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  1. @Ry4n Just try to be around people a lot and i think youll succeed.
  2. After having have watched Leos new video on paranormal phenomena and psychic abilities im starting to wonder, if those things are capable of being "real" than wouldnt you agree or also think the law of attraction to be "real" on a "quantum level" to like where atoms are coming together to build and bring the things to life that we predominantly hold in our mental world (predominant mental attitude)? Leo if your reading this im curious, has your view changed on the law of attraction or do you still think that the law of attraction works on a practical level where its just like: positive thoughts produce > good emotions (building motivation) > leading to us to want to work towards the things that we want? What do you guys think?
  3. I mean im not that young (turning 19 soon). I just dont really want to do PUA becsuse i feel like it might make me take on the identity of a PUA. You know what i mean? But at the same time i just need to start workin in the area of my social life.
  4. @Loreena Your probably right but its more than what it appears on the surface.
  5. Hey does anyone here have any knowledge as to knowing what the best RSD program there is for just improving your social life and social skills without having to do PUA? The reason i say this is cause i saw a video from RSD Jeffy on how getting into PUA at a young age could actually be bad cause than you start taking on the "PUA" identity.
  6. Dont worry loreena it will all turn out well.
  7. nope no idea lol lol
  8. U ok loreena?
  9. This video relates. Thought i might add.
  10. What are your guys thoughts on these videos?
  11. Daaaaamn never thought of it like that.