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  1. @Ampresus how old are you exactly? both 13 and 19 year olds are teenagers.
  2. @GeoLura Do you regrett going this far?
  3. I think edible weed is a good introduction to bending reality. Taking it in edible form is probably healthier and it gives a more psycadelic effect. See that you can handle it befor you try something like lsd. Of cource don't make it to a habit or a party thing. Take is seriusly. Just sit and observe or contemplate the effects. See it as a warm up.
  4. Partly depends on how much you want it.
  5. Cave men usualy belive in magical spirits. SD stage purple. But I sill think you might be right that scientists are even more lost.
  6. Try loving kindness meditation that way i think that you will experience the appeal of green first hand.
  7. thanks for letting us know
  8. nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so
  9. You are projecting the feeling of love that you have felt on to the animals. We are taught to project our feelings on to other creatures or object from an early age and its so useful that we start mistaking it for truth. Notice how the feeling of love you project on other creatures is the same love that you project on to your teddy bear. There is no other consciousnesses than your direct experience. There is experience of love. Your ego then comes in and takes ownership for that love which causes a very convincing illusion that that is the case. Experience is happening but there is no experiencer. Depends on what is meant by natural state. Seems like a non existent distinction to me.
  10. if thats the case you can expand your area
  11. @Leo Gura Is there a video coming or nothing until Sunday?