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  1. My favorite food is pizza and Ice cream cake! lol If I could I would eat it every day and turn into a ninja turtle. But I'm allergic to many of the ingredients in pizza and ice cream. So i guess you can say my favorite healthy non-allergic food would be fruit smoothies!
  2. @WelcometoReality Thanks for your support and message. I was definitely stirred up to say the least! lol
  3. @egoeimai You do have a point here. Enlightenment can not be achieved through the ego. It involves losing the self. You are a great friend, and thank you for your support.
  4. @Vercingetorix Perhaps you are right. although I can not say since I have not experienced it. And I agree with @Leo Gura. I don't know! lol I think the Law of Attraction is a great way to control the ego, and manifest things that you want regarding your life purpose. Although I do find it rather fascinating that I attracted this TM class...which they say can lead to enlightenment.
  5. @Leo Gura You are right. And I am humble enough to admit and say that I don't know! lol And I read and study a lot during the majority of my spare time and I still don't know! lol. Like you have taught all of us here that "we are infinite" I agree there are perhaps infinite stages of enlightenment, and infinite things to learn. The learning and personal development growth will never end. My ego, thoughts and beliefs are creating enlightenment stages that I must complete. Yet there are many paths and ways to achieve enlightenment. And no two experiences of enlightenment are the same. Thank you for your guidance and your insight.
  6. @Nahm I could not agree more with you. There is always more to learn. We are infinite, and there are infinite ways to grow and learn. There is no rush in time, as time does not exist. I will evolve and change at my own pace. I've reflected and returned to my studies the last few days and feel an overall improvement. This has been bothering less and less as I've regained clarity and answers. lol. Shroom tea....I wish it could be that easy for me. I can't even drink a glass of wine without passing out on the floor! I have a ton of food allergies so I eat pretty much a raw vegan plant based diet. I can't risk the chances unfortunately. Although I'm happy for those individuals that have used various psychedelics and have had break throughs and enlightenment experiences.
  7. @cetus56 Thank you for asking. She hasn't received the results that she wanted, and that's partly because she doesn't truly understand the nature of transcendental meditation. (Although I absolutely loved it, and TM has helped me cope tremendously with dealing with my Dad. Other students in my class were also receiving noticeable results.) My friend has a lot of other personal healing to do. She's expecting to find "instant gratification" relief using meditation and other methods for all of her problems, when transcendental meditation pulls out your thoughts and emotions as a cleansing process, which is normal. The true healing with this sort of meditation is doing the meditation work, and feeling the positive effects outside of meditation. Which has been proven statistically to help those with PTSD and other depression issues, etc, when the effort and work is put in. She also can not focus on anything for long periods of time (and with this meditation, you need to focus on a mantra for 20 minutes twice a day). She struggles with even 5-10 minutes of meditation, and also sometimes doesn't make an effort. She has a lot of physical health issues that prevent her from concentrating and has very severe PTSD. I've tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy) with her earlier this year and she has had very minimal relief. Not that these methods don't necessarily work, as I've seen them work on others (and myself included) but because she can't do the tapping long enough to receive results. But I will say since she has changed her diet, there has been some drastic results in her health, which has improved a lot of her concentration and her mental issues! Earlier this year, which was very close to when my Dad passed, my friend was also in the hospital. She was close to death as well. It was her wake up call to get her act together. She changed her diet and started to lose the weight. As she lost the weight, I've noticed that she could start reading, and listening to audio books again. She made an effort to get better, and took this TM class with me instead of moping around and being depressed. She also made an effort to become more outgoing and meet new people. She has made big changes, but not big enough to her pleasure. I've learned on my journey that healing is in truth holistic (aka whole-istic) - physical, mental and spiritual. You need a balance in all three to receive full healing. My friend has a severe "unbalance" in her physical health. I think as she continues to lose weight things will likely improve even more and she will benefit from the TM Meditation. I'm expecting more drastic changes in the next few months. She's currently on oxygen and can only leave her home for extended periods of time. I've read in holistic books and it was also mentioned in my TM class a few times that there is a huge connection with our body and our mind. Our mind (beliefs and thoughts) can greatly influence our physical health causing a weakening of the immune system and development of various illnesses and diseases. And our physical health (as if we eat poorly) can effect the output of our mental (weakening parts of bodies that govern our emotional output). There are books that talk about how various "certain thoughts and beliefs" can cause very "specific illnesses" in the body. I've seen and experienced this in myself and in others. And forgiveness is a huge part of not only the mental healing but also the physical healing process (which many people are not truly aware of). I've literally forgiven myself and others while being physically sick, and experienced illness leave my body. (I've dropped the names and titles of these books, and brought up the healing power of forgiveness on this forum several times. I'm not sure if others on this forum really understood what I was talking about, so I stopped mentioning it.) I have a feeling I will be returning shortly to these books for further healing for myself. Surprisingly my friend that is ill is the one that has given me the copies of these books. I'm hoping as time passes I will be able to help her address a lot of her PTSD so that she can forgive those that hurt her and treated her poorly while growing up. Thank you again for your support and concern.
  8. @Maxx - Very true. And you make a good point here. My ego is fighting for this, when there truly is nothing to fight for. I just have to surrender. Just be. I could not agree more with you that "time is definitely a projection of the mind". As a reiki master we have different symbols that are used for healing and one of them that is used among Reiki masters focuses on the time illusion. The symbol means "no past, no present, and no future." I don't know how many people on this forum follow Bashar, but I do like his explanation of time and space and absolute infinity. I'm going to copy and paste some of the points that he makes that resonate with me. They are provided from the link below. Perhaps these ideas will resonate with others. 1 You exist. (I AM) 2 Everything is Here/Now. 3 The All is one, and the One is all. 4 What you put out is what you get back. (aka Law of Attraction, for those that are not familiar with this idea) 5 The only constant in the universe is change - except for the first 4 postulates, which never change. 1 You exist. (I AM) If you exist now, your existence is eternal: You have always existed and you always will exist. You may change form, but you are existing always .'ll be around forever. 2 Everything is Here/Now. Time and Space are illusions. (But your experiences within Time/Space are "real".) There is only Here/Now. 3 The All is one, and the One is all. Just as each tiny section of a hologram contains the information for the entire hologram, likewise we are all inter-connected. Everything is truly just one totally-interconnected "thing". 4 What you put out is what you get back. The "outside" is a reflection of the "inside". Physical reality is actually a mirror: Your physical reality is just a holographic reflection of what you most strongly believe to be true. And like a mirror, physical reality will not change unless you change first (change what you most strongly believe). 5 The only constant in the universe is change - except for the first 4 postulates, which never change. So.....might as well get used to eternally-changing Creation. Enjoy the ride! Surf the changes! All "things" are the same one thing vibrating at different rates Just as water and steam and ice are all the same thing vibrating at different frequencies, likewise, matter and energy are the same substance vibrating at different frequencies. highest frequencies steam Consciousness medium frequencies water (liquid) Spirit (electromagnetheric energy) lower frequencies ice Matter All things are Spirit vibrating at different frequencies. Matter is solidified energy. Matter is Spirit energy vibrating at a slower frequency. Your body is solidified Spirit, crystallized Spirit. Your Spirit is not in your body. Your body is in your Spirit. As you raise your vibrations, you become more Spirit-like, moving closer towards fluid-like Spirit, thereby making your reality creation more malleable and easily changeable. Trusting your Timing We, as our Higher Self (Over-Soul) actually creates Time (as we experience it). Our Higher Self exists outside Time and Space. It projects portions of itself into specific time/space holograms (time/space matrixes), which we then experience as an incarnation. So, from the point of view of any one incarnation, there is time, there is "past, present, and future". But from the point of view of the Higher Self, there is no Time. It's all happening NOW. It's just one big Eternal-NOW. So keep in mind that our Higher Self is creating the actual "time" that we are experiencing in a linear fashion. It's all a hologram of many holograms. In a hologram, each part of the hologram contains the information for the whole hologram. The universe is structured holographically. You are holographic. Each possible "version" of your reality is also holographic. You contain within you all possible versions of reality. All holograms (versions of reality) are contained within you. From all these infinite possibilities, you "select" the version to be experienced with your beliefs, imagination, and feelings. Your imagination is the "archive" of all your possible holograms. From this archive of possibilities, the version that you "imagine" (believe, or focus your imagination on) is your currently-selected version of reality. Then you "activate" this selected version with your feelings. The more intense the feelings, the more powerfully you activate this version, and therefore, the more quickly it manifests as your tangible reality. Positive feelings activate the positive desired versions. Negative feelings activate the negative undesired versions (the dreaded outcomes). Your beliefs are the result of what you imagine, and then activate with your feelings. The version with the most intense feelings attached to it, is the version that gets activated. As an analogy, if your computer screen offers you many choices, and all you have to do is click on one of them to select it, then your imagination is the total of all the available choices on the screen. Moving the mouse to the desired choice is like focusing your imagination on one particular vision. And then clicking on that choice is like using your feelings to activate your selection. The PRESENT is not the result of the PAST. The PRESENT is the result of the PRESENT. Creation occurs only in the PRESENT. The PRESENT is the Now result of what you Now believe to be most true for you. Continuity from one present moment to the next is considered "normal", but is actually optional: If you suddenly make a discrete shift in beliefs, you will experience a sudden discrete shift in your Now reality. The PRESENT is the Now result of what you Now believe to be most true for you. The past has absolutely no effect on the present - except to the extent that you believe it does. As you change your present (by changing your present beliefs), you are "shifting" into a different parallel reality and that different parallel reality has its own "future" and "past". Said another way, when you change your present, you are likewise also changing your past and your future. That is, you are shifting to a totally different hologram which contains its own "past" that is consistent with its "present", and also its own "future" which is likewise consistent with its "present". As I believe Bashar says: "You create the past and the future from the here and now." Continuity is an "illusion", just like the continuity in movies is an illusion, since it's really 24 discrete pictures per second. Therefore, continuity is optional. The past progressively leads to the present, but it does not cause the present. And just as movies can suddenly shift from one scene to a totally different scene, likewise you can too - since continuity is really not necessary. Only the present is real. Therefore only the present can create the present. If you insist in believing that the present is the result of the past, then you are (now) dragging the past into the present, and (now) "projecting" that this seeming past has an effect on the present. (Notice, by the way, that all this "dragging the past into the present" is also all occurring ONLY in the present.) This is like dragging an anchor around, rather than simply letting go of the anchor (the past) and living freely and easily in the present. Be free of the past! Live joyously in the present!
  9. @Azrael - Thanks for your insight. I've feeling a lot better today. I did a lot of studying and self reflection the last few days to gain clarity.
  10. I think I'm in need of a little guidance and encouragement right now. I feel really LOST! lol And it's making me feel very depressed and confused. I've been on the enlightenment journey for a few years now. I feel that this is a top priority no matter what occupation I have or do or where I am in life. I know that your mind creates your reality. You are what you believe yourself to be. I see how fear can play a huge role in our lives and prevent us from going after what we truly want. Inner happiness and fulfillment is created from within, not from external circumstances. Things started to get really confusing for me when I took this Transcendental Meditation class a month ago, as a favor for a friend. I attended it to give my friend support to help her with her PTSD. I had no idea there was a connection with Enlightenment from doing this meditation. And that you can achieve enlightenment from using transcendental meditation. I KNOW what I truly am. I know what consciousness feels like and what it is. I know consciousness is the Unified Pathway, and that we are all one. I have experienced it many times first hand. I know I am energy and I am infinite. But I don't feel this way all time. I only feel it during times of meditation, or when I use reiki, or hypnosis. I keep reminding myself of what I am, and what I have experienced, but that EGO gets in the way a lot. I'm guessing there are different levels or stages of enlightenment to gain that full realization. Where can I find more information on the different levels of enlightenment? I guess you could say that "shit really hit the fan for me" when I took this class and I learned and realized that we are already "enlightened beings". (It's one thing to understand it, but to actually know it and experience it is a whole other thing!) It is our "natural state of being" and that there is no point in life. There really is no purpose, just for enjoyment, and happiness, and to follow your bliss. And by following your bliss/excitement you are listening to your higher-self and that is your life purpose. After finding this out, I just became really depressed and had this lack of direction and motivation. I thought I would be happy and there would be this huge release and weight off my shoulders but I'm feeling the opposite effect. I'm even questioning my career choices and may be switching jobs to create more bliss and happiness in my life. Is it normal to feel this way? Am I missing something here??? I've discovered on this journey that there is a huge correlation between Enlightenment and the Law of Attraction and creating your reality. I have used the Law of Attraction to successfully attract a new romantic relationship, where I am loved and respected. And I've been manifesting/projecting to the Universe for the last few months that "I am already enlightened" and that "I have transcended into a higher dimension or frequency". So I am sure I have attracted these circumstances into my life. I read a lot of stuff from Bashar, Kevin Trudeau, and from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the Transcendental Meditation guy! lol). Now that I know that absolute infinity exists and that all of reality exists and I create my own reality....I've started to question everything I know. Are angels real? Aliens real? Am I God? What exactly is the higher self? Or am I creating/manifesting these things into my reality? It's really thrown me into this emotional loop. It is possible that there are things in my personal life that are being garbled with all this questioning of life right now. Last week was the year anniversary of my dad's passing away from stage 4 colon cancer. And the day before my dad passed away was my mom's birthday, and feeling the pressure of trying to keep her happy and emotionally balanced all week hasn't helped. I've started to question my career choices and if I want to continue hypnosis and reiki. I just feel so incredibly lost! @egoeimai, @Sarah Marie
  11. On 7/30/2017 at 8:08 PM, Peace and Love said: I'm copying and pasting this old message: than trying to quote it from the long answers you gave with everyone. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The nature of this message is of encouragement and inspiration. I remember you mentioning before that you wished you could live in a cabin in the woods. You have to do what makes you happy. And I support you as a follower in the direction you must go. Life is too short not to have and enjoy the things you want in your life. As you already know and have taught me...the things that make you feel good and have a burning desire for are the keys to fulfilling your life purpose and living a life of enjoyment. I bet the meditation you did in the woods for those several days must have been an eye opener for you. (Now correct me if I'm wrong) but I also recall you writing in a post that you felt this website was holding you back from being/living out in nature where you feel happiest. It actually kinda breaks my heart that you aren't doing this. Where there is a will, there is always a way to create and manifest the things you desire. You have more power than you realize. You are a very magical person. Perhaps you have realized by now that you are a "light worker". @Sarah Marie and I are also "light workers". You have helped a lot of people here to pursue personal development and discover their life purpose. And the impact you have made for millions of people is without a doubt. Life is very fulfilling when you serve others, but life also isn't worth living if you don't give to yourself. You deserve to have this. And I really mean what I'm saying here. Just how you created your career in game development without the degree, moved to Las Vegas to pursue pick up and created this website.....that same burning desire, that motivation, you can use to create this dream of being in the woods, while still maintaining this website. I know you've also said that it's hard to maintain this website and underestimate the capabilities of running an online business if you are out in nature.... but like I'm saying again, where there is a burning desire you can always manifest with the Law of Attraction. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your response: @Leo Gura Thanks I know I CAN. It's just a matter of whether I SHOULD. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leo - You have taught me so much. SHOULD is a very powerful word, but it also is very negative. It's a limiting word that prevents you from going after what you want. I'm not saying to answer me here, because I know this is very personal for you, but you "could/can" (a more positive word) reflect on "WHY" you haven't gone after it. When you ask "WHY" you haven't gone after this you will notice there are limiting beliefs holding you back. I've started doing this recently. Asking why I don't do things I want to do. And I find I have so many subconscious beliefs and garbage in my head that's holding me back from my potential. I've found out during my journey that the reason we have these beliefs is we have a lack of "loving ourselves" to some extent in some way. The more you love yourself and do the inner work the more you realize that helps other people as well, because you have more to give. I hope you have already done this for yourself.
  12. @Nahm I'm just going to stay positive on this one, because I honestly don't know. She's tried a lot of different things in her life and has been open. She also happens to be a reiki master and was following the law of attraction at one point in her life. I think as long as she is negative she will continue to feel this way no matter what treatment she receives. I've also tried EFT with her and she has seen some results but she won't follow through with anything and stay consistent with a treatment. She was extremely overweight and was placed in the hospital 6 months ago. She really scared the crap out of me because I thought I was going to lose her. But the good news is as she has lost weight I've noticed that the negativity has started to subside and she is taking action to put herself in a better situation. That's why she wants to do the transcendental meditation and has started to read books and do research again. I cannot even explain how different she is since her health is better and has lost the weight. She even sent me information on a really great life/health coaching course for me to take and I'm considering taking it sometime next year. She's actually my mom's best friend, and she is like family to me. She probably is taking some sort of meds to help but she has a lot of severe depression and she has very very mild schizophrenia. I know from experience working in the weight loss field that as the weight comes off you have to adjust your meds and sometimes people go off them completely. Just going to stay positive on this one...but at the very least I will gain new knowledge and benefit from transcendental meditation.
  13. @MiracleMan I also wanted to share this book that talks about forgiveness: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay RIP- Louise Hay, She just recently passed away a few days before creating this post. *** I realized I had some spelling and grammatical error typos from my original post in the forum. I'm fixing them here. pg 8 All Dis-ease Comes from a State of Unforgiveness Whenever we are ill, we need to search our hearts to see who is we need to forgive. The Course in Miracles says that "all dis-ease" comes from a state of unforgiveness," and that "whenever we are ill, we need to look around to see who is that we need to forgive". I would add to that concept that the very person you find it hardest to forgive is the one YOU NEED TO LET GO OF THE MOST. Forgiveness means giving up, letting go. It has nothing to do with condoning behavior. It's just letting the whole thing go. We do not have to know HOW to forgive. All we need to do is be WILLING to forgive. The Universe will take care of the HOWS. We understand our own pain so well, How hard it is for most of us to understand that THEY, whoever they are we need most to forgive, were also in pain. We need to understand that they were doing the best they could with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge they had at that time. When people come to me with a problem, I don't care what it is -- poor health, lack of money, unfulfilling relationships, or stifled creativity -- there is only one thing I ever work on, and that is LOVING THE SELF: I find that when we really love and accept and APPROVE OF OURSELVES EXACTLY AS WE ARE, then everything in life works. It's as if little miracles are everywhere. Our health improves, we attract more money, our relationships become much more fulfilling, and we begin to express ourselves in creatively fulfilling ways. All this seems to happen without our even trying. Loving and approving of yourself, creating a space of safety, trusting and deserving and accepting, will create organization in your mind, create more loving relationships in your life, attract a new job and a new and better place to live, and even enable your body weight to normalize. People who love themselves and their bodies neither abuse themselves nor others. Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the main keys to positive changes in every area of our lives. Loving the self, to me, begins with never ever criticizing ourselves for anything. Criticism locks us into the very pattern we are trying to change. Understanding and being gentle with ourselves helps us to move out of it. Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for many years, and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete, I believe in the power far greater than I am, that flows through me every moment of every day. I open myself to the wisdom within, knowing that there is only One Intelligence in this Universe. Out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers, all the solutions, all the healings, all the new creations, I trust this Power and Intelligence, Knowing that whatever I need to know is revealed to me, and that whatever I need to know is revealed to me, and that whatever I need comes to me in the right time, space and sequence. All is well in my world.
  14. @MiracleMan - You know what?? I have an even better idea. I'll just copy and paste what I wrote in the forum here. The Healing Power of Forgiveness This week I've been primarily focused on healing my past and I came up with this really neat technique using forgiveness! It has been working really well to help me move forward with my life! I feel such a sense of freedom and liberation! Many of you on the forum that have been following my posts, and may know me a little more personally, would know that I worked in adult entertainment and was sexually and verbally abused during that time by various people. When I left the industry- I was drugged, and had a mental break down, and a near death experience.... I was placed in the hospital twice because of this and later received repetitive hypnosis and life coaching sessions to heal from my experiences. If it wasn't for the hypnosis and life coaching, I probably would not be in any kind of functional state to interact with other people or cope with society. I've taken my healing several steps further, and have completely let go of the situation, with no regrets!!! I feel completely free form my past now and can now look at it from a new perspective! I am so thankful for the changes I've accomplished so far, and I want to inspire others to further their healing and personal development. Much LOVE, PEACE, and Violet light to you my friends! My forgiveness technique that worked for me: What forgiveness techniques have you used that has worked for you? Step 1: Forgive the person - whether it be yourself or someone else (do this internally). - keep it simple and just forgive the individual without trying to think about "HOW" you are going to heal from this. My Real Life Example: Dad I forgive you for verbally abusing me and calling me stupid. (Yes this really happened to me, and with a lot of self reflection I realized it was one of the contributing factors of why I went into adult entertainment) Step 2 : Express Gratitude to the individual. This is done internally. (Yes I'm perfectly serious with this! This is not a typo). Give thanks to this person/ or even a particular situation for what they taught you and how you have grown from the experience to become a better person. My Real Life Example: Dad thank you so much for teaching me that I deserve way more love and respect. Thank you for showing me how I shouldn't be treated by a significant other or anyone else. My sexuality and self worth is priceless. *If you break things down into smaller pieces it will make it easier to let go and forgive. My Story: My dad was verbally abusive and called me stupid. He was an alcoholic and treated my mom and I like crap. He threw things when he was drunk and punched holes in the wall. I went looking for fatherly figures in relationships and because the only thing I knew was abuse from male figures, I continually attracted abusive relationships and friendships. * Now taking My Story and breaking it up into smaller pieces for forgiveness and gratitude purposes. - My dad was verbally abusive and called me stupid. - He treated my mom and I like crap. - He threw things at me and punched holes in the wall. - My dad caused me to look for male companionship incorrectly. *Now I used the forgiveness technique and applied it to the smaller pieces. -My dad was verbally abusive and called me stupid step 1: Dad I forgive you for being verbally abusive and calling me stupid step 2: Dad thank you for showing me that I deserve love and to be treated better. Thanks for showing me that I shouldn't believe what people always tell me. I am intelligent and smart. * optional...but you can take this a step further...and it really help with facilitating healing a lot faster..... And I got good grades in school. I may not have been smart in the ways you wanted me to be, such as in math or physics or chemistry. But I was smart, and I am proud of my accomplishments and who I am. I was an excellent writer, I excelled in art. I loved health and human anatomy. I've done a lot of wonderful things in this world. I have been called wise for my age by various people. Thank you for giving me this experience because now I am a successful hypnotist and holistic healer. Because of my experiences I have more compassion for my clients and can better relate to them! THANK YOU!! -He treated my mom and I like crap. step 1: Dad I forgive you for treating my mom and I like crap. step 2: Dad thank you for showing me that when I'm in a relationship or when I'm married that I should never under and circumstances be treated this way. Thank you for showing me that I really deserve to be loved and treated with respect. Thank you for showing me that I can make smarter choices when choosing a romantic partner. *optional- thank you because of this experience with you, I have taken it upon myself to do extensive research on how to have healthy relationships with other people. I have used this knowledge on myself and to help other people on the forum and in my hypnosis practice to help promote healthy relationships. -He threw things at me and punched holes in the wall. step 1: Dad I forgive you for throwing things at me and punching holes in the wall. step 2: Dad thank you for showing me that there are much healthier ways to deal with anger. I've learned to be quick to listen, slow to speak and to anger. optional- Anger is a fleeting emotion. Nothing is ever good or bad in life, except what we give it. I've learned to control my emotions. Love is the answer and the most powerful emotion in the universe. I will work everyday to express love and gratitude to others. *taking it even further- and looking at it from the other person's perspective and why they were hurt I understand your pain and why you were angry and how you were treated at work and how upset you were at moving to California and being away from the majority of our extended family. I forgive you and I understand. And I have learned that family is important. I understand that your father treated you like crap too, and this is all you know and understand. I forgive you and I forgive my grand father. I understand that my grandfather had no mother and was not shown love from a female figure thus creating this line of abuse. I forgive you grandfather, I forgive you and I love you and I understand! - My dad caused me to look for male companionship incorrectly. step 1: If it is a situation you can forgive the people involved and or you can skip over to what you learned from it in step 2. step 2: I learned from this situation that I need to love myself before I love anyone else. I took the liberty to read books about what a healthy relationship is between a father and a child. I learned that abuse is never acceptable and that I attract relationships based off of how I feel which can be determined by past experiences. If I change the way I feel about myself and my experiences I can change the type of people I attract into my life, whether it be friendships or relationships. I've learned that boundaries are a healthy form of self love and are guidelines to show others how you deserve to be treated. *I took these steps and reflected on all the people in my life. I went through every last boyfriend and romantic partner, to people that bullied and made fun of me in school.....and even to every last guy that hurt me physically and sexually in adult matter how hurtful or graphic it was!!!! This is really important and especially important for people that are sexually abused because it can prevent you from having fulfilling sexual romantic relationships. If you are into energy and healing you will literally feel a blockage in you "sacral chakra" - the chakra that is closely related to your sexual organs and glands. You may even have sexual pain! Such as I did! If and when you release these fears, and forgive yourself and others, and reflect on what you have learned from your experiences, you will find that satisfaction and relief to move on in your life!! I had a lot of personal shame and guilt from my adult entertainment experiences. Even though there were some positive experiences from working in adult entertainment I repressed them because I thought it was wrong to feel this way!! I used this technique and this is what I learned.... I learned to be comfortable naked and with my body. I learned how to be attractive for myself and the opposite sex. It built my confidence and my self esteem. There were a lot of men that came from broken relationships and were sad, angry and confused. I learned to listen to them and show them compassion. I literally played sex therapist and was a huge contributing factor of why I chose my career to help others! I did this last night, and I literally kid you not!! I felt a release in my sacral chakra. I felt a warming sensation down there from the balancing of my emotions and forgiveness. I noticed a healthy shift in my sexuality. @Sarah Marie I went to see a shaman and had an akashic record done and I found out I had a history of sexual abuse and adult entertainment in multiple past lives. I decided to also forgive and let go of all of my karmic past lives, even though I don't remember any of it. Yes I really did forgave my past lives too! And now I learned my lesson in this life time! I am an infinite being and I can move on to a higher vibration of love and enlightenment. Yes! You can use this on past lives, if you believe in those sorts of things. You can even use this on beliefs or feelings or situations, even if you don't even know where they came from. Just forgive yourself and state what you learned from this situation.
  15. @MiracleMan I just created a post topic - called the power of forgiveness in the spiritual/reiki section of the forum. I came up with this really cool way to forgive people and situations and let it go.