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  1. Peace Reflection...I love myself Agreed man...he has such a powerful way of delivering truth. I think Natureboy and his group would benefit enormously if they started doing psychedelics. One time I asked him if he would try psychedelics and he said "I am a psychedelic"
  2. Naturboy has seen Leo's videos (or at least one) because I saw him comment on one recent video titled : "What is Perception? The Metaphysics of Perception"
  3. Yea its least you know what your doing and its a healthy form of procrastination
  4. @pluto yes yes...I know I need to let this go and not judge this guy. That will happen soon I think. Its just that I love love love to study cults. I was a Jehova's Witness three years ago and the psychology of cult leaders just amazes me...because I can relate to it a lot. So please forgive me...
  5. @Vipassana lol yes...he was doing so well when he was on the journey all by himself. I think he makes a good case study because it just shows how important embodyment is and how difficult it can be to run a spiritual community.
  6. Disclaimer: This post is intentionally written provocatively in order to make it interesting to read :). All said here can be confirmed if you follow these people on social media. I am not here to criticize...I actually want to see Naturboy and his group prosper and grow spiritually. His mistakes as a spiritual teacher have taught me a lot and I wish you can learn from his flaws as well. ________________________________________ Ex-stripper and Gay pornstar by the name of Eligio Bishop claims to be The Messiah...the Christ...and he has started a spiritual community in the jungle to get himself and his followers away from "babylon". The group goes by the name Carbonation, and although their intentions may be good, it has all gone south recently. Polygamy and a belief to aviod contraceptives has been a bad combination...when members of your tribe enter with various STD's: herpes and HIV included. Naturboy's main flaw is that he lacks embodyment of truth. Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga or psychedelics are ignored. The guy can theorize and spit out explanations for everything...the universe, God, Ego, sexuality, science and even astrology BUT... at the same time, he manipulates his members, he lies, he is in chronic state of anger and frustration, he debates with everyone who speak out againts him and always plays the victim. Studying this man can give you HUGE insights about the traps involved in doing spiritual work. Watch this documentary if you wana learn more:
  7. His ignorance is soo deep that you can drown in it by just being around him.
  8. Become so inspired and busy with your life's mission that you no longer have time for playing video games
  9. He teaches from the position of an SRF student, his videos are good for beginners and those taking the SRF path. If you read the 'book' you see that the SRF has corrupted the techniques. @YogiLogan Not necessarily...I have a feeling that Yogananda gave the advanced techniques to his close disciples while giving the more basic techniques to the general public through the SRF organization. Ryan's techniques are from a direct disciple of Yogananda so I wouldnt just assume that his techniques are not powerful
  10. I bet you $50 that this will pass
  11. @Aimblack Are Ryan's techniques legit? I'm asking Because I know that Ryan learnt them from a direct disciple of Yogananda and he didnt get his techniques from the SRF...which was the organization responsible for teaching the techniques to the public at large. I can now see why Yogananda would have made the techniques for the general public to be very basic and 'watered down'. In the 1940s yoga was still a taboo subject and subjects like chakras and kundalini energy would scare people off. Yogananda must have realized this and just kept things very simple when teaching the general public. But he may have given the more powerful techniques to his direct of whom taught Ryan Kurczak.
  12. This teacher definitely understands the nuances of spirituality. His teachings are very practical when it comes to being a seeker in our modern world. If you resonate with Leo then chances are you might resonate with Ryan Kurczak...if Leo was a Kriya master, he would most likely sound like Ryan :) least thats what I think. Here is a basic description of Ryan: for the past 18 years he has been practicing intently in a chair. He doesnt overemphasize the need to sit cross legged. He was a married man for over a decade before his wife passed away and feels that intimate relationships can be apart of our spiritual life. When Ryan is not teaching Kriya yoga he is a musician, "foul mouth card player" and he enjoys hiking. He's also a vedic astrologer and has many videos on that Also, he eats meat occasionally if it is served to him and doesnt make a big deal about it. He gets about 9hrs of sleep per night he's quite fine with need to force yourself to be like the "sleepless saint" mentioned in Yogananda's autobiography If he's not busy, he sometimes watches a movie on Netflix while eating his lunch. Ryan is not into the whole idea of joining spiritual organizations and he feels that the path of a Kriya yogi is a solo one. As a matter of fact, his wife was a kriya yogi as well and they didnt even meditate together or talk much about spirituality. He meditates on his own time while she does the same. They didnt even read the same books...she read the ones that she wanted to and he did the same. He was raised as a Catholic and hates going to Church to this very day ... Here you have a person who has gone deeply into the practice of Kriya Yoga and he doesnt try to mimic saints and sages but rather tries to find a healthy middle path in a modern way. Also, authenticity is heavily emphasized in his teachings... the "just do what works best for you" kinda attitude. I definitely resonate with him and you might or might not. Here is one of his youtube videos: ps. I dont know if his techniques are "watered down" but other than that...most of his insights are truly helpful.
  13. Why do people say this ? I feel really drawn to an online Teacher named Ryan Kurczak and his Kriya Yoga techniques are from Yogananda's lineage. So why is it said that Yogananda didn't teach Kriya Yoga properly ?