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  1. Too low consciousness, don't waste your time watching it.
  2. This graph says it all. if you need more info study Csikszentmihalyi.
  3. Yeah seems like you are not the sharpest pencil in the drawer. In order to eat meat, an animal has to die. This is irrelevant to what we are talking about here.
  4. @My_Name_Is_Mud Dont mix spirituality in this dude, you make things complex. Accepting slaughtering animals as an everyday thing is a result of indoctrination of seeing them as food and not as sentient beings aka friends. With that arguement i can murder your whole family and you wouldn't care, right? If not why grasp so firmly on that belief system then? Because morality is not a belief system it is common sense and result of a feeling caled empathy. If there is no customer for that product, there would be no slaughter houses. The only reason this happens is because people are willing to buy it. If you stop consuming they have less consumption and slowly but surely they reduce the production. You can think that if everyone on earth was vegan there would be no slaughterhouses because no one would buy meat so if we move towards that ideal we make a change. The only reason they do that is because they can sell more meat and produce more product as you said yourself. If you try to go on the "make better conditions for the animals" argument, why don't you think that there is no reason to murder them in the first place. What are those fundamental issues anyway?
  5. @My_Name_Is_Mud Are you comparing yourself with a shark? Don't you have moral values? Also sharks kill in order to survive, you go to the grocary store and buy your meat meaning you kill for taste pleasure. You don't need it for survival. Do you see the difference here? @TJM1959 Morality 101. There is no reason to kill sentient beings for your taste pleasure. If you try to find an argument to justify the innocent death of animals you will realise that the same argument can be used to kill humans in certain conditions which instantly makes the arguement wrong. Point out a diffrence present in animals that justifies killing them.
  6. This gets too complex by mixing spirituality in it. Folks in here can't even understand the basics of morality. @TJM1959 @TobyYou still fail to take responsibilty and you twist it back to me. tu quoque fallacy is not an argument. Answering criticism with criticism on the accuser is not an argument. Make an argument why it is moral to kill animals or shut the fuck up.
  7. @Steph1988 That question is not productive in the first place. Ask yourself what makes killing animals moral?
  8. Do i have to justify for killing just 1 person per month?
  9. @My_Name_Is_Mud Cancer number two detected. If i find 2 more this forum would become borderline carcinogenic
  10. Then you are not vegan. @Toby You do realize your father can kill his children with this retarded argument right? He helped them being born in the first place. This is not a valid argument. If flesheaters oppose human murder, they need to point to a difference present in animals which if present in humans would justify murdering humans. for example: animals are less inteligent, so if you are less inteligent than me, does it justify killing you? no animals are delicious, so if human flesh was delicious, does it justify to kill humans? no animals are inferior life form, so if aliens came to earth with superior technology, does it justify to slaughter us all? no Now if you got it you realise that there is no counter argument against veganism. But dont forget it is easier to commit the "tu quoque" logical fallacy than actually engage with the criticism.
  11. @Steph1988 Tasty though is not an argument, what more can i say? It just shows stupidity and the same argument can be used to eat humans and everything alive which makes it invalid. Do you opose human murder?
  12. @Rider Nice, go to for non biased evidence that what we are advocating here in terms of health is not dogma but scientifically proven. The anecdotal claims about people having any kind of issues on the diet show that they probably did some mistake themselves e.g. not too many calories, little variety and not getting your essential macros and vitamins.
  13. @Steph1988 i can say that about anything alive dude, you dont prove anything except being ignorant and immoral.
  14. @Evilwave HeddyYeah probably wasn't clear enough but again if you dont know how can i criticize you? it doesn't make sense. Also i can imagine if it went that bad in here how bad it would go with any other omnivore because it is easier to get offended than to take responsibility. Now that we got this out of the way lets steer the subject onto veganism.
  15. @Evilwave Heddy I assume the spoiled brat part sounds condescending but justifiable. I stated it that way in order to mean that after you are educated on the matter if you continue your immoral behavour then yes, you are a spoiled brat whether you deny it or not. What is your issue with this statement?