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  1. Idealy should you keep your eyes open or closed during mindfulness meditation/self inquiry?
  2. @Sky Saturated fats are unhealthy. If you research further the studies that "prove" the opposite they are either using a non-viable way of study or are supported economically by the meat and egg industry. You just go as deep as possible until you find the answer. The hard thing is to keep an unbiased attitude when doing the research which is the root cause of this misunderstanding. As far as feeling the diet I would agree on the surface but you may also going to need some blood tests before and after the diet change just to double check.
  3. @Leo Gura Indeed I am. Should I self-inquiry before or after my meditation?
  4. @Leo Gura I don't seem to have experienced anything like this, how can I also achieve those results? What kind of work do I have to do?
  5. Do the books on the LP course also on the book list?
  6. Cognitive Style - Intellectual Organizational Style - Balanced Energy Style - Extraverted Stress Management Style - Resilient Interpersonal Style - Competitive Openness Imagination - High Artistic Interest - Low Emotionality - About Average Adventurousness - High Intellectual Interests - High Liberalism - High Conscientiousness Self-Efficacy - High Orderliness - About Average Dutifulness - About Average Achievement-Striving - About Average Cautiousness - About Average Extraversion Friendliness - About Average Gregariousness - About Average Assertiveness - High Activity Level - About Average Excitement-Seeking - High Cheerfulness - High Neuroticism Anxiety - Low Anger - Low Depression - Low Self-consciousness - Low Immoderation - Low Vulnerability - Low Agreeableness Trust - About Average Honesty - Low Altruism - About Average Cooperation - Low Modesty - Low Sympathy - About Average
  7. @Leo Gura What's wrong with heavy carbs like those?
  8. @Leo Gura How should someone approach the entrepreneurial journey in order to actually have the potential to increase human consciousness?
  9. @Leo Gura What do you think about Jordan Peterson?
  10. @eskwire Well said, totally agree.
  11. @eskwire How does literature grow you then? In my mind literature is entertainment and entertainment is usually toxic.
  12. Does literature provide value? Compared to self-help books, are literature ones inferior or not?
  13. @Baul Get the least theory necessary to be able to start the business and then balance theory and action. In the beginning it is mainly action.
  14. @Leo Gura Morality is not relative. How can morality be relative when it is based in empathy. This is where the the golden rule comes from. Basically instead of changing our actions to line up with our morals, we change our perspective to nonduality so we can justify them. Seems too self-centered and egotistical. Also i didnt see Jesus kill and then justify his actions with this nihilistic view. If something goes against self agenda it is the mere idea of action. What is more threatening to the individual, to bone up and line up his actions to his values and morals or to adopt a nihilistic paradigm that allows him to do whatever he wants? If non duality is so perfect, the enlightened ones wouldn't mind if someone tried to kill them. At the end of the day it would save some children from unessecary rape
  15. @AlwaysBeNice You can say that for every job on earth. The majority of jobs add nothing of value to people. It is not about adding to society but to people. View society as something negative, we want to add value to people not to society. Marketing can be good if you use it the right way. Imagine Leo pulling a Tai Lopez ad campaing. He would get massive and basically manipulate people for their own good. I dont see anything wrong with that. Instead of demonizing marketing why dont you use it for the good. By being a beggar you dont help anyone anyway so you just party with the status quo which is the unethical ad campains in this instance.