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  1. Do you also feel like your eyes are not into horizontal level? Happens to me ALL the time.
  2. @DavidBorja Its lit 🔥🔥🔥
  3. @K VIL LoL drinking is THE comfort zone. At the end of the day it is not that important if you drink today, but keep in mind that the feeling/vibing you get for "free" with alcohol you can cultivate it without the alcohol and its negative health benefits. Even better you can surpass that alcohol high with some social dynamics work and you would not be depended on some external substance anymore. I personally don't drink, I don't need it. It used to make me super social and outgoing but I bit the bullet and starting improving myself instead of drinking my way to fun. I am talking about drinking like 4+ cocktails (assuming that's how much you need to get a buzz). If you drink less than that you can still enjoy it without depending on it.
  4. @Shiva Yeah you got what I am questioning here. To clarify what I am questioning here, even more, aren't we holding some beliefs by doing this work? How do those beliefs vary from the average person's dogmatic beliefs if at all?
  5. So I was watching Joe Rogan's podcast #725 after Leo's suggestion on the blog and after contemplating it for a little bit I got this insight. If we don't actually know whenever something is true or false, wouldn't it be best to never express an opinion if you want to be as openminded as possible? Even if you don't believe it 100% you are still making a distinction by choosing to say A instead of B. Also if it is not possible to not hold any belief, even if you hold them lightly you still tend to cling to them as we see with science and every paradigm-locked ideology. This also ties in well with something I heard from Sadhguru: "I do not know" holds a tremendous possibility" So isn't open-mindedness just like naivety? How does this notion link with personal development at the highest level?
  6. @TJ Reeves I have already listened to the whole thing. I actually got interested in this album because of the 1-800 song which sounded so much more than the mainstream bitches-drugs-money narrative of rap these days. Good to hear your perspective man.
  7. Doesn't this sound really spiritual?
  8. @Hardkill You need to get honest with yourself. You cant get up early? Jeez, I feel you man, what an inconvenience... Jokes aside go find a fucking job and stop this bullshit thinking which is a mix of limiting beliefs and victimhood.
  9. Yeah saw it too. Evan is too success oriented but he still included a part about meditation so hats off to him.
  10. Doing the LP course currently and I am stuck at the stage I have to find people I admire. I admire creative people in general but none stands out except Leo. How am I supposed to find these people?
  11. @Saarah I will check it out, thanks. Looks like familiar artwork so I probably have already watched something from them. @blazed Yeah I have seen both, they are really high quality. Westworld is dope, it gets into consciousness and AI so it is a must see, go finish it. @MarinM I am offended, how dare you think I haven't watched that? @Ray Thanks for the big list mate. I have seen some of the bold stuff and we seem to have similar taste. Also great thing you added a stand-up comedy section to the list.
  12. @BjarkeT By non-toxic I basically mean that the artwork is more focus on the artistic and plot side of things rather than the mainstream focus of action and death (not saying that violent artworks can't be high quality though). For example compare Matrix to Terminator, the first one is ages ahead in terms of quality and plot. Also really important to me is that the artwork plants a seed of some sort.
  13. Looking for some quality art like movies, tv-series or even anime. I am trying to find some high quality non toxic entertainment and it isn't the easiest thing. Give me your suggestions bellow, I am really interested to see what you guys watch.
  14. @CreativeInertia He is talking out of his ass don't listen.