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  1. @flowboy Im happy someone actually gets it in here. Leo Is stuck in materialism unless he is under the influence. No understanding of energy nor the mechanics of a ritual and claims his rituals are better. That's the equivalent of learning in math class 1+1=2 and ditching all your teachers and saying:" I know math better than everyone now". It is laughable, you barely got started 😉 I love psychs but people misuse them by judging progress by their peaks. If your baseline doesn't move you are SPINNING YOUR FUCKING WHEELS 🤣
  2. Eliminating all suffering is way earlier than awakening. You can shed all suffering if you create a space between You( capital Y), the mind, and the body.
  3. The problem with this statement is you judge something you don't understand. You don't know what it takes to make an ayahuasca ceremony so with the very little information you have you boil it down to ego. If you actually look at it you don't know what role the shaman plays into it, and your simplistic mind wants to rationalize it as "gatekeeping". He may play a role he may not, it isn't relevant, what I'm pointing out is you jumping to conclusions based on assumptions and a lack of facts and understanding.
  4. not a good look 🤣
  5. @Leo Gura That's my country 😭😭😭
  6. @Leo Gura Lawsuit then
  7. @Leo Gura slander is though, and it is factually incorrect to say you have a "death cult"
  8. @Leo Gura Are you copyright striking those or they don't bother you?
  9. Just entertain the fact that Sadghuru can "schedule" multiple births not only of his own but for other people too in order to achieve his goal and build dhyanalinga and help people wake up in his own way. Not to mention he said he will even help people after his death for many years to come. Only some food for thought of how deep this can possibly get... No amount of trips will get you to that level of mastery, but what do i know 🤔
  10. Tate is the perfect litmus test to see the level of development of the person you are speaking to.
  11. @Leo Gura You keep undermining the issue which is both political and psychological in nature. To clarify, this issue highlights the traumatic childhoods of many young men and which results in the retardation of a person's natural growth. We seek what we lack, if someone feels weak he will glorify appearances of strength and that speaks volumes about the issue. You are acting like a right winger by brushing this off like it is beneath you. What role models do young kids have from the left side of the spectrum? I've said this before and ill say it again, you take your good childhood (in your own words) for grunted. No normal teenager will watch your content unless he is years ahead of his peers. I'm not asking you to solve the problem, I'm asking for a political analysis other than brushing it off. Doesn't it disturb you that this guy was the most searched man on the planet by our youth?
  12. @Leo Gura Have you seen any talks between destiny, sneako, and the fresh and fit guys? Do you think such communications are productive or not? Since we know for a fact that many men and kids are lost in the red pill shouldn't we engage with them in conversations so there is a chance someone escapes that paradigm lock and leaves the echo chamber? They are underdeveloped for sure but that doesn't address the fact that way more right-wing personas even engage that kind of group while the left completely ignores them.
  13. @Leo Gura No, definitely worse. You cant have such coherent speech, and good points with excellent delivery and simultaneously abusing raping, and exploiting your alleged girlfriends. It takes an especially sick kind of person to do that and the funny thing is that most people that I know that would do any crimes aren't even bright enough to form a single sentence, Andrew Tate could form many. But his ego was too big so he had to come out and self-snitch step by step how he human trafficks women. This clarifies a bigger issue at hand though, how can so many young men admire such a caricature of a man?
  14. @Leo Gura Yeah but isn't it more nuanced? I've noticed in general if you strip away the outlandish misogyny and excessive use of the words "hoes" and "bitches" their message is of self-improvement and has some good fundamentals (take responsibility, work ethic, cut out distractions, etc) I never understood how come most people interested in self-improvement are more tilted to the right. Even RSD Tyler was in Tim Pool's show the other day. I feel like a fly in the milk being an extreme lefty into self-improvement and from my POV you can only be a hardcore lefty after self-improvement. Also, I really enjoy destiny debating with those guys and running circles around them, since we have the same foundation of self-improvement I dont think they're far gone and in a place of no return. Like it deeply mind fucks me that I've learned lots from Pat for example or Owen and the next day i watch them agree with Tim Pool or spew some bs right-wing propaganda straight out of their ass. It doesn't compute. Is it a lost cause communicating with those people in your pov?