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  1. Thanks for report. This is also music i am listening. Best without ad. My schedule is also 20-30 mins. I had panic attack problems in the past so everything makes me scared. There are tensions in my heart region of the body. I cant tell it is my heart rhtym or fake but it makes me stressed. I constantly tell myself or my ego calm down it is just feeling and those things are not real and they disappear. After experience i feel euphoria i can laugh a tv show like i am a child. But after a day or so something happens what leo call it ego trying to comeback. I been distracted easily. I cant work properly. What i decide i should do it once or two in a week and keep going with meditation and concentration work daily. To my perspective 1-1.5 hours personal "spiritual" work is enough. I think ego started to change this spiritual quest to a "pleasure seeking" and makes it useless.
  2. I could do it 18 min. I felt like i couldn't move my hands and foots. I panicked and got up. Btw i hear voice of people(real people ) in other room and i felt kind of rage towards them. It did not last very much. 5 mins later i am super ok. but that rush panicked me.
  3. This video is very valuable. Thank you Leo. I see it is being sacrificed for politics/history. You are missing very important things. and even those concepts are actively being discussed in ISIS circles. Pain will bring peace.