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  1. Does one still need to meditate daily after one becomes enlightened?
  2. @ajasatya Im be honest. I feel like it made me smarter and more aware. Idk.
  3. Yes. Im thinking the same. I been different lately. You right. πŸ‘ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Bro im thinking in the same lines. Honestly. Same. I just journal and its like i journal deep things about myself or whatever. Its like thoughts that normally dont get out when im sober get out and this is a huge break for me cause i always found it hard to let the things that go on in my mind be let out.
  4. Thoughts? Meditating while high, could it help with consciousness work?
  5. @How to be wise This is probably a wrong mindset to be having. Watch leos video on Number one Rule for Acing Life. But i get what your saying tho and i think the advice that he gave was delagating your subconscious mind to do all the heavy lifting. We all have limited will power. Once a habit becomes subconscious not much will power is need to keep that habit alive. Correct me if im wrong tho.
  6. Yea you can. It just depends on the type of meditation youll be doing.
  7. I like your/this post.
  8. I feel as if i almost got enlightened 3 times as a kid without even knowing what enlightenment was. But all those 3 times i resisted. I resisted crossing that line. It literally felt like there was going to be no return if i would of crossed that line. I was scared i would of went insane. Idk. Life is crazy. With infinite possibilities whos to say one cant get enlightened without having to do anything. Just my thoughts @How to be wise What do you think
  9. "Who knows." Maybe this is a good thing maybe its not, cant really know till you see how all the cards play out
  10. meditation @Loreena one thing i noticed is that it all starts with "self control". doing nothing but being still with your back straight on a chair for x amount of time seems to be something thats helping me be way more productive than i have been. even in the mist of me falling to pieces. which i have been lately but im on day 3 and so far i see myself sort of getting a grip on myself and being "more" productive. it all starts with momentum. keeping momentum alive. starting with small things we know "we can control" and gradually increasing the effort.
  11. so the way "my" life will turn out to be is. has already happened?