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  1. Yea you can. It just depends on the type of meditation youll be doing.
  2. I like your/this post.
  3. I feel as if i almost got enlightened 3 times as a kid without even knowing what enlightenment was. But all those 3 times i resisted. I resisted crossing that line. It literally felt like there was going to be no return if i would of crossed that line. I was scared i would of went insane. Idk. Life is crazy. With infinite possibilities whos to say one cant get enlightened without having to do anything. Just my thoughts @How to be wise What do you think
  4. "Who knows." Maybe this is a good thing maybe its not, cant really know till you see how all the cards play out
  5. meditation @Loreena one thing i noticed is that it all starts with "self control". doing nothing but being still with your back straight on a chair for x amount of time seems to be something thats helping me be way more productive than i have been. even in the mist of me falling to pieces. which i have been lately but im on day 3 and so far i see myself sort of getting a grip on myself and being "more" productive. it all starts with momentum. keeping momentum alive. starting with small things we know "we can control" and gradually increasing the effort.
  6. so the way "my" life will turn out to be is. has already happened?
  7. Could you guys share simple meals you know of? Im trying to do research on simple meals to cook but everything seems so fucking complicated. Ill start by posting some that i know of already. 1. Spaghetti with parmesan cheese. <<<< Simple meal. 2. Black beans (optional: and forbidden rice) with avocados <<<< Simple fucking meal. Thats all i really know of. Everything else just seems so complicated to cook. For right now i dont really need any real super healthy meals just tryna take the first step to improving my health by easing myself of fast food.
  8. @Ry4n Just try to be around people a lot and i think youll succeed.
  9. After having have watched Leos new video on paranormal phenomena and psychic abilities im starting to wonder, if those things are capable of being "real" than wouldnt you agree or also think the law of attraction to be "real" on a "quantum level" to like where atoms are coming together to build and bring the things to life that we predominantly hold in our mental world (predominant mental attitude)? Leo if your reading this im curious, has your view changed on the law of attraction or do you still think that the law of attraction works on a practical level where its just like: positive thoughts produce > good emotions (building motivation) > leading to us to want to work towards the things that we want? What do you guys think?