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  1. Sounds like you just need a little more practice. As far as the date, you guys probably wasn't a good match for each other, if you were, I believe that conversation would have been easier. One of the factors that women look at is confidence, so it probably wasn't a good idea to admit that you were lacking in that department. If you have a problem with being shy or effectively conversing with anyone, apply for a sales job or customer service job and believe it of not, that can help you with being confident in general! Good luck man! By the way, try not to ask a lady for a kiss that early because the likelihood of that happening with a respectable lady that values her reputation is slim.
  2. @Emerald I agree with giving subtle invites, they work! But I'll say this, a guy finds more substance in a situations that they have to work for. It can be very risky to pour on feeling too quickly with a man because a guy's emotions are typically stalled to a certain degree; in general, men are not as emotional as women so you have to slowly get a guy acclimated to those bold emotional expressions by subtly expressing interest and letting him work for the rest; in turn, it gives him time to develop more of an emotional connection and he'll be able to handle those expressions as opposed to running away. Not saying this applies to all situations but it does to many.
  3. Go far it man! This step is definitely necessary for progression! Just good out there and have fun and I definitely agree with @poimandres have no expectations!
  4. More than likely, this situation has nothing to do with you and what I mean by that is, it's in a man's nature to be task-oriented and competitive. This gets a lot of men in trouble with the ones they love because they deviate from what's important at times because of their instinctive tunnel vision. For example, men date women and fall in love, but sub-consciously, men see courtship as an objective. Not to say that it is merely an objective because it is not just that, everyone has an instinctive want to love and be loved. Men get in marriages and relationships and feel like the mission/objective is complete, so they get complacent; they then tend to gravitate to new objectives like a new hobby or something that requires and objective. I say all of that to say this, chances are that this has nothing to do with you, it's just that guys get tunnel visioned at times. I personally lost a great women years ago, that I was madly in love with because of a situation similar to this that escalated and honestly it was my fault and it seemed like everything else was more important than her and that was not the case. I would suggest communicating your concerns with him so that he is aware that it's concerning you.
  5. I'll eat pretty much the same type of meals for both. I like to eat salmon/chicken, mixed vegetables, fruit, and wheat bread!
  6. I don't always eat healthy, but I am very aware of the what kind of calories that I am consuming, so that I can make the appropriate adjustments to my daily workout plan!
  7. "The souls recognition of its counterpart in another". Love that movie.
  8. @eskwire I heard San Diego is a nice place; I have a friend that stays there and constantly tells me to visit. I probably wouldn't know what to do in a big city like that and by that I mean that I'd be completely lost!
  9. @SFRL I use to eat chocolate all the time for breakfast! I thought I was the only one lol
  10. @Annie ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder) can be understood in this aspect. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with their cognition (thinking); they just have difficulties with attention and being still simply put. The "Hyperactivity" portion of the disorder just means that they tend to have a hard time being stagnate. Impaired attention can cause a cascade of unfavorable actions; they may have difficulty focusing on important task and tend to make mistakes do to their lack of attentiveness, in turn, causing some to become irritable or anxious as a result. Understanding the disorder is the key to learning and navigating around their behavior.
  11. @SFRL I would like to walk to the places that I need to go. Walking is healthy! I live in a very rural type area so I can't walk to many of the places that I have to go. I can walk but by the time I reach my destination, ill be drenched in sweat because everything is so spread out here.
  12. I'm sure that many of us can remember being in grade school or elementary, participating in physical education class! This was actually my favorite class and was probably a favorite to a lot others! I mean for most part, PE was pretty easy and did not require a whole lot a academic effort, which was definitely my kind of class. We were kids! kids are energetic and naturally gravitate to physical activities! Jumping jacks was definitely a go to warm out exercise before diving deep into hardcore play. I hardly doubt that there is anyone above the age of 7, that doesn't know how to do a jumping jack; what we didn't know was that we were being taught a very powerful exercise that can do wonders with aiding to the overall health of the body! Jumping jacks, such a simple exercise, can produce powerful benefits like improving cardiovascular health, strengthen bones, increase muscle endurance, and shave calories away! So get out there and be strong! Rekindle that elementary school relationship with your long time friend, the jumping jack!
  13. @Michael569 Wonderfully said, I agree!
  14. @pluto Wow adding spices to herbal teas? That's definitely a new one. That sounds very interesting.
  15. If you can with stand the heat! These little guys can send your metabolism into over drive by enticing the bodies pain sensors, temporarily increasing metabolic activity!