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  1. All fourteen AR-15-type rifles were outfitted with bump fire stocks that allow semiautomatic rifles to fire rapidly, simulating fully-automatic gunfire on the Las Vegas shooting.
  2. ctrl+f on windows
  3. @Leo GuraI cant login at all either
  4. @Matt8800 What are some common hints people with undeveloped paranormal abilities get, to develop them?
  5. @Bodigger Counter-intuitively owning any weapon makes you less safe overall so that argument is off the table. By having laws in place that allow YOU to own a gun to "protect" yourself and your family, you enable the crazy guy owning a gun as well and guess what this is a lot worse than neither of you having any gun. The latest las vegas shooting didn't have one AR but 21 suitcases of both AR's and lots of ammo. It is unreasonable being able to own AR's let alone such a quantity of them. Also, the Orlando nightclub shooting involved an AR. At the very least if you have to have a gun, a pistol is just fine you don't need such caliber type of weapon, it is over the top. If you actually investigate the biggest mass shootings they all involved an AR-type of weapon, this is a red flag. At the end of the day, guns wouldn't be a problem if you didn't have so many radicals fueled with racism and hatred in America. You see when the media and the president radicalize naive and ignorant people against Mexicans, gays and blacks, the fool sees it as a good move to go out and kill a bunch of those people. This is the root of the issue and the only longterm solution is quality education. It is no coincidence the average Trump voter fits perfectly the American stereotype of a Texas redneck
  6. This is a big issue making therapy inconsistent. I can't trust a therapist that doesn't have basic self development knowledge let alone spirituality. If you could gurantee everyone, no matter the shithole country they live, that they could get excellent treatment by great therapist then I am all down for it. But it is utopian. On the other hand an Lsd tab is an lsd tab no matter where you are in the world.
  7. @Bodigger Ofcourse, other countries don't have massively available AR weapons for the public to purchase but that is not the case in the US. Since we have to start from where we are the fact is that there are 400 Million guns in America and it will be nearly impossible to get into the houses of Americans and take them. So we need heavy regulation of AR's and tier 2 guns, make them illegal and harden the critiria for people who want to own even pistols. This is relatively easy to implement for people that don't own any guns yet but really challenging for preowned guns that are already at people's homes since they won't be willing to give them up.
  8. @Paul92 The fact is you speak about stuff you don't consciously understand, judging from theory land and hearsay and that's how it is supposed to be. -Yo dude LA is lit, have you ever been there? (you)- LA is a human construct, blablabla... Do you see the absardity of that statement? Now replace LA with Truth and ta-da! Your cup is just not empty and thats how the mind works to mask our inherent not-knowing. You can either go or not go but it IS and it Will always BE
  9. Lol leo, I literally said that in my last trip report and highlighted the fact that you don't distinguish the two stages of triping! Stage 1 - Shadow integration Stage 2 - Existential triping This topic needs to be covered extensively in a "suffering" or shadow" video since it is so fundemental.
  10. How isn't this propaganda spewing Jesse guy not convicted for treason yet? Watching this from europe, he literally gets paid big money to spit on the graves of mass shooting victims, the poor, the 30000+ that die from bad insurance each year and he sleeps at night LOL. Also most importantly where do we draw the line of free speech vs radicalization?
  11. Replace all basic level jobs a monkey could do with machines. Instead of saving the salary, a really high percentage (70% to 90%) of the salary you used to give to the person that did the job goes as tax to the government. This way it's win-win for both government and company.
  12. @Leo Gura What would be a good reaction the the fox news guy? How do you deal with aggressively ignorant people?
  13. @Serotoninluv The way skepticism is used in the mainstream is as an alibi to stay closeminded and ideological. It is a smart way to stay ignorant while appealing to naive kids with the intellectual persona. Imagine atheists, right wingers and authoritarian leftists actually being skeptical to their ideologies LOL they could never handle such shock.
  14. - Go as plant based as possible. -More mindfulness, practice being on flow 24/7. - Reduce compulsive behaviors and addictions. - Don't oversleep, aim for 6 to 8 hours. - If these don't cut it, implement some nootropics in your routine.