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  1. This is alarming, shouldn't it be the other way around?
  2. @Outer If it can be communicated it is conceptual and by default, it is not non-dual including non-duality discussions.
  3. @Leo Gura the Meat-eater vs vegan is more like: Slave-owning vs freedom Death vs Life Heart disease vs Cardiovascular health "Personal choice" vs Compassion Knowledge vs Ignorance Morality vs Tastebuds With your epistemic foundation, you should be able to see this that veganism is not dogmatic. Dogma is something that doesn't accept refutation and is a belief system without any reasoning behind it, veganism is all about facts. When someone presents evidence against your beloved meat your kneejerk reaction is to call dogma. I don't see any vegan being dogmatic, I only see close minded meat eaters. Meat eaters that don't want to face the truth that their favorite foods are carcinogenic, cause CVD and ruin the planet. Science is science and facts are facts you can't just dismiss it whenever you disagree with it and accept it whenever you agree with it. This can be interpreted many ways. On the one hand yes, the best diet is what works best for you but on the other hand, there is no room for "personal preference" when something is proven to not aid your wellbeing. It doesn't matter how well you feel eating meat, it still clogs your arteries whether you like it or not. Classic strawman here, none said we know the exact best nutrition for every human on the planet but what we DO know is that a vegan diet is SUPERIOR to any other diet out there and is the only diet that REVERSES heart disease meaning: The healthiest diet out there is a subset of a vegan diet so being vegan is heading in the right direction. Also eating corpses but being "spiritual" is another can of worms I won't get into here but surely needs to be addressed.
  4. I totally agree with that, if I do Pua to lay 100+ chicks then yes the ego is running amok. But ideally, Pua is not anything unconscious especially in a lonely and socially conditioned society we have at this point in time. You just go out and meet and talk to girls, from a small 1min conversation to sexual intercourse this is a win-win situation for both parties. Even the needy label is a result of social conditioning, how come my biology is needy? Talking to people and being a MAN doesn't create negative karma. On the other hand being spiritual in the morning and on the evening having a piece of meat on the plate definitely does so watch out your projections.
  5. I even put the alarm at the top of my wardrobe. I literally need to climb to get it. I have been used to it and I just climb to turn it off and fall back to sleep again. I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel for me.
  6. How come talking to beautiful girls be a "low consciousness" thing? How else are you supposed to get good with women? Cold approach is the thing you said it also in the past, what changed? Do I need to approach in a robe?
  7. @NathanR People have already given you great information, I will just list some of my staple meals: Oatmeal, a fruit of your choice (banana/orange/strawberries/apples etc), walnuts, almonds, ground flax seed, chia seeds and soy milk. Brown rice, beans/chickpeas/lentils, a bunch of greens, a sauce of tahini, lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce. Potato wedges, with BBQ tofu. Those are just some basic ingredients, feel free to play around with your recipes.
  8. @Leo Gura So gluten-free won't cut it? Do I have to avoid wheat completely?
  9. @Slade Do whatever you want just keep in mind that you may hurt yourself with eating raw rotting flesh, that's all.
  10. @Slade I've got to be honest man, your openmindedness has gotten the better of you. First of all only the sv3rige clown out of these people eats raw meat, the rest eat it is cooked. Sv3rige the provocative loser, he is basically anti-vegan. He has t-shirts with "go vegan and die" and he goes with skulls of dead animals on vegan festivals and talks shit. His arguments have been refuted by vegan gains but no he is ideological. I don't think you can get any lower than that scum, kinda disappointed you mentioned him as a "healthy individual" LOL. Shawn Baker same story just more civilized. Weak arguments, not a doctor anymore, anecdotal claims, doesn't look healthy whatsoever.
  11. @Slade I am curious who these people are, also feeling good doesn't make someone healthy. A roided out of his mind bodybuilder who is eating steak and chicken all day is feeling good but he is nowhere near healthy. This is the same misconception with people that claim being muscular and shredded has something to do with health.
  12. @Slade Eating raw meat would be a really openminded almost naive idea. There is a contradiction, no doubt about it, but if you check the empirical investigation meat doesn't help you whatsoever. The contradiction is a result of meat-industry propaganda and fraud docs. If you were designed to eat raw meat you would be drawn to it and you would have the teeth of a lion or a tiger accordingly. From my honest opinion, i think meat is still a thing because of culture and is an opiate of the masses in forms of junk food.
  13. @Dan Arnautu @Elisabeth Yeah, I was kinda vague, especially in the end, and that's why I could neither find a domain of master nor a medium. I will re-do it the course from the zone of genius part. It makes perfect sense now after skimming through the notes.
  14. Leo is in Hawai so even if some of his videos got flagged we wouldn't know.