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  1. Video game programmer. Gonna start an internship at Zoink in September.
  2. @Leo Gura Yes, that is such an important point. For example, Trump is telling what he thinks is the truth much more than people think, but he is deluded. One is conscious deception and one is unconscious deception. It's important to understand both. @Raphael That's reasonable, healthy skepticism. The only way to know for sure is to test it for yourself.
  3. @Raphael No, Mandy from Bombard's body language sais it's impossible to fool a sufficiently trained eye. There is always a tell somewhere. A good lier doesn't lie, they tell half-truths so that they can belive in what they are saying.
  4. @outlandish I do and I agree with you, which is why I intentionally didn't say which one. What I said is basically marketing for the booklist.
  5. It is possible to learn how to read body language and tell if people are lying. People who are proficient at it can tell with 100% certainty, not even Leonardo DiCaprio could fool them. In this thread i will tell you some mind blowing information of the basics for how to do this and i will provide some sources for how to go on with further learning. The pro of learning this is that you can tell when people are lying to you in your life and you will be able to tell if politicians and public figures are telling the truth. For example: I can easily tell that Bob Lazar was being 100% honest on the Joe Rogan podcast, in which he detailed working with alien spacecraft on behalf of the US government. Fucking mindblowing. Basic techniques Eye direction - Where someones eyes are pointing show what part of their brain they're accessing. Shown here. (the diagram is mirrored and not flipped, meaning, from your perspective, remembered sound is to your right, but to your left for someone you are looking at. Try it yourself! have an inner dialog with yourself and notice how your eyes naturally start pointing downwards to the right. Remember how your way to the grocery store looks like and notice your eyes pointing upwards to the right. Feel in to how you are feeling right now, eyes goes downwards to the left. ETC. So for example, if someone is telling you about something they saw but their eyes goes in to visual construction, they are usually lying. Jerky vs smooth body movements - When people believe what they are saying they move their bodies in a very free, flowing fashion, their body "sings with them". On the other hand if they know that they are being dishonest their body language is stiff and jerky I think you gotta see this in action to understand. Check this out. Notice the subtle contrast of how jerkily he is moving his body around when he is saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie. Not a single time. Never. These allegations are false.", which he knew was a lie, vs how smoothly he moves with his body when he then says "And I need to go back to work for the American people.", because he believes in that. Tells - When we feel stress we get the urge to touch ourselves as it calms us down, for example: interlocking fingers, touching our faces or crossing arms. We might also tense a part of our body, for example: wrinkled forehead, clenching hands or stiff spine. If we see this in people it is a sign of stress and if they only show that stress when saying a certain fact it could be a sign that they are lying. It could also mean other things, like, it might bring up old traumas. So unlike the first two techniques this one is unreliable unless you are very good at reading body language, but I wanted to mention it. Notice that on the Joe Rogan podcast, Bob Lazar always accessed the parts of his brain he said he was using. (Every time he told a story he was accessing visual memories, never visual construction. etc.) Notice also how his body never gets jerky when he is telling these stories. He was stiff due to this being a stressful situation for him and probably a little bit of social anxiety but he was never jerky. These 3 techniques are the 3 biggest concepts within body language theory i have come across but there are plenty more techniques and subtleties to learn. This is just the beginning! Where to go from here It's very valuable to see the professionals analyzing body language, that way you learn more techniques, get a feel for how to do it and the subtleties involved. I recommend starting with this youtube channel it is very well presented and accessible information and analysis of real situations: Then i recommend Mandy from Bombards Body Language. She is probably one of the most skilled at reading out there. Here is her youtube channel (her original one got taken down, probably because she exposed some powerful people), web site and her course. warning: Be careful about drawing conclusions about situations using these techniques unless you have lots practice. For example: someone could be telling a story and go in to visual construction for a split second. That could mean that he is making up a fact, but not necessarily. He could also have tried to come up with a joke for example. But also in other situations the conclusion can be obvious. This can be very subtle stuff.
  6. Leo has one off his books rated as 5/5 stars on his book list.
  7. I think our egos can use tool of the mind like logic, spatial reasoning and intuition but they don't belong to the ego.
  8. same but i'm doing a 50 - 60 day long in like 24 days. My approach is to see how it goes and be open to quitting if it's in my best interest.
  9. @Leo Gura You could try to export it in an other file format and upload again? how how much time does exporting and uploading take for you?
  10. "Intent on revealing the depth and power of this work, in 1978 he became the first non-Asian ever to win the World Championship full-contact martial arts tournament held in the Republic of China."
  11. @Joseph Maynor Some people already call that stage aubergine
  12. @Chumbimba Your symptons are nothing to worry about. as long as you dont suffer it's fine.
  13. @Chumbimba In my experience, when your kundalini has awakened you should be able to summon intense energy in your root-chakra be able to send it up your spine. I like to think of it as unlocking the door to the cage of the kundalini. But maybe there is more to kundalini than i have experienced. Osho kundalini meditation is enough to calm the jerkyness and kriyas, you don't need to do dynamic meditation even if that probably would do the trick too. I try to do it around once every other week too calm my own kundalini-induced jerkyness, if I don't I start wierding out my classmates lmao. Dynamic meditation is too intence to do on a regular basis imo. @Leo Gura Have you awakened your kundalini? I'm glad you have found oshos meditations they are such great tools.