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  1. @Leightonm Oh boy, here we go. I can totally relate and what i have concluded that it is all ego and fear. You need to understand that Leo's advice is extremely theory biased. You will never think your way out of this. You need to engage and interact with shallow people, have fun with them and then proceed to aim for more conscious people. How can we grow our consciousness and not be able to have fun in a social setting? That's ridiculous! I don't see Sadhguru not engaging with people and being judgmental and condescending. That's where practical advice like Pick-up will do wonders for highly intelligent/introverted/"stuck in their head" people. I mean think about it, it is all in your head if you actually let go and became extremely present and engaged with any kind of person like you were really interested in them no matter the mental labels of them (shallow, fake, etc) you would have fun with anyone. If you notice it is not always the content of the interaction but the positive or negative vibes it produces (being in your head always spirals downwards). Practical tips to get through this is to overcompensate in order to fix your shyness. Start being extremely loud, talk much and hold your frame. Leo actually has a great book about this, the 2nd on the dealing with people category if you have the book list. Also, don't be afraid of being over the top, you will balance it out as the time passes intuitively. Last but not least, observe the judgment. To spoil it for you it is the mechanism that underestimates people in order to make you work less! How ingenious!!! "if these people suck so much, why should I even bother with them?" How convenient!!!! it is hard for the ego to let go of its superiority label because it will feel like the rest of the herd but eventually, you'll have to do that and ground yourself in more healthy places like the present moment, an authentic intrinsic confidence and self-esteem. At the end of the day, it is all a theatre and we are all actors, fulfilling whichever role we choose to play, so choose wisely.
  2. I packed my stuff, some food, water and ate a banana so I wasn't full when I reached my destination and begun my hiking & psychedelic adventure. I've done my morning yoga and thought about my life purpose and "being" which is what I wanted the trip to be about. I hiked through the nearby forest for an hour and a half until I reached a nice kiosk with a great view of my city. At around 12:30 noon time I consumed 200μg of 1p-LSD. Waiting for the substance to take effect was not an anxious experience paradoxically (outdoors+double the dose of my previous trip). 30 minutes into it I start to feel the visuals it was like HD vision and saw traces behind moving objects (bugs, flies etc) and the colors brightened up, it was beautiful. The first 3 hours passed extremely fast and I didn't have that much control during my trip. I was in awe of "being", looking at the flowers, my palms, everything. It was a metaphor after a metaphor and a "3 sequence" as I would call them. Going from one image to the second and the 3rd each one of them being a different perspective of the same occurrence. For example, I imagine myself watching Leo in a video, then I think about Leo watching the camera talking in the video, then I think about the camera looking at Leo. This, for example, was a great insight into being a creative force and not being a sheep but a creator ( tieing with today's video ). On that note, I also had great insight about being a leader and actually going out and experimenting with stuff. I remember asking myself "how would you use this substance if you were the first person to try it?" At that point, I realized how much I am dependant on Leo's and other people's advice in general and not being proactive enough to go figure out things for myself. I realized that the pioneer on each niche is the one that takes out his machete and walks through the forest making his own path and people then follow behind him (being in the forest that was funny ). I got more insights in that domain of leadership-creative force and Life purpose but I won't get into it. The second part of my trip, after 4 hours was extremely chill and freer. Still being in awe of being and how beautiful everything was I expected something to happen although there wasn't anything more. I was thinking that I was maybe wasting that higher consciousness state and I needed to milk it of more stuff, more knowledge but now that I think about it, it was my ego trying to acquire stuff although being was just fine. Correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't feel like contemplating stuff at that moment, I didn't want to think I just wanted to be. Should you actively think about stuff mid-trip or you just ride the wave? It was my first real trip and I just couldn't get enough of being. The last part is where things didn't go as well as the rest of the trip. 7 hours in it started to get dark and I hadn't calculated either the sunset or the fact that I needed to go back home still being trippy. I also talked to some people in my way home which was extremely awkward and weird and I really felt vulnerable talking to others at such an "open" state. The freaking thing went for a full 12 hours which is kind of freaky. The next trip will surely be in MY house, both indoors with parents and outdoors are not ideal. Got lots of growth and really opened my eyes to this amazing tool called psychedelics. Thanks for reading my report
  3. @Leo Gura My source has a good reputation online, maybe 1P-LSD is not as strong as LSD. Couldn't it be that I resisted the trip consciously because of the setting (with parents)? @Nahm This seems like a good idea. Renting something cheap for a day or two to trip alone. Οtherwise, I am thinking outdoors in the forest but I am skeptical about it. @cirkussmile Yes, it is.
  4. Yesterday around 12:00 noon time I consumed 100μg of 1p-LSD. The setting was my room and my mood wasn't as relaxed as I wanted it to be for my first trip because I live with my parents and I couldn't let go as much I wanted to. I had done all the prep work, yoga before the trip and also a general direction of the subject of insights I wanted to get. Waiting for the come up was a pain in the ass since I started to feel anxious and I just did what Leo said in his al-lad trip report. I blasted some music and danced until the substance was in full effect. 60 minutes in and I still wasn't sure if I was tripping or not, I didn't get any visuals looking out my window and I only had a buzz in my head and a numbness in my jaw which was weird. 2 hours into the trip I was feeling the substance had finally taken effect on me. Except for a couple of random insights I got, I couldn't use that state of higher consciousness to get any significant insights for my life and I ended up looking out the window, my hands and going up and down my apartment. The trip literally flew by and I also had scheduled something at 20:00 which didn't help out either. I was expecting a powerful experience but the experience I got was weak and nonsignificant. The visuals were also almost nonexistent unless you focused a lot on an object you could barely see it pulse. This trip was rather confusing and I doubt I got any growth out of it.
  5. @aurum That's insane man you've put it so eloquently. I have had both of these experiences and it feels exactly as you said. I feel like there is no downside in being in an extroverted "mode" so to speak but I can't seem to know how to trigger it myself. The only way I have found is vibing with a buddy of mine but whenever I am alone I get somewhat introverted for no apparent reason. On all tests, my results say 95%+ extroverted but it doesn't feel like that. When I want to socialize on my own I want to be in an extroverted mood but in order to be in that mood, I need a friend to talk to. But since i am alone i get in my head. It is a vicious cycle. Have you found anyways of triggering it yourself?
  6. @Pure Imagination My insights on psychedelics are... 0, I haven't found any yet and I don't trust random dealers, Feels bad man...
  7. @Leo Gura You can get addicted psychologically to anything from your tv to your smartphone but talking about physical addiction for example tobacco, cannabis is not addictive whatsoever.
  8. @Etagnwo Obviously challenging your lifestyle is interpreted as an attack on you and people don't have the foresight that by being challenged they can grow.
  9. @MM1988 I was thinking about this and the vegans you are trying to portrait are 1 out of a million, those people have just turned veganism into a kind of crusade and react emotionally. To get you to understand it, imagine if someone murdered a loved one of yours in front of you, how would you react? calmly? It's exactly the same here, every time they see something non-vegan they see murder and react emotionally. Although we are totally green as vegans some people overdo it. Don't get it mistaken though, someone who is shaking the boat is not a "bad guy". We need people to disrupt the status quo, and the fact people get upset is proof that we are correct and some change needs to occur. Why don't you notice the fact that people get extremely defensive and sometimes act aggressively against just vegan dialogue, that's because we hit their meat-eating indoctrination to the nerve and the cognitive dissonance triggers flight or fight mode. Change comes from civil dialogue. The conservatives hold the mankind back, not the progressives.
  10. @Leo Gura Having paranormal powers is definitely up there on my list.
  11. Wait a second, isn't this exactly the so called "runner's high"? We just recreate it on a home setting. It makes perfect sense since when you run you have this exact same breathing pattern.
  12. @Freakrik Of course seduction is great, and that's why PUA is great because you seduce women, you don't manipulate them. From being a shy insecure guy that doesn't get any, you grow into a confident assertive guy that is able to attract and keep women. AA will never stop, just watch Todd's video of what's the alternative. Pornhub?
  13. @Freakrik Don't bother with "manipulation". If you believed you were awesome you wouldn't think that you need to manipulate people into liking you so you probably don't think highly of yourself. From your research, you 've missed this: "the map is not the territory" which is really applicable to PUA stuff. Whatever theory or rant you listen to about PUA won't be the real thing since you are not out there talking to people, real PUA starts when you get out of your home and start talking to strangers. Leo's rant wasn't against Pua and at the end of the day, it is completely outdated at this point since everything he said, it is not valid anymore. Also, watch out the social conditioning, you don't need any justification to do anything, you do as you please no hell exist no heaven exist and there is no one who is going to tell you what to do or not. You literally can do anything you want and you contemplating the morality of fulfilling your natural needs and talking to the opposite sex?
  14. This is alarming, shouldn't it be the other way around?
  15. @Outer If it can be communicated it is conceptual and by default, it is not non-dual including non-duality discussions.