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  1. "Intent on revealing the depth and power of this work, in 1978 he became the first non-Asian ever to win the World Championship full-contact martial arts tournament held in the Republic of China."
  2. @Joseph Maynor Some people already call that stage aubergine
  3. @Chumbimba Your symptons are nothing to worry about. as long as you dont suffer it's fine.
  4. @Chumbimba In my experience, when your kundalini has awakened you should be able to summon intense energy in your root-chakra be able to send it up your spine. I like to think of it as unlocking the door to the cage of the kundalini. But maybe there is more to kundalini than i have experienced. Osho kundalini meditation is enough to calm the jerkyness and kriyas, you don't need to do dynamic meditation even if that probably would do the trick too. I try to do it around once every other week too calm my own kundalini-induced jerkyness, if I don't I start wierding out my classmates lmao. Dynamic meditation is too intence to do on a regular basis imo. @Leo Gura Have you awakened your kundalini? I'm glad you have found oshos meditations they are such great tools.
  5. Ai right now can imitate humans or make blends of different human art. But it can not push the bounderies in a meaningfull way without having an understanding of the human spyche. Great art comes from our subcounsiouss, not just copying what came before us.
  6. @lmfao Exactly my thoughts. Leo seem to think that we should't jump too far ahead on the spiral, that we have to take one stage at the time, like don't bother pushing a green agenda in a blue country, but we are talking about second tier now so of course it's going to follow different rules than tier 1 politics.
  7. Please do I'm considering reading it myself, that would help. On nofap: I think nofap is an overreaction, i think just keeping faping down to 1-2 times a week is good enough. But you should try what works for you. Too much faping can drain your energy and cause erectile dysfunction. I think it's important to make a distinction between masturbation and watching porn. In my opinion porn is just toxic, at least my relation to it has been. Right now i'm keeping masturbation to ~once a week and porn to a 0.
  8. It is common for first tier stages to strawman other stages as being 2 levels under what they actually are. For example a red person can see a guy trying to succeed in the corporate world as just the same as him trying to make it in the streets.
  9. have't read but looks promising. Im reading his book the way of the superior man, which covers sex a little bit and i highly recommend it.
  10. Cool i had no idea you could get awaken from weed. For me it does the complete opposite. Is this your first awakening?
  11. Also, a little personal development in highschool. How cool is that!
  12. Love this guy! Andrew seems to be able to see matters more nuanced than Berine Sanders imo. Yellow guy, ethically and cognitively. Has experience with healthy business. Policies: Medicare for all. UBI, as a necessity due to increasing automation of jobs, sush as truck driving and retail. Legalize weed and pardon non violent weed users in jail. and more
  13. @Serotoninluv I coming at this from a purely practical standpoint, of thinking what language should I use to maximize peoples understanding of being. I think we have a better chance moveing them from their pre-rational blue, to orange rationality and then beyond to trans-rationality. I think it will be hard to change a stage blue person's conception of god. I don't think many actualized viewers are pre-rational. But I live in Sweden, one of the most secular countries in the world, so I might be taking rationality for granted. Playing ball with pre-rationals in USA might be productive, i don't know.