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  1. @Marc Schinkel Bitch, I'll show you "ostentatious"
  2. ...Not bad Welcome back Tell me, has Australia ever actually made a decent film? Everyone says it's a dangerous country but, for me, it honestly leaves a lot to be desired. Also: "Have you ever seen a photograph of yourself, taken when you didn't know you were being photographed, from an angle you don't get to see when you look in the mirror?… And you think ...That's me … that's also me … do you know what I'm talking about?"
  3. But if you leave how will I know what you see??
  4. @Inliytened1 I don't get why me offering my perspective/projection is a problem for you. Even if it is all relative does that mean I shouldn't share it? If it meant that ... then it would mean relativity is not absolute. And some perspectives are valuable and some aren't. Like the perspective of relativity itself. So I share mine, you share yours, Leo shares his, others share theirs.
  5. @Inliytened1 Im sorry, im being an asshole which is what I wanna try avoid.
  6. Its not. Its my perspective. I think i might detract the part about underestimating his audience.
  7. That is what I'm saying. From my perspective he appears to be an asshole and from my perspective that appears to be a bad way of marketing and teaching his work.
  8. Right, im just sharing my perspective, which is by definition outside of his perspective. The argument of projection is really moot imo. I could say that you're projecting that I'm projecting and so your critique is redunt, when all you're doing is offering a perspective, same as me. We cant get outside of projection, thats what it means to have a perspective.
  9. I don't really have many critiques of what Leo discusses in his videos per say, I'm more disturbed by the way he says the things he says. I can understand that it may be frustrating to try to get people to learn about higher pursuits like spiritual enlightenment and self actualization, and that people must seem dumb and juvenile to behave the way they behave and pursue the things they pursue. The problem is when he talks to people about pursuing these ideals he delivers his messages in a way that sounds incredibly arrogant, condescending and sanctimonious. When he gives people advice it's often delivered with cutting insensitivity, provocation and a tinge of bitterness. I get that he may actually be morally superior, better equipped to face life, more knowledgeable and genuinely more insightful than most, but when he makes a show of it in this way, it really detracts from the work and makes it less appealing to pursue. It's like "oh, you want me to subject myself to incredibly challenging ego work? open up my own emotional and psycho-spiritual shitbag making me incredibly vulnerable? only to be belittled and berated by you along my path so that one day I can become an awakened asshole too?" ... not very appealing. I also think that Leo underestimates his audience quite a lot. We're not all complete morons, we're already open to this work and we know quite a lot too. The people who watch your videos and use your forum are not accurately represented by the people you bump into on the streets of Vegas. Calm down.
  10. Thanks, will do! I'll have to remove a substance to put that option in. I should probably add DPT too.
  11. List taken from Leo's psychedelic wish list. I'm curious to see what people are doing and roughly how much. The poll is anonymous.
  12. Another newbie question here I hear Leo mentioning metaphysics again and again but I don't really "get" what it is. It seems to have many definitions and interpretations. What does it mean in the context of self-actualizing and enlightenment work?
  13. @Marc Schinkel Thoughts on strangling dogs in the name of Love and Truth?
  14. This is only basic skepticism from me. Your snippy tone just elevated it, though.