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  1. thanks for the replies guys!
  2. Hey guys, I've gone through a difficult period recently and from one thing to another I realized I need to change paths again to some extent. I have a certain calling to alternative therapies, thinking that might actually be the direction I need to go for later in life. My problem is, I have no idea how to start. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to discover which type of healing one is suited for? Reiki, Quantum, Theta healing, Hypnotherapy, whatever else. Any books, youtube channels, or general threads to pull on are very appreciated. Regards, Andrei
  3. Hey guys, Haven't posted here in...ageeeees. Recently my son was born, he's now 5 months old yay me. My wife would like to now start working on her fitness, she hasn't been exercising in general and has no idea where to start. She tried Yoga with Adriene before the pregnancy and sais she thinks it's too boring for her. We also tried the app that Nike has during the pandemic for a short time, but I think those exercises are too hard for someone who's still recovering from a C-Section. Do you have any youtube channels or apps that might be a good idea to try? I value your opinion and would very much appreciate any form of help. The best would be something that takes you from a very low level, all the way up, over a long period of time.
  4. @guillaumeS Thanks for that! It actually all started by me trying to explain why the sudden change in behavior to my friends. That's how I ended up seeing the wall all over the place. By some weird coincidence I also happened to notice that if you manage to create a little curiosity you can get through it. From what I've seen plenty of people struggle with this, so I figured why not try to create a means for anyone to do it. It's more about engineering a good gesture than it is about the object itself. If you'd like to see more about it, you can see the launching campaign here:
  5. @doronshadmi Nice catch! Actually the image is intended to work both ways.
  6. Hey guys, long time no see, I haven't been on the forum for a while now, things get hard when you get closer to the last boss I suppose. Anyway I've been working to push through with my LP for about 1 year and a half now... and finally I have something to show. @Leo Gura I've made you a gift, please check it out. Please let me know what you guys think. Cheers!
  7. I think people get confused because of the pompous label assigned to this thing. "Life purpose". I've been working towards it for about 1 year and half now and I'll try to throw in my current understanding of it. First of all this should not really be a debate over consciousness versus other more "worldly" things. I think it's reasonable to say that life purpose in the context we are using it, in relation to the course and this section of the forum refers to working up a healthy ego, while consciousness is the next step, to transcend it. As far as I see it, you can say life purpose should be related to consciousness if you really take into account your entire lifetime. Because this amount of time is pretty much difficult to grasp in the imagination for most of us, a simpler approach is to divide it in maybe 10 year pieces, which is still very very difficult to imagine. While planning for such smaller intervals, consciousness may not appear to be the goal. Ultimately it is, but it's sort of hidden in the back lines in the same way that people go on journeys to get somewhere rather than just... having a journey. The real goal is growth. We have a long and complicated journey to go through in life, and we can get much better results by envisioning how our journey should go, rather than just responding to stimuli. On this journey we have some values, which are a sort of compass, our strengths, which are a sort of map, and our current and develop-able skills/knowledge which serve as transportation. With this analogy, you can say that a life purpose is a target you choose, with these inputs. We all have different inputs as we live, thus all our purposes will be somewhat different. As we go on the journey the input data is changed by various feedback loops and changes. The target implicitly will also keep changing as you pursue it. The end of the pursuit is when we can go on without needing a target. I think only very very few people have the possibility to skip through to the end without getting some navigation practice. Coming back to the question: There's definitely some purpose worth pursuing in everyone, the only difference is the inputs. If you're not in the position to construct a purpose yet, just live a little until you start to see the patterns. I would say you definitely are not born with a life-purpose. We all have it in our possibility by being human, but it's more of a meta thing. You definitely don't have it hardwired in your brain on birth.
  8. I actually had a similar problem on that one. No lesson really showed up. I did however realize that all the negative sides of any of the values i was looking at. Were really the same thing. Don't know what the thing is, but since i made that exercise i can sort of know if a decision is coming from the right place or not. At any rate it did the job, i could see the toxic from the correct. Remember that's the actual purpose of the exercise.
  9. Just keep going with the course. Close to the end of the values assessment there's something to get rid of toxic values... Leo thinks of everything
  10. Being up to date with EE will keep you closer to the physical side of things. It's a great way to get into the engineering field and have a chance to work on things you can touch. Going with Maths is a more academic approach, that's why jobs in industry don't search so much for this skill. For them it's more important to have EE than maths most of the time, besides I'm sure you can into more depth on that after your bachelors. If you see yourself more as a scientist type, maths is probability a good way to go. In reality both are ok options and neither will force you on a certain path. You also have an msc and phd for continuity through which you can mingle the two as you discover more. Personally I would always choose things with engineering in their title since it's usually closer to the practical side of things. For me that's important. If you see yourself more as the tip of the lance, making discoveries and so on, a more academic approach may be better. Keep in mind that if you go with the more academic approach you should definately continue studies after the bcs. There's no point in going with maths if you plan to stop there. Good luck!
  11. Balance is something we all need in pretty much all activities including school related stuff. I see the 2 pieces of advice as a sort of ladder towards something. When you're not stable enough yet, it's a good idea to avoid those things indeed. They have a habit of drawing you in and tend to lead to excess. Excess is purposeless, activities and interests which are not done in excess all have some sort of purpose. If you're already strong enough to not fall into the excess spiral, then it's a good idea to engage a little bit in everything. Social groups, so on and so forth are another facet of life and they bring both benefits and costs. If you completely ignore them you'll miss out on some things. If you let them become your master it's even worse. If you manage to strike a balance between these 2 you'll be able to squeeze the most juice out of this part of life and that will help you in all sorts of ways later on. Most of the people I know which completely avoided the social side of college wound up becoming 17 year olds when they turned 30. The ones that lived in excess figured it's time to grow up and ended up in all sorts of boring jobs acting and looking like 40 year olds. The ones that were just in the middle all ended up in good places. The ones choosing the middle path are extremely rare however, because it takes a lot more effort and strength to not fall on either side. As a life strategy, I would compare it to walking on a tight rope. First of all you need to know there is a rope. Second of all if you're to fall, always be ready to push towards the safer side and then get back on.
  12. Hey, We all have ups and downs my friend. It's part of life, there's not much there is to do but keep on keeping on. Shoot for better things, you've had some hard lessons to learn, make sure you get the nugget of wisdom these things bring. Now it's time to get back on track. There was this thread on the self-actualization section which I think may help you. Pay special attention to Salaam's story, that's one inspiring dude. Chin up!
  13. You have a rare name, that's something that will make you stick in memory if you make a good impression. I'd go for a simplified version of your name. Dan Arnaud I think is very good. You can go french on it also, Dan Arnaude. Good luck !