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  1. @Leo Gura Is it possible to have a proper conversation with them in or do you take them out whilst talking? My head always feels buzzy after going out so I'm definitely jumping on the wagon.
  2. @Leo Gura Got it! Haven't been tripping in over a year and currently chickening around it... some of those experiences were a bit hairy.
  3. @Leo Gura From your experiences, do you have any pointers on how to do that (other than conscious relaxation/focussing on the breath)?
  4. @D2sage that's the spirit! Just not suitable for everyday life, unfortunately. Yeah that judgement is tricky to say the least. I think I'm more on the procrastination side of things right now. @Twega just started listening. Amazing so far, thanks for the recommend! I remember two distinct moments which sparked creativity like none other: One was on the peak of an LSD trip where I was flooded with the most amazing imagery begging to be painted. It felt like tapping into infinite Creativity and it was one of the best feelings and experiences of my life. It was so effortless and abundant that everyday consciousness just doesn't come close to it. I feel that this is part of the problem. I know what's possible but this dimension of Creativity feels "locked". The other instant was during the aftermath of a different psychedelic experience. I was sitting and journaling in a local park when I saw a small bird hanging upside down from a branch, cracking open a nut or seed. My consciousness instantly recognized the beauty and the need to paint and share it. Both were distinctly external influences/perceptions which sparked an instant, complete idea. I say "external" because there was no active thinking or figuring out. It was a sort of insight received in a state of complete openness. Like you suggested, I don't want to rely on psychedelics to tap into Creativity (haven't tripped in over a year partly because of that) - it just seems like the help a lot ?
  5. I'm wondering if there is more to it than that. Is this the way great art is created? By following a rigorous regiment?
  6. I'm an artist. At least I aim to be. Problem is, creativity comes and goes. There are weeks where I rarely paint. So this goes out to my fellow creative folk: Do you force yourself to sit and create? Even if you're uninspired and tired? Or do you let creativity come to you as it will? Where is the balance? - In my personal experience the best ideas come from an outside stimulus which then sparks a connection inside the mind and an idea forms in a flash. For me it's most common during or after psychedelic experiences. God has the best ideas after all. Moreover it feels like creativity is a state of mind/consciousness. I've also made other distinctions and observations but as I'm in a bit of rut right now I'm open to suggestions haha
  7. @Giulio Bevilacqua big no no. Buddy of mine tried ordering some 5meo from Canada. It got caught at customs and he got a letter saying he should come and claim his order (what would be proof for them that he actually ordered the substance and make him liable). He ignored it and nothing happened but I'd still advice against this if you're in Europe.
  8. Thanks ya'll! Gonna give it a go for a while.
  9. I microdose mushrooms every once in a while. Whenever I do, that day and the 1-2 following ones are simply amazing. I'd like to do it more often but I'm worried about developing a psychological addiction. As in getting used to the new normal of constant microdosing (even if it's 1 day on, 2 days off) and not being able to stop. I don't have an addictive personality and never been hooked on anything but still... A similar thing happened to a guy I know, who can't get off Nootropics bc. he depends on them for job performance. Don't want that happening. Would love to hear your experiences on mid to long term microdosing!
  10. Had to...
  11. About a year ago I had to give a talk to about 20 customers via Zoom. I didn't think much of it as I was never really afraid of giving talks or the like. However, in this case I just froze. I tried to suppress the panic that arose but I couldn't get a full sentence out. One of my coworkers saved the intro and after about 5 minutes I was fine and able to continue. Ever since then I get anxious about giving a talk or leading meetings. I struggle to get words out for the first couple of minutes and then I'm fine again. This is unpleasant, annoying and I can sense that I'm avoiding these situations. I know that I can only really get over the fear by facing it but it's really difficult to just "feel the fear" when you have to perform. If anyone has insights or experiences regarding this, please let me know! - Cheers