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  1. For the last year I experience insomnia. Usually I while I'm laying down in my bed I think about my work - 3D graphic design which I'm passionate about so much. The problem is that after such a night when I wasn't able to fall asleep for 2 hrs, my inspiration for doing actual work on 3D is quite low. This insomnia depletes me. I also experience pressure in my temples, tinnitus. I don't know whether it is my thought pattern that causes pressure, or temple pressure which causes the thought diarrhea. I should mention that sometimes my thinking sometimes very intense, and I think it wastes a lot of energy. Do you guys know ways to momentarily calm yourself and fall asleep? How to unwire this tendency, and stabilize the sleep cycle so that I fall asleep early and wake up early? Thanks
  2. Recently I've received a post package from my mum and there were supplements. The package was cheap so I suspected these were low quality supplements. They contained magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide. I remember Leo listing in his nootropic video magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide among substances to avoid. I haven't found much concerning info about these 2 on the internet though Here is the source about magnesium stearate!po=52.6786 Here's some quote: Upon ingestion, magnesium stearate dissolves into its component ions, magnesium and stearic and palmitic acids. Therefore, the safety assessment should be based on its constituent cations and anions. Fatty acids are normal constituents of coconut oil, butter and other edible oils and have not been considered to pose a toxicological risk [4], [31]. As such, it was concluded that stearic and palmitic acids used as flavouring agents do not present a safety concern [32]. This position has been supported by results of recent studies demonstrating a lack of genotoxicity and toxicity of some fatty acids containing stearic and palmitic acids And there is silicon dioxide study. Definitely cautious What do you guys know about these 2 substances?
  3. Ok, I'll do vitamin check
  4. my recent 3D artwork Click the link to see more
  5. Sorry for " 'lightbolt' shocks in the neck " I just don't know how to describe this problem:) Basically, it feels like... You just sit casually in a chair (maybe even relaxed), and suddenly your shoulder kicks up, and you feel as though some light bolt had stricken your neck muscle closer to this shoulder. You don't necessarily feel pain, just 'shock' and maybe some numbness in the area. The lightbolt sometimes strikes the elbow as well. I haven't experienced this for a long time, but it could be related to the next described issue. When I sleep my hands become numb (like there are needles that stab you at every square millimeter of your skin). It happens when I sleep on my side, or in 'pharaon pose' My bed is narrow, so it is not comfortable to sleep in shavasana as I like. It is also worth mentioning that I've had tics in my eyelashes, different muscles throughout my body. you may visit other topics on other health issues - you may find a connection between symptoms described in them and symptoms in this topic What do you think this caused by?
  6. I've started this topic earlier, and now I know that the reason of the symptoms described in the topic were other than I thought: I thought that I experience a temple, nose bridge pressure, and tinnitus because of a sinus infection. I've done a sinus X-ray and the doctor said there is nothing there. The neurologist said that I might be experiencing these symptoms (temple, nose bridge pressure, tinnitus) due to low blood pressure. I'd do an ultrasound of neck vessels on the 12th of August and will give an update on what it discovered. Meantime, maybe you have some insights on what may cause low blood pressure? I have some Ideas this could be because I sit a lot (I'm a 3d graphic designer and sit a lot), under exercise, overthink, being nervous (I'm currently living with my grandma and we have totally different values, she is a soviet child and I'm SD stage yellow. I also often think about other relatives that have different attitudes towards life). In the past, I've had very nervous periods, where I was angry 8 hrs per day with some stupid coworker. Also, I couldn't fall asleep because of some idea on 3d project I was constantly thinking about (I was working on not 3d graphic job and had no time to spend time on 3d modeling and therefore was craving for 3d very much). Also, it is worth mentioning that I've had a period in life when I was eating a lot of fast food (like crazy 3 pizzas per day), was playing video games for 16hrs per day, and also had an office all-day-sitting job. This period lasted for 2 years and ended 1 year ago (but sometimes I was returning few times to this lifestyle for a week or so) Right now I'm doing yoga every day, and I would start jogging 3 times per week So, what are your ideas? Do you think it is just stress?
  7. just saw this tutorial on artstation
  8. I'm Junior 3d artist. Here is my portfolio I received a lot by watching videos on this channel (russian language) XYZ school (also russian language) I'm from Ukraine by the way)
  9. Hey, you can try 3:6:9 cleanse from Anthony Williams's Cleanse to Heal book. Basically it is celery juice and clean fat free diet for 9 days. He also talks about monoeating diets when you eat only potatoes/bananas and drink celery juice.
  10. Also I experience wave of warmth throughout my body, feel much more aware after these convulsions when doing bhudjangasana. Sometimes I also experience wave of warmth and improved focus when I don't experience convulsions but weaker
  11. I've started similar thread on reddit. The practice called Kunjal Kriya. You drink 3l of salty water (salt prevents acid secretion, so there should be no damage to teeth in theory). But unfortunately I've stopped doing this practice because I'm not able to vomit out all water and it goes down the intestine.
  12. When I do Bhudjangasana (cobra pose) I lay down on my belly and I feel pain in my left knee. It seems that the hard floor pressures the kneecap and changes its position (moves it down the leg). It prevents me from fully relaxing my legs and lower back when performing the cobra pose. Wtf is happening with my left knee - the right knee lies on the floor with perfect comfort
  13. what do you mean by this? Actually I want to said I'm circumsed - so does anything changes with that? I'm more afraid to do cunnilingus to every girl I meet
  14. Sometimes when I go to the toilet I go near the cat and can't stop and give him a few strokes. After that, I go to the toilet and touch my penis. Should I be concerned? Could I get some infections in such a way? By the way, I have an outdoor toilet, where there is a bucket underneath your asshole which you are shitting into. As I suspect there are many bacteria floating in the air, toilet paper got covered by them. Could it also be a threat to infections? By the way, another question. Is there a risk of catching some infections from oral sex? Even kisses or laying in bed with another person may give you an undesirable microbiome. Sadhguru has the following perspective on this in his book "Karma": when you have a lot of sex with different people you are accumulating karma (memory), and women are more sensitive and accumulate more of it. Anthony Williams says in his book Cleanse to heal that you can catch a parasite an unproductive bacteria or a low-grade virus from a kiss, from common-living people. What do you guys think about these topics?
  15. I have the same issue, I would go to a doctor in the coming days