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  1. This is my first forum post although I have been a silent follower of your work for years. I have received an incredible amount of value from your teachings and can say that I wholeheartedly support your work. At no point did I get the impression that you were advocating harm to your physical body. Quite the opposite. I find your teachings to be very life affirming. Of course, I don't agree with absolutely every detail of your teachings and at times I find your delivery method a bit too edgy. But this I can acknowledge as your personal authentic way of expressing things and it's okay for me. I think this is true for the vast majority of your followers. I therefore believe that the picture on the forum is distorted. I think the vast majority of your followers just stay quietly in the background, is doing the work and simply enjoys your and their own development process. So please Leo don't get the impression that the amount of criticism over the last few days is somehow representative for the majority of your followers.