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  1. thanks. this touched me deeply. hell of an insight
  2. @MM1988 Do you have link? It wouldn't be suprising if it happened so don't troll about this.
  3. What would i do to not follow it? I see exactly what you mean, I will enjoy it too much while it's expanding. thanks
  4. My kundalini woke up 3 days ago and it's still here. I think its permanent. I wrote this to help you know what you are in for, what's possible and sharing some insights. Before the awakening i had reduced my masturbation to once a every 6 days or so and i felt energy building up in my abdomen under the navel because of that. The awakening I was doing Santata Gamanas kriya/kundalini yoga with 5 supreme fires in the beginning of the session. I was doing pranayama on the crown chakra and I remembered what Santata wrote about how love makes kriya more powerful. So I connected the heart chakra to the crown and the pranayama got 3 time stronger. My heart chakra is always quite open so i think that contributed. Then during one in-breath I sucked up the energy under my navel up trough my spine to the crown. When it entered the crown i started shaking for ~10 second. The shaking came from a spontaneous desire to do so, I didn't will it, I let it happen, so it was not involuntary. I surrendered to the experience. In the middle of the shaking it was as tho someone cranked the nob up on my hearing. My fridges humming got twice as loud. The increase in volume happened in under 1 second, so it was really palpable. I got orgasmic like feelings in the third eye, bindu and crown chakra. The energy spread to my whole body. After the shaking everything felt more intense, like how i imagine a micro-dose lsd would feel like. The was a subtle separation between witness and ego, which is still a duality and I'm still very mush identified with the ego, but its something. Changes after awakening that I still feel: That subtle separation between ego and witness is still here. The heightened hearing is still here and it can get quite annoying sometimes, which makes being in quiet nature very relieving. I have more life-force/energy. I used to feel love in my heart chakra constantly. Now it's radiating with energy too. My lower chakras are working like never before, which makes me more assertive and masculine than I've ever been. I feel like I have a greater power to manifest now, due to increased life force. My longing for enlightenment is amplified. I'm more assertive about telling people the truth. Less fear. KRIYA IS FLIPPIN INSANE NOW. All the energetic practices are amplified a lot which focuses my concentration. I just did kriya and it feels like I'm on drugs. Reflections: Feels like i'm on a little bit of psychedelics all the time now, and there is no going back. Life is more intense so i need to apply myself more. It's more challenging but I've longed for a challenge so for me it's positive. It's only 3 days in, we shall see where this takes me but I have a strong intuition that my newfound power, energy and assertiveness will be of great benefit to everyone. Kundalini is nothing mysterious, it's just a high concentration of life-force. Life-force is what you experience when you do spinal breathing. Its energy, it's everywhere. The shaking that i experienced is the same thing as when you tap with your fingers on the table out of boredom. It's all life-force that wants to manifest. Insights I want to share: Too much masturbation is detrimental to kundalini awakening. You need to build up the energy in the lower chakras. I recommend actively sending love to where you are concentrating. It will super charge it. Try!
  5. This would depend a lot on what culture you're in. Swedish guys are not as flirty as Americans for example.
  6. @purerogue It's true that we can't know anything for sure. But we still gotta make educated guesses about how we should act.
  7. This is true but as the guy in the video points out, if you then use that to justify blindly following the role that 'if your child triggers a negative emotion in you it must be something wrong with the child' then that's not good. Both make good points. The right way to go about this is to not use the rule blindly but to make finer distinctions. Which of the child's behaviors will make others dislike him, and which behaviors are only triggering to your own shadow(or "hidden away traumas" as the guy put it)?
  8. @theking00 interesting. It's like binge eating vegetables lol. I guess I do that to sometimes, but the distinction between 'reality' and meditation is very blurry for me so I don't mind it. Leo still does some spiritual practices but if he wouldn't it would be because he is in the meditative state effortlessly. There is no going back from non-duality.
  9. why no more?
  10. @theking00 ok nice Good luck on your quest. Also do you meditate?
  11. @theking00 Do it but there got to be some boundaries, like: don't rob a bank, don't give away your money, don't allow yourself to get raped and don't do drugs. It could be enough to just say yes to events and don't skip out on an invitation to handout with anyone. Facebook usually shows me like 3 nearby events a week that i don't go to. You could make the rule that you have to go to 2 or 3 of those a week.
  12. SD stage blue maybe?
  13. You need whole grains. Whole grain rice and such.
  14. You cant just ignore you bounderies without psycological consequences. If that movie was real life more then half of those people would need therapy after a while.