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  1. Hey people, I need your help. This is a thread we can all post some good resources about basic business stuff like E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Social media Marketing, Affiliate marketing etc and help each other out with our business/LP. This thread will be great for aspiring entrepreneurs that keep saying they can't find their LP but the sit at home and do nothing and even experienced ones that may get some good ideas. Post your best resources for those subjects or write your own experience.
  2. @Leo Gura Where do I find some good resources for getting my hands wet with business before I start my LP business? I am looking into e-commerce, SEO, affiliate marketing, some basic coding, and social media advertising to get into business. Do you suggest anything else? Pls don't tell me if that is what want to do with my life, it is not but I'd rather make some money while learning how business works than working at McDonald's.
  3. I can somewhat verify the existence of those records if there is some form of "a database of the universe's entire history". During one trip of mine, I literally saw a flashback of every living creature that has lived on this planet evolving into the next one and eventually into a human. The only thing a can compare it with is the end of the movie Lucy when she time travels. Considering i have no knowledge whatsoever about evolution, the insight was really profound and came to me really organically during one of the trip's trances.
  4. @Leo Gura The majority of your viewers are dabblers that take action be it meditation or self inquiry once every full moon or not at all. Only a small percentage has a solid daily practice of all the necessary techniques for a good life. Make a small 20min rant about the dangers of not talking action like you did on today's video at the end. If the carrot won't motivate people the stick might as well do the trick
  5. @izakooo Take the following easy steps and you'll be there eventually: Calculate your Bmi. Educate yourself on exercise and nutrition (AthleanX is a great channel if you want to get started somewhere) Set up a healthy Carb/Protein/Fat ratio Count your macros approximately and consume a calorie deficit. Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. Be consistent Be aware that you can lose fat eating McDonald's every day (if you eat a calorie deficit). Your aim should be health, not just weight loss. @Leo Gura What is wrong with potatoes and rice? Do you have any research that meat/butter/fat is good?
  6. @Leo Gura Never thought about it that way, thanks!
  7. @Leo Gura Will there be a video form of bits and pieces of the event like RSD free tour style ?????
  8. @Leo Gura Yo Leo, and everyone on the forum what are your thoughts on Patrick bet David? IMO he is probably a pretty open-minded orange guy since he had every color of the spiral dynamics in his interview show (from Deepak Chopra to Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro)
  9. @Anirban657 That's why I am extremely cautious of "experts" and doctors that I cannot validate their expertise. But on the other hand on your situation is not like you have many options. You either go to an expert (socially acceptable) or you don't. The hard but most effective thing is to figure it out for yourself as Leo said but you gonna catch a lot of flak for doing that. Ideally, I'd say is to find an expert with the necessary knowledge of the work we do here or find an alternative healer.
  10. @Leo Gura That's on you, why did you even give him lip in the first place? You need to talk about social dynamics. How does a conscious person interact with other people? You've heavily criticized RSD because they promote a materialistic paradigm but still, you can't get wrong with being positive and having fun with people. Dialing your inner game that everyone is on your side is game-changing. Throwing Social Dynamics under the bus makes people wank their peen at home without talking to people and makes them antisocial, dysfunctional and victimized. The more conscious I get the better my nights out get. Metaphysics help you so much in interacting with people because you just assume the best reality possible. We might as well actively promote positivity and love during our personal development journey. That's some stuff that every person should know early in his personal development, you need to cover them.
  11. @outlandish An hour hike trip to the nearby forest where I am completely alone in the woods with a great view of my city. The only issue is it takes time to get up there and come back down
  12. @Leo Gura My last trip was 200μg and it was pretty much my first good trip. As I said I can only trip outdoors. Would you suggest staying at 200μg for a couple more trips and then gradually up it to 300μg? I am thinking about 225μg to 250μg. I definitely respect the substance. I mean it is either outdoors or not at all and I am in a rut lately, need something profound to breakthrough. 200μg was good and all but not ego-death level of consciousness. What would you suggest, skip the trip altogether?
  13. Last trip I had some pretty basic hummus, tomato cucumber and mustard burritos made for my hiking trip. And to be completely honest they were the best thing I had ever tasted in my life, they were so good! All that presence makes the most basic things extremely profound.
  14. @PsiloPutty The letter "μ,Μ" is greek and I use greek keyboard as well as the English one.
  15. Straightforward question. I don't have an indoor place where I am alone to trip for 10+ hours so my only option is outdoors in the woods or nature in general. I have only had a 200μg outdoors trip so far and it went great. Will 300μg be easy to handle outdoors or is it probable that I'll lose control?