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  1. @kinesin That's a good point. Was just wondering if anybody had direct experience regarding this.
  2. Hey guys, have any of you tripped after being vaccinated and/or do you consider it safe to do so? My first shot was two weeks ago, I've had no side effects and feel completely normal. I can't see any reason why it would be dangerous to trip but then again I'm no chemist and I don't have a degree in potentially harmful spike proteins. In case it matters: The vaccine was BionTech and the substance in question is LSD. Thanks!
  3. I got my first BionTech shot on Saturday. Arm was a bit red and sore. And on the day after I felt a bit foggy. Other than that, all good. A colleague of mine said, she became nauseous for a day after getting hers. For anyone who has/had fear of needles (like me) I can only recommend it. Last time I got vaccinated I passed out afterwards lol. This time I almost didn't feel the needle at all.
  4. Great thread idea! I'm always looking for examples along the same lines. Here are some that I found/resonate with. 1. Rashad Evans (ex mma fighter): 2. Paul Stamets: 3. Wim Hof: 4. Bill Hicks (comedian). Video quality is shit but the dude is legit: There are also some movie examples but they're not on top of mind atm.
  5. @The0Self Intense and long lasting for sure.
  6. Past, future and present are one. Trauma is not in the past. Nothing happened to me in the past, where it is hard to reach. It happens right now. Mind and body are one. The body is not fucked up. It is but my mind. This is how I carry trauma - my mind - around. As both these things were realized, mind began to unravel. Body moved in ways unbeknownst to me since childhood. Sounds came to mind that I once made up. Scents came back. Visions. Over and over again. Trying to actively love what arises was not possible. Giving it space - however - brought sacred silence with it. But why am I doing this? But, but, but? Because of Truth. Not to get something „out of it“. Not to „produce“ good art. For Truth. As Truth and Love are indeed one. Silence. --- This is still a developing story.
  7. Aubrey Marcus would be awesome. Pretty much the only one I listen to on the regular. Explores deep topics, the host has a lot of experience with the ol' plant medicines and it's a chill vibe:
  8. @BlackMaze It's kinda hard to think back exactly how I felt a year ago. However, I def. have more energy and am more relaxed day to day.
  9. @BlackMaze Yes, they help for sure. I remained in the ice bath for a couple of minutes and submerged my head completely a couple times at the end. I did some breathing (maybe one round of Wim Hof) before and centered myself, that was pretty much all.
  10. @BlackMaze I don't really train it, it's more a part of winter where I live. The cold effects me way less than usual. Other than that I took one ice bath at my parents house (I don't have a bath tub in my apartment). It was an interesting experience. I didn't find it much harder than cold showers, just different.
  11. Preface The main reason I got into it was Covid. I've dabbled with breathing quite a lot before (mostly Holotropic) and did a bit of cold exposure (ending a couple showers cold). However the main reason was immune function. Additionally I was also looking for a morning spiritual practice. Before I tried meditation but the grogginess always got in the way. Kriya was better but it just didn't feel right to jump from Kriya right into the hustle and bustle of the work day. Benefits To be frank, I love how the breathing makes me feel. It's a slight high that carries through the day. It's really relaxing. I highly doubt it will make you enlightened but that's not the reason I started it. I wanted a practice that integrates into my morning routine and gets me energized. It's perfect for that. The cold showers are a lot of fun as well (I do full cold showers beginning to end in the morning and then a warm shower in the evenings). They wake you up for sure. Regarding immune function, it's only anecdotal: I usually catch 2-3 colds a year (pretty much have for my whole life). I got none since I started doing the method. The first symptom I always feel is a dry, itchy throat. I had this come on once or twice this year but it went away within hours and I did not get sick. Of course, this is not scientific in any way. And of course it could just have been me washing my hands more often. However I do feel it benefits my immune system substantially. Other than that my muscle recovery and connection to the cold have improved a lot as well. I'm fine without a jacket even in negative degrees and don't need gloves or long clothes for my runs. Downsides None that I have noticed. The quality of your results is of course dependent on the consciousness you bring to the practice. After a while it gets easy to coast through the breathing and not get anything out of it. That's a bit of a trap. There are spiritual benefits (emotional releases and minor no self states when doing more rounds) but they are minor in comparison to a full holotropic session (then again it's 25 mins compared to an hour+). --- That's it. If you have questions, feel free to ask. I will most likely be continuing the method as it plugs so well into my workout and morning routine.
  12. That just reminded me of something important that might be helpful haha. If you're taking tabs you're rolling the dice (to a certain extent) regarding how much you're really taking. If you want to be safe, take multiple tabs and dissolve them in 50/50 alcohol (Vodka) and distilled water. That way you avoid hot spots and your doses are regulated (just keep it away from the light). Here is a good article on how to do that, if you're interested: It's about microdosing but the method still applies.
  13. I've tripped on and off for some years now. When I had my first breakthrough it was a succession of dose increases (up to 5g of mushrooms). This wasn't done out of any need to go harder or faster. There was just an urge and intent to go deeper which correlated pretty much with tripping once a month. After the breakthrough trips got much, much more intense (even with "small" doses like 2g mushrooms or 100 ug LSD). Don't be blindsided by that. Best advice I've gotten regarding this was that your mind, body and spirit need all to be on board. After some weeks you get the feeling it's "time" again. Then you can roughly plan it like "maybe I'm gonna trip on Saturday". Then you feel into yourself on Saturday and truly sense how you feel: "Is my body ready? Is my mind ready? Is my spirit ready?". If there's a small mirage of fear, that's not a big issue. I find it quite conducive to the quality of the trip. Makes you take it seriously. Just be careful not to force yourself to go further. Apart of that, I think the important points have been made. Have fun!
  14. Here is a great example regarding the topics of diet and health. Notice how much he knows about and understands both "camps" as in Vegan and Keto. He does not take sides even though he has an opinion but focuses on principles and data in a super nuanced way. I also find it fascinating how reflected and nuanced his answers are to seemingly simplistic questions.
  15. @Leo Gura On further contemplation, there is still a duality between Truth and Love. I haven't realized their true relationship or oneness yet. Gonna follow up on that.