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  1. Be careful not to outsource something that is a skill and can only be cultivated. You can take steroids but you will not know weightlifting nor nutrition no matter how buff you get. Yoga gets you as deep as possible but for the westerners, we need drugs to get them on board
  2. Starting from 0 without any expertice do you go straight for Life Purpose or just a job to make ends meet? If it's a job, which jobs/businesses would you suggest to leverage the work we do here? Do you first work on your inner game (through spirituality) and then act out in the world or vise-versa? Should you drop out of college and if yes, what after? How do you find conscious likeminded people on the path and cultivate meaningful relationships? If the more conscious you get the more you recontextualize your priorities, isn't it ideal to work on your consciousness first? Who is in a better boat, an enlightened hippie living on the street or a completely unconscious multimillionaire CEO? Which are the most valuable characteristics you should develop early in life? Should you structure your day or just wing it? How would a structured day look like? Which are some common signs you are in a rut and how to get out of one?
  3. @Yannik Be an asshole for a month to overcompensate the people-pleasing habit. After some practice of being assertive and somewhat polarizing, you can tone it down to your preferred politeness level.
  4. Sums up the treatment of every mental illness being social anxiety, anger, fear, insecurities and so on. @Voladores If you want to overcome this challenge there only two steps: 1. Practice what you are not good at yet 2. Spirituality for detachment and quiet mind
  5. If we can only trust personal experience, how come fear feels so real no matter if someone intellectually understands it is a thought? Is it possible to transcend fear if you are not able to have a nondual state of consciousness meaning a monkey-chatter-free mind? Does the mechanism of fear apply to all common mental health issues like anxiety, OCD, insecurity and so on? After you manage to transcend fear intellectually, how do you cleanse your body of 10+ years of habitual fear? Even if someone understands that in order for fear to exist there has to be a thought, how can he bring awareness to this mechanism and start to dismantle it instead of acting out unconscious patterns? What is the relation of fear with low self-esteem and lack of confidence? How does a person that has transcended fear act like or is it an inherently internal state? Which are the internal (state) and external (behavioral) consequences of transcending fear?
  6. @Leo Gura I am aware of the issue but have you thought that this overcautious attitude potentially postponed your tour for example? Do you have any updates on "Actualized Tour Coming Soon To A City Near You"? You either do something or you don't, if you don't you accept the status quo which is unconsciousness if you do you risk for misinterpretation and devilry. The game is rigged.
  7. @Leo Gura The sneaky thing is that this is a fear which is actively preventing you from going a step further. Let's do those in-person events you mentioned a while back and see what happens. I bet many conscious businesses could be created by such events but if we are afraid this is gonna be a cult we cut ourselves short.
  8. @Leo Gura Really conservative approach of yours. On the one hand yes it is true that teachings get corrupted after the master is long gone but there is no other alternative of bringing to the table spirituality in a society that has lost its touch with spirit. It is like going to learn piano or martial arts and calling the teacher "dogmatic" because he has a certain procedure of teaching you. The biggest difference between Jesus and Sadhguru is that Isha is a step by step process that makes people more conscious. On the other hand, Jesus just shared his insights and they were massively misinterpreted. It is like WW2, it had to happen in order for the collective consciousness to evolve but on a meta-perspective. Realizing that Sadhguru is not only conscious but has a great understanding of the process of becoming so through Yoga and temples. Let's not be mistaken, these temples are exactly like psychedelics, they are technology, they are tools. Some people become more conscious through psychedelics some through the attendance of consecrated temples. The overall progress of the collective consciousness through these technologies outweighs the potential negative effects.
  9. @tsuki This is actually a tricky question because many times when you experience physical pain it is a result of mental suffering you yourself create by misinterpreting an event as negative and then producing physical pain to yourself. And then you ask yourself why does my chest feel like that? And you've missed the fact that you JUST created that sensation unconsciously. This mistakenly is classified as physical pain although it is not actual physical pain like someone cutting your finger of which doesn't require any mental gymnastics to produce. At the deepest levels of consciousness, all that used to be pain becomes just a sensation be it mental or physical. It just occurs a recontextualization of the feeling. This is the way I assume even Ralston can have teeth surgery without any amount of pain.
  10. @Leo Gura Now you are getting sloppy, if you are not 24/7 in a nondual state this is just fantasy and you are deluding yourself instead of resolving the issue step by step and deconstructing your actual emotions and suffering. If you didnt live in duality you wouldn't suffer, you would be enlightened on a sober state. Realize that if you experience suffering right now, that is all there is, and all your nondual memories fly out the window. That is also a trap of psychedelics since you don't grow gradually but that is another can of worms. If you actually observe your present experience there actually only 2 kinds of suffering, mental and physical. I have not transcended physical suffering yet as Ralston has done (which he says you create that too) but let's focus on the mental one. Since it is your own construction for your own survival you need to slowly deconstruct it and get an actual insight on suffering itself as the thing I am describing here. So why do we create suffering? At the end of the day, mental suffering is an attachment to thoughts and feelings without realizing the mechanism behind the whole process. After putting some awareness on this mechanism we realize that it goes like this: event -> negative thought -> suffering. This whole process happens automatically and most people think suffering is normal but it is not, it happens unconsciously since there is no space in between these 3 events. Confusing insight with just duality and smearing it like that is the ultimate delusion.
  11. Meanwhile, 4 states cancel republican primaries LOL
  12. @Leo Gura You are just downplaying spiritual masters. There are only 2 types of suffering mental and physical. And you don't even need an awakening to get rid of the mental suffering since you create it yourself. So how do you suffer? Physical suffering is another story.
  13. @Shiva The thing is that consciousness doesn't mean anything for a materialist. You need at least some amount of insight to even use that word. Also about charities, even if they are a PR move they still give away money. There is a big difference on a Grant Cardone type of businessman and a more greenish type of businessman.
  14. "Fight for the light of consciousness" -Elon Musk I think we have greatly misunderstood Elon musk as just an Orange-Green type of businessman as @Leo Gura often says. No words of consciousness and love would be spoken by a materialist.