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  1. How does one let go of/overcome the fear of death permanently (especially in regards to enlightenment work - panic whilst meditating and so on)? What is the relationship between between fear and awakening?
  2. This happened to me once after a mushroom trip which was very energetic (Chakras opening up, ...). It lasted for the evening and then some of the next day and was pretty juicy. Since then it hasn‘t happened anymore.
  3. @remember Dude, I think you seriously misunderstood what I wrote and meant. I won't comment on your judgements and accusations. Have a good one.
  4. Lol - you serious? This isn't going anywhere. I wish you all the best but I won't engage anymore.
  5. I've worked with a coach who wrote one of the highest rated books on Leo's booklist. She told me multiple times how lucky I am regarding my good Karma. Although I am not really into that topic (yet). Don't get me wrong. The breakthrough was challenging. But I think it was due to the intention I set for myself (learning about fear and love is a full contact sport - as reference you can watch Leo's first 5meo video including the panic attack). Also I do not know what Karma has to do with what I was writing about (e.g. the more brutal aspects of reality). If God didn't want "this" why would he invent the possibility of it happening?
  6. @astrokeen I've been doing Kriya Yoga and daily mediation for about three years Also this wasn't my first breakthrough to God consciousness. I've done a good 20 trips (this was #16 on mushrooms not 13... I cannot seem to edit the post). @DrewNows 🙏🏼 @remember Nah dude, justification implies that there is something wrong. Yet from God's point of view there is nothing wrong with rape, murder or torture. If you want to play the ego-card that's fine. I am not enlightened nor do I claim to be. Yet the insight stands. It is my direct consciousness (of course I could be wrong/have been misinterpretating). Find out for yourself if you dare
  7. @Leo Gura I had a vision of my mother giving birth to me. She was screaming in pain. It broke my heart however there was so much Love to it that I just had to cry. It was brutal and also utterly gentle and loving. In the past I mostly saw the beauty in nature... skipping over the brutal aspects. Really they go hand in hand.
  8. @Nahm Interesting. Could you share? The way I understood it was that there is a deeper part to each being - call it soul - that has its own yearning which most beings are not directly aware of. As in God wants to experience itself in every possible way. I am also aware of that one can become conscious of what the soul wants and align oneself with that. However this was only one trip and the topic seems complex.
  9. @Nahm Yes, that is what I became aware of. What is your experience on that matter ?
  10. @Nahm Thank you 🙏🏻 What you mean by assertion things?
  11. @Shaun Not at all. You‘re missing the deeper component of the soul. I am not saying that rape is ok and should be legal. I am saying that all is Love and God experiencing itself in even this way which is perceived „fucked up“ by most humans.
  12. Good lord fucking gracious. I am wholeheartedly grateful I made it out of this one alive. After my last trip two weeks ago (where I boiled the mushrooms to hard and didn't have a full on trip) I decided to go in again. As I took the first sip of my tea I knew that this one was going to go off. And it did. Oh my… I laid down and my heart immediately began to race. Pounding. I experienced this before in meditation. Relaxation was possible. The heart slowed down. Only to give way to purest most terrifying fear I have ever experienced. From the bottom of my heart, I did not know if I would still come back to write this report. I unlocked the door… considering to call an emergency (I would call myself a more experienced psychonaut but I have never experienced anything close to this). It was pure naked fear of death. It wasn’t even about me. It was about the people I love. I did not want them to suffer as I was gone. I opened my eyes. I changed positions. Trying to anchor myself in Love. But it was a full on panic attack. My visual field… my whole body was pure naked fear. Then, after 20 minutes I was somehow able to accept my heart pounding like crazy and in that instance I broke through to God. My previous breakthroughs where much more gentle... this one was brute force. I guess you get what you ask for as my intentions were: 1. What is fear and how can I overcome it? 2. Who am I… for real? Well at this point I had experienced enough fear for multiple lifetimes. God’s teachings are a full contact sport lol. Once I broke through both intentions where realized at once: I am that I am. I am all of it at once. I am this. I am that. I am nothing. I am God. I am. Love. "I" cannot be described. All descriptions are not it. They just slip right off when you try to paste them on. However there is one current… one force which is all of this. And this force is Love. In previous trips this Isness was experienced as consciousness but what came through this time was absolute fucking Love. God is Love. God is pure Brutality. Reality is so utterly brutal. And God… is holding all of it at once and is loving it. The torture, the rape, the insurmountable suffering. It is exploring and experiencing all of it at once. And that I am. It turns out fear is the final obstacle to Awakening. I got this image of a demon screaming in my face. And as I realized that which truly is... the demon bursted into butterflies. All along fear was an illusion. It holds this duality in place so that God can experience itself. Yet you (the one who forget she is God) can still overcome it and realize God. What an ingenious design. The peak was proceeded by laughter and profanity. Then there were periods of crying and thankfulness. Never have I ever been so grateful to be alive. I tried to stand up after two hours but my legs gave in and I just cried and cried. Then there were more realizations: 1. The Truth of the hand. There is no difference between existence and non existence. The two are one. Not only are they not two… the possibility of distinction is also imaginary. In Truth there no thing as distinctiveness. 2. Who is controlling animals… humans… me? There was a vision where I was able to see that every being has a sort of light in it. It was resembling consciousness. God is living their life… experiencing their reality in this moment. It is dreaming infinite dreams at once. A bug is less conscious than a duck… and ever so on. 3. Love is Brutality. God is all of it. All at once. It is exploring every nuck and cranny of Life. Including torture and rape. And on a deeper note: Rape can only happen if both souls agreed on it happening. This is deeper than the body/mind. Both souls yearn to experience it exactly like that. All out of Love. It is all Love. It is the great reason and the essence. 4. Self Love. I was able... for the first time in my life... to truly accept and love myself. This was healing to say the least. I finally truly owned being me. Charting my own way in life. Being totally cool and loving with myself. 5. The purpose of Art As an artist I wanted to find out what Art is about: It is about communication. It is not copying reality… it is communion and communication. --- Thank you so much for reading. I am so grateful to be alive. These have been the most terrifying and beautiful 4 hours of my life. I thought about the title of this report alot... it could have been "Realization, Love & God" but I think "Fear, Death & Brutality" are just more fitting and still the same. Holy fuck. Namaste