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  1. @Annetta Thank you! You are too kind.
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to share my recent experiences of being in a new committed relationship after being single for almost 9 years. It is absolutely fascinating how we can get so caught up in the media and let other people influence us on what we think is beautiful. I used to be a very heavy makeup user before meeting my current bf. I wouldn't even walk out the door without my "war paint" on or even take any kind of photo! lol. I didn't realize how much of an insecurity it was...and how much my ego was at play here. After being with my bf for some time he approached me and said something to me that really caught me off guard, and really melted my heart....."he told me that I had the most perfect skin, and that I looked better with the makeup off!!" I was very fortunate that my skin looked so good because I've been eating raw vegan and so clean for quite some time now. NO acne...blackheads nothing. After a few days I took up the challenge and started to not wear makeup. It's nice not to put fake chemicals on my face. It's nice to have that freedom. Of course it is not an excuse to not take care of myself or look nice by no means, but it really changed my thoughts and views of what true beauty was. The other day we were out meditating by a lake by his aunt's house and he took a picture of me with my hair blowing all over the certainly was not something I would not have liked...but he thought I looked absolutely beautiful. One of his favorite photos of us together is one us making funny faces rather than me looking nice with a smile....he felt it was more authentic and real. He really made me start reflecting on things. What men and women think and view as attractive can be completely different, that's for sure. I was wondering if anyone else has shared the same experiences, or anything they would like to add about this. Much gratitude, appreciation and love. Peace and Love
  3. Hi Leo, I would really love to hear your take on the Law of Attraction from Kevin Trudeau's point of view. He has a cd set called "Your Wish Is Your Command". I've been watching his videos for the last 4 months and I was actually able to manifest a very successful romantic relationship using his techniques in conjunction with my vision board and using Reiki spiritual energy. I haven't been open about it on the forum since I wasn't sure if other forum members were ready to listen or understand it. Although I would love to manifest that into reality for others to enjoy because everyone deserves to be a success. I figured you would want to open that door of opportunity for others to be "creators" and manifest their reality especially since it can be used to manifest enlightenment, and self actualization. And it also falls within the the lines of "living the life of a sage". (To sum up in a few sentences what has happened) I recently got in contact with a man who I've known for over 3 years and he literally drove across the country (over 2000 miles) in his RV to meet me and we have been inseparable ever since!! I put him on my vision board and three weeks later using the techniques in Kevin Trudeau's videos with my Reiki energy I manifested him. No joke.... We are in love and we are also starting a hypnosis and reiki business together as he also is a hypnotist and reiki master himself. The synchronizations were off the charts with signals telling me to go for it. Good questions to bring up in a video are: Awareness- How your emotions effect your day to day life and what you create? How does the law of attraction work? (Talk about the actual vibrations/frequencies of the brain that are projected into the universe every time we produce an emotion or thought. And how some of the biggest scientists and physicists of our time have proven and talked about the law of attraction working. Explain why people attract negative things and situations in their life....that it's not the actual situation that they may have manifested but the emotional output that they had put out earlier that attracted the situation that they are currently in. For example: Worried about money attracts more lack of money....or more bills. etc. A car accident may have made that person really angry and frustrated...but earlier in the day or at some point they literally created the same exact emotional frequency (feeling ) anger and frustration in something else they were thinking about. You can also talk about how mysticism....or blaming other people for your situations....the economy, your parents, a cop an excuse..that you need to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for everything that you do and to really make the law of attraction work. Explain the creation process- How the stronger the desire you have creates a stronger frequency, and how your doubt blocks you from having what you want and that is why people never manifest what they really want. They don't trust or believe enough so they block their own frequencies time and time again. Have a great weekend!
  4. @BeginnerActualizer The energy is intellectually and spiritually guided and it knows who you are. I'm sure it knows you just off your screen name. You can always message me if you feel comfortable.
  5. @Annetta - lol you are too cute. It's funny because I asked Leo to delete this account, but I think he knew intuitively not to. I'm going through a massive spiritual transition right now. I know my life is about to change very dramatically. I've also been recently attuned as a level 3 reiki master which has a tendency (and is normal) to become overly emotionally sensitive as I adjust to the energy. I've with drawn from this forum and from people in general to do a lot of reflection, personal inquiry as well as studying. I'm very excited about my future and what is in store from me. I'm currently learning how to use the law of attraction to manifest my desires into reality. Most people think it's totally bogus, but I recently met someone that has been teaching me how to use it the right way to get the results that I want. I'm very happy with the changes I've made so far using the law of attraction in conjunction with my reiki healing to manifest my dreams so far. @egoeimai @BeginnerActualizer
  6. @Leo Gura - Please delete my account. Thank you!
  7. wow...ummm...I made this post to help women feel better about relationships. I know looks is some part of the attraction, but I'm really hurt about some of the responses I've received here the last week or so. The jokes are funny, but deep down they really hurt and I deserve better than to be treated this way. I love myself too much to put up with this especially when I've given so much back. And if anyone should know about this it would be me. Considering I'm an ex-adult entertainer and seen first hand how good looks can also lead you to being treated like total garbage and a sex object. Looks are only the advertisement and outside package and they fade with age. The emotions...working on the inside...what Leo promotes here...working on your spirit is what makes you beautiful....and that beauty within is cultivated and seen in outer appearances. Whatever happened to unconditional love? I thought many of you were about dropping the ego, and seeking enlightenment? Looking past all of this? I do not see that here. And I don't want to be apart of this negativity anymore. I'm deleting my account immediately. "You were born in the perfect body for your mission (aka life purpose)" - Pauline Victoria,
  8. If you want to read a book that gives you a really good idea of what really matters in a relationship read this....
  9. @pluto I have a shungite necklace that I wear and I've noticed a huge difference in how I feel when working on the computer. You can buy shungite plates to put on your cell phones to protect against electromagnetic frequencies. I so completely agree with you on this. I can't wait until this becomes common knowledge...I feel like I have to tiptoe around talking about this....or keep my mouth shut when talking about these types of things at all.... Everything is made of the same frequencies.... stones have it too...just like we are made of the same energy. If you study reiki...this energy is considered spiritual consciousness. This energy is every where and in everything. There are a ton of reiki practitioners that use stones for healing properties. But stones are interesting....not all specific stones are for everyone... to some degree and as crazy as this sounds.... the stones pick you... and they also need to be charged with energy too, and can be drained or depleted, just like a person or an animal can become depleted. I thought stones and healing jewelry were totally bogus and foo foo la la, placebo effect, until I got attuned to Reiki and started feeling the energy from them. A lot of people are just not attuned to the energy as of right now, but they can be. I had a sodalite necklace that I wore for an entire year that helped me with coping with people and anxiety. Now I specifically wear a lapis lazuli and I've had Clair-cognizance effects and heightened consciousness from wearing it. When I was in the hospital dealing with my dad dying from cancer, I used a lot of crystals for healing and balancing. The night before my dad passed away, I slept over in the hospital with my mom. While I was there I put on chakra healing music and placed crystals all over my body. Just seeing my dad so deathly ill was so toxic, and draining. But the crystals made such a huge difference, I felt rejuvenated and alive. I recently received a rose quartz with dalmatian jasper bracelet as a gift, and it's one of the few bracelets I can wear. My body lets me know if it's ok for me to wear it or not...most stone bracelets bother me and it actually hurts for me to wear them. This one does not. And if you get into crystal grids...which is my goal to learn at some point....those are awesome.
  10. @clytaemnestra I'm sure the 80% is probably a rough estimate. And is being used in example to the yin and yang symbol. I'm not saying everything is in all black and white here and that all women and men are like this because that isn't true. I'm referring to feminine and masculine energy. The Yin and Yang. Feminine energy in general is very much in the present moment. It consists of laughter, fun, humor, being spontaneous, adventurous....these are present moment qualities. Masculine is logic, structured, thinking, and planning, integrity.......these are future qualities. Feminine and masculine are POLAR opposites. No person is completely feminine or completely masculine. But I'm saying that the women out there that are too much in the present moment (obviously this is not all women)....and don't plan their life out....have a life purpose...learn to have emotional control (which is a masculine quality) are going to have issues. And the men (not all men) that are very goal oriented, and continuously planning, focusing on the future....but aren't in the present moment (a feminine quality) aren't really going to be enjoying life either. I'm saying that relationships that are based on polarity can be successful and loving relationships. The natural good qualities that each sex possesses (when they are their best selves) can enhance and bring harmony to the relationship. I'm saying that women that panic....that's not healthy or natural for them, they are out of balance....and men don't want that or are they attracted to that....they want a woman that is light-hearted and relaxed.... a balanced woman.... Relaxation, calmness, meditation....that's masculine. When a woman has those qualities that balance their feminine energy it gives them emotional control....and that is extremely attractive. Men don't want the drama, or the manipulation, or wild swinging emotions....but the balance in a healthy emotional woman...will not be like that. We don't need anyone to be happy. We all can be very happy on our own. All successful loving relationships start from a place of self love. can have a relationship without self love....but is it going to last long? Are you going to be happy?
  11. I made it a point to take the physical attributes out because there is a HUGE body image issue with women going on caused by society and the media. Men are lucky because they don't have to face nearly as much criticism as women do. And it's very nasty and very ugly. It has caused women a great deal of harm and disservice. It makes them feel that their only value is their BODY. Which is absolutely not true. And I made it point in the other post about men...that it's not all about physical when it comes to attraction and it's true...and that is what I'm stating here. In relationships there is balance....physical, mental and spiritual.
  12. @username - The logic is if the girl is hot.....and she's a total B*tch the guy isn't going to stay with her....maybe for a piece of ass...but he's not going to put up with her emotional imbalances in the long run. Of course I'm not saying that if you're some amazing dancer or singer the guy is going to fall head over heals for you...but men like it and are attracted to it...and it's feminine. If the girl is hot...and she does sing and dance, it can enhance the attraction. But think about this.......not only is the girl going to get old....the guy is going to get old too....his anaconda isn't going to work anymore at some's going to be limp...there will be a point when the Viagra isn't going to work anymore...there has to be more to this. And there are women out there that still love their man whether it works or not....And there are men that still love their significant other no different while they're bald and dying of cancer, or got hit by a car, or they are a run way model....they love from the heart....unconditionally...they transcend the ego. Nothing in life is ever completely black or white. I've seen couples that are madly in love with each other that are so consciously developed that they transcend this stuff. The physical attraction can be there...but there is so much more.
  13. @Whywolf I completely agree! You're friend is a great example of what the author likes to call "Heart Consciousness." Women are emotional beings, and men are more logic and straight forward. We are attracted to each other because we have something the other lacks, and it balances us out. Men are attracted to that love (feminine). And Women are attracted to meditation (masculine). Men like how women live from their heart.
  14. @username - By no means am I completely discarding physical beauty. I know that is a huge part of it. The physical beauty in a woman is a significant factor of what brings a man into the present moment and attracts him......but it's certainly not going to be the only thing that is sustaining the relationship for the long term. In all relationships...the excitement and newness will fade away...there will always be a prettier and more attractive woman....but why does the man really stay?? The feminine aspects.....There is more to this....And when a woman grows older she loses her beauty....but there are men that are still madly in love with the same women after years and years of commitment of growing old and being together. The book talks about how there are men that are with women that aren't really that attractive....but they stay, and are happy and madly in love.....because she gives him emotional balance, and femininity. And the book does most certainly talk about taking care of the body, and dressing nice, but the emphasis is on being feminine and having that emotional control. The emotional control is a lot of the time what causes a lot of these breakups. Drama that doesn't need to be there. Oh I forgot to mention...the books says this love dancing and singing...the essence of being feminine.'s like literal crack to them! lol.
  15. Hi family, I figured since we had a post like this for men, I think we should have one for women as well. I just recently did a ton of studying on dating and what makes a woman (and her femininity) attractive to a man. Maybe you have some great info and details to share as well! I want to hear it! I'm most particularly interested in sharing information beyond the physical aspect. I think women have enough issues with self esteem and body image already. I'm pulling this information from one of my favorite dating gurus, Brandon Martin, from I like his perspective in the products he's created for women because it's from a higher consciousness perspective. He talks about using meditation as a daily practice, balancing the chakras, enlightenment, letting go of the ego, etc. He talks about what makes a man attractive to a woman and it's most specifically her femininity. And he goes in depth about masculinity and femininity and how we are polarized opposites and balance each other out. Most women think that physical beauty is what makes a man attractive to them, but that is not completely true and inaccurate. is only one part of femininity. Beauty is attractive because it is feminine. Femininity is the follower, is creative, playful, water like, lighthearted. Men like a relaxed woman that is non-judgemental. He says that the most attractive woman to a man is 80% feminine and 20% masculine. (This is very different from our enlightened souls wanting to be 50/50...relationships are different and are polarized) That is the perfect balance. Just like how Leo talks about in his videos that men need to explore their feminine side, so do women and their masculine side. And just like the yin and yang symbol there is a little dot of the opposite side in there to balance themselves out. We can never be completely all feminine or all masculine because it would cause us chaos. He states that "Too much" feminine energy causes women to have no control over their emotions, becoming overly sensitive, and lose perspective and they get sucked into every little incident that arises. And for women to balance that out they need a little masculine, and specifically he talks about integrity. ...keeping the games, drama, manipulation and lies out of the picture. ...being honest and upfront. And I found this to be really interesting. ... Brandon talks about how women are worried about the future , and men are masters at planning the future. While men are worried about NOW and the present moment. Women...and femininity is very much in the NOW. They each give each other what they need. Men want a women that can bring them into the present moment. .....being fun, joy, laughter, adventurous, lighthearted, vulnerability, being open, spontaneous. She also needs to have high self esteem, and is emotional balanced......and very important...non-possessive and relaxed. He emphasizes the need for women to meditate, and let go of her past, and her "childhood vows".