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  1. @Leo Gura Is there a video coming or nothing until Sunday?
  2. @MarkusSweden its lookin dark😢
  3. The book thick face black heart might help you.
  4. Halleluja
  5. @Laymen that's because he is concerned with the quality of the video
  6. @Pallero hah I know that feel
  7. At least upload it to the blog
  8. @Harvey A true zen master speaks in riddles and contradicts himself. Showing you that life itself is a paradox and a strangeloop.
  9. @Leo Gura it would be nice if you could tell the forum and set a new deadline. Maybe write a one of them posts on youtube. A lot of people have worked it in to their Sunday schedule somehow to watch the new vid. A heads up could let people adjust their schedule. Some people even worry that it's because something happened to you.
  10. @Leo Gura I need my fix
  11. @Parki do you cringe from people doing yoga in the park? Do you cringe when people talk emotions also how old are you? People going on a jihad for veganism. new agey kind of spirituality. People having a lot of sex under the slogan of free love. I'm realizing now that you could be orange and green combination which would make you non triggered by green behavior so my test wont telly you if you are yellow, it will only tell you if you are very orange. Tier1 stages tend to think that they are 2 stages above them, hence orange thinking that its yellow. A combination between orange and green can really seem like yellow. Remember that orange can be a nuanced thinker like yellow. The difference is that yellow take actions to help people trough systems it's not just about understanding systems. I think you actions will tell you more about your stage than what you theorize about. Don't underestimate how developed stage yellow is, its a reason why there are so few of them. I'm guessing that you are young like under 23. It's uncommon for young people to be that far developed. have you ever gone fishing with a casting rod and had the hook hook to some wrack. You think that maybe it's a fish and you get your hopes up. But when you catch a real fish you can tell by the way that it's fighting for its life that its a real one. You know that you got one, there is no mistaking it. I think that oranges pondering if they could be yellow is the same think. It you only guess that you are one its a good indicator that you ain't. I know because I thought I was more yellow than I am. I'm a combination of orange and green mostly. I could be completely wrong tho nothing is certain. Although i would think that a yellow person would know that already so is you got a sense of relief from my last sentence it's a sign of orange. I'm telling you this so that you become really suspicious of being yellow.
  12. About a month ago on the 3rd day of a meditation retreat I became aware of that my present sensations are more fundamental to reality than the language that is layered on top of it. So all meaning, values and morals are completely groundless. I red the book 'Neti Neti Meditation' by Andre Doshim Halaw later that day and it talked about non-duality or suchness which seems to be what I became aware of. He also said that there is this nothingness that is deeper then suchness. In one of Leos videos he said that non-duality is couched in nothingness. Yet sometimes when people talk about enlightenment they sometimes seem to talk about non-duality and nothingness at the same time without making a clear distinction between the two, which is very confusing to me. Isn't enlightenment the realization of nothingness? What does non-duality have to do with that? I got the insight while doing the do nothing/letting go technique. If i want to pursue enlightenment should i try to get back to that state, doing the do nothing technique or is that only going to take me to non-duality and not nothingness? Or is starting a self inquiry practice a better alternative? Even tho I've gotten really good at doing nothing and I've only done self inquiry a handful of times. Any information, book tips or resources related to the topic would be greatly appreciated.
  13. @Parki are you sure the communist stuff wasn't blue? Libertarianism is pretty orange. It would make sense that you moved from blue politics to orange. Yellows are more nuanced then ascribing to an ideology, or they are apolitical. Systems thinker in politics ask themselves "What small change could be made in our current political system that would raise the awareness of the population and not backfire by making a particular group of people or a stage on the spiral upset?" Instead of wanting to rebuild the whole system to fit an ideal, hence ideology. Resisting green screams orange.
  14. You are trying to moralize about this. Listen to your heart instead.