly think that it's unnecessary to have all of these habits. I guess it depends how you feel about doing them. Don't see this as hard work. It should be fun and effortless. Don't feel you have to do all of them because they are required or because someone has said you should. Do them because you want to do them. I personally do one habit in each area of life and that works fine with me. This is just my opinion so you don't have to believe a word I say
  14. Do whatever feels right for you. It's probably just your ego trying to keep you under it's spell by saying things like "you're just being brainwashed my Leo's content". Just ask yourself "how is this thought making me feel?" "Is it making me feel pleasant or unpleasant?" Feeling bad cannot help you in ANY way. Why? Because feeling bad takes you out of harmony and to create the life you desire requires you to be in harmony. The egos job is to keep you where you are in life, safe. It doesn't want you to break out of your comfort zone and follow your passions because that will be a weapon used against it.
  15. Check out the book Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal. I've started on the journey of getting my message across in terms of digital marketing.