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  1. Happy Birthday Leo, lots of love your way 🙏🏻
  2. This has clarified something important for me that I believe kept me stuck so far. These are the kinds of teachings and clarifications that I think are most powerful; where you give some details on the practical "How-to" of this work. Thank you.
  3. I want you to know that in between the swine you cast your pearls before, there are students that recognize them as such, that reflect on what you say and value the lengths to which you go to offer these perspectives. We are just more silent. What you wrote here has further clarified some of your teachings to me and has started new contemplations in my mind. It was not in vain. … I‘m not saying I believe you though
  4. @Leo Gura Noticed the clear shift in tonality recently and I want to thank you for putting in the effort
  5. @BlessedLion You're underestimating us. The silent majority here is able to remain skeptical but open, doubting without jumping to conclusions. And yes, my life is great, and I've achieved all of what you asked about to a reasonably high degree. Leo's teachings have been integral to me being able to say that. Why is that an issue for you?
  6. @Leo Gura I've noticed that your tone of voice has become more violent recently. The blog post about alien insanity is a recent example of this. I have been a serious student of your work for almost a decade now, so I am able to put into context all your seemingly megalomaniac claims á la “I am God, no one is more awake than me.” But I also remember a time in the not-too-distant past when you frequently stated that you wanted to become more compassionate and loving in your teachings. What happened to that? I understand that you don't need your work to conform to any standard of politeness, but this does not seem like a skillful way to get your point across. It must be difficult to remain patient with so many people misinterpreting so many aspects of what you are saying, raising the same points over and over again—I get it. From my perspective, it often looks like you are losing your temper, which seems unlike you. So, what's going on? I'd like to know where you're coming from.
  7. I have had something similar happen to me on a heavy LSD dose. My visions quickly swung back and forth between very clean, beautiful and in a way sterile architecture etc. to disease, death, and brutality. I surrendered to it, and it kept alternating, one state sometimes lasting just a couple of seconds. I was not very fearful, but it was a really intense and stressful trip. Not sure what to make of it. I barely watch any TV or Netflix etc. at all, but I do listen to a lot of Metal. These visions felt qualitatively different from the music I listen to, however.
  8. @Leo Gura Happy Birthday! You are one of my favorite imaginations <3
  9. Hey @Leo Gura, in the happiness episode you mention having some epic playlists you‘ve build over time. Could you share some of them? Always on the hunt for quality music ? Thanks ??
  10. I haven't watched it yet, but the first few minutes look interesting and it's on YouTube for free until Feb 6th. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SniI1RjTaL8
  11. I want to start producing video content that is quite heavy on spoken content, somewhat like what Leo does. Do you have any good books / videos / other resources on how to make better videos and how to improve your "public" speaking skills? @Leo Gura what methods did you use to become this good? Practice of course, but any specific techniques you found useful? Thank you
  12. @undeather Thank you so much! This is the kind of nuanced input that was really helpful for making up my mind about this whole thing. It's really a shame that @Leo Gura is taking this dismissive attitude on the matter. I (now) get where he is coming from, but it shows a heavy lack in compassion. Vaccine hesitancy is really present in my environment. None of my friends are crazy anti-vaxxers, but as you've explained in your post, it's not completely unjustified to be a bit hesitant. Leo could've made this a lot easier for me, by taking the concerns just a tiny bit more serious. In my case, it really frightened me how he doesn't appear to question the popular narrative whatsoever. Yes, this problem mainly arose because I had bugs in my epistemology. But they were sneaky, not obvious mistakes that you would have to be stupid to commit. At least for me, that's just where I'm at. Anyway, getting my first shot next week. Maybe my little perspective and story will help some people here and in my peer group... Maybe next time, we'll be able to have serious and kind discussions with people that are insecure.
  13. @Death_ Waiting until a certain age is imo not the right way to go about it. If you follow the usual guidelines of safer use - especially starting with a low dose and having a safe setting, preferably with a sitter for the first sessions - you could start whenever you feel ready. Make sure to research thoroughly before you take anything, so you know the risks and can assure yourself that you are safe when trips get challenging. Surrender is key, never attempt to resist a psychedelic. It has been said before, but in the end you know yourself better than we do. I started using psychedelics when I was 16. By the time, I already had the maturity to do proper research etc. and as a result, they have contributed to my life and development in a way, that nothing else could have. Being exposed to psychedelics and Actualized.org has accelerated my growth dramatically and I would not even be near the point that I am at now, close to my 24th birthday, without them. Make sure to enjoy the journey. If you have specific questions, feel free to hit me up
  14. Has anyone else experienced breathing problems on 5-MeO? I plugged 10mg of what I think is freebase 5-MeO (was sold to me as such, positive Ehrlich test, dissolves in vinegar but not water, very active at such a low mg range). There was a really strong consciousness enhancing effect, but my automatic breathing pretty much stopped entirely. If I made a conscious effort to breathe, it was not an issue, but I had to constantly focus on it. I had not heard of that effect, so I had issues letting go, fearing that I might have some other substance and might suffocate. @Leo Gura I have not heard you talk about breathing on it, have you ever had similar experiences? What do you recommend I do? Thanks
  15. @Leo Gura I might start a separate thread for that questions but: Do you think the market is oversaturated with personal development / spiritual advice? There is so much, but I feel most of it sucks. Also, almost anybody I talk to seems fucking lost. So even though all the concepts and systems exist, they have not reached nearly enough people. Sometimes I feel like I don't have to offer much, but then I give really simple advice to people and see a significant change in their life. I have gotten so much value from your earlier videos, where you mostly gave your take on a concept that already existed in a book for example. I guess my question is: what do you think could be a way to differentiate myself from all the other "self help gurus" and find a way create something that is valuable?