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  1. Am I intepreting you correctly, are you going to attempt a 1-year no fap? If you can pull that off you might have stumbled upon an entirely new path to enlightenment.
  2. My INFJ sister told me the same thing
  3. I'm trying to post a video but I couldn't get it to work so I'll just drop the link instead.
  4. I used to play a lot of League of Legends and still play it from time to time, a couple of my friends play it and I enjoy playing duo Q with them. I played some chess but mostly because one of my friends love playing it and I enjoy the challenge from time to time. When I was younger I did play a lot of Runescape but it's too much time investment for me right now. I think I'm going to try the Riot Games MMORPG once it is released. Edit: I'm going to try Warhammer 40,000: Darktide together with a friend next week. It's a new game that just came out.
  5. I'll give you an alternative view that I'll expand on here later, it's late night here and I'm getting some overdue work done so I don't have a lot of time to respond in full length right now, but I'll expand on this later. The idea is simple, sugar is not a drug, it's a nutrient. It's the most readily available form of energy for the body and every cell runs on it. Our body has become very well adapted to make use of sugar because our early ancestors lived and thrived off of it. Animals that thrive off of eating grass ate grass back in the days and so their bodies adapted to make use of the fiber in grass for energy. Our bodies are not so well adapted for eating big volumes of fiber dense foods, like grass, or broccoli. But our bodies will make use of sugar rich foods like fruits, sugar cane, rice and potatoes. It is our natural form of energy being deprived off it puts the body in a starvation mode, especially when we are putting the body in a caloric deficit. This can make us lose motivation and energy and make us suffer more psychologically than necessary. Start your morning with a banana, date & water smoothie with 800 calories of carbs and take note of how your drive to get things done and energy levels will improve significantly. Starting the day fasting will put you in a fasting state, you will have energy but it's a different kind of energy fueled by increased cortisol levels. To recover optimally after training you want carbs/sugar because the sugar spike crashes the cortisol levels so the body can exist fight or flight mode and go into recovery & rest mode. We dont have teeth to easily crack open 1000s of nuts. We dont have a biology designed for hunting animals. Before we were able to create tools we did not have much hope for eating high amounts of protein, we were simply not designed to gather those foods. We were designed to walk around gathering sweet fruits all day. Moving into less forgiving terrain forced us to become smarter to survive but for the longest time we thrived off of high sugar plant foods. We have a craving for sugar for a reason, it is natural so why bother surpressing it. I ate a high protein omnivore diet for 1 1/2 years while training and I believe it was a big part of why I became sick. For the past few months I have been battling a myriad of symptoms that I had acquired on what I used to believe was a healthy diet. Now I believe sugar deficiency is one major cause of a bunch of illness and mental suffering. Most people I know try to restrict sugar intake and most people I know rely on caffeine or other stimulants(chocolate, weed) to cope with the lack of energy. I am currently eating less than 10g of fat, no oils. Whole food plant based with a heavy emphasis on fruits, rice, potatoes, sugar. Fat + sugar combined leads to insulin resistance, diabetes type 2. So if you want to try something similar it's important to know that just upping your sugar/carb intake can be bad if you don't cut down the fats big time. If you want to look into this further I recommend the Youtuber Durianrider. I am on his protocol currently and the benefits are undeniable, even though I'm just a couple of weeks in still. I will write more here later.
  6. Lol, it's relatable. When I play minecraft with my friend he is tryhard building and making a beautiful home while I'm hopping around and finding myself in a need of being rescued from creepers. It's fun though
  7. Manchester by the Sea is too good for its own good! Warning, spoiler:
  8. Good luck! Coming from someone who has quit daily heavy weed use twice my best tips for you is to eat a lot of carbohydrate rich foods like fruits and rice/potatoes so you get blood sugar spikes that will help lower your cortisol levels, as well as help your body make more dopamine. And cutting down on fat radically/excluding oils as this will improve your body's ability to use sugar/carbs. Your body is going to go through a period of lower dopamine so you should distract yourself with other activities that give you that dopamine that are healthy. Going on walks or light excercise like yoga or jogging will help you in multiple ways. It will give you a release of feel good chemicals that help compensate for the temporary dopamine deficiency. It will also help flush out your lymphatic system, getting rid of detox waste products. Drinking sufficient water will help your kidneys run clean, aim for close to clear or clear pee every 2-3 hours. If you have a dry mouth, drink more water. You can experience dehydration symptoms especially in the beginning. Expect withdrawal symptoms to get better progressively but they might last for a few weeks. It could take 3 months before you start to feel normal again if you have mental cravings starting out. But your symptoms will likely improve in big increments from the 4 week mark onwards.
  9. This thread is interesting to me because I have suffered allergy symptoms for a long while similar to what you're describing. Stuffed nose, especially when waking up, takes a while before I can breathe through my nose after waking up. I also usually have bloodshot eyes when I wake up. I did experience intense chest pain at the end of summer/beginning of autumn but that's gone now. I changed up my diet recently and am 100% vegan right now again and eat extremely low fat and this did ease my symptoms somewhat but they're still present. I'm going to follow this thread and see if you get to the root of your problem. I suspect my own issues could be related to either mold or dust mite allergy.
  10. Are you going to make a toplist with ratings at some point?
  11. Right now I'm trying a high carb vegan 90/5/5 diet for a few weeks. I'm almost 2 weeks in I believe and it's feeling good so far. Breakfast: 8 bananas or other sweet fruit(strawberries, oranges, melon etc) + 8 tablespoons of white sugar Lunch: Fruit juice + sugar Dinner: White rice, as much as I can eat. Sometimes I add some steamed broccoli and salt. Somtimes I switch it up and eat white pasta with oil free tomato sauce for dinner or some low fat cereal like weetabix or cornflakes with sugar, almond milk and berries. Kind of excited to see how this diet will affect me moving forwards
  12. The solos in this one are so amazing.. Piano & Sax solos of part 2 & 3 are just.. mindblowing
  13. Frank Gambale was a real monster back then! 5:22 onwards from Holdsworth though.. my god! So cool You might enjoy this "Thrill Minute" from the same album is also sweet.
  14. Love to see it!
  15. I don't think so, maybe a little. I don't really have many urges right now though. But it feels different than when I started in November. But around the start of week 2 I started experiencing a certain 'dullness' or mild depression if you will. I think that was the flatline, basically the brain wanting dopamine, I'm guessing. I think I'm neither at square one nor at a flatline. Just a lot less sexual thoughts & urges than I had in the beginning, but feeling better than during the week 2-3 flatline I experienced.
  16. I failed on the 19th. I experienced some discomfort down there and I figured my body was not adapted to go further without negative health impact yet so I stopped it there. But it was going well until then, I think I was experiencing the flatline the last week or so. I am going to try to rejoin the challenge til the end of the month now, so while I didn't succeed NNN atleast it'll be only one occasion in a month which is far less than my usual habit, and I didn't turn to porn. Psychologically I liked the effect of especially abstaining for 1 - 2 weeks. The flatline is not as pleasent psychologically. I think I'm going to aim for about once every 1 1/2 to every 2 weeks from december onwards and see how that works for a while. I'm still abstaining from porn entirely and not planning to return to porn for a few months.
  17. I see, too bad. I loved Cinema Paradiso but: I have not seen any of Lars von Trier's works as of yet. But I have been interested in watching Dancer in the Dark for over a year so I'm going to start with that one. I'm aware he mostly makes dark movies, which I'm a fan of in general. I'm a big fan of David Lynch for example.
  18. Did you make a thread on Dancer in the Dark? I'm gonna watch that one next as I love Björk, curious to hear your thoughts on it. And also, when are you gonna get real and watch Cinema Paradiso
  19. How do you think Liebestraum should be interpreted?
  20. Love this one, I can recommend his album The Rainbow Goblins if you haven't checked that one out yet!
  21. This certainly was and still is the case for me to some degree. I had some trouble with a narcicisst plaguing me and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I was forced to start confronting this in order to be able to repel him and other such people I encounter in the future. Sometimes I wonder if there's a social dynamic going on, where I'm unconciously attracting such people into my life so that I can get to feel the unselfishness of green and be the "opposite pole" if you will to their more self centered stage of development. Lately I have been looking up to some healthy xSTPs and found their way of life to seem very appealing, which wasn't the case before. I also became very interested in Gabor Maté's ideas about poor self boundaries being linked to autoimmune disease and that the psychological boundaries are closely tied with the immune system, it being like the psychological immune system. Made me think about how often nice people seem to be the ones who get sick, and how perhaps Gabor Mate is onto something and being too nice of a person weakens ones immune system. I often used to get sick as a kid and I've struggled with asthma and respiratory issues my entire life and lately other ailments too. I have been successful in making my ailments better through new bold dietary choices but I'm not fully healthy yet. Perhaps there's a link between the development of my physical health and my psychological balance.
  22. I'm not sure where to place this topic but I was wondering if there's any possibility of implementing a spoiler tag function on the forums. This could be useful in several situations. Now that the Off-Topic subforum is added more threads are being created about movies, games, books, music and other media. I think it would be useful to have a spoiler tag function to be able to reference and discuss specific things in said mediums without spoiling them for people who don't want to be spoiled. This would be very useful for movie reviews, book reviews, etc. so that the content in movies & books can be discussed properly. If you don't want this function to be available on the entire forum maybe it could be possible to make the function exist only in the Off-Topic and Book Review subforums. What are your thoughts on this?
  23. Keep belitteling people trying to challenge and improve themselves, it's an admirable trait.
  24. What do you mean? We're not even 36 weeks in yet...