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  1. We all carry his legacy. You will be missed, Don. Rest in peace.
  2. @universe @thibault What is the antithesis to what you value the most?
  3. They say mankind will end with a whimper or a bang. A whimper would be a slow degeneration, people slowly polluting the ecosystem by only caring about their little bubble of comfort, a collective death by cowardice. A bang would be something like a nuclear holocaust a meteor strike. This death from a physics perspective is heat death, the distant future where all stars have burnt out and all energy in the universe is evenly distributed making life impossible. From an ecological perspective this death would be the magots, fungi and microbes that are waiting to feast on humanities carcass. My first question is: is there a religious or folklore representation of this force? To me, the devil is not it. The devil may be fractured but at least it survives and evolves. Second question: Are there other representations of this force in other fields of thought? Third question: What do you think is the ultimate enemy? I already sense that some people will say that there is no enemy. To that, I say that everyone has a preference. Even if you know that pain and pleasure are equally perfect, you still have a preference for pleasure. If you had no preference you would die, so what is the opposite of that preference?
  4. There is obviously a distinction to make between gutsy/dominant males and cowardly/submisive males. Most people who criticize the alpha/beta distinction are betas who don't wanna own up to their weakness. There is, however, as you point out, a conversation to be had about how we relate to this distinction. One problem in this area is how some people think this is the only personality axiom or that it's the one that matters the most. Other axioms include passion, love, self-acceptance, truthfulness, intelligence, groundedness, and awareness. Another problem that you've correctly pointed out is how people are obsessed with identity and labels and that we shouldn't be so self-obsessed.
  5. @Adndnadan DHA in fishes come originally from algae. You can get algae-derived DHA pills. That way you skip the heavy metals too.
  6. @BlurryBoi Longing is always for love but does that come in some form for you? Maybe you long for peace, perfection, self-mastery, or the flourishing of the people around you. Defiantly do heart chakra meditation to work on going into that sadness into the love that is in the core of it and bask in that love. try this heart chakra meditation for 10 min minimum and tell me how you feel: assume a gentle smile take a long in-breath and feel the sadness in your chest area. as you slowly breathe out go into the sadness to the love that is in its core. and radiate that love from your chest to re rest of your body and feel your body glowing with that love outwards. repeat steps 2 and 3. You can let go of the sadness and just bask in love if that feels right to you. This meditation is dependent on how intense emotions you can generate. A great way to do this is to think back to memories where you felt these emotions or conjure up mental images.
  7. @BlurryBoi Sadness is your heart's path from apathy to love. Sadness contains longing which contains love. What do you long for?
  8. @itachi uchiha I've read SantataGamana, Stevens, Ennio and Sri Mukherjee on Kriya yoga. Also Tara Springett and Judith Anodea on chakras. But I think everyone has to figure out the subtleties of energy work for themselves. Like there are a million ways to pull energy up the spine on a subtle level. There is no way to completely communicate it. So in a sense, everyone has to reinvent the wheel a bit. I think I've taken my understanding of chakras and energy work further than most people tho and that's part of my LP, to develop healing technologies.
  9. @itachi uchiha I've figured it out myself. Mostly from having a really good understanding of the chakra system.
  10. @Carl-Richard You are looking at SD from a cultural perspective, in terms of worldview. I'm more talking about the emotions that are driving SD stages. The emotional motivation to self-assert is the same.
  11. @Carl-Richard Sorry, I meant individualistic as power-seeking/self-asserting.
  12. @Carl-Richard If we dissect a stage we will find that it's made up of components. Orange has a beige, purple, red, blue, and orange component. I'm not reducing individualism to red, but individualism is the red subcomponent in action. This subcomponent is however integrated with the other subcomponents to change how this individualism expresses itself. vMemes aren't entirely constructed, they are also coming from the depth of our psycology. There is a part that is constructed, usually against the previous stage, as you've said, but the other part we are born with.
  13. @sleep I recomend reading Ennio Nimis. I think he is the best out there for describing these kinds of subtleties. I.pdf
  14. That is not quite true, you could have an orange person who has never come in contact with a blue person and he would still be individualistic. Orange is a sophistication of red individualism. If you look at the chakras which SD is an emergent property of then the Manipura chakra(navel/power chakra) that first comes into awareness in red is used in orange as in combination with rationality(throat chakra) to create orange individualism. Caring for individual rights comes from the blue social system subcomponent that is now tweaked to accommodate individual freedom.