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  1. I'm constantly thinking about this, but instead of being unemployed, I'm slaving my time in a shitty mind-numbing, dead-end job that physically and mentally pains me. But I really don't see any alternative, you either leverage your current skills to get a better job than your current one or get the skillset your dream job requires. On the other hand, I've realized how passive a low-end job can make you, just follow the instructions, don't take any initiative and you will be fine (meaning they probably won't fire you, if that is even a win). But the irony is that you need to be the exact opposite (take initiative, be creative, not being too agreeable) to succeed in life in general so idk how this works. Despite all that, you need to get your first job to get your feet wet, staying in Mom's basement won't create the necessary leverage to make you appreciate how important financial literacy and autonomy are. I suggest you get a job so you can see yourself in a work environment and clarify what you like and don't like and also get your hands dirty, no better fuel than 12 months on a shitty job, you see there is one thing to think of the alternative and living it.
  2. @Leo Gura If I misdiagnosed myself for heavy metal toxicity and follow Andy Cutler's protocols, could it be counterproductive?
  3. It's been almost a year since I took the inner Engineering course by Sadhguru. Not to spoil the course but he has a guided meditation that asks you to think of the one thing you mostly desire right now you will get it in 5 months. So I went through the meditation thinking of a great new job with a good environment. At that time, after much meditation and tripping, I concluded that it's ideal to first fix all my material needs till I hit 30 before I go hardcore into spirituality so the 9-5 made sense to "ask" for. Anyways 5 months later I got a job that actually fulfilled my criteria and I have not done a single thing of self-development since (almost 7 months). Imagine, I've only watched a single video of Leo since. Looking it from the bigger picture it is definitely a positive direction to cultivate some momentum and work ethic but oh boy that 9-5 fucks up your schedule big time. I don't have much time and most days I am hella tired after work to do anything productive so I either nap or splurge on some junk. I feel like I don't have the stamina and I'm not even 25 yet. I'm learning by the day both about myself and people in general but on the other hand, I can see how people settle with just a 9-5 and watch the big match on the weekends and that's life for them. In a sense, it feels like that's the default unless you do something about it. It is so scary how easily you backlash on the normie lifestyle... The theory is good and all but the practice is getting the better of me. An ideal would be working 50hour weeks + 20hour weeks LP/Side Project + sports + socializing. So despite that, I commit on getting back on PD by: Retaking the LP course and finding my LP so I have a project to work on the side. Reading 1 book a week minimum. Stop doing anything that sets me back Start watching @Leo Gura weekly again, if it's practical Wish me luck
  4. @Leo Gura This is especially hard for newbies because it is 10 times harder for them to do it solo. It ends up in a catch 22 since you are not social to begin with, so you got to do it solo but that is really fucking hard for intermediates let alone newbies so you don't do it at all and stay antisocial. Wouldnt be easier for a shy young person to maybe try first building a social circle and then start roaming the streets alone? Since newbies tend to fall into negative spirals when they are alone and got none to pump them positive emotions.
  5. It seems like a great idea since I get all those "negative" effects you mentioned. I think the best way you can plug it is by leaving a tab on 2-3ml of distilled water and plugging that water after it has absorbed the substance from the tab but I haven't tested that yet. Or ideally, you can buy it in powdered or in liquid form and plug it the classic way.
  6. @Tiny Nietzsche Keep in mind there is no point to buy a 5000$ PC at this point unless you buying a server or a super expensive 4k widescreen monitor that costs 2000$ on its own. You can get the highest-end rig right now for 2000$ if not (1500$). So if you have such strong ich for a high-end computer give it 4 months and if you STILL want a high-end gaming PC, with the new hardware releases on august (approximately) you will get a great bang for your buck with 1000$. This way if somehow your gaming crave persists you can still satisfy it and have some money on the side for the more productive suggestion.
  7. And despite this for some reason, you throw every sport and craft under the bus as an "unconscious activity". Either everything is meaningless or not, decide. It seems really biased when you judge basketball players or MMA fighters. Imo mastery is beautiful no matter how "meaningful" that thing you master is.
  8. @Mongu9719 I once heard my favorite guru say: "If you think that what you don't know cannot exist, you are wearing the crown of ignorance" This work requires deep honesty. Your current worldviews and interpretation are just old belief systems, nothing is empirical. If you would be honest and empirical you could admit you just don't know. There could be a pill that gives you permanent enlightenment for all you know. You underestimate the depth of this work, and to be quite frank with you, all I see is an ego-mind defending itself. Without deep-honesty, curiosity and self-reflection you won't even get to levels that spirituality appears legit.
  9. @Mongu9719 Forget 5meo, psychs are not even mandatory. All paths are valid, I've done it with a combination. I know its hard and the mind wants to play it all smart and shit but really you are just spinning your wheels. I was literally in your shoes some years ago saying to Leo stuff like "spirituality is immoral" because such and such. It's just the ego-mind trying to stay the same, it's a self-deception that keeps you the same. Why do you even trust your mind? @Leo Gura Yesterday's video resonated so deep because most of the insights you mentioned I also had and I couldn't stop laughing. Also Leo after my last glimpse I could say my everyday suffering and thoughts reduced 95% without exaggeration but I wouldn't consider myself enlightened. The mind is perfectly clear and focused and everyday experience is microdose-like. How do you even quantify enlightenment? * Leo, go to a temple please, you may have ignored serious spiritual technology
  10. The materialist paradigm is so deep-rooted. We 've all been indoctrinated from birth to think that way and also glorified science as an authority without any skepticism. The looks I get from family and friends when I challenge the materialistic paradigm or talk about consciousness are hilarious. Or the funniest one: "that's just religious beliefs" It's so interesting that at their level of consciousness you cant contemplate anything and find the truth, truth is only hearsay from that POV. It takes LOTS of work to transcend it and to be frank the hardest part is emptying the cap.
  11. What can go wrong with the great carnivore diet?
  12. This is at odds with Sadhguru helping his wife achieve mahasamadhi.
  13. @Leo Gura At the end of the day, all these "illnesses" are literally fantasies/stories that people repeat to themselves (schizophrenia and psychosis aside). This was one of my first insights on psychedelics that showed me how the mind works and I won't replace it with any hearsay, id rather trust my experience.