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  1. @Serotoninluv I coming at this from a purely practical standpoint, of thinking what language should I use to maximize peoples understanding of being. I think we have a better chance moveing them from their pre-rational blue, to orange rationality and then beyond to trans-rationality. I think it will be hard to change a stage blue person's conception of god. I don't think many actualized viewers are pre-rational. But I live in Sweden, one of the most secular countries in the world, so I might be taking rationality for granted. Playing ball with pre-rationals in USA might be productive, i don't know.
  2. But not as a pointer for people who have never had the experience. And i don't agree bdw. I think the less is said about it the better.
  3. That is playing with the pre-existing blue bagage. The pre-rational conceptualization of god should be separated from the new trans-rational understanding of god imo. It doens't help people understand what it is, as its a bad pointer. Peter Ralston never uses "god", to my knowledge, for that reason i think.
  4. @Leo Gura You could call it pure consciousness, Truth, pure Being, Infinity or ultimate reality instead, presence is just a suggestion. God brings with it too much blue bagage.
  5. Calling it god is flashy for the ego but counter productive on the cushion imo @Nahm
  6. As Leo has talked about, Muslims are not allowed to draw pictures of god, originally because god can't be symbolized. I think calling it god, rather than, for example, pure presence, is making that same mistake, because, the word god is creating an unnecessary layer of abstraction/symbolization that people will hang attributes on, which is counterproductive for not-knowing. I think that that layer of abstraction is only meant for stage blue people so they can put the concept of god at the top of their moral hierarchies. Our culture is beyond stage blue now so there is no need for it anymore. It's also off-putting for outsiders and potential newcomers who think we are talking about a pre-rational god.
  7. @ActualizedDavid are you wearing any fleece? I would think its something about your clothes.
  8. @John West you want to be looking upward and inward like the first picture. Not just upward, you do that to concentrate on the crown chakra. The function of keeping your eyes like that is to aid your concentration, so you should look as far as you can without straining your eyes, they should be relaxed. But find what works for you. The exeption beeing that in the beginning your eyes might be twitchy, if they are then that will go away with time, so is that case i think you should sacrifice some comfort and relaxation to train your eyes. That't what I did.
  9. @nistake You should be The first time i tried his kriya it felt like I was going insane. That's how frikin powerful it is.
  10. @joeyi99 Read Santata Gamanas first 4 books if you haven't already. His kriya is more powerful that JC Stevens and he incorporates do nothing/self inquiry/just being in to the kriya routine.
  11. @joeyi99 do nothing got me an enlightenment experience. The final destination of self inquiry is the same as with do nothing: pure consciousness. I'm probably going to do do nothing until the end.
  12. @Preetom hihihi
  13. @Moondog I experienced shaking during my kundalini awakening. Did you feel energy going up your spine? Also, I recommend switching to Santa Gamanas kriya if you are doing JC Stevens kriya. It's 5 times more powerful to me.
  14. @joeyi99 santata gamanas kriya is so simple that you don't need a master. Yet it's super powerful.