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  1. @vladorion @vladorion Interesting, It's going to be interesting to see the long term effects of this on me.
  2. @vladorion If you enjoy fasting then it's the body telling to that you need to fast. When we get sick we lose our appetite and in some cases puke up food we do eat. That is our bodies telling us to not eat. A lot of animals fast and rest when they are sick. Lots of people need to heal so their bodies tell them to fast. Fasting works because our bodies are capable of healing itself, but digestion takes a lot of energy that the body rather spend on healing. The body already has lots of energy available in the form of fat and muscle. At some point in fasting you won't like it anymore and your body will tell you to stop. Have you ever tried raw veganism and made sure you got enough calories? That should not leave you hungry. I don't experience hunger as long as I eat enough. I'll check out what an ectomorph is.
  3. @Leo Gura I never get that, and obviously the other fruitarians doesn't either. Strange.
  4. 98.7% of our dna disagrees. If you ate just grapes for 3 days you would know, your body would feel it. The prana, the calmness and the mental clarity. First day i tried it I couldn't stop smiling. Assuming your disease wouldn't cause trubbel.
  5. @Village bonobos and chimps are both frugivores. We haven't evolved to become 100% carnivores since then. Never tried fresh meat, would be an interesting experience admittedly. Carrots are not fruit. Humans are native to tropical forests so obviously it's impossible to get our natural diet in north america. My point is that we have strayed from god the garden of eden that he intended for us, metaphorically speaking. I do sympathize with the raw meat diet but I don't understand why you all don't at least eat some fruits, berries and melons, they are clearly natural for us. We run on sugar. Granted they are cultivated, some more than others, but so is all modern cattle. 50% fruit 50% raw meat seems more sensible. Tho I personally don't think the extra protein is necessary. I doubt fresh meat tastes better than a ripe wild plum. Also aren't you afraid of parasites and disease?
  6. If there is any doubt about the fruitarian diet just look at my amazing before and after pictures. Before fruitarianism(very beta, low testosterone, virgin): After fruitarianism (very alpha, testosterone make up 3% of total bodyweight, have 3somes every hour):
  7. @Leo Gura we came from the jungle where there were fruits all year around. Bonobos, chimps and orangutans manage to get most of their calories from fruit so it can't be that rare where we came from. We are not made for the swedish or american winter. We think of fruits as nice snacks but that is not how nature intended them. If we come across a fruit tree in the wild we pick it clean. 20-50 percent of our energy goes to digesting food. Since fruits are made to be easily digestible you won't need as many calories as the once you do eat are so efficient. One kilo of pealed banans for breakfast lunch and dinner is doable and the water content makes you hydrated. You're said you snivel a lot, that's your body getting rid of toxins. Fruitarians are known to not have any kind of mucus, because their diet is not toxic. God realized Robert Morse ND is healing people who have MS, cancer and just about every autoimmune disease there is with fruit and herbs, you should check him out on YouTube or his book The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. @Roy Lots of moms who say so die of cancer, alzheimer's, heart disease etc. Fruitarians experience a new level of health and energy unimaginable to most people. Try it for 2 days, mono-meals only and see the difference for yourself. People who eat this diet and then try sub-optimal food notice a clear difference. Fruits are evolved to be nutritionally perfect. If we needed more protein, fat or carbs then fruits would have evolved to meet those needs. Eating unhealthy food for the sake of centrism is not wise. It's like people who think drinking wine once in a while is healthy, it's not. All food exist on a healthiness to toxicity scale. You want to eat only the healy once.
  8. @Yog Localy gown beans will always be a better choice than locally raised cattle. It's better to buy local than non-local, but veganism doesn't have to be non-local. Meat substitutes are a once in a while luxury.
  9. Leo said in his latest blog post that nutrition is hard because it's not like God gave us a handbook on how to do it. I beg to differ. What would we enjoy in it's natural state without tricking our taste with added salt, pepper, refined oil or refined sugar? Meat without salt, pepper and oil/butter is bland as hell. Grains, beans, mushrooms and most veggies are the same. Leafy greens taste alright once in a while. Nuts and seeds taste alright. Fresh and ripe fruits and berries taste amazing. No species on earth dislike the taste of food that is healthy for them and it's crazy to think that this would be the case for homo-sapiens. Mostly eating fruits and berries and occasionally nuts, seeds and leafy greens is what god has guided us to do. Our closest relatives, bonobos and chimpanzees eat mostly fruit. But we all have the adaptability to eat meat and starches if we must. It's trading quality for quantity. Fruits and berries have evolved to nourish its seed spreaders(us) as well as possible. For example, if all animals who live on papaya would be malnurished they would die out and so would the papaya species. So the existence of fruit proves their healthiness. Banana have roughly the same amount of protein per calories as human breast milk and babies grow like crazy so protein content should be no concern. If you feel like you need more fat than avocado or nuts are a good option. I've just started the fruitarian diet and my IBS-D that has ruined the last 4 years of my life is gone. I can eat all the FODMAP I want so long as it's fruit as it passes through the body too quick to ferment and cause trubbel. I've gotten an incredible amount of energy/prana and I've started to feel kundalini vibrating in my feet soles, ready to be released. Currently going through some gnarly detoxing symptoms tho but will soon get to enjoy amazing health. Preferably eat monomeals for easiest digestion or food-combinde correctly. Make sure to get enough calories. This diet can be as cheap as you make it. Depends on how much you want to rely on cheap staples like bananas, oranges, apples and pears. Both strength trainers and runners thrive on the fruitarian diet: Fruitarian ultra marathon runner: Fruitarian power lifter: I also recommend Loran Lockman and Robert Morse on youtube.
  10. To people making the argument that it's better for farm animals to live a life of captivity than to not live at all: The land that is dominated for cattle and their foder would have natural life if it was left alone, mostly rabbits and insects, rather than big castle animals. There are also long term ecological effects of meat production that are damaging to life on earth. When you add it up, no more life is given by meat production.
  11. I should also recommend Healing Kundalini Syndrome. It's written by the most experienced kundalini therapist there is.
  12. The gut could be the navel chakra. It partly controls digestion and heat production. Emotional blockages are anger and victimhood. Open navel chakra is joyful, capable and it feels like life flows through you. To open this chakra assume a gentle smile and visualize a sun glowing in your stomach, shining life giving energy to the universe. Feel the joy of it. The sun should not be hot, violent or straining if you don't want to aggravate the kundalini. Do this and just see how it feels.
  13. State yellow 7th + 1st chakra, turquoise 7 + 2nd chakra. I've dissected turquoise from a chakra perspective: The chakra model is the greatest model for our subjective experience there is. I think as a community lacks vital understanding of this model.
  14. How do all you guys feel after your krita routine? Bathing in bliss, present, absorbed, loving?
  15. Don't do this, it will weaken you muscles further. The reason fasting works is because the body doesn't need to spend energy of digestion and can instead use muscle and fat as easier sources of energy. This frees up the body to heal itself, but this requires rest. Check out Loren Lockman on youtube he runs a fasting retreat. He know his stuff.