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  1. The materialist paradigm is so deep-rooted. We 've all been indoctrinated from birth to think that way and also glorified science as an authority without any skepticism. The looks I get from family and friends when I challenge the materialistic paradigm or talk about consciousness are hilarious. Or the funniest one: "that's just religious beliefs" It's so interesting that at their level of consciousness you cant contemplate anything and find the truth, truth is only hearsay from that POV. It takes LOTS of work to transcend it and to be frank the hardest part is emptying the cap.
  2. What can go wrong with the great carnivore diet?
  3. This is at odds with Sadhguru helping his wife achieve mahasamadhi.
  4. @Leo Gura At the end of the day, all these "illnesses" are literally fantasies/stories that people repeat to themselves (schizophrenia and psychosis aside). This was one of my first insights on psychedelics that showed me how the mind works and I won't replace it with any hearsay, id rather trust my experience.
  5. @Leo Gura If you can speak about enlightenment you can speak about all those topics with great clarity. LOL if a psychologist can treat such people just by reading texts and having 0 insight on reality, then metaphysical insight makes you qualified tenfold to speak on these topics. At the end of the day, all these "illnesses" are literally fantasies/stories that people repeat to themselves (schizophrenia and psychosis aside). Also, let's not forget that Shadow Work is a prerequisite of Spiritual Work and a really foundational topic that you need to address in-depth.
  6. This is an eye-opening video. This is happening in our self-help/guru industry and how completely scammy these financial gurus are. Their only goal is to close you and there is literally 0 interest what is your situation as long as you pay them. And all that with the fakery of tuxedos and all that jazz. It should ring a red flag since the first minute but when people are desperate to get out of wage slavery these guys are there to abuse it. This is a deep problem with both marketing and product quality. Their product is pretty much dogshit if not not-existant and their only focus is packaging. The only thing they do is focus on marketing and appearance and that's how they get you convinced to open your wallet with a facade of luxury and status. Also notice especially in Dan's case how similar the structure is to MLM. Pitch (product 1) -> upsell -> upsell -> I'll hire you to sell product 1 ^ this method is so disturbingly scammy and unethical I wonder how these people sleep at night but I guess that's survival for you. @Leo Gura You should also watch this video to see what these competitors of yours do in order to get more clients.
  7. @Leo Gura Lol it isn't even that advanced to almost have 0 monkey mind and be present the majority of the time...
  8. @Leo Gura I can but I don't consider myself enlightened.
  9. Be careful not to outsource something that is a skill and can only be cultivated. You can take steroids but you will not know weightlifting nor nutrition no matter how buff you get. Yoga gets you as deep as possible but for the westerners, we need drugs to get them on board
  10. Starting from 0 without any expertice do you go straight for Life Purpose or just a job to make ends meet? If it's a job, which jobs/businesses would you suggest to leverage the work we do here? Do you first work on your inner game (through spirituality) and then act out in the world or vise-versa? Should you drop out of college and if yes, what after? How do you find conscious likeminded people on the path and cultivate meaningful relationships? If the more conscious you get the more you recontextualize your priorities, isn't it ideal to work on your consciousness first? Who is in a better boat, an enlightened hippie living on the street or a completely unconscious multimillionaire CEO? Which are the most valuable characteristics you should develop early in life? Should you structure your day or just wing it? How would a structured day look like? Which are some common signs you are in a rut and how to get out of one?
  11. @Yannik Be an asshole for a month to overcompensate the people-pleasing habit. After some practice of being assertive and somewhat polarizing, you can tone it down to your preferred politeness level.
  12. Sums up the treatment of every mental illness being social anxiety, anger, fear, insecurities and so on. @Voladores If you want to overcome this challenge there only two steps: 1. Practice what you are not good at yet 2. Spirituality for detachment and quiet mind
  13. If we can only trust personal experience, how come fear feels so real no matter if someone intellectually understands it is a thought? Is it possible to transcend fear if you are not able to have a nondual state of consciousness meaning a monkey-chatter-free mind? Does the mechanism of fear apply to all common mental health issues like anxiety, OCD, insecurity and so on? After you manage to transcend fear intellectually, how do you cleanse your body of 10+ years of habitual fear? Even if someone understands that in order for fear to exist there has to be a thought, how can he bring awareness to this mechanism and start to dismantle it instead of acting out unconscious patterns? What is the relation of fear with low self-esteem and lack of confidence? How does a person that has transcended fear act like or is it an inherently internal state? Which are the internal (state) and external (behavioral) consequences of transcending fear?
  14. @Leo Gura I am aware of the issue but have you thought that this overcautious attitude potentially postponed your tour for example? Do you have any updates on "Actualized Tour Coming Soon To A City Near You"? You either do something or you don't, if you don't you accept the status quo which is unconsciousness if you do you risk for misinterpretation and devilry. The game is rigged.