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  1. @Speedscarlet @Leo Gura I have no reason to lie about what I experienced, nor do I have anything to gain from it. You can believe in what you want, but it doesn't make it true....this is over two years ago, so I wouldn't expect you to remember. I'm just here to help others and to share my knowledge, while I learn about enlightenment, actualization, and personal development. I apologize if I offended you and will no longer be coming back. I see I'm not appreciated for sharing my advice and knowledge. Nor do I appreciate the assumptions about myself being "delusional" . Have fun! I'm better than this B.S. You can delete my account! Thanks!
  2. @Leo Gura You gave me permission in a message in one of your videos posts, whether you remember it or not. Reiki follows a strict code of ethics with not performing energy work on anyone without asking permission. And even if I didn't ask you personally, I could have asked your higher self, which is a common Reiki code of ethics that we follow. We are trained to sense when it's right or wrong to give Reiki Energy, which is only for the highest good, and never does any harm. As the energy only balances and heals what is right for that person at that time, as it has it's own intelligence. Leo, This is over two years ago, so I don't expect you to remember it. I didn't fantasize about anything, assume or project anything nor do I have a mental problem. Nor have I shared anything personal about you. Knee pain, is all that it is ....knee pain. My instructor was there with me giving you distance energy work, and has been performing energy work for over 15 years. Not that it really matters, nor is it important.
  3. @Jcent Thanks! There are many many different types of Reiki out there. Usui Reiki, which is the most well known Reiki in the United States, was not the original or first Reiki. Reiki has been around for thousands of years and practiced in Japan. Karuna Reiki, is a class that was created by William Lee Rand, which is a Reiki Class you take after you are Usui Reiki Master Certified. The reason you have to wait to take the Karuna Class and must be master Certified is because it builds on top of the symbols you already know from previous classes. Plus once you are Reiki Master Certified you have the ability to attune and pass on the energy to other people. Karuna Reiki consists of a series of 8 different symbols that can be used for specific things- physical pain, physical and emotional abuse, emotional healing, grounding, communicating with spirits, enhancing creativity, etc. Here is more information about Karuna Reiki. Some other various types of Reiki are: Angelic Reiki- (Reiki working with the Archangel Metatron), Buddho Enersense (Reiki derived from Buddahist Teachings involving meditation practice and empowerments) Medical Reiki (Reiki used in hospitals in an operating room) And those are just a few examples of Reiki....there are many more than that. Yes! I do sometimes use stones during my reiki sessions. Crystal Reiki is a Reiki class on it's own. Although I started becoming sensitive to stones and crystals before I was Crystal Reiki Certified ( I took a distance course on Udemy, and plan to take the Crystal Reiki Class in person from a friend of mine in the next few months.) Once you are certified in Reiki Level 1, you can actually send reiki to crystals and stones. As in aka. "charging your crystals", if you are planning to wear them or use them on other people. Just FYI, you don't have to be Reiki attuned to just use crystals by themselves. Just reading up on stones and crystals and becoming familiar on what they are used for will really help you. Some of the more popular stones used are Selenite, Clear Quartz and Amethyst because they balance all the chakras, and actually charge other crystals. During my sessions I'll often have my clients hold Selenite in their hands, or I'll place a selenite grid underneath the massage table to help soak up the negative energy and balance chakras. Selenite is also good at enhancing the power of other crystals. If you aren't attuned to Crystal Reiki, I would highly recommend taking the Crystal Reiki Class so you are properly instructed on how to make crystal grids to manifest love, abundance, great health, etc. I love this store, and have visited this store in person. They sell Reiki Crystal Cards, and Reiki Crystal Grids that you can use to manifest things. This is a great example and good information on Reiki Crystal Grids. I encourage you to do more research and explore to see what you can find! If you aren't familiar with this website Reiki Rays I would definitely take a look. They have a lot of great resources and free ebooks to download if you are interested. It looks like they have an ebook on how to reiki your crystals! Have fun!
  4. @Leo Gura Although Leo probably doesn't remember this, but a few years ago I asked him permission if I could practice reiki on him during my Reiki Master Certification course, and he said yes. My instructor and I actually performed a distance reiki session on Leo. Without going into his personal life and what I saw, I do remember specifically he had right knee pain and a lot of the distance energy healing was sent there. I used to think this Reiki stuff was fake, and was actually an atheist, until I had my own first hand experience with Reiki back in 2015. During my first experience, I didn't actually feel any sort of heat or sensation at all, but instead I just burst out crying hysterically for no reason after she had placed her hands over my solar plexus. There was some old wounds from my past that I apparently needed to release at that time. I could tell you story after story of crazy Reiki stuff I've experienced..... A few months ago I cured my client of vertigo... In October 2016, my dad while suffering from severe agonizing pain from colon cancer I put him in a deep relaxed sleep within seconds of placing my reiki hands on him (Reiki is known for relieving patients from Chemo Therapy)..... I've used Reiki on animals and helped prevent my friend's dog from having complications after a stroke and had a full recovery back in July 2018. ... In the Summer 2017 I used Reiki to cure my ex-boyfriends migraine headache... Over the summer in June, I sent Reiki to a cheetah at a zoo, and he put his face right up against the glass with his eyes closed and stayed there for a few minutes.. ..... and so on. It's really neat what you can do with this reiki stuff. I love it and have been using it on a daily basis. I usually don't talk about it openly on the forum. I'm currently a Usui Reiki Master, and Karuna Reiki Master. I love Karuna Reiki because the energy seems to be a lot stronger, and each symbol has it's own energetic feeling. This is me last year performing Reiki on Keebler, my mom's friend's dog. He absolutely loves reiki! He'll even laid down and got into position to show me where he wanted energy healing. I've noticed after I send him energy his anxiety is reduced and he doesn't seem as reactive to other dogs or people (He's very protective). Animals are interesting because they are more sensitive to energy than people. They usually walk away when they don't want any more. lol.
  5. @SFRL - I don't think poly is for me either. I personally know people that are Poly and have received notes from them on a Poly Seminar that they have attended and it says that Poly is a choice and not for anyone. It didn't mention any kind of health benefits from being Poly.
  6. @Leo Gura What are your thoughts on this? I've started reading the book, Sex at Dawn. Maybe you can make a video about it?
  7. HELP!! Hi Everyone, I recently met this guy that I'm interested in dating and he recommended that I read this book (that is also on Leo's book list) called Sex at Dawn. He seems to be convinced that men really are not naturally supposed to have monogamous relationships. I'm not so convinced that this is true at all. I feel that we are more evolved spiritually and moving away from just being "intelligent apes" with a biological desire to mate with as many of the opposite sex for reproductive purposes. We have consciousness, and we can choose to create our own reality based off our emotions, and have the potential for enlightenment, compared to apes, chimps, bonobos, etc. *It's not so much that he doesn't want to have a monogamous relationship, but i think he's more concerned about the possible health benefits from a man being poly-amorous. He believes that there are some biological benefits from men being poly-amorous. Like for example there is a supposed study that says that a man's testosterone level rises while having sex with a woman during ovulation (verses not ovulating). Thus if the testosterone level rises you're less likely to get prostate cancer. And there is also a different study that says that the more sex you have the less likely a man gets prostate cancer. Thus the more women you have sex with that are ovulating not only are you procreating but is natures protection for a man not to have health issues. I'm not sure how much is true, but I'm trying to clear up any misunderstandings. I've yet to see studies online that say anything about there being any detrimental effects from a man having sex with a women not ovulating, or being in a monogamous relationship with a healthy sex life. But if there is....I want to know! He feels that monogamous relationships were created by religious institutions for control and repress sex. As sexual energy gives people a tendency to have a lot of power. But I could also see how a monogamous relationship could also not be religious but by personal choice of wanting to be together, and a relationship where the two romantically involved people come together to evolve spiritually. We can choose to make our own boundaries and guidelines with relationships. I've also met men that are not poly-amorous in nature at all and stated that they aren't. So I'm just trying to get a better understanding of this. Has anyone read this book: Sex at Dawn?
  8. @Dogsbestfriend I don't want you to take my word for it. We should always be questioning "Who do we listen to?" Is this source reliable etc. I want you to use your best judgement and follow your intuition, your gut, solar plexus (your chakra of personal power), etc and do what is right for you. If this information doesn't resonate with you that's perfectly fine. There is no right or wrong. This information is here provided to those that find it useful. Namaste.
  9. I thought I would share a series books I'm reading right now about Extraterrestrials/Aliens being channeled or communicated with for information about absolute infinity and why we are here. The books go into great detail of how they are channeled, and contain information regarding when they first contacted and visited Earth, why they are here (in hiding obviously), and what information they are trying to share with us to those who are open and wiling to learn and wish to realize their absolute infinite nature (which they call the Law of One). This web link provides a a search glossary of the books if you are looking for specific information about: Atlantis. The Pyramids, etc. The books can be downloaded for free here. The books are called The Law of One. There are five books in total. If find it more valuable to purchase the books. Book 1 Page 67 In truth, there is no right or wrong. You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is Law of One. Page 74 Q: Why are we here? A: To see the Law of One. Page 85 The Law of One, though beyond limitation of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity. no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the infinite creator.
  10. @Leo Gura - Any input on your experience with Vipassana would be awesome! Was that the type of meditation you were practicing while you were in Hawaii? I was talking to Phil today about Vipassana. He probably would like to know your answer as well. Thanks!
  11. Hi Everyone! I am very interested in finding out more information on Vipassana retreats and classes to take. Which events do you go to? And do I need to take a course on vipassana to better understand how to practice it correctly? I currently practice meditation using TM (Transcendental Meditation) and from what I heard it's very similar to Vipassana. As much as I love TM and the health benefits I'm experiencing from it, I don't like the fact that there is such a time restriction on the meditation. Anyone who took this TM course (from the official TM website and affiliated teachers) would know that you're only allowed to do TM meditation twice daily for no more than 20 minutes, unless you are a student, pregnant, or are so sick you can't get out of bed. Which permits you to meditate more only if you fall under one of those circumstances. Thanks for your help and guidance!
  12. *My awakening experience seems to have a direct correlation with my dietary changes to 100% raw vegan with no cheating. I thought it would be more appropriate to post here since it's about my direct experience. I have currently been 100% for about 1 1/2 months now. I just wanted share my awakening journey to help inspire those around me. I was divinely guided by the spirit world to go raw vegan fruitarian for many years. I did it once before a few years ago and I was raw vegan for 6 months and I reversed my ovarian cysts. I finally took the plunge a month and half ago and it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. My depression is diminishing and I’m currently going through a spiritual detox. My thinking, logic and my spiritual connection has strengthened and improved. Old painful memories from the past are coming up in my dreams and I’m being given the opportunity to heal so I can create new abundance in my life. On day 28 of my new diet I had an awakening experience. I was out walking my friend’s dog and my monkey mind shut off for about three hours. Consciousness was experienced and realization of the truth...awareness. Things were complete, whole and at peace. Utter bliss. Problems, stress, worries created by the ego were gone. There was nothingness, and this nothingness gave satisfaction and fulfillment that can not be fulfilled or found through seeking outer experiences. Things were experienced, seen, felt, heard but without expressing opinion or emotion (ego). The ego was gone. The dog would bark at random strangers and the ego would normally get annoyed, but as awareness it was noticed without judgement, emotional output and with indifference. The dog can choose to have it's own experience. Awareness is connected and shared as all one is harmony and it is peace. And that awareness loves and accepts the dog for what it is regardless of it's circumstances. I also wanted to add this.......I (the ego) has been struggling for a long time to find and discover a life purpose. And after having this consciousness experience the spirit world led me to this book by Eckert Tolle called “ A new earth. Awakening your true life purpose.” I knew for a long time the importance of the law of attraction and manifesting your desires but I felt a gut feeling in my stomach that this wasn’t the whole basis of our existence. Something wasn’t right. Yes it is nice to manifest your own reality but I could see as I was cleansing from this detox that my emotions and desires could change instantly at any moment. I also knew that just because you want something and you manifest with the law of attraction it doesn’t mean it will make you happy and fulfill your life. Our ego is a bottomless pit that can never be completely satisfied and is always craving more.... dwelling on the past, and looking too far into the future. When the truth is the present is only thing here to experience and that exists. It is to be appreciated and enjoyed. We are always seeking to fill these gaps and these fears with relationships, addictions, food, money, etc. I was doing this with romantic relationships...I thought I was seeking love but I was really craving an attachment..which isn’t healthy and low vibration. True happiness and success comes from within. I discovered in this new book and through my direct experience that we have two life purposes, an inner purpose and an outer purpose, that are intertwined with each other. The inner purpose ( the primary purpose for everyone) is to become awakened/enlightened to who you really are, consciousness, to get rid of the ego....the end of all suffering. Once you know you are consciousness you can use the law of attraction to manifest abundance but from the right vibration and perspective for your outer purpose. The outer purpose can always change, and be altered, but the inner purpose remains the same. A lot of this may not make sense to you unless you have directly experienced consciousness, the infinite, nothingness, all that is.
  13. I wanted to share something exciting that happened to me recently. Maybe a few of you can relate! lol. Two days ago I made my first direct contact with my spirit guide. I woke up in the middle of the night and my brain was wired from reading my Eckart Tolle book, and I was repeating in my mind...I am consciousness not the ego ....when I noticed my hand started moving by itself...I wasn’t controlling it! Lol. Whatever the spirit was, was trying to get my attention. I sent reiki to it to make sure it was a positive entity. And on a regular basis I cleanse and smudge my bedroom. This spirit continued to stretch and flex different parts of my wrists, hands, feet and legs. I was laughing and could feel it’s positive energy. It even jokingly lightly smacked my face a few times. I figured at the time it might have been one of my ex bfs since he knows how to Astro plane and visited me once before. This activity lasted for about an hour and I went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning and went to work and the spirit or whatever it was showed up again at my office and started stretching my wrists. I felt good because of the stretching from the night prior. I had better movement and energy. I asked Connie, who is my friend, Hypnotherapist and Reiki instructor to SEE what it was a male spirit guide that apparently has a funny sense of humor and wit to it. Unfortunately I didn’t catch his name. I’m so glad my intuition was right. She also saw 5 other angels in the room with this spirit guide. (I’ve seen an angel once before but I have more of the Clair-cognizance ability..I receive downloaded information and guidance mentally). Last night he came back at 5am and acted like some sort of physical therapist and I was doing all these crazy stretches. I’ve always had hip problems but from all the stretching activity that I’ve been doing there has been a huge improvement. I noticed that the spirit guide could only control my body if I completely surrendered in the moment mentally. And I could always make it stop. It was weird because even though I couldn’t physically see my guide It could read my thoughts and adjusted the movements if I thought it was hurting or I needed to stretch this muscle instead. Has anyone else had something like this happen?!? Lol @egoeimai
  14. @RawJudah, @egoeimai Here are the titles of the books and the dvd I rented from the library if you are interested.
  15. @RawJudah I was recently watching a video I rented from the library by Eckhart Tolle where he was talking about his enlightenment experience. I also read in his book "The New Earth, Awakening your True Life Purpose," that he had depression after his first awakening experience for a few years and was on the brink of suicide. This book has really been helping with the awakening process as I'm learning to differentiate between the ego and my true self, awareness. Transcendental Meditation or aka TM mediation says enlightenment is a natural, normal thing. From what I read in Eckhart Tolle's books he was realizing some things logically in his mind about emotions and thoughts as he interacted with people. He was understanding what the ego was and that it wasn't who he really was. Enlightenment isn't one experience and everything is's a process, a transition. And once it is experienced it is hard to go back to everyday life knowing the truth. The book is worth reading and is said to help the transition process. A few weeks ago I had a brush with Consciousness, the infinite, nothingness. It was great. The monkey mind shut off for three hours and was just directly experiencing everything. There was wholeness, completeness, bliss, peace. ... Yet nothing can compare to this experience... No outer experience or life purpose could ever fulfill that need. It's all inner. This awakening experience was random but I've also recently changed my diet, been practicing TM meditation, and have been using reiki and the law of attraction to manifest this transformation faster. @egoeimai