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  1. This was soo beautiful that I cried...something about it just goes deep. Enjoy
  2. @Leo Gura Holy fuck've gone full circle on this masturbation
  3. @Red-White-Light Going to college gave your life meaning. It allowed you to wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging to a community and it made you feel that what you do in class today will make the future much better. Leaving college removed the meaning that it supplied to your life...which is why you feel depressed, you are now empty of "college meaning". The goal is to find work, friendships and hobbies that will slowly add meaning to your life. Doing nothing all day is a sure ticket to depression. Mark Manson's book "Everything is Fucked, a book about Hope" is a masterpiece on the topic of depression and how we can create meaningful lives.
  4. @ds300 You could be in your sixties and still pursue this purpose and become a superstar
  5. @saint_charming7 Perhaps you should consider taking this job and work there in the meantime. Then while your working you can be on the lookout for better opportunities. This job might not be perfect, but it could be a major stepping stone along your journey. Sometimes we get stuck because are waiting on the perfect job or opportunity to present itself.
  6. @sausagehead Ever noticed that an elastic band resists the process of stretching itself ? It does not want to stretch, and if you allow it, it will go back to being small. Why is that? It doesn't want to pop (fail). Just like an elastic, we resist stretching ourselves because we fear that we might pop/fail. So resistance arises due to fear of failure. But the thing is, unlike an elastic band, whenever our comfort zone stretches and pops, it can heal itself together, and wherever it heals, it becomes stronger.
  7. Reading, Spending time with family & friends, P.s - Its okay to watch movies or play some video games here and there, so long as most of your life is spent working on your life purpose and relationships.
  8. This guys is the master of Zen Devilry... You can learn so much from him about what NOT to do as a spiritual teacher. Check out his chanel on YT...its called CarbonationTV...the video above was posted by one of the many people trying to expose what he's doing.
  9. I highly doubt Leo would do such a thing...he strongly advocates that spirituality is a solo journey. He would say something like "do the practice on your own and use 5MEO-DMT to help you"
  10. @SoothedByRain the images of healthy foods on the left hand side of this board. Where can I get a copy of these?
  11. @Lucas Kehr Hi...I love the picture in the bottom right corner...the one of the man holding the girl. Where can I get that? need it for my vision board.
  12. Meditation by itself would not be enough to make teens interested. Call it a Wellness Group instead and incorporate all kinds of wellness practices: cooking healthy meals, yoga/exercise, hiking trips, have discussions on mental disorders that young people face like depression, anxiety, anger, have guest speakers like psychologists come in and speak about wellness, ect. So yea...diversify it and people would be more interested. Meditation is awsome but its gonna be a bit boring if its the only thing you do...especially for young people.
  13. I can see how being successful in any field often requires a person to take action that goes againts the norm. So I wonder if this counter-intuitive approach could work with Youtube ? What if I demonetized my channel, which would then give me the creative freedom to incorporate music and video from other creative persons? This would make the videos much more creative. Then my work would be so good that people would want to support on patreon. What do you guys think? @Leo Gura
  14. I sat down and did my work...I overcame risistance
  15. lool thank you all for your comments !