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  1. Since Joe follows @Leo Gura on twitter it would be an awesome idea to see Leo on the Podcast! Come on Leo, go after it. They can easily talk about psychedelics for hours
  2. @Gabriel Antonio Are you trolling or are you just a fool?
  3. @Leo Gura You mean Murica schooling, I am not familiar with those metaphors
  4. @Leo Gura What is this on the Ox scale for example? Did I see the Ox? Did I touch it? I can see the growth but that is too generic. I need to put it in context to realize where I am at in this spiritual journey.
  5. Straight to the point, ill divide the texts to ego backlash chapter and consciousness shift chapter for easier comprehension. Ego Backlash: 4 months ago I was really into psychedelics I had a great experience after my 2 tabs trip in the woods and got a really good taste of psychedelics. It had been some time and I tripped 2 weeks back to back. Those two trips were confusing as fuck. On the first trip, I saw a battle like the ego was battling to survive and after the trance phase I had a glimpse of nonduality which was looking at my trip sitter speaking and it felt like I was speaking which was pretty profound. That didn't last long and I couldn't wait to trip again but the 2nd trip was a flop which started 3 months of ego backlash. The next 4 months consisted of cigarettes (hadn't smoked in 2 and a half years), weed, drinking, video games, junk food and of course no meditation nor yoga or even gym. Consciousness Shift: I don't really know how to explain this. My experience has been really self-luminous and especially today it is like I am tripping. It actually feels like I am high on LSD but I am totally sober. I get the HD vision and the presence of the LSD and oh boy this is too intense to happen out of the blue. It feels like the body is inside of a ball of experience, I am not the body but I still don't know what I am. If I focus there is something new in my experience but I can't put my hand into it. It feels now the real work starts, this is too radical... @Leo Gura what is this?
  6. This is a great topic we need to give more attention to! Any examples?
  7. @7thLetter The album I was referring to was the "17" one. Go read the cover notes you will see what I am talking about. @kindayellow Not to nitpick too much here but the reason we idolize people is that authenticity, courage, and creativity are rare in our era. So the one out of the millions that possesses those traits stands out like a sore thumb. I as I previously said I didn't even follow both X and Nipsey when they were alive since I am not from the US nor that culture. My conclusion has been that if we encourage people to follow their creativity fearlessly we won't need to idolize anyone. If we have 100 Jesuses you won't feel then need to idolize the 1 since there are 99 more lol. With all that in mind, I dont undermine X by any means. He turned his life around and was on track for an insanely productive and positive future. Most famous people when the hit the kind of lows X did, they kill themselves.
  8. No X wasn't a cult leader. He had a big following, but he managed it well for his age and situation. Once he turned his life around from being violent and negative and decided to be positive he was on a really good track for his age. But soon after he got murdered. This is the classic case where someone starts with an egoic mindset "I will fuck them all", "I will conquer the world" but the journey humbles him. Also, take into account how much hate X got and how tough it was to cope with that. The thing about fame is that since they are on the spotlight all the time you see both their dark moments and their best moments. If I have issues and do some fucked up shit to cope with them, people will never know. When X does something weird, people know. The younger you are the more fucked up shit you do since you are a child and you don't know better (violence, drugs, etc). In that sense X had started the good road and grew really fast as a person. I didn't know about meditating at 19, Jaseh had it in his album cover. After Nippsey died I had some moments thinking about the situation. These people weren't even a big influence on me but had a positive influence on the world no doubt about that. My point is you do you and don't care about anything else. The moment creative authenticity becomes oversaturated is the moment our planet will be green if not yellow.
  9. Any ideas on how to measure my dosage with everyday kitchen tools? I don't think I can eyeball it...
  10. Hey people, I need your help. This is a thread we can all post some good resources about basic business stuff like E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Social media Marketing, Affiliate marketing etc and help each other out with our business/LP. This thread will be great for aspiring entrepreneurs that keep saying they can't find their LP but the sit at home and do nothing and even experienced ones that may get some good ideas. Post your best resources for those subjects or write your own experience.
  11. @Leo Gura Where do I find some good resources for getting my hands wet with business before I start my LP business? I am looking into e-commerce, SEO, affiliate marketing, some basic coding, and social media advertising to get into business. Do you suggest anything else? Pls don't tell me if that is what want to do with my life, it is not but I'd rather make some money while learning how business works than working at McDonald's.
  12. I can somewhat verify the existence of those records if there is some form of "a database of the universe's entire history". During one trip of mine, I literally saw a flashback of every living creature that has lived on this planet evolving into the next one and eventually into a human. The only thing a can compare it with is the end of the movie Lucy when she time travels. Considering i have no knowledge whatsoever about evolution, the insight was really profound and came to me really organically during one of the trip's trances.
  13. @Leo Gura The majority of your viewers are dabblers that take action be it meditation or self inquiry once every full moon or not at all. Only a small percentage has a solid daily practice of all the necessary techniques for a good life. Make a small 20min rant about the dangers of not talking action like you did on today's video at the end. If the carrot won't motivate people the stick might as well do the trick
  14. @izakooo Take the following easy steps and you'll be there eventually: Calculate your Bmi. Educate yourself on exercise and nutrition (AthleanX is a great channel if you want to get started somewhere) Set up a healthy Carb/Protein/Fat ratio Count your macros approximately and consume a calorie deficit. Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. Be consistent Be aware that you can lose fat eating McDonald's every day (if you eat a calorie deficit). Your aim should be health, not just weight loss. @Leo Gura What is wrong with potatoes and rice? Do you have any research that meat/butter/fat is good?
  15. @Leo Gura Never thought about it that way, thanks!