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  1. @Matt23 The only job I can't get is a construction worker. I don't want to do some meaningless office stuff, and no MacDonalds or Starbucks stuff. Maybe a waiter. But the problem is that when you work 10hrs per day you have barely the energy to do your stuff (though I did), and I didn't have good mental health, was constantly at risk of firing, and was in situations when I constantly lack money and can't save them. It is no America guys, I am living in Poland now, so take into account my salary. Too much distraction. Period. Besides, I don't think into such dramatic categories now of going to some ashram. I rather focus on pushing on the current cannabis startup I'm now working on. I think it would be more cost-effective to develop what I already have rather than start from a blank, again...
  2. @Mihael Keehl Damn, unfortunately it is hard for me to be able to work in Germany. Sounds very good!
  3. @Michael569o Sorry, can't delete this It figures out the cheapest adjustable desk is quite an good option. It is bigger than the motorized options which are 3-4 times more expensive. Screen holders are also not that expensive. The main dillema I need to buy screen and computer😁 @Michael569
  4. @Michael569 it is not my table. And I would possibly change country of living within 2 months. But still there is complicated situation where I live. I feel like "on the edge" which prevents me drom investing in stuff right now. But it will certainly change after a time
  5. @impulse9 you don't have health issues because you haven't been investing so much in unhealthy activities as me. Unfortunately just doing healthy (maintanance) routine doesn't help. I need to restore my health. And even if I do I don't sure if I would be still able to work on computer for a long.
  6. I wonder, guys, is there a way to improve your health so much that you feel ok while sitting for a long hours? For example do yoga 1-2hrs a day plus strenghth training 1,5hr and stretching and the massage and some quick warmup exercises in between worksessions - could it all make me feel "transcended" sedentary syndrome? I think if I detoxify my body to extreme level and workout on an every joint and relax and stretch every muscle I would completely change the situation. Thanx
  7. @Nobody_Here do you mean 250steps per 14 hrs. This is very small amount. Remidnders every some time?@Michael569 thanks, very useful. Desk would be the first thing I would consider. Unfortunately I move often and it would be a bargain... So I need to find work as a 3d graphic designer as soon as possible so I have some stability. Sorry, can't delete the quotation
  8. There are lot of copy-paste brands that stick their logo on this mouse design. Blue light glasses? Sounds interesting
  9. Over the last 2 years I was playing a lot of computer games, was working on sedentary jobs. Sometimes I was working for 8 hrs as a 3d designer and then coming home playing video games all night. On some jobs, I had uncomfortable mouses and too high workstations which destroyed my wrist. Now when I work on the computer I feel my body is dead: brain fog, fatigue, I feel less control over my right hand, feeling pain in my back probably. I feel like my body is not alive when I sitting. I'm working on small laptop, on a wooden table that is not adapted to computer work. My financial situation is good but not abundant right now and I will not invest in some infrastructure any soon. Besides I want to keep my property small because I move often and I don't want to move all that stuff (computer table, treadmill, footrest) I want to change the situation because my passion is 3D modelling/visual effects and I am so passionate about it that I can spend nights working on projects. I know I will sit a lot in my life, so I want to preserve my current level of health and regain it. What I've already done: I was doing Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya meditation twice a day for the last 40 days - it makes me keep my attention in the body. Because I am grounded in the body I am conscious of my posture, I type peacefully without a hurry (as I usually do) and this keeps my hands more relaxed. I've done myofascial release which helped to reduce tension in my legs and therefore in general. I am just exercising more and feel more vitality in my body, but that's not enough I've bought ergonomic vertical mouse My ideas how to change it: Try eyetrackers to replace mouse Try to do some projects with graphic tablet Workstation with regulating level: standing/sitting, also being able to regulate the level so you can sit in ardhasiddhassana& other yogic sitting postures Screen holder to regulate screen position freely. Good screen. All life I was working on a bad small screens Try ergonomic keyboards Try more ergonomic mouses like these Don't waste the time on some shitty job which I don't give a fuck about (like marketing guy, phone salesman, SMM). If I don't have a job better to go on construction. Of course, the best stuff I can do is to just escape wage slavery. And I have a chance. My acquaintance Kristine is good at cryptocurrency investing and I am starting to learn from her. I know that if I wouldn't escape wage slavery I would never have enough money to build an ergonomic computer workstation. I've said that my passion is 3d graphic designer. Yes, but I've seen how Kriss is almost financially independent at her 19 and decided I don't wanna spend the next 20 years in a cubicle, so I would try cryptocurrencies as a part-time income. treadmill work out my lower arms and arms in general - stretch them, massage them. Generally improve my body conditioning, do yoga. Especially not to work on big muscles but on small stabilizer muscles instead. pad for legs Do rest every 45 mins or so and during rest do some eye exercises, stretch my arm. I already implemented however forget about this sometimes. What do you guys think of it and what is your advice to help yourself right off the moment. Thank you
  10. This is an emotion. And it arises because of my wiring of a brain. Some other people wouldn't feel jealous to her. But I have such a belief system that makes me feel that. I agree competition is not good, but again that is how my brain functions... You know society makes me think that I am a guy and I should be good at making money, I should be macho. And this girl shatters my masculine and self-development and even spiritual ego by showing how she is better at everything at a younger age. But all this is just nonsense. I don't feel much jealousy now, instead, I focus on my life and use a yellow attitude towards my development. I try to shift my paradigm to "what a gift is she to me" because I could learn from her how to become financial independent. She told me we would remain friends i.e we don't continue our relationships. I guess that's because of one meeting when I was really low energy because I masturbated this day before. The first time we met I was really confident and had a lot of energy - she felt like she is under a man's protection and she liked me (she even kissed my cheek). Also, I was calling her too often whereas not having an interesting topic to talk about - so conversations were dull sometimes. And she could sense that I am putting her on a pedestal, I am feeling like shit comparing to her. Girl doesn't like shit guys - she likes when feeling like on a mountain with her man. I wonder if she can start to like me again if I let her go (I often experience when you let girl go after some time she starts to like you again), I will work out jealousy issue, cleanse my body and increase my level of energy. I more researching tension release resources. Among detox protocols I researched only castor oil intestine flush but those articles are in russian, so you need to search for yourself
  11. Merida is pretty safe city
  12. Agree. I already used it and continue using jealousy
  13. @Nobody_Here I will check
  14. @nistake Man I see you are a 3d modeler. Mee too!
  15. As I know Arab guys pretty much abusively overuse Germany's welfare system😏