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  1. Scientific orange is pure orange while business orange is orange that uses its red subcomponent. Scientific orange seeks knowledge, which is an orange thing, for its own sake. While business orange seeks knowledge, in this case, knowledge of business for the sake of gaining power (red). Knowledge(orange) is power(red). In this way, orange is kind of a sophistication of red. Pure power(red) and abstract power(knowledge/orange) are on a spectrum. Business is lower down on that spectrum.
  2. @roopepa How I use the word punishment is just as material feedback to someone's destructive actions. You are right that the word comes with the emotional baggage of deserving. I agree with you that none deserves punishment or suffering. It is simply a material action with the purpose of creating a system where the maximum amount of well-being and flourishing is possible. That is an expression of love.
  3. Keep in mind that every generation has been seen as the worst generation.
  4. You should view punishment, not as revenge but as a purely pragmatic thing to do for the betterment of most people possible. This is possible while loving criminals. Love vs punishment is a false dichotomy.
  5. @jimwell good points and thanks for the YT link, great channel.
  6. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I've long admired japan from a distance, but I know I would feel boxed-in if I lived there. One critique I'd like to add is that in Japan, as with many blue cultures, intimacy gets lost in social rules and politeness. Belonging comes from being a part of a social system rather than actual intimate connections. I think that lack of intimacy and connection is where all the sexual dysfunctions, hikikomori, and suicides come from.
  7. 1.3, 10.51% 1.6, 9.61% This should not be missconstrued for social virtue. Psychopathy, if used in a wise matter could be a socially good thing. The number of psychopaths out there worries me tho. Any imagined political system gotta take them into account.
  8. @Marcel you are welcome
  9. @blessedlion1993 @Marcel Try doing this navel chakra meditation: Assume a gentle smile. Breathing deeply. On the out-breath, feel this love-infused, joyful, generous power radiate from your gut/navel area/manipura chakra location out into every direction. (If you have trouble creating an emotion, remember a time when you felt that emotion strongly or imagine a scenario.) Hold the out-breath for a little while. Imagine a beautiful, powerful sun i your gut, radiating beautiful, warm, nurturing, blindingly bright light. (You don't have to see the sun just think/feel/intuit it) Feel it nourishing you. Then everyone in the universe equally, like the sun nourishes all life on earth. Even alien life looks up into the night sky and become mesmerized by the distant sight of our sun. Feel your loving breath stoking the fire of your sun like a flame needs oxygen. Feel the humor of the life, laugh it up, heal the world with the sound of bubbling joy. Feel the utter perfection of the world. Feel completely at peace. Continue step 2, 3 and 4 while keeping your sense of peace. Do it for as long as you like, i recommend 30 minutes. You can experiment with placing the sun in the middle of your head and radiating joy from there. This simultaneously opens the third eye chakra. It will feel absolutely blissful. Success in this meditation is measured by well being. Let your intuition guide you to it.
  10. @sleep ketchari mudra gives a slight natural high. I can do it partially. I don't know of any dangers to it. I don't think the frenelum serves any big function. Maybe it just make the tongue more intuitive and user friendly. I could also imagine it's to make toddlers not choke on their tongues. You don't have to do it tho, it's up to you.
  11. @Marcel I'm glad It can be good to go heavy on one chakra to get to know it but eventually, you want to try to be more rounded. As I've explained a bit, chakras work together. For example, you could be missing out on aspects of the root chakra if you don't have the security and certainty that comes with an open navel chakra, or if you ignore your heart chakra then you will miss out on the healing power of love that could heal the root chakra.
  12. There are 3 masculine chakras: root, naval and throat. All chakras have 4 fundamental expressions: repressed ⬋ ⬊ expressive, fear-based expression ⬊ ⬋ god-like catharsis Root chakra (muladhara) safety repressed: ungrounded, scarcity, uncomfortable, frozen like a deer in a head-light expression: caution fear-based expression: fear, greed, gluttony god-like catharsis: grounded, secure, comfortable, flourishing, one with the earth, abundant Navel chakra (manipura) power repressed: victimhood, powerless, submissive expression: striving fear-based expression: anger, destruction, domination god-like catharsis: powerful, omnipotent, generous, joy Throat (vishuddha) truth and future repressed: holding in truth, expression: expressing truth, future-authoring, self-actualization, logos fear-based expression: lying god-like catharsis: integrated Power is a sophistication of survival. For example, you need to first be secure to pursue power. For example, you can't push your body to become stronger if you don't have enough to eat. You can't fight if you are overcome by fear. Only the strong survive. Future authoring is a sophistication of power. For example, knowledge is power. You need guts to speak your mind. This is the map of masculinity. The advice I'd give you is to aim for the highest expression of masculinity. The expressive and fear-based expressive state of a chakra is seeking god-like catharsis, so if you want to go through the expressive states like you are going through a tunnel towards the light of god-like catharsis. You want to marry masculinity with feminity. Power + love is so much more powerful than power alone. with love power becomes like a sun, nourishing every being on our planet with its powerful rays of light. Penetrating all the dark places and nourishing them. I'd also advise doing chakra meditation on these chakras. Feel into the desired quality and try to expand it through your whole body, and radiate it outwards. As regards to Spiral Dynamics the right-hand stages, being, beige, red, orange and yellow are all masculine stages. They correspond to the masculine chakras, yellow reusing the root chakra. @asifarahim @Tim R You are both wrong.