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  1. @Leo Gura you're 2 months late for that obvious conclusion. And the saddest thing is this genocide is sponsored by the US. I foresee the 9/11 sequel is on the way, the incompetence of the US government planted that seed unwillingly. There definitely should be severe consequences for both the US and Israel, I'd prefer nonviolent but that is not how karma works, unfortunately.
  2. @Leo Gura You should ask for help man, that build will work but has some issues. Firstly you got way too low wattage on the PSU the CPU alone can peak at 300w and you got 650w total ???, an awful GPU, the 4060ti shouldn't exist it is a bad product, you need at least 4070 if not 4080 or 4090 ideally (since you can afford it), z690 may not hit best ram speeds so z790 is also ideal if you care about OC. The cooler is too weak, every CPU on lga1700 draws more power as much power as it can and will always use as much cooling as you give it, so the best choice would be a 360 AIO or a big air cooler or you're leaving performance (you paid for) on the table. And most importantly, you should've gone for 14700k if not 13900k, 13700k is a good CPU but not the best vfm (since it got 4 fewer cores vs 14700k) and the price is pretty similar.
  3. Notice If we use the word "scientific" correctly, he is as scientific as someone who quotes the bible. The fact he has adopted a belief that even 30' of contemplation about consciousness can refute, is not scientific, it is closeminded and audaciously dogmatic. You can't ground a superset on a subset, it is both spiritually and scientifically incorrect but the theoretician (I won't call a scientist any fool parroting theory) fails to notice it.
  4. Well said! What you said is self-evident AFTER you escape the echo chamber of materialism but you have to escape to even notice it! It is a sneaky catch-22 since every echo chamber appears "complete" from within, but blatantly biased and incomplete from outside.
  5. This is a good watch, the orange guy is clinging to his materialism with audacity, you see the rationalists think USING a thing means UNDERSTANDING a thing. That's why I never looked up to any "educated" person since they just filled junk in their mind and ended up projecting their models on reality instead of EXPERIENCING what IS. And that's a common trap many people here fall into as well, your models aren't reality and will never be, no matter how well-made they are.
  6. @TheGod Why do you need weed? what is your present experience lacking that you need a substance to enjoy the present moment? What are you coping from? What were your life circumstances that led you to such a daily habit? Contemplate those and you will not need weed. Any form of addiction is coping since we dont feel powerful enough to address the issue at hand. How about we address the issue at hand?
  7. Some ideas: Do shorts and TikTok Cover firstly the most relevant topics and do not be afraid to be a little clickbaity Stand out in your own niche and specify in your head what you do better than everyone else in your field In the beginning, produce a lot to find your style and improve your craft Collabs Edit: These ideas aim for organic channel growth, you can also invest in ads if you want to pay for attention but if the content isn't up to par yet you will not retain that audience.
  8. Watch your projections little devil, you cant know something before you try it and the fact that nobody is enlightened in here is pretty concrete proof that y'all are self-deceived in your own grandiose fantasies of spiritual ego. If you need to take a substance to "get there" that means, You are NOT there yet
  9. He did a good job! Now all we need is a consciousness model and an emotions model, and you get the complete puzzle by incorporating all these perspectives together. Even trying to contemplate how that would look I get dizzy 🤣 One thing I'm certain, "emotional extremes" can drastically retard your growth cognitively but greatly accelerate your growth spiritually.
  10. Talking about forum issues, on mobile (android) if I quote something there is no way to delete the quoted box.
  11. ****GRAPHIC****** ****GRAPHIC******
  12. There are many Jews with good hearts and balanced minds that condemn the killings of innocent civilians, the ones that hold the position "war is war" and an "eye for an eye" are no different from a nazi troop in ww2 taking orders and having no responsibility for his part in that atrocity. Being silent in front of war crimes worse than WW2 is equivalent to supporting those crimes.
  13. Amazing self-defense bombing hospitals, probably Hamas was hiding under the hospital's beds!!! Whoever supports Isreal's war crimes is supporting behavior equivalent to or even worse than Hitler's
  14. @Inliytened1 I'll put the attitudes aside and address the topic at hand once again. Israel is wrong by killing civilians, kids, and journalists without any Hamas in sight, meaning doing blatant war crimes without consequences, Israel is wrong by holding apartheid giving Palestinians no legit solution to live a decent life, and forcing them to terrorism since no other option has ever gotten them any result, Israel is wrong by doing war crimes in the name of "killing Hamas", Israel is wrong by aiming to do a genocide in the name of self-defense and Israel is also wrong by spewing propaganda it is a victim when in fact is the aggressor, Israel is also wrong by being super racist against any other ethnicity, Israel is also wrong by not seeking to resolve the situation in GAZA and is happy with it being a breeding ground for terrorists, Israel is also wrong by stealing land and when the owner comes to fight for his stolen land it screams "help terrorists". Most importantly Israel is guilty of trying to shift the narrative as much as it can with paid ads and propaganda campaigns with staged pics of massacres trying to get morale support in its attempts at a Palestinian genocide. Also, Israel is wrong by saying it is a war when it isn't, this "war" is equivalent to a guy with a knife versus 10 guys with AK-47s, it is not even close. When you control the resources of your "opponent" the only thing stopping you is your own morality. You only count Israelis dead, I count dead people. My position tends to minimize the death toll OVERALL, your position tends to minimize the Jewish death toll. The topic needs nuance and I dont see it on your behalf. Also, I didn't see you so pressed the last years that Israel was killing Palestinians for fun on the regular. Don't these lives matter before the Hamas attack? or are we counting only "our" people? This is self-deception 101, I will take someone seriously with these whataboutisms when only he bothered to address the thousands of Palestinians that died the last years before the Hamas attack, organically. This is a classic vicious circle that the only solutions are in Israel's hands but they like to be dense and not seek win-win solutions. Unless we have a resolution that lifts the apartheid and gives Palestinians basic human rights (which they dont currently have), this will continue forever. Israel in its egotistical behavior to expand and fulfill the Zionist agenda can't see that taking a step back will help them immensely. If they were given an option and then decided to do terrorism we would have a completely different conversation but until then, the situation is as i described. You can't have a "war" where one side is overpowered and still side with the overpowered side. Humans are apes by default and they can't do anything other than abuse their power so the more conscious you are the more supportive of the weak side you tend to become.
  15. @Inliytened1 @Leo Gura Idk how this guy is a mod, he portrays me as a Hamas supporter and then gives me a warning for not allowing him to gaslight me. Dont you feel like a bum @Inliytened1 doing power trips out of vengeance on a consciousness forum? I would...