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  1. His latest live awakening video
  2. I just made this today, hope y'all like it! hahaha
  3. Glad you enjoyed it @Zigzag Idiot @Matt23 @outlandish
  4. If you feel awe and wonder whenever you look at the night sky this is for you! There's some reductionist materialism especially in the second video, but if you can look past that I'm sure you will enjoy these just like I did (:
  5. Wow definitely will check it out, what makes him have such a keen eye for beauty?
  6. I dont usually bump my threads, but yall have anything to add please post it here
  7. Thanks for your response <3 Although I must wonder if it's healthy to hold the mindset you mentioned at the end, of ignoring everything and living inside your head where everything is good, maybe a more balanced mindset would be to acknowledge the things that you don't like and understand or appreciate their "raison d'étre" Honestly I don't know if I got the message you're trying to convey. By resistance you mean fear? And a life of chasing excitement will only be worthwhile if you deal with the inherent resistance beforehand? Sorry but I'm not really connecting the dots
  8. @MountainCactus I just wanna thank you and @kerk for creating so much value on this forum. I didn't read all of the posts yet, I'm waiting to give em my full focus cause I got so many questions lol. But for now just one question, what can one do if one doesn't have access to a guru? I mean I'm still suspicious that the lack of progress (compared to when I used to meditate regularly) is due to my inexperience and that I still haven't nailed down the techniques correctly, but if what you're saying is true @MountainCactus - and I'd like for the other forum members to the discuss their progress doing the techniques from the books and whether that contradicts with my experience and what you said - then what can one do about it? To get the real benefits of transcending the ego and realising samadhi from kriya?
  9. I dont even know why I'm asking this since I know I'm never satisfied unless i come to answers on my own, but what the hell, I dont think I have enough life experience to figure it out, so I could use some input from the wise beings on this forum. Basically do you think it's healthy to have excitement and thrill be the compass that guides your life? I mean in actuality, from your experience, does it really lead to a well lived life? I've been wrecking my mind a little bit about the single most important force that makes for a well lived life, knowing that you have limited time here on earth, it makes sense that you'd wanna construct your life around the things that excite you and light a fire in your eyes, right? Although I think I've heard of people say that it's empty and not really fulfilling. I'm not trying to follow hearsay but I also don't trust myself too much A few other answers that came up as a basic driving force are love and beauty, although love is still a rather abstract and cloudy thing to me, I feel like I have a strong connection to beauty. Anyways, feel free to express your thoughts, I appreciate all of them.
  10. I found this video to be fascinating, this whole talk makes my heart crave that feeling of beauty and wonder, if anyone has resources (books, videos..) that focus abt the topic of beauty and assimilating it more in your daily life specifically, please share them with me and with everyone here.
  11. For real i can relate to that last bit for a bit, even though i love yoga, ever since i started doing it it's like I've been healthier and more energized, but not as aware or insightful as when I was solely doing 1hr meditation daily. Almost feels like a step back which is confusing, bec I can still feel benefits from yoga: the physical and emotional body heals up, and I get calm during the sessions but not a transcendental kind of calm, as in the calm is still very much centered and grounded in the body... Whereas in meditation I could I used to be able to merge with naked awareness at times and got better and better at it. So I'm kinda confused how to go on abt it now lol, been alternating between meditation and yoga on a day to day basis, just to get that connection with awareness back. And u say that's because the techniques we're following from the books are not the original? How's that? I mean idk abt the other authors but ennio nimis dedicated his life to finding this original kriya and sharing it. So it may be thats it's because we're not practicing the techniques like we should since we're still new to all of this. And I must agree with ennio's views on secrecy, it just does more harm than good, if you got sth that will benefit people why keep it to yourself?
  12. Wow that was very informative, you seem like you know a lot abt this stuff, you could add a lot of value here. You say that energising the body and chakras strengthens the ego, does that mean kundalini is only good for spiritual experiences and not actual transcendence? 🤔 I still remember how energetic kriya used to make me feel, and I loved it! I could tap into the chakras from the spine through mental pranayam, but I dont think it had a calming effect, more like an activation effect.