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  1. Imagine that guy that "summons ufos" really summons them and everytime they appear, they just dissappear so fast, because they were annoyed to be called for no reason and are pissed of because of the fake summons
  2. I am somehow happy my feelings about Degrass were always right such an arrogant and rude guy. Look how "bored" he looks all the time.. Its so fucking cringe
  3. Same here. I find that really strange. In Germany for example only 2 news-sites reported about David Grush (as far as I know) -> just Spiegel.de and heise.de. Apart from that only big silence. When the military tick-tack footage was released back then, it was even in the biggest tv-news here.
  4. The full interview with David Grush was deleted meanwhile btw
  5. I dont know much about the american university system and about the Grades, but it seems like you are nearly there to have some kind of a degree and now struggling with some details about the grades and so on. Maybe i mistaken your post. But I just wanted to say, that just finish it, because it sounds like it dont take sooo much time, in contrast to the time you will have after the struggle.
  6. Just finish it. Afterwards you contemplate seriously about whats important for you in life
  7. would prefer group sessions.. easy to do with nearly no effort for everybody. And with meditation I mean really just mediation together.. I wouldnt expect from leo to make a talk or something.. just together sitting. period
  8. Why dont you orginazine some online meditation sessions? I mean we talk so much about contemplation and meditation, but never do it together..
  9. I listened to this song the day it was released. It was somehow magical. As I read the lyrics the first time I know I thought : "this guy who wrote the lyrics (Michael Keene) had some serious ego issues" .. and he had.. later he became an heroin addict. Nevertheless was this song (and whole album) his best creations (if one likes tech death). And somehow the lyrics resonated with me without understanding why, because it seemed so preposterous. At that time this album was really a gamechanger in the tech-metal-scene. It was super innovative regarding composition and musicianship. That Band could be much much bigger if Michael Keene wouldn't have fucked up his and others life so hard. First as I started involving myself in Meditation/Spirituality, few years later, I started to understand the significance of his lyrical work as well. Here the Song : Lyrics: I consummate this realm through the vision I possess I rise above consecrated imposition The pious flame A flame extinguished from the mind I will create a new reality No creator in the heavens above (I am the lightning) Rest your weary mind No demons in the furnace below (I am the frenzy) I have realized I am God I will descend to the depths of man Proclaim to the void Emptying my cup The starved, weary, thirsting From God's barren grave within the garden of untruths A flower takes bloom and births a new reality No creator in the heavens above (I am the lightning) Rest your weary mind No demons in the furnace below (I am the frenzy) I have realized I am God.
  10. Not kidding!
  11. You schould all watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2. Its a funny and masterfully way to show how omniscience could show up to you. What do you think?
  12. What would happen if he would drop one nuke on kiev? Would the war be over? Or would the Nato also go crazy?
  13. Just had the urge to make this clear Had the feeling this could be interpreted as a troll post I investigate it a lot. Especially lately a lot during work (I work as caretaker) where you are surrounded a lot with others In the brake, when I am with my co-workers, I just listen and observe what is happening, calm really down. When I am as conscious as I can be, evertime this thought comes up :" How the fucking hell could this be possible?" Not as a denying thought.. But as a real deep wondering how the fuck could this function. I mean if all I experience is really completely made up, and there is no other in the other bodies, then how the hell does this illusion work? It seems too awesome to be true. To complex and outlandish.. But I can still be open to this possibilty but it doesnt make "click". I dont feel It, you know? For me all "hints" lead to the conclusion, that its more likely that there are others, than that i am completely alone. Side info: I meditate and contemplate for roundaout 4 Years know. Mostly I do Zazen and making Sesshin Retreats, but I am not limited to this tradition. I mean I dont worship this Tradition nor I believe everything my teachers say. And they know that They know I am mostly just for the Zazen/Sitting/Contemplating in a safe enviroment there and I dont take all that chanting and koan work very seriously, but I am respectfull and I am doing it.. Because it dont harm me and I dont want to be a dick (and it makes a little bit of fun :D). I think its not about the Form of the Rituals. Its just about beeing conscious under difficult and stressfull circumstances. You can replace every ritual with some other boring, painstaking shit and trying to contemplate and beeing conscious. Like shitting in your hands and holding it up in the air, while chanting a holy hidden sutra about what buddha sad while taking a shit.
  14. The first thing that came in my mind, after considering your explanation, is that even if there aren't other people and this are really projections, this other people were once inhabitated by you and you see what you once did. Maybe its a projection of your past what you see as the world. But in case you once met your current body its also possible that you also see future lives.. Its all you, but the things all the beeings did und do are caused by a similar experience you have right now.. So that these Others not completely NPC's... Just Replays.. But I dont know.. But I find its an interesting idea