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  1. if you can't do 30 do 15. If you can't do 15 do 5. if you can't do 5 do a page.
  2. This is great thank you for sharing.
  3. @Danioover9000 You don't need to be a saint to be turquoise. I think aCiM is legit. Everyone has fallen short of perfection.
  4. @Danioover9000 Shinzen young, Osho, Sadhguru, Rupert Sheldrake to name a few. You're not turquoise because you're enlightened. I wrote this some years ago about my understanding of turquoise: The Anatomy of Turquoise The 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th chakra make up the inner workings of turquoise. Everything I witnessed fell into an open heart(4th chakra). My open 6th chakra made the love indiscriminate, totally compassionate for even the darkest side of a being. That ability to see someone in their totality, without judging its ugly sides, is what gives turquoise it's famed holism. A 2nd chakra bond was then formed with being entered my awareness, could be a part of my subtle body, psyche or could be another living being. The indiscriminate love then worked through that bond to create the desire to heal the being. Healing means making happy, as happiness is the psyche's way of signaling health. It's then perceived that the being has bonds with other beings that in turn has more bonds. These bonds continue out to a whole network encompassing every being on this planet, aka, the web of life. The open 7th chakra made this cognition cosmic rather than personal, giving a 3rd person perspective required for the impersonal nature of the 2nd tier. Ken's AQAL model is fundamentally flawed.
  5. @Danioover9000 I disagree, almost none of the people Leo uses as examples of turquoise express much turquoise. I probably disagree with this whole forum on the nature of turquoise. What didn't Ken mean?
  6. @Danioover9000 Leo thinks it's a stage of spiritual development when it's really about emotional and cognitive development. Ken thinks the third tier comes after the second tier but it really branches of from yellow and goes parallel with the second tier
  7. They are anti the political elite in both parties that are bought by corporations. It's not anti-government per se, just anti this government. Neither osho nor sadhguru are spiral dynamics stage turquoise. Turquoise is not a stage of spiritual awakening but is mostly characterized by complete empathy and intuitively feeling how different entities in a system effect each other. Leo fundamentally misunderstands this stage sadly which is why the founders of the model got his video on the stage removed from youtube. Leo conflates turquoise with third-tier para-mind. The third tier branches off from yellow rather than being after turquoise, this is something Ken Wilber has gotten wrong. So someone who's at para-mind doesn't have to be at turquoise. She also has plenty of yellow but being feminine she is more developed in the feminine stages.
  8. It's not all but if you ask people why they voted for Trump they will say that he fights the establishment. Turquise doesn't mean that you exit society. If anything it makes you care more. Haven't read it but from what I know it's mostly about love, spirituality and manifestation. I've never heard Marianne say anything crazy.
  9. Lots have been said and I'll just say this: Marianne unprecedented, the power of turquoise has never been tried in politics before. Bernie is very popular and Marianne will tap into that but she is also many times wiser and smarter than Bernie. She is able to appeal to the whole SD spectrum in a way Bernie couldn't. That's what I'm betting on. I'm also betting on her ability to persuade influential people, and by that, winning over their audiences. There is a lot of anti-establishment energy in America, which is what got Trump and Obama elected and I think she is very good at channeling that in a leftist direction.
  10. Is that how Obamna got elected? American politics is bigger than Trump. Would you have said that 8 years ago? @Danioover9000 I don't get woo-woo vibes from her political speeches. Quite the opposite, she is very down-to-earth. She isn't some green hippie, she is turquoise. People do have a preconception that she's woo-woo but that tends to disappear when they actually hear her speak. Trump mainly won because he was against the Washington establishment that is completely out of touch with the needs of average Americans.
  11. I've gotten the sense that when people actually listen to her or converse with her they are impressed by a very wise woman with a sharp understanding of the core issues facing normal Americans. You might be right but I think there is a possibility that the strength of her character and the substance of what she is talking about will shine through people not resonating with her vibes. Trump is offputting to most Americans but he won anyways by being an outsider, the same might happen for Marianne.
  12. Bernie is too old now and I think Marianne will carry the torch for the progressive movement in the US. I've never admired a politician as I admire her. I wish her the best of luck. Maybe she won't win this round but when you play you should play to win.
  13. Imagine how big a following Leo would have if he also did meth. Maybe he will add it to his nootropic stack.
  14. @Ayham I'm glad, you're welcome! You can change what notifications you get in account settings -> other settings
  15. @Lila9 Great point.