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  1. Thank you for your advice! What I have done so far is mainly just being there for her, listening and giving her a hug. I already suspected that she would have to work this through on her own and you guys seem to share that opinion. I don't know him personally, so I definitely can't rule out that possibility. However, I see her crying and generally suffering. I'm also not claiming that he is a bad person or anything. From what she tells me, it seems like he also just experienced some difficulties in the past and this is his way of dealing with his insecurities. In the end, I'm still trying to understand the exact dynamics of abusive relationships. Lots of girls seem to just be glued to guys who treat them like shit. So there has to be something deeper going on. Thanks again! I will post updates for anyone interested in how this turns out.
  2. Hey Actualizers, One of my friends is suffering from a toxic relationship. The guy seems really unconscious and is projecting his insecurities onto her (going through her phone, extreme jealousy, making her feel guilty and so forth). I tried to ask her wether she wouldn't be better off without him longterm, but she is not open to the idea (yet). Says he's the only one and so on. How would you handle the situation? Is there a way I could help her realize that she is being abused or is it just a process that she must go through until she is ready? Thanks
  3. @Pernani This is gold, thank you!
  4. What is your age, gender, how did you find Leo's videos? 22, male. I don't remember if I specifically looked for it, but 4-ish years ago I stumbled over the legendary "How to make a girl squirt". It was very well made, so I checked out a couple more of Leo's videos. I basically got hooked when I started watching the enlightenment videos (at the time just out of curiosity, while making pancakes lol). What are your biggest pain points in life, and which are your greatest strengths in spirituality? There is two pain points really. The first one, which is not as severe, is that I'm still not grounded in my Life Purpose. It's something among the lines of "I use extraordinary communication skills and spiritual insights to help people actualize their full potential, raising humanities collective consciousness". Sounds great, but I'm not living it fully. Which leads us to the second point. I'm quite unsatisfied with the spiritual progress I'm making, which is a result of my lack of investment. I somehow just can't motivate myself to go all in, build a proper meditation/yoga/self-inquiry habit, although I intuit that it is the absolutely most worthwhile thing to do. I think I just lack the direct mystical experience that would motivate me to actually pursue this stuff seriously. I'm quite experienced with psychedelics, and I think that they played a huge role in getting me to where I am right now, which is honestly not to bad compared to the average human. But even there, my trips have mostly been completely recreational to half serious, almost all of them with friends. However, I've recently started using them more methodically and seriously, hoping that this practice will yield some results in the next few months. I'm also addicted to porn, but not severely My greatest strength is probably my natural curiosity and strong theoretical foundation. Since I've been exposed to the topic from a young age, I've had tons of time. I intellectually understand pretty much everything Leo talks about (at least I think so), but I lack direct experience. I'm also mostly calm and detached in my daily life. I rarely get angry and would consider myself mostly stage yellow, looking for understanding instead of aversion for 'negative' people and events. Genetics also blessed me with what I think is high intelligence, which is really cool, but I can't take credit for that. From the outside my life is actually quite nice, everything just always seems to happen exactly the way that I want it to, I'm incredibly lucky. Most of my (even older) friends somewhat admire me and frequently ask me for advice and stuff. I guess from a self-help point of view, I'm doing more than fine. But I don't give much of a shit, I want Truth and deep insight. Which thoughts or feelings that don't feel good are most repetitive in your experience? Self-doubt mostly. I feel like I should make more spiritual progress. I'm not satisfied with the effort I put in. What do you currently do for spiritual practices? What are you working toward in life, or what is your greatest vision or goal? Like I already mentioned, I'm planning to methodically take LSD every two weeks from now on, but only the first of these trips has happened yet. Next week I'll go on a Vipassana retreat. I struggle to keep up half an hour of Kriya Yoga practice every day. Almost no contemplation, sometimes I do some half-assed self-inquiry. But I do read a lot, could be more, but I think I'm okay on that front. My ultimate goal is to be a badass sage, enlightened and with deep metaphysical understanding of reality. I pass my immense spiritual insight onto other seekers, multiplying humanities consciousness. I lead a fulfilling relationship, raise/raised amazing, beautiful children, make some music... Sage stuff basically Do you have an idea about what is holding me back? Some weird shadow/belief/attachment that I have? You effort is really appreciated <3
  5. Really cool that you are doing this! I'm quite interested Same starting questions?
  6. It depends on your objective I think. As people said before, for deep contemplation, music is probably a distraction. But if you want to just experience beauty, music on psychedelics (art in general) is king. My trips tend to have two phases (LSD): The first phase includes the come-up and peak, and I tend to work quite seriously on contemplation etc. (so no music). After about 4h the second phase starts (I just intuitively feel it somehow). This is where I just bath in the beauty of reality, going for a long walk, being creative or listening to music. This helps me integrate the experience and transition into a heightened state of consciousness when the trip is over, which I usually keep up for a couple of days to come. Also, it makes the trips incredibly enjoyable and motivates me to keep up the work. Keep in mind though, that I have not had a major breakthrough yet, after which people report that their trips become very different. Not directly related to spiritual work, but I just went to see Meshuggah on a low dose of acid last week and it was absolutely awe inducing. And in a way, it did affect my level of consciousness positively, even the days after the trip. But you will probably not realize God surrounded by people, lights all over the place and polyrhythms pounding at your ears
  7. Can't give you a definitive answer, but I like tattoos because I like to have some sick art on my body lol
  8. @Omni Admittedly, overuse of punctuation might have made me seem more agitated than I actually was. Anyway, if someone's level of investment is that low, they won't get anywhere in this work and that fact is best presented in a harsh way imo. A bucket of cold water will wake you up quicker than gentle touches.
  9. You would be surprised how quickly weed can hook you, even if you're on the path and doing well and shit. Speaking from experience, it was a pain in the ass to get off that stuff. Not nearly as bad as porn though (for me at least).
  10. @Aeris The beauty of Dark Souls is the way in which it is difficult, not the difficulty itself. In a way it is not even that difficult, it is punishing. It rewards careful observation and mindful exploration. It is a work of art, Dark Souls is life lol <3
  11. @ROOBIO Don't worry, you're doing fine. Progress looks like a sine-wave with an upwards trend. In a few weeks you'll be on top of your game again, a few weeks later you'll binge on porn. But in a few years you will look back and be astonished by how far you've actually come. Speaking from personal experience lol
  12. Just watched Leo's vlog about the length of his videos. I am shocked by the fact that enough people complain about long videos that he had to do a vlog about it. Are you guys fucking serious?? Leo's free content is so much more valuable and thought through than what other people sell as paid products for hundreds of dollars. And we get tons of it. And you complain that you have to watch it??! It's like having huge amounts of delicious food prepared for you, but then yelling at the waiter that you now have to chew and swallow all of it. How do you expect to make any progress at all, when even the easiest form of "research" is to much effort for you? @Leo Gura please never ever shorten or dumb down your content. It is probably a good way to filter out the most unserious of seekers. Thank you for the effort you put in and the value you provide, for every hater there are tons of people that got kicked in the ass by you and are now doing the work.