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  1. @bazera That's above my pay-grade as well haha. I always feel that the deep sessions not only purify you but also open you up more. This makes one (me at least) more susceptible to more subtle and fringe energies. Or the forces are truly inside you and just "comes out"... hard to judge. Don't know how much Stan Grof has written about the paranormal stuff but it might be worth checking out. Regarding the exorcisms, I also got a lot of them in my early trips (on mushrooms in particular). Mostly body stuff, bending backwards, feeling completely possessed but not in a bad way. Over the last year or two it got much less though. Now my experiences are much more clear (in breathwork as well).
  2. Yes, yes, don't worry about stuff like that. I've had similar things happening. Even paranormal stuff like demonic entities leaving my psyche through dreams after holotropic breathing. It can be pretty scary in the moment but usually it's done after it's done if you know what I mean.
  3. @AcaciaConfusa I was surprised as well lol. Either I have a low Acid tolerance or it's just high quality. Though I've done 25+ mushroom trips prior, that will have played into this trip as well. @Ry4n Thanks!
  4. @cetus Haha, I'll think about it Is that sculpt yours?
  5. @cetus I certainly hope so More focused practice and painting first though.
  6. @Leo Gura It was indeed. Amazing to peak that long, though quite taxing as well.
  7. For the kids at home 1cP becomes regular LSD once absorbed. Main reason I used it is that it’s legal where I live. --- Well, that was my second ever LSD experience. I tried it first a couple weeks ago at a rave. I only took about 20-30 µg and was surprised how strong it hit. That’s why I decided to be on the safe side with only 100 µg. Well, it still hit me harder than I expected. I was prepared to trip longer than on shrooms but I didn’t expect a full 10-12 hours. My ass and lower back are still sore from all the rolling around on the floor. I also prepared some fruit but wasn’t prepared for wanting something hearty half way through. But let’s get to that later. The come up took a long while. Probably 50 minutes. Then it hit quickly. I felt surprisingly high, lightweight and a strong sense of fidgeting and vibrating. Quite pleasant, even euphoric... Hit the peak about 1:30 in and stayed there for 4 hours. Was thinking about myself and about how little I know. Was shown myself looking outside a window. Then the vision zoomed out. It zoomed out and out and hit a limit. This was the level which was comprehensible by a human mind (quite a lot actually). Then it zoomed out further and further. It got more and more abstract and complex beyond belief. I became a sort of super AI and looked at the world from that POV. At that point life is so utterly complex that it becomes simple again. I realized what consciousness is doing via the means of evolution. It builds on top of itself to understand itself more fully. It will come to such an advanced stage that it’s just one touch from understanding itself fully. At which it will destroy itself as the only way out. Because it cannot understand itself. It can only be itself. At which point there was only a morphing singularity left. Then there was the question: What is the room which in this singularity takes place? It’s God’s mind. It’s all in God’s mind. What’s on God’s mind? Love. That’s the thing God is “thinking” about. So simple. So astonishing. Beyond tears. Love asking you to hold within it the crippled and ugly. Even the evil and demonic. Who could ever hold that? Well, that is what it takes to be God. Though it doesn't "take" anything. It's ultimate willingness. Ultimate Love. --- The way to get there was kinda ugly though. So simple to write about the big insights. I think a lot of people don’t talk about how the sausage gets made these days. Like looking at all the nasty bits of yourself and the world. Within these hours I lived life from the POV of a woman, a transgender, a sadist, a psychopath and an insane person who cut off his hand just for the fuck of it. Encountering my fear of needles over and over again. It was quite a trip in the truest sense of the word. And it went on and on and on. Was looking at the clock whilst I was peaking. Time seemed like 30-60 minutes... turned out to be only 2 lol. I thought a lot about art and love with a lower and upper case. Way too much to comprehend at this point. I will include some worldly learnings. Notes to myself (not polished, might still be interesting for some): Be aware of what you’re putting in your mind. Your mind is your number one tool. It needs to be sharp. A true artist is conscious of what he puts there. The food you eat, the amount of social media you consume, even the quality of porn you watch. Live as the person you’d want to become. Regarding work flow and the simplicity of life. To become a great artist you need to be clear on what you want to do. What do I want to do? I want to bring magic. This spark of Divinity which finalizes in a single stroke of the brush. To become a truly great artist there is a need of focused, deep practice AND a spark of the divine. The truest, deepest form of healing is to realize nothing was ever broken or hurt. This may or may not entail grieving and hurting in the short term to realize this final insight.
  8. @electroBeam Damn, 90% seems alot. I know where you're coming from though. I lived in Berlin for three years and went to all kinds of clubs. In my experience it depends alot on the venue and style of music. If it plays chart music the girls are mainstream and pretty boring. Hip Hop can get a bit more interesting though there are alot of douches as well. Best thing I've found club wise are dingy techno clubs. Alot of girls go there to dance but in my experience they are also open to be talked to unless you dress like a business man. There you'll find the most open and cool girls in my experience. On the other end of the spectrum, high end venues plainly suck. Unless you're into superficial girls, champagne and snorting lines of Blow off your 3.000$ table.
  9. Have you thought about going to some raves? I'm an introvert as well but I love raves. It's open air, the music is great and you can meet people kinda easily. Sure, some of them hippies smell a little funny but other than that it's great! Compared to clubs it's much more chill in my experience. Less drunk people, more people on Acid. Then again, you can find some awesome clubs depending on what you're into. I know one club in the neighbor city which is perfect for game (quiet areas, sofas, 2 dance floors), though I don't usually game when clubbing. It's a different skill set for sure (handling logistics, her friends, the randomness of the night). Daytime is much more straight forward in a sense.
  10. @outlandish Agreed Just wanted to be extra safe (plus there isn't alot of info on 1 cp LSD testing it out there).
  11. Update: Hofmann test went blue af after 6 or 7 hours so it's definitely LSD. Ehrlich didn't react at all but that was to be expected from what I could find out. I will report back once I trip.
  12. Hey guys, I got some 1cp LSD at home (it's legal where I live #freedom) and I want to test it for pureness. I usually use Ehrlich & Hofmann reagents, however they do not seem to react. I've searched the internet but there isn't a lot of info out there. Some ppl. say you just have to wait up to 24h's which I'm going to do. However I still wanted to ask you guys if you have experience with testing analogues. The source should be legit (friends tried it, it's a big vendor, ...) but I want to be safe. Especially as most NBOMes don't trigger the reagents (they just show IF LSD/... is present). Thanks guys/gals!
  13. @Yog Personally, I believe that Nids are a collective ego backlash stemming from 40.000 years of squashing spiders and cockroaches... I mean, it was clear that it would come back and bite us in the ass one way or the other but who knew it would be literally biting us haha
  14. @Yog Boring, repressed humans... that's exactly why I prefer Space Elves who had so many BDSM orgies that they birthed a new Chaos God into existence. Probably a good example for excess stage Orange lol.
  15. Here is a great example of (I would say) healthy stage blue mixed with some orange competitiveness: The NFL in general is a pretty interesting melting pot of individuals stage wise. Some of them are basically thugs with jerseys on (red). Some of them go to church on Sunday, cry during the anthem and always put their team first (blue). Some of them are orange and in it for the money and fame... And some of them are even green. For example Aaron Rodgers (QB of the Packers) is into Yoga, familiar with Wim Hof and visits Peru for "reasons".