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  1. "What Is The Substance Of Reality?" I am messing around lately with this self-inquiry question based on the "Leo Hits Rock Bottom" video. Although it feels different and somehow better it also feels very dry. On the "who am I? self-inquiry question you are looking to find yourself which at least gives you some grounding to ask the question from, in a technical sense. On this one, though it feels like I am just repeating the question waiting for something to happen out of thin air. Call it bad conscious traction or too big of a conscious gap, I ain't feeling it. Is it just a mental thing of mine or is it something actually missing here?
  2. @Ilya Because you are trying to find yourself. How can YOU be something occasional in your experience?
  3. @Ilya Watch what your brain is, it is just an idea which is not present in your direct experience. This cannot be you because when you don't have that though you are still there. You must be something everlasting in your present experience, to say the least.
  4. Our problems as mankind are not out there to be solved, they are intrinsic or maybe I should say it is intrinsic. The ego an intrinsic problem and the only problem to be precise. No matter how technologically advanced we become it wouldn't really matter. No matter if we colonel mars or the whole galaxy it wouldn't really matter. All of that are sacrifices in the ego's pyre. Even if we all become enlightened as a generation, the next won't be necessarily. The deepest problem of mankind is that we can only build the roads that lead to growth and actual progress. We can't force anyone to follow the path and the path is only chosen to be walked by the individual. Concluding here that no matter how we grow, our children and their children will be back on step one.
  5. @Leo Gura Saying that IQ is irrelevant you don't mean that intelligence doesn't exist? You just mean that IQ doesn't represent it? Like IQ is too one dimensional in a multi-dimension attribute (like intelligence), right?
  6. @Leo Gura What is the best way to structure a day? When I do as @Joseph Maynor I miss many things but still gets most done but I feel like drowning, like always having something to catch up to and when I don't structure my day I feel like a lazy hippie wasting my time looking through my window
  7. Two years deep in this personal development journey and after improving my life on all domains I've got an issue, I feel superior to other people. On the one hand it is justified because when I am self-actualizing they are consumed in mass culture but on the other hand, i have cultivated a bias towards them and it limits my interactions with them and their worth. This also has magnified after going vegan during those years especially when seeing how ignorant people are and how consumed they are in the culture, meaning they are not able to make decisions for themselves. This is probably an ego thing but the average person is so close-minded, indoctrinated, ignorant that I really don't have any respect for them really. That doesn't mean I want anything bad for them but they are not worth my time anyway because we can't communicate, they are trapped in their paradigm-lock and there is nothing positive that can come out of that.
  8. @Afonso Default browser works fine IMO
  9. Have a great product first of all. Marketing is basically pushing all your lower-self buttons and manipulates you into buying stuff you don't need. If we switch that around you can manipulate people to buy high consciousness products they wouldn't think to buy on their own.
  10. @Costa7 There is a build in pdf viewer on most phones. As noting goes you can just make a normal text note with the title of the book, the page and after that the significant part of the book you found.
  11. @alyra Not every activity is on the same level. You naturally have some tendencies both from your biology and your individuality.
  12. @Joseph Maynor The pea protein is healthier. A by product of milk is not healthy for you because you are not supposed to consume another species milk. @Siim Land Bioavailability has nothing to do with health. In terms of health, the animal products lose every time.
  13. @Jedd Take his course
  14. @Revolutionary Think Be careful not making conclusions from other people's experiences. If Leo says some stuff it is because he has gone through the whole pua phase and then discarded it. You can't not like apples if you haven't tasted them yet.
  15. After 2 weeks of very mindful vacations with on and off practices of formal meditation I came back and I realized how much my perception of the world has changed. I am not talking about my beliefs or anything like that. I feel like my vision is wider, I am less self-conscious, more at ease in my being and less thinking. It feels like an increase in consciousness occurred at is the first time I am conscious of that.