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  1. @dustylocks I had watched this video when it was released and I had put some stuff aside in order to sell them but I wasn't getting the technical ebay stuff. Any video recommendations for shipping, how to list items etc? Thanks for the reminder.
  2. @Dan94 How did you manage to choose an ideal medium and the domain of mastery?
  3. Immense amounts of gratitude. The man I am today is because people brought valuable gifts to me one way or the other, the least I could do is give back.
  4. @Serotoninluv Grab a sample of nothingness and give it an IQ test.
  5. @Leo Gura And the funny part is that even if someone tries to debate with them (like Deepak Chopra) he can't win because the whole debate and logical arguments are just a game from the materialistic point of view. That's why there is so much ego involved. This video is so cringy I just cant...
  6. I find it extremely ballsy of Prince Ea to share an enlightenment video like this with almost 2 million subs. Will it pay off or backfire? Also, what do you guys think of the video?
  7. @AMS Radical openmindedness is required when you are against the status quo not when you represent it. Anecdotal evidence like FB posts doesn't count for shit. Science shows us that animal products are not healthy but I guess you have to be extremely biased when you have a carnivore FB group. Animals are not healthy, no amount of mental gymnastics on your part will prove otherwise. Research TLDR: A low-carbohydrate diet based on animal sources was associated with higher all-cause mortality in both men and women, whereas a vegetable-based low-carbohydrate diet was associated with lower all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality rates.
  8. @Leo Gura Is accumulating Personal development theory actually a waste of time though? If it is, I theoretically have wasted the last 4 years but If I didn't I wouldn't be on the self-actualization journey so I am ok with that. My perfectionism wakes up towards action, what job to find? Is it a waste of time? Should I go pimp it solo again? And especially without a quality peer group, i have to be extremely self-reliant. My mind plays tricks on me... My emotional system is not backing me up and the only thing I have left is willpower. @RossE Daily routine is an idea to maximize productivity. The last months I have been running on open schedule and the results are self-evident. @HII Put down some goals (Both long-term and short-term) on my OneNote, now trying to convince myself how to proceed from here.
  9. @Leo Gura Bashing PUA is a long talk. It involves many factors which RSD have gotten right such as social conditioning, male/female psychology and obviously action. I actually think you've got it wrong here. No one is asserting any power over anyone. If you treat it as you would treat any spiritual dogma you are good to go, I don't see any negatives. You need to clarify which is low consciousness dogma and which is not. I either auto filter it or I don't notice it at all. If it becomes an addiction this is another talk but the game by itself can actually grow you especially if you are the average video game nerd like me. Now that I think about it what is the difference between playing the game to be alpha and playing the game to be conscious in front of the girl? Is it all a matter of appearances?
  10. @Leo Gura That's actually worse since AI won't have to be ultra smart. Keep in mind people are literally puppets of their damn phones and computers. Imagine the damn things being even a tiny bit aware of the situation, how much damage could they do?
  11. What do you guys think of decaf coffee?
  12. After watching the video on OneNote, starting writing some stuff and contemplating about my life, I realized where I've been doing well and where I am not. I realized how little action I actually take. I am just observing here so don't get lost assuming stuff. Here are some things that "go wrong" with me and need to be fixed asap: Apart from my formal/walk meditation habit which is pretty consistent, I dabble around in everything else. I protect my ego toooooo much, my cool-smart-wise-funny guy image/identity. No morning routine, no productivity (currently unemployed living with parents). "Stuck" on LP course since I don't know what domain of mastery and ideal medium to choose (more like an excuse but whatever makes me sleep at night, right?) Waste too much time on PC and personal development material when I could be taking action. No structure whatsoever in my daily life. No quality peer group to push me as I wish to be pushed. Being into PUA theory for months now and the only action I have taken is going to a bar and chatting up dudes (not awkward just pussied out I guess) Stuck for literally months in this theory filled and no action comfort zone that I went myopic without noticing. No system in place to autocorrect my stupid behavior in the path of growth and self-improvement without going unconscious for months. Not writing this to victimize myself or anything. I've got the mental game in place. I just really need something tangible to grab on to and get out of this rut. The funny thing is I already got the knowledge to get started but a second opinion would be much appreciated
  13. @Leo Gura Still though, man's got to learn, right?
  14. @Leo Gura I get the no-free-will but still, something makes decisions, be it the body or the mind. If not, this says that our lives are preset and either you are born capable-of-enlightenment and achieve it or better luck next life. In that case, no matter what I do I will win if my destiny is to win and no matter what I will lose if my destiny is to lose. Sounds weird but I guess we can assume we are winners and act accordingly to increase our chances