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  1. Meditation by itself would not be enough to make teens interested. Call it a Wellness Group instead and incorporate all kinds of wellness practices: cooking healthy meals, yoga/exercise, hiking trips, have discussions on mental disorders that young people face like depression, anxiety, anger, have guest speakers like psychologists come in and speak about wellness, ect. So yea...diversify it and people would be more interested. Meditation is awsome but its gonna be a bit boring if its the only thing you do...especially for young people.
  2. I can see how being successful in any field often requires a person to take action that goes againts the norm. So I wonder if this counter-intuitive approach could work with Youtube ? What if I demonetized my channel, which would then give me the creative freedom to incorporate music and video from other creative persons? This would make the videos much more creative. Then my work would be so good that people would want to support on patreon. What do you guys think? @Leo Gura
  3. I sat down and did my work...I overcame risistance
  4. lool thank you all for your comments !
  5. Been struggling with this for a while. I'm a tall and skinny guy. Also I dont have much motivation to workout and do a full body transformation. Any advise? Any book recommendations?
  6. @Leo Gura Hey Leo...I think its fair to say that many persons want to see this video. Any updates on it ?
  7. there is actually a 16yr old girl who I really like...she's a sweetheart but im kinda afraid to be with 21 !
  8. When you Reveal the truth about who you are...your mind no longer needs to constantly have a cover up story. Hiding or withholding information causes our minds to constantly try to find the perfect arrangement of words (or story) which makes us seem better than we actually are. Admit are fucked up! And so am I the image that we have of ourselves of being this "decent, polite" person represents a very limited aspect of who we are, because our experience constantly contradicts with this self image...we get angry at our neighbor, we are attracted to the 16yr old girl and we like to smoke pot. So there you have it, a self image which says one thing and while direct experience says something totally different. When reality contradicts self image, the mind struggles to make sense of this. Telling the truth of who you are frees you from the mind's constant chatter of trying to cover up the truth. So what are your secrets? What are you hiding? I'm afraid to post mine...but hopefully you guys will inspire me to do so by starting first!
  9. Peace Reflection...I love myself Agreed man...he has such a powerful way of delivering truth. I think Natureboy and his group would benefit enormously if they started doing psychedelics. One time I asked him if he would try psychedelics and he said "I am a psychedelic"
  10. Naturboy has seen Leo's videos (or at least one) because I saw him comment on one recent video titled : "What is Perception? The Metaphysics of Perception"
  11. Yea its least you know what your doing and its a healthy form of procrastination
  12. @pluto yes yes...I know I need to let this go and not judge this guy. That will happen soon I think. Its just that I love love love to study cults. I was a Jehova's Witness three years ago and the psychology of cult leaders just amazes me...because I can relate to it a lot. So please forgive me...
  13. @Vipassana lol yes...he was doing so well when he was on the journey all by himself. I think he makes a good case study because it just shows how important embodyment is and how difficult it can be to run a spiritual community.
  14. Disclaimer: This post is intentionally written provocatively in order to make it interesting to read :). All said here can be confirmed if you follow these people on social media. I am not here to criticize...I actually want to see Naturboy and his group prosper and grow spiritually. His mistakes as a spiritual teacher have taught me a lot and I wish you can learn from his flaws as well. ________________________________________ Ex-stripper and Gay pornstar by the name of Eligio Bishop claims to be The Messiah...the Christ...and he has started a spiritual community in the jungle to get himself and his followers away from "babylon". The group goes by the name Carbonation, and although their intentions may be good, it has all gone south recently. Polygamy and a belief to aviod contraceptives has been a bad combination...when members of your tribe enter with various STD's: herpes and HIV included. Naturboy's main flaw is that he lacks embodyment of truth. Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga or psychedelics are ignored. The guy can theorize and spit out explanations for everything...the universe, God, Ego, sexuality, science and even astrology BUT... at the same time, he manipulates his members, he lies, he is in chronic state of anger and frustration, he debates with everyone who speak out againts him and always plays the victim. Studying this man can give you HUGE insights about the traps involved in doing spiritual work. Watch this documentary if you wana learn more: