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  1. I don't take many supplements these days, I just found that I feel better taking as little stuff as possible.
  2. Idk if you've tried this but worth trying is slamming down tons of carbohydrates & sugar about an hour before bed. The blood sugar spike will help crash cortisol and help you pass out.
  3. It's going to be easier on your digestion and it's going to be more convenient. Rice is easy to slam down but all those beans are going to take a while if you don't mash them up and eat them as a mash. But personally I prefer a bigger rice:bean ratio as well for tastes sake.
  4. There is a paradox in your reply in the sense that it implies that you KNOW that there can't be any explanation and that we don't know what a cat is, how can that be known? Do you agree? Also when you're saying existence is pure undefined magic there you're defining what existence is, paradoxically. Do you really know it's pure undefined magic?
  5. Yea that's a good way of putting it, lol.
  6. Multiply amount of rice by 4-5 times and cut down on the beans man..
  7. It's like music and music theory, you don't need music theory to make music but sometimes it can be useful to be able to have a shared map of terminology/theory to be able to exchange observations & insights in a more precise manner.
  8. Are you serious? This sounds like a meme but if you're serious I think it's highly unlikely it was because of low cholesterol, that sounds more like carnivore propaganda in my ears rather than scientifically sound. Perhaps you ate too little calories because vegan foods tends to be less calorically dense and eating too little could increase your cortisol levels and perhaps mess with your erections.
  9. I don't deny you never said that. I read it between the lines and I don't deny it's possible that was just my own projection. It's very possible you don't have any aversion towards vegans, they are just people trying to do the right thing after all and you can relate to that probably even more because you were once one yourself. But that you have an aversion against vegan food or veganism seems possible to me still. That you were a vegan once doesn't matter much in that case, it's a common thing that people try a certain thing and over time it turns out that thing wasn't for them/didn't work out for them and then they grow aversion towards that certain thing as a result. I have experienced that myself first hand with weed for example. It's possible you were just sharing an objective observation, although your judgement that the people in the vegan restaurant were miserable & grumpy is your subjective interpretation of the situation and could be colored by unconscious motives. The reason for you sharing your observation seems to me to be to discredit veganism as an unhealthy way of eating that sucks the joy out of life, so that seems to indicate that you do value atleast vegan food or veganism negatively. There were many possible reasons for why the people in the restaurant looked grumpy that had nothing to do with vegan food. Perhaps the food was just poorly cooked and tasted bad, perhaps people were stressed out from work or forced to go there because their vegan friend doesn't eat steak which was their real preference, perhaps it was cause they're stressed out from working low wage jobs. There are many possible reasons why people could appear miserable and grumpy yet you seemed to come to the conclusion that it was because of veganism/vegan food and that indicated to me that you could have some kind of aversion towards vegans, veganism or vegan food. But it would be interesting to hear more about your story with being a vegan and how things really are. It's impossible to get any meaning out of your comment without some degree of projection because your comment is an observation with an implicit meaning that leaves things up for intepretation but it seemed pretty likely to me that it tried to paint veganism in a bad light whichever way I tried to interpret it.
  10. Is it possible that your aversion towards veganism got projected onto the people there, because you didn't really want to be there? Why do you think the Jews seemed to be evil to the Nazis?
  11. I agree that Connor is not shallow, the dude has more guts than most. He really went for it, he went all in and there's big risk involved in doing that. But if no one ever commited like he did we would be nowhere near where we are today. He's a mad scientist, although he did fly too close to the sun and burnt himself quite a bit, he seems to have recovered pretty well. And although he's a pretty weird dude, nothing less should be expected for someone who underwent the journey he undertook. His journey is an interesting example of a completely unexpected life transformation, revealing that Connor is in fact not a shallow guy but a pretty deep and strange guy, that's what's underneath the bodybuilding youtuber surface.
  12. I sense a difference in outcome between the two examples..