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  1. Our suffering is so insignificant compated to the endless ripples of our actions and the suffering or happiness they cause for future beings. A happy mind is a healthy mind tho so our happiness contributes to what we leave behind and the happiness of other beings. The stakes of being human in today's society in the middle of the advent of high tech is emence.
  2. Yes you just need to write the rules they follow.
  3. Ukraine is not getting nukes. That's the big difference. America is even a big reason why Ukraine doesn't have nukes today. Budapest Memorandum. Again, Ukraine is not getting nukes. The Iraq war was mostly about punishing the Middle East for 9/11. NATO countries don't get gifted nukes. Nothing is stopping NATO countries now from covertly shipping Ukraine nukes today. They don't, because they don't want to. NATO expansion doesn't change their ability or will to ship nukes. I don't think Putin has said that preventing NATO expansion is the whole reason for the war. There are other reasons which concern me. Mainly Putin's belief that the Maidan was orchestrated by the US and Putin has told Obama that he thought Obama wanted to overthrow him with another color revolution. This is what the first video I linked is about 'The American Origins of Putins Madness'. Putin's idiotic, wrongful paranoia about this would be enough to trigger him to invade Ukraine without the threat of NATO expansion. Big picture I think G.W Bush's saber-rattling about NATO expansion into Georgia and Ukraine was idiotic. Not immoral, just idiotic. Putin's invasion of Georgia proved that. I'm a Swede and am perfectly able to empathize with Putin. I believed Miershimer's POV at first. But then I've come to reason. I believe the main reason for Putin's invasion is the Maidan revolution as I've mentioned. It's possible that the fifth wave of NATO expansions triggered Putin to believe this conspiracy but it's no guarantee and I'm leaning towards not. Again you haven't pained a picture of how NATO expansion could threaten Russia militarily. No one on the Miershimer side has to my knowledge. Because it doesn't exist. I'm arguing that NATO expansion into Ukraine wouldn't have been immoral. But again I wouldn't have done it because it's idiotic. If Garbachev wanted this to be binding forever he would have had to get it written. He knew this and he didn't. I don't buy that this would then be binding after the Soviet Union collapsed. The verbal agreement was in my view an agreement about the political and security landscape of that time.
  4. Using a VPN is probably the only choice
  5. @Bobby_2021 Can you paint a single scenario of how NATO expansion could plausibly pose a military threat to Russia? Keep in mind that Russia has nukes. Different American presidents have different policies toward NATO expansion. Here is a video explaining the reasoning of different presidents. The explanations seem to make sense without pressure from the military-industrial complex.
  6. @Bobby_2021 The main reason for the invasion is not Nato expansion, but democratization and the Maidan/orange revolution. Putin has said that he believes America orchestrated the revolution and is looking to do the same in Russia. There is very little evidence for this conspiracy and the people who came up with it are complete crackpots. This vid goes into depth on the origins, evolution and introduction to Russian politics of the conspiracy: Nato poses no threat to Russia. ZERO. Well except for the threat of taking away Russia's ability to invade its neighbors. The invitation of Ukraine would have happened even if there were no threat of Ukraine joining NATO. Putin has no real reason to fear NATO militarily and I don't think he does. What he fears is his stupid idea of the American deep state's soft power in Ukraine. The deep state that supposedly orchestrated the Maidan. Would he have been scared of this ghost if NATO didn't approach Ukraine? Hard to say but Ukraine wants to economically integrate with the West because 30 years ago Poland and Ukraine had the same GDP per capita, now Poland's is 3x higher than Ukraine's. So Putin might have seen the ghost of the American deep state in Ukraine´s economic integration with the West. Hard to say Lack of NATO expansion seems to trigger Russian aggression as much as NATO presence does: Both to prevent smaller European countries from attacking each other like the Bosnian-Serbian war. But mainly to counter Russian aggression. The Baltic states for example would be very unsafe if they weren't in NATO. There would be nothing wrong with this morally. America, like Russia is nuclearly armed, and thus can't be invaded. If you want to make the point that maybe NATO would give Ukraine nukes. The evidence against this is 'The Budapest Memorandum' where Russia, the UK and the US agreed to give a security guarantee to Ukraine in return for it giving up its nukes. So, NATO simply doesn't want Ukraine to have nukes. There is a difference between Texas joining with China and Ukraine joining with the West. It's natural for Ukraine to integrate economically with the West because it would lead to much greater prosperity. While Texas joining with China would just be to spite the US, there is no economic or cultural reason to do so.
  7. This is true for all kriya books. I think kriya can be taught from books but no one has made a manual with good enough pedagogics. You have to be smart to get it right. Ennio's book is as good as they come tho, so go with it. Remember this lesson: Feeling good is your north star in all energy work. That's how you measure your success with a technique.
  8. Question for experienced practitioners: How does kriya feel for you and what are the tangible benefits? Do you bathe in bliss or does it still your mind or what? I'm particularly interested in the power of pranayama for ya'll. I think a lot of people think they are progressing when they start experiencing some interesting energetic phenomena, but it isn't actually real spiritual attainment.
  9. I was struck by how wise it was. It was like it had been told to study Ken Wilber extra hard. Then it struck me that maybe Leo prompted it to be wise by asking wise questions. Bringing up spiral dynamics for example will make the AI think of Ken Wilber for sure. I wonder if it has the same level of nuance if you ask it dumb questions. I can't use it as it's not available in Sweden.
  10. @bliss54 If this contribution is valuable to others they would get payed and the UBI wouldn't be needed. The only real difference is UBI allows people to not be valuable to others.
  11. @Phil King A part of you feel like your father has authority and power over you and you want to be sovereign. It might have been Freud who said that you have to kill your father to become a man. Meaning symbolically, meaning energetically.
  12. Able people should be looking for work, working or getting an education. There should be a social safety net that takes care of people who are looking for work and free college and some financial support for students. A UBI that is high enough for people to survive on creates another option: to work on passions that don't have value for others. If these passions would have value for others they would get paid for it and then UBI would be obsolete. The only difference between the welfare system I described and UBI is that UBI leaves room for useless passions. How many young guys' passion is gaming? It is so fundamental to being human to have the responsibility of surviving. People should get help doing so but removing an entire population from that responsibility will disconnect people from reality. A low level of UBI like 100 - 300 dollars a month is another matter tho. As long as people can't entirely survive on it it could work. This would have to be tested on different populations. There have been trials of UBI that have seemed to work but the results are misleading. The recipients of the trials knew that the trial has an end thus had to remain grounded in survival. They used the resources afforded to them to set themselves up to survive better after the UBI period. If they knew they would never need to worry about survival again it would change their whole approach to life in a way that was not shown in the trials. A better example of how UBI would work is in lottery winners. I doubt they become more productive and helpful to their fellow citizens after they win. There is currently no society that is conscious enough to not be derailed by a UBI. But if there was, a UBI would not be needed.
  13. @Leo Gura Nor are they necessarily a scientist, but my point is they share the intuition and rationality of both. I think that great artists don't understand their art. It comes from the furthest edges of their intuition, that which is only a feeling and not yet an articulated thought. Great philosophy starts at that same place. Artists enact what they find and thus bring it into the known unknown. Artists explain what they find and bring it all the way to the known. This is an oversimplification, but a powerful one.
  14. An artist takes the unknown into the known unknown through intuition. A scientist takes known unknowns into the known through reason. A philosopher takes both steps, from the unknown to the known unknown to the known. However, a philosopher doesn't wander as deep into the unknown as an artist can and doesn't create the level of certainty/knowing that a scientist does. This is oversimplified ofc. First in life, I thought I wanted to be a scientist, specifically a mathematician. Then I decided to become a game programmer to be in the middle of art and the technicality of programming. It's clear to me now that I was meant to be a philosopher all along. Leo took a similar path. He started off wanting to be an aerospace engineer. Then became a game designer and ended up becoming a philosopher. I know he did take a detour in academic philosophy but academia doesn't count. They don't do real philosophy.
  15. I should have named the thread the problem with sceptics. Ofc scepticism should be integrated with openmindedness. This is great thank you👌